2022 recruiting and beyond complicated by NCAA eligibility ruling

When the NCAA waived football’s 85-player scholarship limit for the coming year, that cleared the way for this year’s senior class to be on the same roster as the freshmen who were recruited to replace them.

But while the short-term has been resolved with a one-year, 110-scholarship cap, allowing 2020 seniors to return for the fall of 2021, if they wish, the long-term picture beyond next fall is still murky.

How many recruits will Indiana coach Tom Allen be able to add for 2022? How about 2023?

Because all fall athletes were granted another year of eligibility — not just seniors — a college football coach can’t easily know who is leaving when.

“The ’22 class is the one that’s really going to get affected by this,” Allen said. “We don’t even know how those numbers are going to shake out. … A certain class has to move on before another class takes their place. That’s where the 2022 class, the ’23 class, that’s the real unknowns for me.”

As the Hoosiers try to carry momentum forward from an eight-win season in 2019, how to build is just a little more complicated. They know what they are preaching, but it’s unclear how many believers can figure into their plan.

Again, the short-term isn’t too troubling. Just 15 of the players on IU’s 2020 roster are seniors, including 12 scholarship players. After recently losing Florida safety Aubrey Burks to a de-commitment, the Hoosiers currently have 13 high school seniors committed as part of their 2021 class. An added dozen scholarships next fall, if every senior returned, wouldn’t be backbreaking.

But it’s in the 2022 season and beyond where the Hoosiers may need some relief. There are a combined 52 scholarship freshmen and sophomores on the roster, along with another 20 juniors. Many of those juniors, particularly on defense with safeties Jamar Johnson and Devon Matthews, corners Jaylin Williams and Reese Taylor, linebackers Micah McFadden and Cam Jones, and defensive end James Head Jr., have not used a redshirt year to this point.

If any of those juniors are lucky enough to find themselves on NFL draft boards following 2021, there may be no need for them to stay an additional year. But if they’d like to essentially count the 2020 season as a redshirt year — putting themselves in position to play their fifth season in five years in 2022 — they could theoretically do that.

While it could be advantageous to the Hoosiers to have more quality fifth- and sixth-year seniors on the field in 2022, it would squeeze the number of slots Allen and Co. will have available for incoming freshmen that year.

The dominoes could just continue to fall from there. If that strong junior class steals playing time from members of IU’s even larger sophomore and freshman classes, it could bump back even more timelines and reduce slots in the 2023 class, as well. All fall athletes, regardless of class, are getting that extra year of eligibility.

“This recent development with the NCAA’s handling of this year has completely changed how the next two or three classes will look,” Allen said. “I can’t tell you exactly how they will look. I can just tell you they would be pretty significantly different than what you would think.”

Positional needs could change. The size of each class, as the Hoosiers reduce back down to 85 scholarships in 2022 and beyond, could be altered.

It’s just an added complication in an already complex recruiting world. The NCAA remains in a recruiting dead period, nixing visits to athletes’ homes or practice fields, as well as athletes’ trips to campus.

More than one recruiting cycle of Zoom calls will affect the evaluation process.

“It’s better than talking on the phone. You can see people. You can see facial expressions. You get to know them well? Probably not,” Allen said. “You are going to see unfortunately more, maybe, ‘misses’ on kids. Both directions. Kids not understanding what they are getting into and coaches not really knowing the kids as well because you haven’t had that chance to see them interact.

“Right now, there’s no end in sight to that. We’re in the dead period, which has been going on for a long time.”

Any shrinkage in those 2022 and ’23 classes could reduce the number of risks the Hoosiers have to take. Then again, coaches don’t like to have too much of a numbers imbalance between classes.

If the coaching staff wants to bring in new athletes via a recruiting class, IU also has some powers within its control. While the NCAA granted an extra year of eligibility, it isn’t requiring institutions to pay for that year. It isn’t out of the question that some athletes will have to look elsewhere to use up their additional eligibility.

Some attrition may also come via transfer. Coaches expect the NCAA’s one-time transfer rule — switching schools without having to sit out a season — to pass in January. The hard truth is that some younger players are going to see their path to playing time significantly altered because older teammates are now granted an added season. Some may consider a change of scenery.

“There’s no doubt. That’s reality,” Allen said. “If I’m a younger guy, and I’m expecting to play, and now these older guys are going to have another year, what am I going to do? There are so many things that, once again, this year has created a lot of stress, a lot of unknowns, a lot of questions. And there’s not always a lot of answers to those questions, which creates more stress.”

Judgements will have to be made by athletes, coaches, and athletic departments about how to manage the scholarship crunch. There will just have to be a wait-and-see element in recruiting, as well.

“Those seniors who I thought were going to be leaving, if I thought I was going to be one of the guys taking their place, now they are going to be back for another year,” Allen said. “They might be reevaluating, ‘Is that where I want to go?’ That will create some change.

