Hoosiers add WR Williams for 2021

Indiana added its second pass-catching prospect of the 2021 class Friday with a commitment from Georgia’s Jordyn Williams.

Williams, a 6-foot-1, 185-pounder from Westover High in Albany, is a three-star prospect with an intriguing list of suitors. He held scholarship offers rom Louisville, Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland, and Ole Miss, among others.

He is ranked by 247Sports as the No. 90 prospect in Georgia, as well as the No. 204 receiver in the country.

Williams is the Hoosiers’ sixth commit for 2021, including the third skill position player on the offensive side of the ball, joining running back David Holloman and tight end Aaron Steinfeldt.

As a junior, Williams hauled in 46 catches for 756 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns at Westover, according to his MaxPreps page. On tape, he flashes skill as a route-runner, along with above average speed and quickness.

Here is his junior season highlight:


  1. (I’ll try reposting with one link…though I do prefer to include the Aerosmith song)

    Football & Basketball: Sent a very poor X’s and O’s basketball coach to the football state(Georgia)…Makes sense!

    Football outside Indiana: Building our football program via a coach from Indiana who has coaching experience from states rich in football talent. Use that experience to recruit from states rich in football talent (Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, etc). Makes sense!
    Basketball inside Indiana: We get back to recruiting/securing for our basketball program via a strong representation of top Indiana kids from our rich basketball state (3 ‘Mr Basketballs in a row). Makes sense!

    Football within Indiana: Find complementary talent for football via some rare Indiana gems (those a bit under the radar not getting poached by OSU, Michigan, etc). Use Allen’s homegrown Indiana roots to influence this process. Makes sense!
    Basketball outside Indiana: Find a very selective amount of complementary talent for basketball via a some rare non-Indiana gems (those overlooked by Duke, OSU, MSU, etc). And Archie has some roots in Ohio (good basketball state). Makes sense!

    This is the basketball and football inside-out/outside-in formula respectively which is built from commonsense. Presented with adequate/competent/quality coaching it makes winning sense!

    Where has it been? It’s about time! Saddle up! Now just land Mac McClung! He’s our Michael Penix “it factor” for hoops!


    1. H4H,

      I find myself once again totally agree with your comments! They absolutely make complete sense???
      One of us needs to check our meds . . .

      1. I knew I could find a hat trick!

        On a related subject, it appears the NHL has said they are good to go amidst the Covid concerns. Testing confirms all hockey rinks are safe. Tall ‘plexiglass’ sneeze barriers were already installed around the ice.

  2. “He held scholarship offers rom Louisville, Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland, and Ole Miss, among others.”

    Is this the first time IU FB has received a commitment from a kid who had an offer from Alabama? If Alabama offered him a scholarship, he must have a lot of potential.

  3. I thought Jack uttle was recruited by Alabama….? Maybe never an offer, but there was interest…Not sure.

  4. Williams looks to be a very good WR with good feet and hands. He avoids jams very well and goes up strong for footballs when tightly covered. He also runs very good routes and has the size coach Heard likes in WR.

    IU beat out Alabama, FSU, and a number of B1G teams. I hope he shows to be a great receiver for IU that B1G defense struggle against.

  5. When being recruited by Bama level one has to ask…at what purpose Bama level schools are recruiting him for? Example: Tommy Stevens was recruited for reason primarily just in case Penn State ever needed him. The recruit ultimately has to make a decision and regardless of reasons this recruit committed to IU.

    1. t,
      I think you nailed the reality of what the blueblood schools are recruiting kids at this level for, primarily depth and practice fodder. If the kid wants to actually see the field every Saturday, they need to look elsewhere. Not saying he can’t crack the AL lineup, but the odds would be against it and I think he realizes that with his IUFB commit.

      1. Indiana Football: Revolt of the Alabama crash test dummies!

        Sadly, we forgot to inform you “dummies” that we disengage the airbag when hit by an OSU corner head-on. And the “dummy” qbs who believed too thin of a physique for big time SEC football meant just right for minor fender benders at Hoosierville now? Wrong! After an early few “tests” against plowing into walls of Charmin, it’s the BigTen East and the headlights of 3 Mac trucks coming at you in overdrive. Did you know only Volvo crash test dummies lose less limbs than Hoosier quarterbacks? Let’s just say you’ll become very attached to shoulder harnesses. On a positive note (in addition to knowing your helping provide safer roads for Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania football teams of the BigTen), one out of every hundred Hoosier dummies makes a draft board for every 99 who stay stuck in a dashboard. Who doesn’t love those odds?

        1. oops (where are you, Jeremy? I need ‘oops’ repairs )…

          it’s the BigTen East and the headlights of 3 Mac [Mack] trucks

        2. I dunno H4H,

          Got a feeling those 3 supposed B1G east Mac trucks might find themselves to be Yugo’s in the SEC west. Would love to send one them through that gauntlet to see how they fared. The other thing to remember is the caliber of HS football in the FB talent rich states from FL to LA, is at the level we used to see out of our Hoosier HS hoopsters before breaking them into the continuing class tournament fiasco. I’ve seen some southern HS teams that made me wonder how they managed to sneak a college team into those HS uni’s.

          1. But do the SEC Ferraris play on snowy roads? Fenders are brittle as we approach freezing and below freezing temps. Tire rubber is harder. Cornering is more restricted…Gear boxes drop out at high speed. Oil coagulates….along with blood flow to protective tissues around ACL’s.

            I would love to see the SEC endure the constant of the outdoor elements….From this old Rust Belter’s perspective, it’s the way ‘real football’ was meant to be played. Wherever the varying harsh elements “go,” Yugo with them.

  6. BREAKING NEWS!….Former Hoosier Scoop news anchor , Dustin Dopirak, now of ‘The Athletic’ (???), made a Fox 59 Sports appearance tonight. Dustin joined Dave Griffiths of Fox in an approximate 5 minute Skype(?) segment streamed from his lavish home to discuss…..(cover your mouth) the two latest Purdue basketball players to enter the transfer portal (Haarms and Eastern).
    Review of Dustin’s performance: I thought the camera angle Dustin had set was lousy (looking up his nostrils). He was talking a bit too fast (might have been a little nerves) and a bit too lengthy (too much analysis on a light top and a bit absent some natural breaks to allow Griffiths more 2-way/back-and-forth).
    I thought the topic of two Purdue transfers didn’t warrant so much time. But a gig is a gig. All in all….Dopirak showed mastery of the topic…Just a bit excessive and needed a bit more casual pauses in his delivery.
    Lastly, does anyone actually read ‘The Athletic?’ What is it and in what fashion can it be athletic? The Athletic what? The Athletic Hugh Kellenberger? The Athletic bus driver? The Athletic athlete seems redundant. The Athletic thinkaboutit will have to actually think about it.

    Anyway, I’m not really anyone you’d call ‘The Athletic’ supporter, but I was happy to see our former Scoop jock get a short call-up from the minors to make a ‘big (Indy) league’ debut tonight. The story didn’t really contain any “heaters” and I think Dustin’s time covering IU Sports in Bloomington warranted the throwing of some spitballs at Painter (guys can transfer out of Purdue because they think their coach sucks)…and, of course, Dustin did have to strip away additional dignity by appearing on the Trump’s Fox network of Indianapolis featuring a full saturation of those godawful Victoria Spartz commercials.

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