Rink named to B1G infectious disease task force

Indiana team physician Dr. Larry Rink has been named to a task force that will advise the Big Ten Conference through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Called the Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases, the group was formally announced Monday but has been working via weekly conference calls to assist the conference and its member institutions with best practices, according to a release. Each conference school is represented on the 14-member panel, which will continue to provide input as the Big Ten takes steps to eventually return to play.

“These are unprecedented times in our world and the focus of any conversation taking place in college athletics right now is the health, safety and welfare of students and the public,” Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said in a statement. “We are truly blessed to have a collection of world-class research institutions with the resources and talented medical experts on campus that allowed us to quickly assemble this task force to address a global pandemic. We are thankful to have the Task Force in place moving forward to allow the Big Ten Conference to position itself at the forefront of this issue and to share best practices for the management of and response to emerging infectious diseases now and in the future.”

The task force is led by Nebraska’s Dr. Chris Kratochvil, who is the executive director of the Global Center for Health Security at University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine. According to the Big Ten’s release, UNMC played a key role in the treatment of the Ebola virus in 2014 and is home to the National Quarantine Center, the nation’s only federal quarantine unit.

This past season was Rink’s 40th as IU men’s basketball’s team physician. He has a long and storied career as a cardiologist in Bloomington, serving patients in the area since 1974.

Rink received his medical degree from IU in 1966, later becoming a lieutenant commander and flight surgeon in the United States Navy. After returning to Indianapolis to complete a residency, he became a founding member and cardiologist at Internal Medicine Associates. He would become IMA’s president in 1995.

Along with his work with the Hoosiers, Rink has worked on both the national and international levels of sports medicine. He was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the International University Sports Federation General Assembly in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2015.

“The Task Force leverages extraordinary expertise from across the Big Ten, tackling COVID-19 related issues important to student-athletes and athletic programs,” Kratochvil said in the release. “Strong participation by all of the Big Ten universities has provided for a robust and synergistic team. The group serves as a resource to the entire Conference, addressing current infectious disease concerns, while preparing the Big Ten for the safe resumption of athletic activities in the future.”

This group, initially formed on March 7, has already provided input during conference discussions surrounding the cancelation of winter and spring sports, according to the release, “and will provide critical guidance around return-to-campus decisions at the appropriate time.”

The conference’s last decision regarding the suspension of team activities came in late March, as its ban on team activities was extended through May 4. The situation surrounding COVID-19 was to be reevaluated by the Big Ten on that date.

Other conferences have already shuttered sports for longer. The Southeastern and Pac-12 conferences previously shut down all athletic activities until May 31.


  1. Dr. Birx and CDC now working with new Covid-19 panel member highly experienced at administering disinfectants into the bloodstream. Same new team member also brings promising news of the virus hating hot showers.

    1. Funny thing H4H,
      When we broader our information sources, we find that some of what has been lampooned as foolishness actually turns out to have a scientific basis. Amazingly enough, there are things already in practice and/or were being experimented with long before the COVID-19 crisis.

  2. H4H, you do know that headline was from a media question to the president not something he advocated. I worry about only listening to the doctors that study infectious diseases as this is a bigger problem than just the virus. Unfortunately if all you have are doctors then the focus will be too narrow.

    thinkaboutit, yes too many only have a narrow view and live in a bubble so they ridicule what doesn’t fit their world view.

    One of the things I am seeing is how far off predictions have been, often like preseason football predictions, yet there seems to be no contrition about steering people astray. Instead people are doubling down ignoring the reality of the situation now. If attitudes don’t change we will never get back to “normal” as there is always a threat out there.

    1. You have also been way off in terms of your views on this, as you didn’t consider what is now the leading cause of death in the US to be a public health crisis. You need to become better educated on this, V13.

      1. BD,

        The same thing you said to V13 could be said of you as well. If we all do not broaden our information sources we will have very narrow perspectives on this current crisis, and everything else in life as well. This is indeed a severe crisis, but asking if it has been blown out of proportion is an honest question.

        I know it is anecdotal but my grandparents were adults in both the much more devastating Spanish Flu pandemic and Great Depression. Looking back at my interaction with them many years ago, and even though immediate family members were lost because of the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression left a far greater impact upon them.