“We are being open and honest with the guys we are recruiting right now, like we always have. But the numbers will flesh themselves out. That has to be determined.”


  1. Like usual people in charge don’t seem to think of the unintended consequences when changing the rules. I think most of the issues will work themselves out but it doesn’t make it uncertain for the coaches. Coaches tend to want control so they will be uncomfortable for a couple of years but many of us are uncertain about how long our society will take to get back to normal as far as living life the way you choose.

  2. I’m still wondering if schools get to “choose” their own officials for football games…? Are you correct or is Bear Down correct? Could any of the HT guys clarify this unsettled dispute? At that time, I will choose who/what to believe.
    I’m also wondering if you believe in a woman’s right to choose how she progresses with biological changes in her own body…? Can she live her own life…or are Supreme Court justices going to alter her “normal” belief systems?

    And how does a right to “choose” to not wear a mask during a pandemic, spread a virus to a potentially health compromised person, support any “choice” congruent with an idea that believes in the sanctity of every life mattering(whether the unborn, the mentally incapacitated, the brazenly stupid, the brainwashed, etc)?

    Bottom Line:

    but many of us are uncertain about how long our society will take to get back to normal as far as living life the way you choose.

    That’s a political statement…..and it politicizes loss. 200,000 lives taken in the U.S. and I doubt any pulled a lever that “chose” death.

    Coaches need to bring context, perspective and some empathy to their dialogue…or just don’t offer interviews. Without offering any statement on how minor all these details of the day-to-day management of a football team amid such massive numbers of loss across the country reveals quite the lack of depth. It makes all the scripture and LEO blow ring rather hollow.
    I guess there “choosing” to give the entire 10% of the compassion in their heart along with the 10% of their salary….

    1. oops…I guess [they’re] “choosing” to give the entire 10% of the compassion in their heart

  3. “Right now, there’s no end in sight to that. We’re in the dead period, which has been going on for a long time.”

    My bad, Allen did offer some grim truth concerning the pandemic. I don’t know if it conveyed any compassion, but it did cover the reality.

  4. H4H, I stand corrected on the officials but would still like to see the league make them full time working on the off season to train and work on films to improve their calls. Then have the league assign them instead of the guy no running a region group of officials. Having officials of full time instead of men and women working part time would improve the officiating.

    The decision about a woman isn’t about her changing body but about the life she is carrying and didn’t make a good choice, except in some cases, so I go by protecting a life. I am not in favor of the gov’t dictating that decision or supporting it either unless to provide for the child after birth.

    The concept that this virus could have been stopped is a dream and not reality. There were claims we would lose 2.5 m people but the goal post has been changed now. Like it or not Trump followed CDC protocols and I am not happy that China lied and WHO covered for them but Trump is the bad guy. I get it Trump isn’t a politician and doesn’t follow the script of politicians but that is a good thing in my book as we have had too many politicians that don’t care about the Constitution or regular people despite their claims to do things for regular citizens.

    I am for blacks in this country but not the BLM organization that wants to destroy the nuclear family, according to their on documents, and a end to capitalism. Until they start caring and working to stop the killing in our inner cities that kill 1000s of blacks they don’t really care about black lives.

    H4H you seem to have dropped off the deep end during this virus lockdown and hopefully with football coming back we can get back to talking football. IE have you noticed how much bigger Michael Penix is this year?

    1. Full time officials have been considered by both pro and college football, but the feedback from those officials is that the overwhelming majority would stop officiating since it would mean they’d be forced to give up their full time careers (nearly all of them have full time jobs upon which they rely for the lion’s share of their income). In college, expecting someone to ditch their career for a 12 game season is a non-starter. Along with that, the pay for these refs would need to be substantially increased (quadrupled, or more) to make it even worthy of consideration. Lastly, no college coach or league is calling for full time refs, as none see the need. And the leagues assign the refs. Not sure where you got the idea that they don’t.

    2. With all do respect, V13, my belief systems see you as off the deep end. And your choice leader of this country is more politician than any we’ve had in our history. He’s never been a “businessman.” His business history is much more a self-promoter (which works very well in the current social media/politicizing arena) who has dodged financial responsibility via expertise in bankruptcy manipulation and dodging obligations to those never paid for their work. He is also a pathological liar.

      You can’t defend the sanctity of life while supporting a man who so flippantly disregards the 200,000 lives lost (grading himself with an A+ ) while mocking the wearing of the only prevention/protection at our current disposal. This is not only callous and inexcusable cruelty, but it’s a pathology of lost compassion and empathy; a narcissistic behavior void of leadership rotting at the soul of our nation. The political and divisive behavior only intended to anchor the support of a very radical and frightened segment of Americans who desire “purity” of race over diversity and the “melting pot” of inclusion Lady Liberty represents is beyond what any Constitutional adherents could ever protect us.

