IU anticipates fall semester beginning Aug. 24

Indiana University has released a plan for the upcoming academic year that includes both in-person and online teaching, which you can view here on The Herald-Times’ web site.

In short, IU’s suspension of in-person classes is expected to end Aug. 24. The fall semester will run until Dec. 20, but after the Thanksgiving break, which begins Nov. 20, classes will move online when they resume on Nov. 30.

Online-only classes then continue into the spring semester, which begins Jan. 19. Classes will be taught online until Feb. 7. After that, IU anticipates a return to in-person instruction for the rest of the semester, which will conclude May 9.

There will also be a winter session from Nov. 30 to Feb. 7. All winter session classes will be taught online.

According to IU, this revised schedule is intended, in part, to reduce holiday travel to and from campuses and will also help limit the number of people on a campus when the flu season compounds COVID-19 concerns.

Of course, this remains a fluid situation, so stay tuned for updates as we wait for an anticipated return to athletics, as well.