        1. Even with my Mother and Mother-in-law who both are in their 90’s I haven’t spent 10 minutes worrying about this sickness. Serious sickness? Of course. But so way overboard with actions put in place. Akin to all media and their love affair with unneeded, unwanted and excessive use of adjectives. Unlimited opportunities to go grocery shopping but not allowed an hour in church a week. “SILLY children”

        2. I think you’d be wise to broaden your information sources, as well, to perhaps gain a more well rounded perspective. It’s become the leading cause of death in the US. Greater than cancer, heart disease, motor vehicle accidents. It’s not overblown to believe that needs to be address seriously.

          Here’s some perspective for you. A certain type of aircraft suffered two crashes in 2018 and 2019 (in Indonesia and Ethiopia), resulting in 347 deaths. That airplane was grounded by aviation authorities around the world over a year ago, and remains out of service today. Covid19 has killed thousands of people a week, including nearly 55,000 in the US in roughly three months. And there’s no cure or verified reliable treatment available. Why would we consider it overblown to treat that situation in a manner similar to the plane issues?

          1. You can’t possibly enlighten me on anything. We’ve released violent criminals from prison but issued citations to people in parks. Brilliance of brilliant people of proper order. So you broaden all you want I’ll stay focused on me and mine.
            “SILLY Children”

          2. I think true enlightenment only comes to those who regularly want and even crave learning, while others prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand, translating isolated injustices into broad and far reaching erosions of their rights. They’re usually the first in line to “get theirs” (and complain when they don’t) but the last to do anything for the benefit of not only themselves, but others. In the world of givers and takers, they are the uber-takers, and their fates nearly always reflect that sad reality.

  3. Please don’t tell me you’re actually advocating ingesting Lysol…or Clorox?

    I’m sure some experimental practices and broadening of horizons was practiced at Auschwitz, too.

    The predictions have been lowered, thank god, because we locked down the country like no other time in history. If you stop a football game at halftime, the score will be lower. You’ll sell less hot dogs (if you’re comparing hot dogs to deaths), but points will cease to accumulate.
    Of course, nobody knows if we’re anywhere near finished with this football game (if you prefer to compare a worldwide pandemic to a football game).
    So I wouldn’t get too hung up on the loose numbers behind the ‘bad science.’ And, unlike the flu, this football game played rather rough…’End zone’…and ‘sudden death’ if you get my drift.

    And for someone who dodged Vietnam because of toe warts to compare himself to anyone leading a fight against a ‘war’ qualifies as the definition of ‘fake news.’ Bombs, flamethrowers, bullets and torpedoes aimed at the lungs might even work better on Covid-19 than bleach scorched down the windpipe, said Doctor Donald to his team of scientists.

    And if you think our war hero was using sarcasm concerning the ingestion of disinfectant, then I’ve got a POTUS having the ability to use some self-deprecating humor and six Hoosier Football national playoff invitations to sell you in the next six seasons (that was sarcasm).


    Sounds like a rinky-dink appointment…Covid-19 is an overblown bad cold. It started in an indoor ice rink* at a casino with transference via rental skates. Some rinky-dink American business dude with sweaty feet and bunions had to prove to he could skate on thin ice to some Chinese investors. Guy wasn’t very hygienic and he was a triple a____hole on top of it all (not to be confused with a triple axel).
    I know, it sounds bat sh___ crazy. Turns out, all we had to do was introduce some bleach into the ice. The bleach gets on the blades…and then the hands which touch the socks going into the rental skates.

    Rinkaboutit…? …if you dare want to discover the truth.

    1. H4H!!!!!!
      Have you no intellectual curiosity/honesty???
      I stated a few days ago that we need to broaden our information sources. Your parroting of the ludicrous Lysol/bleach nonsense makes me wonder. Obviously, both extremes of the political spectrum are insane but anyone capable of critical thought should see through this one. If your only information is found in the sound bites you are spoon feed, your viewpoint will reflect what you are being feed. When I see things like this I check them out by going straight to the source without the filters or the preconceived biases.

      When you go to an unedited video of the entire press conference you will have a completely different perspective than the false narrative being pushed. That is, if you can do so without bias and are capable of understanding the context in which the statements evolved. As for specific non-soundbite trade name chemicals, you might want to do a little research. Check with a respiratory professional and find out some of the lung treatments that have been being using for a very long time. You also might want to take a look at the chemical make up of certain pharmaceuticals as well.