      Lastly, a “big body” doesn’t mean a sturdy body (e.g. Tom Brady) . Hopefully, Penix will hold up. I don’t have a lot of confidence in that happening. As I predicted during the summer, injuries are way up. Record number of ACL tears in the NFL over the last weekend including many high profile talents. Those who pushed to get sports back without the necessary timetables to prepare properly have little concern for the athletes’ well-being (though they pretended to convey such “concern” with arguments that delaying to a spring schedule would intrude to closely with fall football and stress the athlete).
      Penix will get thrown into the fires of the best the conference has to offer. He will do so with very little contact preparation or opportunities to make judgment mistakes that don’t come with massive hits and massive repercussions.
      Hope he holds up….but much of it is a function of the team around him, play-calling and his own decision processes (most of which are as untested in accuracy, control, and composure under the challenges of top competition as his new and improved muscle mass).

      Sincerely yours,

      Off the Deep End.

      1. HfH, The medulla on the ‘left’ side of your brain is dripping spinal fluid. Your ‘takes’, on every subject mentioned are baseless and frought with parasitic bias. Most importantly, this is an IU football discussion page not a Harris-Biden donation app. I’ll leave you with this from Ecclesiastes 10:2; “A wise man’s heart directs him towards the RIGHT……but the foolish man’s heart directs him to the LEFT. Maybe you feel cheated because you likely only got to attend a backwoods university in the midwest instead of the Ivy League version in Boston?

        1. I believe the medulla has no right or left. It is at the base of the brain and mainly consumes its time with the involuntary responses (e.g. those who would follow Trump over a cliff because they are incapable of critical thinking or artistic ability).

          Closest I ever got to the Ivy League was Wrigley…..

          Lastly, it is my view that the thread was “politicized” in the first comment where the following was presented:

          many of us are uncertain about how long our society will take to get back to normal as far as living life the way you choose.

          Yes, the whole idea of containing a pandemic is an invasion into living life the way one chooses. And it was all going to be a fart in the wind by Easter Sunday as well. And now the president will decide when to approve a vaccine….Line up for your Trump shot. He’s now a world-renowned scientist who sleeps with porn stars between laboratory visits to the basement of Trump castle. May god help us…..

          1. Then you’re throwing support behind a lifelong criminal political hack with at least 18 felonious actions (indicted or not) being reviewed. A smiling Judas that not only has no control of how he would ‘lead’…because he is incapable. As for a woman’s ‘choice’ and her ‘own body’. When junior’s hear starts ticking, she’s no longer soloing.

          2. I’ll be there with my MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat on the 1st morning of the 1st day it is available. Then the life my Bride and I lead will return to normal.

      1. BeatPurdue, my views are partisan but based on freedom and the Constitution that I volunteered when joining the Marines. I used to be in favor of many democrats until the left took over they were liberal on rights and didn’t want to expand gov’t. When Johnson pushed changes to gain votes from blacks, some were needed and passed by Republicans more than democrats at the time. But a number of programs destroyed black families , even democrats at the time saw this IE Patrick Moynihan and others, by driving men out of the family because they would receive less money than without them. I would prefer a true libertarian government that didn’t impose on people so much. You have no idea about my views and they are not shallow but you like to knockdown people without knowing how they really think. People like you want more gov’t control and dismiss the rest of us with different ideas. I vote on the person’s policies not on their personality.

  5. I would point out that not only do I see irresponsible women getting pregnant as their fault but also the fault of irresponsible men that impregnate them. Neither excuses killing an innocent life for lack of precautions to prevent pregnancy, yes I know some are despite precautions but not most of pregnancies.

  6. H4H, I don’t see Trump, he drives me crazy at times, as a good politician but compared to what the left wants for this country is too far gone. The national democrat party has bought into the radical ideas that will harm our economy while Biden and Harris try to convince people they are middle of the road politicians.

    I understand the struggles of people in lower economic cases as I come from that world. It is the reason I joined the Marine Corps and went into teaching rather than a field I could have made far more money in.

    I worry about the impact of the missed practices and what role it will play with injuries. H4H, I know you favor coach Wilson over coach Allen while ignoring the clock management issues under Wilson and his poor play calling at times thinking it only happens under coach Allen. This current team is better prepared for the schedule they face and I hope they have a winning season. I hope the team coach Allen is creating continues to improve and plays to sway fans like you to his approach.

    1. I never “favored” Coach Wilson over Allen….Obviously, Allen wasn’t in the picture when Wilson was left with a program at the bottom of all bottoms.

      What I did not “favor” was the hypocrisy our AD forever brought to the table of his decisions. I did not believe in the vilification of Wilson because of acts which were small in scope and highly subjective.
      And I’m also wondering why we now put such great stock in OSU’s opinions (along with all their concerns for the unjustly harmed athlete ) when they have placed such villains (the former IU coach on their staff who berated injured athletes) in their own ranks….?
      We all know the answers….When it comes to the mighty dollar, all are hypocrites. We simply pick the most convenient villains who disrupt the system in most minimal fashion. The grandest of the corrupt and culprits of immoral deeds are rarely investigated, publicly persecuted/prosecuted or made examples. We do everything to self-serve and sports merely lives in that self-serving world void of any solid examples of men with balanced character who understand they are as flawed as those they have dragged to the gallows.
      Wilson brought something different to IU (much like Bob Knight). He was far from a conformist and he was a threat to the purists who have spent more money and time on selling a Christian image than winning football and basketball games.

