Berry commits to IUWBB for 2021

Indiana women’s basketball gained a verbal commitment from 2021 prospect Keyarah Berry on Saturday.

Berry, a 5-foot-11 guard from Rockmart, Ga., is the Hoosiers’ second commit in the class, which also includes Australian guard Paige Price. IU won out over Murray State, Alabama A&M, Seton Hall, and Georgia Southern for Berry’s services.

Considered a three-star prospect by ESPN, Berry ranks as the No. 100 recruit in the country. She’s very much a scorer, amassing a school-record 2,437 points in her career thus far.

IU extended its offer to Berry on May 12.

Below is Berry’s commitment video, which includes game highlights. From watching the tape, it’s evident she’s not afraid to shoot the 3.

UPDATE (11:22 a.m.): Berry has since taken down that commitment video. But there were a fair number of 3s. Just trust us on that.


  1. Uhm…Could be another sleeper for T. Moren as she continues to get 3 star at 90 per espn recruits. This recruit could become a 4 star her senior year. 5’11” and a 30 point scorer with athletic ability. 25% 3 point ball. However, 52% midrange. No major college offers except IU. Some mid major offers.
    T. Moren and staff create ways that seem like an assembly of athletic dedicated gym rats that they coach up and develop into an exceptional proud IU Ladies basketball program.

  2. Yikes 25 percent from 3 is terrible for a lady that obviously shoots it from 3 quite a bit,you cant beat 2400 points in 3 years though which is very impressive

  3. Last season Berry averaged 32.1 ppg (#5 in the nation), 9.4 rebounds pg and 4.5 steals pg. She is athletic and at 5′ 11″ brings good length. She is also accustomed to winning. A nice find for the Hoosiers.

  4. I agree with BrownBomber, 25% is A pathetic 3 point shooting percentage!! You have to wonder about no other major college offers, not good? Must be pretty athletic to score that many points without any kind of 3 point game? Hope this works out? Go Hoosiers!!

  5. I agree 25% from 3 nothing to bragg about, but Moren now has the IU program where she is not collecting no shows/bench sitters. The coaching stuff had to have seen something they like in this player. The program now solidly in the top 25 and look to stay there possibly top 10. One thing IM disappointed at with our recruiting staff is they are not bringing any even top 30 recruits. Only Patberg who transferred who I think was top 10 and #1 at her position. Other than that the best is 50 and above. Penn may have been top 40. Staff has work to do.

  6. Yes, T. Moren and staff have a recruiting challenge and a big one to overcome or they will struggle to advance IU Ladies basketball any further. Recruiting is actually pretty disappointing. For whatever reason success is not being capitalized upon. Even Purdue is getting better top Indiana recruits and it seems as though IU Ladies are a bit rag tag. Recruiting is not fluid and smooth. T. Moren and staff with excellent coaching and player development only goes so far. The positives about this recruit is decent size at guard with some athletic ability that can become a defensive specialist. She will have to to play defense if she is going to play for T. Moren and unless her 3 ball improves dramatically though not totally abandoned it will be very very limited at college level.

  7. T. Moren was a part of Georgia Tech program in past so she is familiar with south east.

  8. Didn’t Buckner wear #21….? I just glanced at the picture and thought something was up with Buckner. For what it’s worth, Buckner sucked from the perimeter as well….Was a great defender, too, coincidentally.

    1. And Buckner was the all time greatest leader of any IU Men’s Basketball Team, “Mr Captain”!

      1. And Buckner shot around 50% from the charity stripe during his years at IU….Remember how a certain poster on Scoop just loved to trashtalk of some of our young Hoosier guards for percentages well above Buckner’s history?
        Buckner must have done a lot of things right…to counter his limited shooting range and his terrible numbers from the stripe. Leadership, toughness and defensive tenacity, along with near automatic marksmanship on anything under 18 feet while moving, were all the necessary ingredients to quarterback the only undefeated team in college basketball history.

        I hope this young lady recognizes the history and honor to wear that jersey number on McCracken. I doubt she even knows who Quinn Buckner is……nor should we expect her to. It was a very, very, very long time ago.
        I shall now return to rocking my rocking chair….

  9. I do like the size (currently, 5’11”). of this recruit and athleticism. T. Moren and staff will develop her offense and defense if she will stay with them. I notice a couple 5 star 5’8” or shorter guards. Personally, in Ladies basketball IU Ladies need size. Berry gets 8 rebounds per game. Not sure about competition level. It just depends on how dedicated she will be towards IU Ladies basketball program.

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