  5. Rights!
    What the hell do you think’s been losing ground these last few weeks? The herd don’t notice it. So be it. Your smugness tells me much and I reject it.

    1. Hey, I get it. The “greater good” isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not for the takers. They only care about themselves and what’s in it for them. And that’s their / your right, without question.

  6. You and your smugness stand from afar and saintly issue labels. Which I also reject. I never expected more from you.
    “SILLY Children”

  7. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

  8. In Michigan, because of the Governor’s orders, you can’t buy house paint, but you can by alcohol and lottery tickets. You can go to the grocery store, but you can’t drive your boat on a lake by yourself.

    In California, they’re letting violent criminals out of prison, but the same :authorities” have forced gun stores to close.

    Most Americans will cooperate with restrictions to their liberty for the common good on a temporary basis if those restrictions make sense. But many of the recent restrictions defy common sense. They’re simply dumb and are not protecting anyone.

    1. There have been some really boneheaded decisions by politicians, and the Michigan example you cite is way up there. Letting prisoners out while seniors are confined to retirement communities is another. But HC and V13 pretending this is nothing or that it’s overblown makes no more sense and reminds me of the anti vaccination crowd, who deny science and keep their heads in the sand out of ignorance.

      1. I agree with your sentiments BD, but we can’t afford to ignore the science out there regarding the health dangers of an extended economic downturn? There are significant studies regarding the consequences to human health as a result of past economic crises as well. Sadly, the risks to physical health and well-being from past economic crises are relatively known quantities, but neither final potential threat of COVID-19 or an extended shutdown can be quantified as of yet. The real question is, “How long can we afford to stay shut down without risking an equal or potentially more devastating health crises as a result of the economic fallout from an extended shutdown?”

      2. I don’t treat this as nothing but have a more widely based perspective on it. As more and more comes out we are finding out many have no symptoms and many have mild symptoms. What I am against is a blanket approach when only the elderly and people with severe issues are at real risk, yes some healthy people die from it. I have a son that would be considered at high risk even though he is just 28 so know I don’t consider this virus a small risk for many. Numbers have shown that you and others are panicking over this when scientific evidence doesn’t support the panic.

        You ignore facts that states are encouraged to count more deaths as COV19 as virus deaths despite underlying conditions being more of the case – states don’t even have to test if they have the virus. I went to the CDC site and calculated the deaths and found 90% deaths occur in the 55 year old and older [I am in this group]. If we would have focused on this group with self isolation and other efforts we could have done better with the economy not taking such a big hit.

        It seems you take anyone with different ideas than you are considered not to be concerned but maybe we have a better plan and ideas than you. I have researched this virus and the numbers just don’t add up with what people think are going on. How long are we going to go by predictions that have failed miserably? The counting of deaths of 86 year olds in the hospital dying of cancer for six months as COV19 is insane. Lets have a real accounting of the deaths and the infection rate to see how bad this virus is. Right now every test that is done is driving down the death rate. My guess as the deaths rate declines the gov’t and media will lose focus on this virus and we won’t have a true accounting of how it rates compared to other diseases.

        Your assertion that those of us that question this approach to the virus as reminds you of the anti vaccination group would be like me saying you are like the people wanting a gov’t that crushes our right and personal liberties. I would be wrong in making that assumption just like you are wrong about your assumption of me.

        1. V13- A surgical approach makes more sense at this point, but early on very little was known. There was very little testing and things were escalating rapidly. Those prediction numbers are, thankfully, much lower because we shutdown the game at halftime.
          Those deaths could be tripled or quadrupled had we not stopped the spread. Yes, the elderly and those of compromised health …plus what appears to be a larger percentage of African Americans, are experiencing the most grave outcomes …But the virus just doesn’t spread through those people.
          We had no idea (and still have very unreliable and absent numbers/statistics) just how many were carrying the virus while being asymptomatic…..We could have had ten of thousands more elderly and those of compromised health lose the battle to this disease in a very furious wave had the social isolation/separation steps not been implemented.
          The U. S. did not have the luxury early on to fully understand the pathogenic mechanisms/tendencies of the virus.
          Many northern European countries and other countries getting hit now have a greater understanding of Covid-19 (with the potential to now take a more surgical approach) because more is now understood.
          Trump did shut down travel from China because we had information. Shutting down the travel into the U.S. quickly was a good thing….but that came after much disregard and his setting a tone that the virus was not going to be very bad.
          He was acting as if everything was “under control” and the early outbreaks were isolated and all was well. There was no chance for a surgical approach because (a) there was simply not enough known while hospitals were being bombarded with cases and (b) the potential severity of Covid-19 was downplayed for many previous weeks which built far too much complacency in getting PPE, testing, etc. to the table early.
          Locking down the country was our only choice. Shutting down our borders was a reactionary response as well (probably with some very positive consequences). But the floodgates had long been open.