  7. Rape and incest as well…? You want your government litigating a women’s right of choice to terminate an early pregnancy in cases of rape and incest? And in litigating such protections of life sanctity (of course, we “kill” many innocent in wars via acts of outrage against civilians, collateral damage, bomb-dropping, etc. without any criminal charges or judgments in morality), are you willing to offer a lifetime of financial support for a woman to raise a child born out of rape or incest (possibly happening while barely an adolescent)? And, in addition to the societal moral obligation to financially provide for a woman who had no choice in the case of rape or incest to end a pregnancy, are you willing to pay for the decades of mental counseling all parties may require? How high are you willing to climb your mountain of moral obligation and superior judgments of sanctity? You protect the unborn while abandoning the repercussions of your intrusions into her choice?

    Did Mr. Rittenhouse believe in the sanctity of life? Hypocrisy abounds in a country ruled by a cult of geriatric white Republican Senators sucking up in the fears of loss of power to their King. It’s an autocracy you protect and not a Constitution. A well organized mafia grabbing at Lady Liberty in the same fashion Trump boasted his freedoms to assault a woman while disembarking an “Entertainment” bus with Billy Bush (the giggling beady-eyed fawning nephew of a former president). My country, ‘ tis of thee, …Grab any woman of your “choice” by her ______We’ll then litigate her pregnancy ….Giggle to serve and protect the king and his autocracy. Boys who never became men….

  8. H4H, I said “The decision about a woman isn’t about her changing body but about the life she is carrying and didn’t make a good choice, except in some cases, so I go by protecting a life. I am not in favor of the gov’t dictating that decision or supporting it either unless to provide for the child after birth. It is clear you only see part of post and not the whole truth. I have no problem with your opinions because everyone has different ones. Rape and incest doesn’t amount to a very high pregnancies according to USA newspaper: yes I know all aren’t reported – https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/05/24/rape-and-incest-account-few-abortions-so-why-all-attention/1211175001/

    Now back to the schedule and IU’s football team. The schedule is tough as the East is always tough but the new schedule at least spread out the tough games instead of opening with four week of tough games. I like the roster for this team and with the grad transfers along with the experienced players that played well at the end of the season are back and reports say they are hungry to get playing. We won’t know how good this team will be until the season is over but plenty of people predicting this season have IU winning 5.5 or more games.

    1. Glad you’re not in favor of government dictating a woman’s right to choose.

      I still find it ironic how the blatant affront by our national leadership to convey/communicate/exemplify measures which could be minimizing Covid spread, is not seen as a disregard for protecting life. We chose to “kill” a significant portion of 200,000 Americans when simple measures and serious concern (without any need of “panic”) could have substantially reduced the number of deaths to date…and those to still come.

      The total proliferation of assault weaponry for profit and gun control is another “sanctity” of life issue….along with 18-year-old’s breaking laws and carrying military grade weaponry onto streets they do not reside…or into schools to unleash sick vengeance at the end of a trigger.

      If only conservative geriatric legislators truly cared about the sanctity of life. Any life cut short is a tragedy. But the real tragedy is the abandonment of providing safety nets for those truly suffering now. Any idea where that second stimulus package is hiding? Children are suffering because promises and safety nets are not being provided. Meanwhile, the sanctity of the stock market is protected….along with college football.

      1. H4h, if you want to have a conversation you can contact me on my email as I don’t want to distract from football on this site any more. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you an email to contact me.

        1. Then keep it about football….rather than acting as if some terrible outside forces have denied you (and others here you claim to speak for) a right to live life as you choose.

          And the coach you idolize should also keep it about football …rather than turning Christianity into a political football to simply gain favor of a certain very conservative sect. How Christian one is has nothing to do with coaching ability. It could, obviously, help recruiting no matter how genuine or disingenuous one uses such an angle in luring a teenager to one’s wholesome dinner table.

          Maybe I took it too far, but your political angle was more than thick. It’s quite rich now that you want a private conversation when you made a public claim your freedoms have been intruded upon ….by whom?

          1. I don’t idolize anyone H4H as I see everyone as a human being and all of us have something others don’t like. I prefer liberty for all and no bias against anyone. I am sorry you don’t want to see that. No one is perfect not even you or me, I have no problem with you but you miss represent somethings like everyone us do at times.

  9. Focus on task at hand is going to be key for all teams kinda throwing a wrench, curve, and challenge to each team in big ten and all teams. Whoever or which team is to get on board with it’s program regarding focus, task at hand, seriousness, hunger for wins will maximize its potential. This will make games good opportunities for those teams who are most focused.

