Big Ten announces football schedules, IU still opens vs. Wisconsin

Indiana is still scheduled to open the season Friday, Sept. 4, at Wisconsin, and Minnesota was added as an additional crossover game in the Big Ten’s 10-game slate.

In releasing the schedule Wednesday morning, it was made clear the unveiling of a revamped schedule doesn’t guarantee it will be played.

“In making this announcement, the Conference acknowledges that there is much work to be done on our campuses, in our communities and across the country to gain control of a virus that continues to spread at an alarming rate,” the Big Ten’s statement read. “While the Conference remains hopeful for a September 2020 start in all fall sports, including football, issuing a schedule does not guarantee that competition will occur.”

One of the main reasons for going conference-only was to assure flexibility if games have to be postponed because of COVID-19 outbreaks. The schedule still opens in the first week of September, with games taking place from Sept. 3-5. But there are two bye weeks built into each schedule, and the last week of the season, Nov. 28, has been left open.

The Big Ten championship game is scheduled for Dec. 5.

IU will still open with Wisconsin, but then the Hoosiers have home dates with Penn State (Sept. 12) and Illinois (Sept. 19). IU goes on the road to Ohio State (Sept. 26) before its first bye week.

IU’s schedule then resumes on the road at Minnesota (Oct. 10), before returning home for games with Michigan (Oct. 17) and Maryland (Oct. 24). It’s then on the road to face Rutgers (Oct. 31) and Michigan State (Nov. 7) before another bye.

The last regular season contest is the Bucket Game versus Purdue at Memorial Stadium on Nov. 21.

So the schedule now offers IU three perennial Big Ten powers, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Penn State in the first four games. Minnesota is somewhat weakened with recent news that top receiver Rashod Bateman is opting out of the 2020 season and preparing for the NFL Draft.

After the Michigan contest, the schedule seemingly lightens up down the stretch, but Rutgers and Michigan State are both on the road. This is the second year in the row IU has had to visit East Lansing, after last year’s 40-31 loss for the Hoosiers.


  1. 3 M’s in a row. Like the bye dates a ton. Just before 2 necessary but winnable games. D carries as much water this season as Penix led offense does. Whisky is a brutal opponent to start a season and as a road game to boot. DL shows it’s chops or is it a paper lion in Madison? Gotta believe they don’t back off. The competition to be a starter won’t allow it. More efficient ST’s could help lots.

  2. Pretty neutral about this game or other/any games being played. Team/s could be near boarding a plane and have to detour or even near being in a pre-game locker room and ask to make detour. Chaotic reality and or thinking. Then, if a game is played same thing for next game. Or if game/s are played and covid19 cases discovered after game/s. Stress and how much fun? There are really no answers. There are just TRADE OFFS. Life moves on whether anyone likes it or not.

  3. It’s August 5th already. any contact drills, is the small group guidlines still in place, now the Big Ten players have joined the player organization on requirements to be met for a season, now, there are two conferences that have a player demands. I guess the other 3 conferences will also have their players making their demands. There was an article published this week for each of the major 5 conferences showing football revenue per player and average per player were in the 6 figure range for each conference. I wonder if the words, delayed, later start or rescheduled might start coming into the conference’s new releases?

  4. The pick up of MN doesn’t give IU any favors but they do have some experience playing there. WS will be a tough opener but one that IU could win if they build on the experience gained against TN. I think the players are eager to show this year what they can do on the field and IU has better players to get the job done.

    We don’t know how all this will play out but at least there is some solid info about the season for teams to prepare for. This season could be one of interruptions and teams will need to be flexible enough to deal with interruptions.

  5. Don’t ever wish for something too much, you might just get it.

    We should really refer to the ‘bye week’ as a ‘goodbye week’….1-3 with Minny and Michigan waiting in the wings? Adios.

    Seems like bowling could do fine during Covid….Just because we don’t have a vaccine doesn’t have to mean we can’t be stuck with dropping the ball and being stuck with pins. And why don’t we have more black guys in bowling?
    Get to knock down stiff white objects who are always trying to frame you rather than spare you….A chance where society just doesn’t leave you with no shot to stay out of the gutter? Seems like a perfect fit. Could take a quick knee before your slight pause before approach.
    At least Chris Paul has the right idea…More bowling! There are sports which are plenty Covid friendly.
    Could even do plastic/plexiglass shields between lanes…

  6. Sorry (my sentences need more polish than a bowling ball )….

    Seems like bowling could do fine during Covid….Just because we don’t have a vaccine doesn’t mean we still can’t drop the ball and be stuck with pins.

    Mitch McGary…? Where are you! This is your time to shine!

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