          It’s not just a question of who dies from a virus…The question is spread (what populations is it spreading through) and spread rate. Mortality rates could have been drastically higher within certain populations/vulnerable segments had we not done everything possible to stop spread through relatively unaffected/asymptomatic populations.
          And let’s also be aware that viruses can mutate. You have to defend against worse case scenario when so little is known of a new pathogen.

          1. H4H I agree with you about most due to early info about this being not knowing. My biggest problem is what you agree about what I said about now and quit doing what we did before. We are now seeing more and more colleges saying they will have students on campus this fall so I have hope we will change what we are doing.

            Too many people are not working and are in money trouble, this includes owners of small business. Too much of our media is in the NYC & DC thinking that what is going on is like it is there, they have little or no idea of what it is in areas around the country. Hopefully we will have college football this fall.

      3. I live in the countryside of northeast Indiana where nobody I know, knows anyone with the affliction. As for my associations across the country 2 people say they have knowledge of someone affected but they’re not of close relationships. Pretty tame compared to the 2.2m projected to die. Now if I lived in the craphole called NYC I’d be cowering inside from anyone. But I don’t live anywhere generating that response. The Draconian measures aren’t needed in this area I live. My civil disobedience is most appropriate and required. So to “your smugness” I don’t ‘pretend’.

        1. I have no issue with your area opening as long as none of you leave and no one from the outside comes in. Until there’s widespread testing and tracing, it’s the only true way to know where the virus is.

  9. I wonder if we’ll ever count the number of Americans who have died or will die as a result of most hospitals shutting down “elective medical procedures” due to the Corona virus? It will not be an insignificant number.

    1. Po,
      You are absolutely correct. Saw an article where the number of preventative tests are way down. May not seem like much at first glance, but there are a lot of cancers out there if not detected early, become extremely difficult to handle. Same goes with many other ailments. This is part of the reason why so many are concerned that the shutdown may eventually result in more deaths and suffering than the virus itself. Compound this with an economic catastrophe where the means to afford proper healthcare may be lost and it becomes a very frightening scenario.

      1. The country had economic cancer long before Covid-19 came to our borders…It only took a few weeks of shutdown to expose the reality behind the facade of all the bogus claims its vibrancy and health.

        Just as bogus to also act as if this country wasn’t it a healthcare crisis before this “catastrophe.”

        The “greatest economy in the history of the world” is tonnage of greed piled upon a foundation of toothpicks. Suddenly those with all the wealth and power care about the forgotten masses…..because their mountains of wealth are threatened. They could care less about the sick, the poor, the single mom working three jobs…the elderly with no retirement…the inner cities rotting …or their precious 2nd amendment. The greed is sweating the bullets. Those with nothing are used to nothing.