  10. This college football team has now had five opening games. They’ve all been called off. Now i saw where Bloomington North HS team has been hit with the Covid-19 virus. Amidst all the anxiety and angst of people saying “Hurry up and get this football started” the Covid-19 virus marches on and now 10 states resurging. I read Univ of Mass is taking ANYONE that Needs a football game…..and the fans march on like nothings wrong. What a world of Lemmings.

  11. Just get to the election, TJ. It is the finish line for democracy finished. Much like the pandemic, the election will also be declared as a hoax. The media is fake. The feelings of those struggling for justice are fake. The pandemic is fake. Any institution not lining up behind the king is fake. Russian intervention is fake. The Big10 played the “fake card” and were simply trying to stop those from living the way they choose.
    If you want your country back, it will take marching because he ain’t leaving. Are you willing to march? They think you are afraid because you wear a mask…But wanting this brand of “normalcy” is not fear? What fear is greater than delegitimizing our election process? There is no greater stoking of fear. It’s the business of frauds and cowards and those who refuse of offer one breath of compassion for 200,000 dead Americans and their surviving family members.

    1. Just out of curiosity Harvard . . .

      Since this platform has deteriorated from the sports discussions we once enjoyed into petty partisan bickering, I was wondering . . . Do you have such animus towards Trump that you would willingly send this country into Marxism, or has Marxism been your goal all along and Trump just happens to be in the way?

      Please don’t play coy with us about what will result from the election of a Harris administration, and yes, I did say that intentionally. It is about the worst kept secret on the planet that this will be the result should the election go that direction.

  12. HC & think, what did you expect? Don’t tell me you’re surprised!

    Let’s take the current POTUS out of the equation. Love him or hate him, support him or oppose him, no U.S. citizen with a molecule of objectivity left in their brain can ignore the extreme, outrageous and unprecedented tactics that have been used to attack and diminish him since before his inauguration. No one can ignore the unholy and dangerous alliance that exists between big media, big tech and the Governing class in Washington. The collective behavior of those entities should cause great fear in every American citizen, regardless of political party, that believes in our constitution and the Republic. The problem is, fewer and fewer people understand or appreciate the constitution or the reasons why the founding fathers created the Republic. We are now a nation filled with generations of people who have been dumbed down, kept ignorant and separated by identity politics. We are now surrounded by millions of “useful idiots” who won’t even know what has been lost once it is all gone.

  13. One last comment. No cognitive adult can spend three minutes listening/watching Biden and believe he is capable of performing the duties of POTUS. Anyone who argues otherwise is delusional, a liar, or equally impaired. If elected, I predict Biden will not survive one year in office. Either his cabinet will invoke the 25th Amendment or he will have a major health crisis, and he will be ushered out of office, made the sympathetic figure. And that will be the beginning of the end of America’s form of democracy and the country as we’ve known it.

    “A people will get the government they deserve.”

    1. We have no government….deserving or otherwise. We have a king who has delegitimized every institution.
      If IU Football was analogous to the king’s successes, its pigskin history would be written as undefeated. All losses to OSU football were a hoax….All stadiums would have 50% less average attendance than Trump Memorial. The banners in McCracken? Hoax. There would be a birther movement against Bob Knight.

      The Pearly Gates will also be delegitimized. That’s when it will hit you. “Trump Pearly Gates”….Big golden letters. The Jesus birther movement was successful. There’s Don Jr.. He’s in charge of cloud evictions.

  14. Biden is more capable of doing the POTUS job than the current POTUS……I do not believe the country would be this divided under Biden versus Trump. At the present rate under Trump democracy is ending….an yes, with the last election we got the government we deserve. Trump inherited an economic that was start to boom, which is now busting…a national debt that has increase every year. A promise of tax relief for the middle class, that only eliminate most tax deduction for average America….a tax relief that only help business and upper income American….Give me a break Trump has did more damage to middle America and farmers than any other President….Open your eyes

  15. Po you might be right about Biden …BUT I WILL tell you what you WONT get from Biden. 7 advisors convicted of Felonies. Trump himself is positioned to be investigated and Prosecuted for Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Tax Evasion..more years in Prison than Bernie Madoff received 150 years at age 72. Nepotism run rampant in Trump’s administration. EPA Administrator that was CEO of Monsanto and every farmer knows what Monsanto’s pesticides did for them. Trump reduced sizes of National Parks, Plowed over Native American “holy grounds” to build a wall Mexico hasnt given a penny to build. and LAST but not LEAST back in February called Covid-19 a hoax and would disappear…202,000 deaths later wont acknowledge the deaths… AND CALLED THE SOLDIERS BURIED IN ARLINGTON AND NORMANDY “SUCKERS AND LOSERS” FOR DYING.

