1. Seems like a really mature young man. Be quite the special honor if the local boy can be part of the sixth banner. No pressure….

    Haven’t seen him play a smidgen….Just a few of the snapshots of his release tells me he’s going to have no problem scoring points from the perimeter. I loved Hulls but this kid has more size and he brings the ball up higher on his shot/release. It’s where it should be. Finally, a young man who appears to have the signature mechanics of a prolific dead-eye shooter.

    Lastly, his voice and rather “chill” demeanor reminds me a bit of Seth MacFarlane….Maybe even his looks a bit as well. Hopefully, he buries jumpers from a very ‘far lane.’

  2. H4H,
    I think your assessment of AL is spot on and I share your hopes that he proves that assessment to be absolutely correct. Especially that part about being, “a prolific dead-eye shooter.”

  3. I suppose you never know ….until you know. I’m holding out hope. He did win ‘Mr. Basketball’ but more than basketball goes into Mr. Basketball. The college stage is much different than high school ….The athletes and the quickness in defenders jumps exponentially.
    The pressure at a school frustrated by almost 35 years since a banner heyday comes with a fan base that has heard the same ‘This is the Year’ cheered out the bullhorn as it pushes the skin of a hype balloon to extra thin.
    I don’t want to compare him to the many local/Indiana heroes in our post heyday history who were also hyped but still had their ceilings along with sub par results based on grandiose expectations….It’s difficult to not come at all these recruits in the same fashion are beloved ‘t’ quells the hype machines and talk before one college jumper is ever taken.
    His idol is Jordan Hulls…and Cody…and Oladipo…and on and on. Hulls got smothered by VCU and some on here ended up calling him the worst defender in all of college basketball. Cody had big moments but the ceiling was still the Sweet 16. Maybe not enough pieces around him (including an athletic and clutch backcourt), but in the end a long and athletic Syracuse team brought Zeller’s limitations to the surface exposing a wart hidden by spackling. Oladipo echoes through the rafters alongside Crean’s glowing endorsement to be college basketball’s Galileo of the overlooked and undervalued. When Oladipo’s talent potential finally peaked to a point realization, a final season to make a banner run was exchanged for NBA ticket to fame and fortune.
    Have I discussed Damon Bailey? Does he have a banner next to his name? Calbert Cheaney? Does he have a banner next to his name? Eric Gordon? We got spoiled …We thought banners were a once every 5-year thing. Nearly every graduating class would have a shot…or, at minimum, a Final Four. And then the drought hit…..All the maple trees turned to sand.
    Talk merely becomes part of the relic Hoosier Basketball has become….Leaders of our athletic department turned Assembly into a relic museum.

    So the recruit says all the right things. They give all glory to god. They say “It’s Indiana”….They honor our past hyped warriors by name. They dream to be part of the dream.

    At the end of the day, It’s never an individual thing. It’s five that play like one. It’s great coaching. It’s great timing. It’s clutch shooting. NCAA tournaments aren’t like playing in your driveway or burying stand still jumpers into the rust rim at the farm. It’s a sh__ -ton of luck piled high upon a greatly changed college basketball landscape.

    The coach’s hype and the fan’s hype becomes as empty as the recruit’s selling of his own goals. There are five banners in our current stash. For all we know, they will be the only cloth in our tomb in 3000 years after it’s all turned to sand and memories.

  4. All great civilizations have their heyday…All great warriors have their heyday…All great countries have their heyday. All great coaches have their heyday. All great college basketball programs have their heyday.

    Can we bring a heyday back….? Do we know its beginning and its end? Do we know if it’s the last hurrah…? Is it the final breath of a dynasty? Is it still freedom and democracy…? Is it still America spouting her symbols of liberty and justice for all…or is it just another relic in time?

    Just bury the damn jumper and leave the rest to the history tellers who layer tales of fact and fiction like phyllo dough under ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls.’

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