  10. Educate yourself!!!
    All this crisis has done is bring to the forefront the disgraceful absence of truth by those who spout of our “greatest economy in the history of the world.”
    That complete lie was brought to light by this pandemic. It was brought to light in every corner of America ready to crumble without quick relief checks/funds.
    What economy and for whom when most of the country lives paycheck to paycheck and all means of basic sustenance is gone in a matter of weeks (sometimes even days)?
    The underlying disparities in income, affordable healthcare and genuine safety nets have been eroded away from society by a haves and have nots culture of CORPORATE SOCIALISM protecting big business, stock markets and the ruling/ultra rich class owning such an overwhelming majority of the country’s wealth.
    Covid-19? Where have you been all my life, people concerned about the health and welfare of your neighbor? This country has been living in a continual crisis…It’s the same crisis perpetuated by Trump. It’s a crisis of “Fake Economy;” a country where wages have been suppressed while big business is glorified. It’s a “greatest economy in the world” where 40% of the population has less than $400 in a savings account.
    Millions hit the bottom of the barrel in a matter of weeks. Hey geniuses, Covid-19 didn’t cause that disease. Covid-19 is a killer virus which brought the greatest disparity disease to the surface.
    Those stimulus checks won’t last very long…and that’s a very grim reality. $1200 doesn’t buy a MacBook Pro . The fact that so many Americans live on the fringe of being destitute has been a reality for decades …The “Great Disparity” is the train heading down the track to the next “Great Depression.” Covid-19 becomes the great distraction for the war hero who pats himself harder on the back than a massage therapist for Robert Kraft….

    Yes, it’s a horrible virus with horrible consequences. But we’ve been giving this country an aspirin for decades of greed cancer. And that greed cancer is on the shoe soles of the Commander in Fraud (a.k.a. ‘Bamboozler in Chief’) at the daily Covid briefings. The ‘Great Disparity’ is disease that keeps on giving like no other. It’s a disgrace that liars can stand at podiums and blame governors… or fake news …or other countries for our endangerment of truth, health and liberty.
    Yes, there will be final judgment for their deceptions and outright lies…and the daily greed they perpetuate (and have perpetuated for their entire lifetimes). Liberty? Most of you should be ashamed. How can you look in the mirror and defend your ‘war hero’ as a defender of liberty?

    1. H4H,
      With every outburst you expose the narrowness of your information sourcing. I can understand because the things you say, I was raised to believe in an earlier time. It was a harsh awakening when I found that the sources I thought were telling me the truth we actually spoon feeding me what they wanted me to believe, not what was reality. Even when I would see an unedited news report, I was already looking at it with a pre-programmed bias.

      The Lysol/bleach nonsense is a perfect example of how this works. Anyone with half an ounce of intellectual curiosity would question such a narrative and review the entire press conference looking for exculpatory evidence which is in abundance. Unless, one has a pre-conceived/programmed bias it becomes very obvious nothing of the sort was proposed. However, when a steady diet of out of context, edited, and disingenuous information has already been pre-programmed into one, it becomes very difficult to shake those pre-formed biases. Same problem which keeps popping up in our juries with deeply seeded biases at some point coming to the surface to render and erroneous vote in one direction or the other.

      1. I think you’re exposing plenty about yourself. Listen carefully. I watched the press/daily briefing live. I’ve watched nearly all of them live. I watched what our war hero said. Nothing was filtered. Yes, the comments about it being “C’lorox’ or ‘Lysol’ were not from his lips.
        He is a dangerous, lying, manipulative and psychotic man. And I hold that bias with firm and unwavering belief. It’s warranted.
        He approached this crisis as if it was going to be nothing. His cult following must somehow, as always, account for his BS forever in front of any reality.
        And we can debate the context of his comments until the cows come home. The reality is that this country has been in dire straights for decades. Covid-19 brought to the surface just how severe the living circumstances remain for a vast majority in this country. It’s only “the greatest economy in the history of the world” for very few. Only egomaniacs make such claims while so many have perished and so many have been suffering long before this deadly virus.

        We live in a great country and I’m hopeful we’ll get through the greed, the darkness, the deceit…and the corruption from which it is now led.

        I’ll refrain from pigeonholing you as only a “jester” ….or calling you “narrow.” I mean with a handle like “thinkaboutit,” you’ve sold it pretty narrow already.

        1. H4H,
          When I call you the “Jester” it is certainly not with derogatory intent, quite the opposite. When I use terms such “narrow” or “broaden,” it is a gentle way of saying the viewpoint is coming from only one perspective and is not considering there are other competing perspectives which many consider worthy. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with anything but am trying to generate an interest in understanding the opposing perspective. The reason we are so polarized now is everyone has taken strident positions on one side or the other and refuse to accept the possibility of being incorrect, or for that matter, that both sides are incorrect.