    1. TJ!!!!

      Please get yourself some better information sources!!! Virtually everything you just said has been either taken totally out of context or thoroughly debunked. Your last statement about the soldiers is the most egregious, as the publication from which your statement is derived has been backtracking and equivocating regarding the authenticity of their article ever since.

    2. Only because the ‘deep state’ has been able to ward off prosecutions. Biden is an unindicted felon andbtraitor on some 20 counts, then there’s Hillary, Schiff, Brennan, etal. As for the ‘suckers’ allegation by the Atlantic,…slanderous, unsubstantiated libel. Oh, and for your pal HfH, thousands of couples nationwide PAY big $ and go thru extensive background checks,…just hoping to be able to adopt. As for IU football fortunes this season,..ESPN has them winning 5.5 games of 8 and power ranked at 18 when season begins.

  16. Who would want the White House now….?
    The smells of spray-on tan stuck to everything? Orange hair dye stains in the marble showers resists turpentine. The place now likely has a one-way elevator from Lincoln’s bedroom to Dante’s 9th Circle of Hell…. There’s not enough stockpiled Lysol to disinfect the king’s silk. The pigments in historic oil paintings now reek of rotting bunions and onions mixed with Stormy perfume. No wonder the king doesn’t contract Covid. Who needs a mask in a slime barrier? Jabba the Hutt has butt-tattooed and cracked fewer commodes.
    A highway rest area cleaning brigade couldn’t keep their lunch down. All of Jabba’s gold removed but it still smells like 3000 year old blue cheese. Fiberglass insulation in the panic basement is even soaked in the stench.

  17. And the POTUS who wanted to “play down” Covid and not cause a panic….headed for the panic cellars of the White House because “Me Too” protesters in vagina hats teaming up with their four black Georgetown friends were storming the gates at Pennsylvania Ave?
    Once the ‘Vagina Hat Panic of 2020’ was over and the retreating women in hats had been shoved and trampled into pavement by Colonel Barr, victory was declared by “playing up” an upside down bible.
    Meanwhile, Covid calmly killed 200,000.

    1. Harvard,
      I find it very sad that you and others do not take the “covid” situation more seriously.

  18. That CNN/NY Times cool aid must be highly addictive. It is unbelievable how susceptible some people are to biased media propaganda. Interesting that no one mentioned the behavior of Biden’s son while his papa was the VP.

    You will get the country you deserve.

  19. I believe it would be difficult to impossible to refute TJ’s comments. Massive amounts of
    conflicting information – from both sides. Digest both views than go with what you feel is closest to accurate. With that said. the Democratic party may have the potential to end the hate now being spread to minority groups. Currently we are being moved closer and closer to an authoritative society. An issue that needs to be fixed now, the increasing violence during demonstrations. ….. Anything during 2020 cut & dried and is not dumpster fire? It would be nice to have a government that attempts unity instead of divide & conquer.

    1. Ron,
      With all due respect, are you that unaware of how divisive the party you suggest could unify was prior to January 2017? Are unaware of how savagely they have treated court nominees from the opposing party? Difficult to refute TJ’s comments??? Do you not realize the publication which he cites for his last comment is in the process of quietly disavowing their article?

      Something else you need to realize, the violent actions in streets are from those who will most certainly be voting for those you think can unify. Is this now the recipe for unity, just violently protest until you get your way? Have you ever stopped to think what might happen if the other side finally has enough, and decides to respond in kind? No, they haven’t yet except for isolated and very unorganized cases despite what you might have been led to believe. Imagine what would happen if they responded in the organized manner being carried out by the so called “peaceful protestors.”

      One last thing, if you want to talk about authoritarian rule exactly who was it that said, “I have a pen and I know how to use it.” Funny how forgetful some folks get regarding actions from their own side.

      1. The Big Question: Will there be a peaceful transition of Jeremy’s Scoop power?

        thinkaboutit- I’m usually looking at candidates who at least acknowledges the planet as a sacred gift. But, for the most part, you are correct….Most politicians are scum. Elites of a fraudulent business class or political class. Promises never kept. The rich get richer. Infrastructure and schools declining ….Wages out of pace with inflation/food/cost of living for decades. No concern for anything but the corporate man and how big next year’s new SUV will be. We are a very shallow species…We claim we’re fixing things while trashing the only chance for our future existence. The cities will one day all be made of the same crumbling dust of pyramids. We will join the club of all the other species we have too soon forced extinction upon.

        Biden? Furthest thing from my wishes. I thought it was a disgrace how the Democratic party caved upon itself so early in the process. Didn’t really even have a chance to allow any other voices to spark my interest. It’s always a rigged game. Biden had his day. He’s a fool for not moving over and giving the day to someone new.

        1. H4H,

          There are certainly things we can agree and disagree on it this statement. However, our problem is not replacing Trump with Biden, but replacing Trump with Harris and everyone else behind the scenes who will be pulling the levers. Unfortunately by her and other’s statements and manifestos, we know exactly what their objectives are.

