Reports: Bruiser Flint leaving IU to rejoin Calipari

According to multiple reports on Tuesday morning, Indiana men’s basketball assistant coach Bruiser Flint is leaving the Hoosiers to join John Calipari’s coaching staff at Kentucky.

The Wildcats announced Tuesday that assistant Kenny Payne was taking an assistant coaching job with the New York Knicks and new head coach Tom Thibodeau.

As a result, Flint will rejoin Calipari for the first time since the two were at UMass in the mid-1990s. Flint was promoted from his assistant role to head coach of the Minutemen in 1996 when Calipari left for the New Jersey Nets.

Flint was the head coach at UMass for five seasons, then the Philadelphia native spent 15 years as the head coach at Drexel. After a year off, Flint joined Archie Miller’s staff at Indiana, where he has spent the last three seasons.

Miller now has to fill an assistant coaching vacancy for the second straight offseason. Ed Schilling parted ways with IU last summer and was replaced by Mike Roberts.


  1. If you assume that Flint’s replacement should be an African American, and that a youngish but proven assistant would be good, the following candidates come to mind. the list is in no particular order.
    Rashon Bruno – Arizona State; Kim English – TN; Chester Frazier – VT; Jason hart – U So Cal; Dwayne Killings – UConn; Omar LowerPlenty of talent to choose from, but he must be a great recruiter.

  2. Kenny Payne was a highly compensated assistant coach, so the ability for U of K to flash the green for more than Flint’s I U salary wasn’t a problem for them. I would believe Flint’s U of K salary will less than Kenny Payne’s, because of Payne’s sucess at Kentucky merited a higher salary. Good luck to Brusier on his new position.

  3. Miller found a good assistant in Flint. He’ll find another to add that’s better. Lot’s of time on his side. Press on.

  4. BP, there’s no way Archie can afford to have an entirely white coaching staff. Given the current social discourse, it’s essential that he get an Arican American, preferably a younger man, who has proven he can recruit. Hiring another white coach would raise some eyebrows and invite criticism and speculation that Archie does not want or need. It’s a shame we have to even mention such matters, but it’s the world we’re living in.

  5. From Mike Schumann in today’s The Dailey Hoosier;

    “While he attempts to retain relationships with players like Mohammed and Wesley in the interim, Miller will also need to determine what attributes he should emphasize to best round out his staff.
    A coaching staff that can relate to the players and resemble the roster from an ethnic and demographic standpoint is prudent in any era, but especially at a time when social justice is at the forefront of the discourse in America. In that regard it would seem likely that Miller would prioritize a relatively young African American coach with strong recruiting connections.”

  6. BP, Archie has a 7-year contract that is fully guaranteed. Do you really think IU is going to fire him and risk being on the hook for millions in severance after losing millions in FB revenue this year. In order to get good players, you have to have assistant coaches who are excellent recruiters. Why do you think Calipari is going to pay Flint more than IU was paying him? It’s not to help him draw up more effective defenses. It’s about keeping the talent pipeline running through Lexington.

    College BB is all about recruiting, which is now a 365-day per year job.

    1. Your post confirms my view. Recruiting is about getting great players yo your school. Name the last great player who enrolled because of “the assistant coach” at KY, KS, UNC, Duke, Villanova, etc. None!

      1. Also 4 years out of 7 will be gone; Archie is an ok coach so he will be hired after 1 year; Archie is a likely TV Analyst so deduct any salary he earns. The total pay out would be $1-1.5 million tops.

  7. BP it has NOTHING to do with school as much as WHO Will get me ready faster for NBA couple that with how much playing time will i get to showcase MY talent. It comes down to what the fans want , a greasy ,slippery coach like Calipari that focuses on “One and Done Univ.” or a team oriented Coach like Archie. Any thoughts on Calbert filling Asst coach position or should Archie look OUTSIDE to a more Regional Area.?

  8. First question for potential 1/2 million per year new assistant should be…

    Can you hold a cue card?

  9. Coach Miller’s new assistant is Kenya Hunter. Leaving UConn to move to Bloomington.

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