          You acknowledged that the words Clorox/bleach or Lysol, did not come from his lips, then who put them there? What many may not realize is that there are chemical compounds in these products which have many other uses besides being a bleach or a surface disinfectant. However, when the headlines scream Clorox or Lysol, a skewed response is the obvious intent of perpetrators of such misdirection. It also serves to obscure the possibility that legitimate research may be ongoing using certain compounds which are also found in the afore mentioned products. In other words, the clear intent was for the purposes of producing a negative soundbite.

          1. I don’t believe any mention of ‘compounds’ came from his lips. He used the term “disinfectants’….What’s been missing from store shelves (other than toilet paper) for weeks even before his comments? How have those products been referred to by all stores and news sources? They are all referred to as disinfectants. When people hear “disinfectants,” they don’t think of scientist in a lab coat developing compounds ….There is no conspiracy behind what the POTUS said.
            His own team of scientists and experts cringe when the outlandish and dangerous spouts out his mouth from the briefings setting which gets further and further from its original intent.
            Where are the testing sites? Are there reliable antigen tests? How will my workplace be made safer? How are you making companies responsible for keeping employees safe? Food plants are shutting down and we’re listening to crackpot suggestions (every idea ‘under the sun’) instead of being offered solid and reliable information….and reassurances that if I or someone in my household become sick that (a) the company I work for will care and (b) my healthcare will be there for me….and (c) I can get tested quickly and reliably.
            We don’t need crackpot ideas from the guy at the podium who hasn’t met a topic he’s not an “expert” on. I’m confident there are plenty who are in real lab coats and pharmaceutical settings working on, both, the fringe ideas/solutions, along with the compounds, plasma replacement and antivirus development.

            You brought a circle of “experts,” doctors, and disease specialists to the team to consult and inform…and develop strategies to get people reassured and back to work. Now, faster than the spread of Covid-19, their brains and expertise has overtaken the brain of the Narcissist in Chief. If you can’t see that happening (in the same fashion it always happens) at that podium, I really don’t know what to say. It just brings me more fear of where our country is headed.
            We don’t have a representative government. We have a mafia ‘don.’ Pretty soon you’ll be banished for just cringing (though it’s pretty much an involuntary response to someone suffering from delusions of grandeur rivaling a deranged dictator). I fear we are all becoming immune to it. All institutions undermined …All those not lining up behind the ‘all knowing expert’ undermined.

    2. H4H, this post is non-football so avoid if people want to not read about economics.
      So many of the economic issues can be tied directly to the globalist point of view so many of our elite have. That perspective by both sides of the aisle allows corporations to become mega corporations with little competition. Capitalism requires competition and if we had that companies would compete for workers driving up wages IE Ford double wages to attract the best workers when he was trying to build his company in the 1910s.

      Wages are also driven down by allowing immigration without much control over who comes in as we see in the agricultural and construction industries that hire so many while citizens are pushed out of the worker market.

      Globalism drives down wages as companies look around the world for cheaper labor and move their plants to those areas. It reduces the jobs in this country making workers to accept lower wages if they continue to work.

      Every economy will grapple with the issues of how to compensate workers as AI and robots take over more and more work from people. It may take another 25 to 50 years but it will happen so how will people earn an income?

      Don’t buy into political parties working for average people as they don’t. Part of the resistance to Trump, I was not a supporter but have liked his policies, has come from republicans [many were globalist] concerned that Trump would refocus policies toward the USA. Wages for the first time in decades have climbed imagine if our corporations would bring their factories back to the USA and increase competition for workers.

      H4H if you look at policies from Democrats not from an emotional perspective but from what are the results, you will find they hurt workers/individuals as much or more than Republicans. We need politicians to focus on what benefits American workers most along with what helps consumers.

      1. I don’t think my opinion matters much here, V13.

        My major and only hope is that our planet can rebound from the destruction we have placed upon it. I hope my kid isn’t snuffed of all clean air and water…and the joys that come from sharing this planet with all living things we seem to care so little about.

        Human disasters consume us…and they hit home. But we really have no fear for things we should fear most. We should care more to preserve this precious planet for our children.
        Economics rule the day. And whatever kills us now rules the day.
        But I can’t support those who have lost focus for those things crucial but not in the immediacy. The planet is on a ventilator…and everyday we steal another species from ever returning this glorious speck of life and marvel of the universe.