          1. what are you saying “thinkaboutit”?? What is her objectives?? do not beat around the bushes….I would like to know? Her objectives can not be anymore deteriorating to this country then “KING TRUMP”.

          2. I don’t need to tell you 79 . . . you already know.

            I am giving you a great deal of credit with that response, because if you didn’t already know, then, you would be guilty of being nothing more than a mindless and blind follower.

            So I’ll ask this question again, straight up, no equivocating, “Do you have such animus towards Trump that you would willingly send this country into Marxism, or has Marxism been your goal all along and Trump just happens to be in the way?”

  20. TAI…I have not picked a side. No trust in either party. just thinking which may be at least somewhat better. Court Nominees – historically both sides have been equally ugly. TJ’s news source – multiple publications and Republicans stated they heard the same voiced disdain. So back to what a person believes. Violent protest – If the cities do not take control . I can see that. Don’t want to talk authoritarian rule, just watching it happen. But– I believe very little of what the current president says and I don’t need to read the comments – just listen to him and read his social feed…..

  21. But– I believe very little of what the current president says and I don’t need to read the comments – just listen to him and read his social feed…..

    Bingo, Ron. He is a born treasonous liar. For the last six months he has been stoking fears of our most precious right and trust in the election process. The ramifications of taking away the trust in your own vote will undermine the trust in everything you hold dear in the heart of America.
    He cannot accept second place. He will not accept being removed from anything. He is the “Remover in Chief.” Nobody removes ‘The Don.’
    He has already and will continue to destroy and delegitimize our most sacred people-empowering rights all for a most pathetic and petty reason in walling and protecting his fragile ego.

    He has already destroyed the trust in our democratic processes. The damage is done. The election stands as meaningless a one night stand with a porn star.

    1. So I’ll repeat my unanswered question again Harvard, and this goes for TJ, 79, & even Ron and maybe some others,

      “Do you have such animus towards Trump that you would willingly send this country into Marxism, or has Marxism been your goal all along and Trump just happens to be in the way?”

      . . . and when answering my question, don’t forget the other part I said along with the question, “Please don’t play coy with us about what will result from the election of a Harris administration, and yes, I did say that intentionally. It is about the worst kept secret on the planet that this will be the result should the election go that direction.”

      1. I’ll jump into and out of this pool quickly:

        There’s not anyone, anywhere, who believes that our country is headed, in any way, toward Marxism. It’s simply not happening, there’s no chance of it happening, and it’s not even a remote possibility. Anyone who would suggest such folly needs to take a step back and educate themselves as to what Marxism actually is. So, please stop with this utter nonsense. Anyone who spouts it looks foolish.

        1. I figured you’d jump in BD,

          . . . and don’t think more a moment that I am not extremely aware of what Marxism is in its various forms. It is never good to throw stones in glass houses. I would advise you to “step back and educate” yourself about exactly what radical left wing, which is very rapidly growing in power, is driving towards. You might want to spend some time, as many of us have . . . actually “reading” their manifestos. It is very obvious that you either have not educated yourself on their desired goals, or are covering up what you actually know. Anyone who spouts such deflections looks very foolish indeed to those who actually “have” taken the time to do the research.

          1. My fears are different than yours, thinkaboutit.

            My concerns are the deterioration of decency and a grotesque autocrat who has zero concern for the planet. His only concerns are greed, wealth, perceptions, absolute power and all selfish pursuits America has postured itself to represent. I see Trump as a mere reflection of what we have become.
            The rot is not the other guy….The rot is in the mirror and I want something better for my child and all who will inhabit this precious lonely celestial ball we take so terribly for granted. Without any concern for the planet, the waters, clean air, wildlife and all living things not in the image of man, I don’t see much point anyway. The mighty dollar and the obsessions of “us” is what will destroy any future worth living.
            Trump is just another magnifier of the glory of our collective narcissism.
            We have consumed ourselves with tweets and gotcha moments and 24/7 news (mostly amplifying divisions in opinions for ratings ranking which of “us” is talking louder). Trump is saving nothing …He is a master of pushing buttons and turning us upon ourselves.

            With no beautiful earth and things to see outside my window other than mega churches, crowded roadways and humans believing other humans and pursuits of man are all that matters? We’re building nothing other than a dead end road for earth. Choose your government. It won’t matter because (as very evident in our own fears only consumed with “us”) we are the only thing we consume to protect. We have recklessly abandoned this tiny celestial ball and all the other beautiful creatures. Jesus, football, one-upping the next clown on social media and where “we” or “us” go after we are toast or are put in the earth is our thrust and our daily robotic obsession.