        In many respects, politics is just another distraction. It’s where we invest more of our narcissistic tendencies while we allowing our planet to rot. The “disparities” in wealth infuriate (and you are correct in pointing out the blame to go around), but none of it will matter in the end. We’ve lost touch with the things that should matter most.

  11. Forever punk rock! Now, with their new hit sweeping the country….Released on their ‘Ninety Year Old Mother’ album, we bring you’ SILLY Children!,’ by Public Health Crisis!

    You can’t possibly enlighten me on anything
    SILLY Children!
    Have you no intellectual curiosity/honesty???
    SILLY Children!
    Your smugness tells me much and I reject it
    SILLY Children!
    I never expected more from you
    SILLY Children!
    You and your smugness stand from afar
    SILLY Children!
    Saintly issue labels
    SILLY Children!
    Incessant blather
    SILLY Children!…. SILLY Children!….SILLY Children!…. SILLY Children!

      1. You’ve already acknowledged your willful ignorance. Why would anyone need to look beyond that?

  12. I entered IU with the intent to get my degree in Journalism. I had been the editor of my (large) HS Newspaper and worked for the Chicago Tribune’s Suburban section covering HS Sports for two years. My first semester at IU was the Fall of 1976. Think back to what our country had just come through; Vietnam, Watergate, the Cold War, etc. Politics had become very toxic and a lot of “revolutionaries” were running around advocating for all sorts wild agendas. I was fortunate enough to work for the IDS that first semester (rare for a freshman) and get a few stories published. But the more time I spent with my colleagues, professors and “mentors,” the more I realized they had little or no interest in practicing what I considered “journalism.” They were in the business to advance their political agendas and build personal power. Their behavior and philosophy was the antithesis of what I believed journalism should have been all about. My “mentor” was a man in his mid 20’s who was the filthiest human being I had ever met up to that point. He stank and seemed to think personal hygiene was a waste of time. He openly expressed that his life’s ambition was “to bring down another President the way Woodward and Bernstein brought down Nixon.” I saw the perversion of Journalism and the arrogance of those who were in the business first hand and frequently. Journalism was no longer about a free press informing the public and fostering debate, it was about advancing political agendas and spewing propaganda. I had editors take stories I had written and transform them into something totally different, by ignoring certain facts while promoting information that supported their personal bias. It was completely unethical and disgusting. The first time I vigorously protested to my editor, he responded, “the end justifies the means, kid.” Needless to say, I was so disgusted and disillusioned by my experiences at the IDS and inside Ernie Pyle Hall that I changed majors and was accepted into IU’s School of Business. Many of the people I walked away from went on to have great influence and power for decades in Newspapers and media companies around the country. I doubt those people I encountered at IU’s School of Journalism were much different from any of the other Journalism Schools across the country. With the invention of the Internet and 24/7 cable news, bias in the business of Journalism went on steroids.

    So when think wrote above, “However, when a steady diet of out of context, edited, and disingenuous information has already been pre-programmed into one, it becomes very difficult to shake those pre-formed biases” I know from personal experience that he is absolutely correct.

    1. You are as blind to your own agenda as the stinky man. Our country was founded on revolution and a backlash to out of control authority. We are dangerously moving to “one authority” being the only authority. We seem to move closer and closer to undermining all checks and balances. We perpetuate terrible inequities rather than attempt to lift up the downtrodden.
      There are some who even believe the voting booth will be politicized and undermined by the ‘one authority’ to keep the ‘one authority’ in power. Every decision made is to enrich the ‘one authority’ and those in his family and business circles. Follow in line. Kick those legs up high when you march.

      Scary times….

    2. Po, very revealing synopsis of your journalism indoctrination. Business travel for approaching 5 decades I saw journalism change 4 mornings a week reading the transition in print on the pages USA Today and over a short timeline. If you compared it to painting your house exterior it went from gray to black. In 1991 they earned their last money from me. I never even glance at the complimentary copies left outside my hotel door to this day. What a colossal implosion, in such a short time has journalism experienced and now includes the mass media industry and the entertainment industry. But for print journalism in general has burned their own ass and now are baffled why it hurts to set on it.

      1. USA Today was derisively referred to as “McPaper” for a reason. It was never a serious print news source, at least compared to any city’s daily newspaper, and never compared to the “national” dailies (NYT, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal). Journalism has devolved due to the rapidly shortened news cycle, but USAT was never part of legitimate journalism.

          1. Marshmallows, cotton candy, People magazine, Starship, the Starland Vocal Band, Alf, the “Ernest” franchise . . . Plenty of void-fillers have come and gone over time.

          2. Like usual you missed a large portion of your intended target. Everything but marshmallows are foriegn to me. But being so smug you’re are unable to recognize it.

        1. If USA Today was the “McPaper”…does that make Fox News the bread truck delivering the “Sesame Seed Street Buns”….?

  13. O.K., that last comment ventured too close to politics, so I’m banning myself from further participation in this string. I’m out of this one, but look forward to reading and participating in discussions about IU Sports.

  14. This site is supported by and exists because of journalists. It’s not here because of the many turds and few bright spots graced upon Hoosier Sports throughout the decades.
    We have some very fine writers and reporters at HSR/HT. We’ve also seen some Hoosier Scoop journalists from days long ago move on to other places they’ve built successes.
    I’m grateful they’ve allowed certain freedoms at Hoosier Scoop which would be breaches from the objectivity they are often constrained at their own desks. But slants and bias are written into everything (even if “COMMENTARY’ isn’t plastered at the top of the story)….Your eyes also hit the page with a set of assumptions and belief systems.
    Journalists are unique because they cajole their own pens and attempt to break away from the set jello molds in the mind built from decades of hard wiring.
    I enjoy seeing the battles within the bias. May the most creative and talented in the journalism profession win as they dance and romance the words of choice and bring their gifts in a constant refinement of art to entice our imaginations.
    The only way to really win a heart on a page is with creativity. Uphold the truth and the ‘Holy Grail’ of objectivity to the best of your ability.
    I’m just thankful that Hoosier Scoop has brought us some very talented writers and compassionate people. A fully objective heart is a cold heart. Can you parent with an objective heart? Can you walk through fire with a brother into battle with an objective heart? To believe in someone or something beyond every fable and truth told cannot always rely on objectivity. You must go with your gut and your heart. You’ll likely depart this often cruel world clinging to the most basic of loves and instincts. It doesn’t make you ‘right’ …or ‘wrong.’

    Don’t kid yourself/yourselves. Jeremy and Jon are here because they are very good at their jobs. I come here in admitted envy of just how good they are at what they do. It may be foolish to think my hopes for Indiana…and Indiana Athletics reside in the hearts and minds of those who run this rather independent and unique store known as Hoosier Scoop….but it sort of does. And I feel lucky to have met many here who bring a ‘ballroom blitz’ of unique characters never afraid to stake a claim of whatever is on the mind.
    I reminisce frequently of those who have gone into the unknown…I think of Tsao…and Aruss. I’m not a very religious man, but I hope their open hearts found another open door. I hope my old friend, Husky Tom, is kicking and well. I still remember the days we carried on endlessly on IDS’s Basketblog. Regrettably for most of you, the Island of Basketblog closed up shop…and I caught a wave on a raft and ended up here. I think Husky paddled on to France….but that’s a whole different tale.

    Thanks Hoosier Scoop…for taking me in.

    Sorry, I’m abusing my freedoms…but I just wanted to put that out there.

  15. H4H, a well written post and many in the print media on smaller papers still adhere to being reporters. Yes reporters still have their own point of view but make it clear what the news is and what their opinion is. When I taught I explained to my students they couldn’t tell what my opinion/beliefs were based on what I brought up in class. I brought up points that the class didn’t bring up about topics no matter what side it was. This is how I value writers in the media, do they bring up different points of view without establishing their agenda as fact. It isn’t about having no heart but understanding your audience has different view points that are valuable while also adding in your viewpoints as opinion not fact.

  16. And I’ve talked enough this week… I told Jeremy I was going to ease of the throttle and I’m breaking that promise.

    You’re all more educated than I. I think most of you are far more accomplished. I think most of you have traveled and experienced more of the world than I. I think most have you have accumulated more in your lives than I (other than the space I’ve taken up by typing into these index cards/boxes). I think most of you know more about sports than I.

    You’ll work it out.

    1. H4H,
      Your voice is always important. Just remember there are usually 2 sides to every story, and then there is there is the truth, which may not be either side.

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