          2. Among all the “us” ….”me”….”you”….”him”….”her”…”them”…”theirs” .and all other pronoun obsessions on man’s planet, I found some hope this morning in hearing a story of some rare “outward” lookers actually attempting to care and save a creature other than man.
            The earth and her inhabitants here long before we set in motion a disease in narcissism to treat this lonely home of all living things as if it were only “our” home actually found some Homo Sapiens who cared. I doubt they cared what race or color…or government affiliation the rescuers shared. We’ll never move opinions one way or the other….but, surprisingly, enough hands can dislodge many tons of a helpless sea mammal from a sandbar. We can do good things…We can be something other than creatures merely here for ourselves.

          3. From both a theoretical and practical standpoint, it’s quite clear you don’t have the slightest idea. You’re not even close.

          4. “Marine animals have never felt their own weight before,” Pirotta told the newspaper. “They can die from overheating or die from the weight of their body resting on the sand.”

            And maybe that’s a metaphor for what we are doing upon ourselves….We are dying upon our own weight. It’s not an aim to kill anything. It’s not violent protests. It’s not peaceful protests.
            It’s not socialism …or Marxism…or democracy in decline. It’s not good vs. evil. It’s not his news source. It’s not her news source. It’s not faith or lack thereof. It’s not too much government or not enough government.
            It’s merely our stranded blubber and our inability to wiggle free of the mirror and the “us” as the only thing that matters. Tweets and text messages and every electron box we stare into becomes nuclear blubber. One smidgin of obsessive compulsive behavior taking up all the air and the seas since the day we created gods to represent “us.” All causing so much tonnage we’ll never break free.
            Leave it all behind, and you shall be as free as the helpless whale once stranded and now flowing its tonnage as if weightless under his flapping fins in the deep cool waters again.

        2. I enjoy being talked down to from folks with TDS. It affirms my direction and thoughts. We’ve got idiots thinking it’s just fine to kill babies. The office holders with the same fervor for murder also pass legislation requiring me to wear a seat belt for my safety (which I don’t do). What hypocrites. How bout a Leftie governor on the right coast sending 1000’s to face death in nursing and retirement facilities accounting for 25% of all deaths in retirement institutions. Now the looney governor on the left coast is going to outlaw combustion engines. TDS Unlimited causes gross misjudgment manifestations or it is Marxism. Legalize more drug use and everything is fine.

          1. Nuggets in six…maybe seven? OMG! Jamal Murray ….Unbelievable.

            That was for some old friends from the Island of Basketblog.

            Carry on, geniuses. Carry on my wayward son.

  22. I implore anyone voting with a mail-in ballot to take a giant crap on it. Your ballot is fake news…It does not count. It’s already #2.
    Might as well make it legit “fake crap” in support of the king.

  23. for those skeptical of Covid-19 death numbers..MAYBE you wont have to go to this extent to prove your self wrong.. Former Nashville Council Member Skeptical of Coronavirus Dies of COVID-19

  24. Political Science class. 3 hour class and what was the cost for book/s, tuition etc for this class? Kinda brings back college classroom setting memories.
    The Balance of Law is only as good as people/citizens make them.

  25. BD, you really should stop debating thinkaboutit. Without even trying, he’s crushing you. You’re obviously NOT doing your homework on the positions of the party opposing Trump. Call him all the names you want. Describe Trump using all the derogatory terms fed to you by the hysterical propagandists on CNN, MSNBC, etc.. But the bottom line is that Trump is an “America first” nationalist who is opposed to moving our society toward Marxism. Trump is a capitalist. He understands that while Capitalism is not perfect and can be abused, it is nonetheless the best economic system ever invented by the human race; and it has lifted trillions of people around the world out of poverty and improved their quality of life. Trump believes in the U.S. Constitution as it was written by our founding fathers and as it has been amended by our elected officials over the last 200 + years. He understands the difference between our Republic and a true democracy, and that if the leftists ever try to convert this country into a true democracy, there will be a second civil war and probably a third World War (and we’re closer to that than most people think). Why would anyone want to elect a President who embraces policies enacted by elected officials in failed states like California, Illinois, and New York? Do you realize that people all across the political spectrum are leaving those states in droves? Why would you want the policies enacted in those states to be imposed on everyone across the entire country? Why would anyone want a weak economy and a much weaker U.S. Military? If anyone who has taken (and passed) college-level economics classes, it is almost inconceivable that they could vote for one of today’s democratic politicians. In fact, we should stop using the word “democrat.” They’re all socialists, if not full on Marxists. But the problem across the USA these days is that too many adults have never been educated on the evils of Marxism and Socialism. Millions and millions of US citizens, aged 18 to 45, are profoundly ignorant on subjects like economics, U.S, History, European history, socialism, marxism, etc.. And those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    I’ll predict right now that if Kamala Harris is elected, this country will experience unprecedented social and economic decline that will be irrevocable. And the “protests” that we have been witnessing in our street over the last four months will look like church picnics by comparison.

    1. Lol. You don’t understand Marxism any better than Think, and we’ve already established he doesn’t have a clue. You guys couldn’t be more lost on this stuff if you tried. Your raging paranoia about the media and other imaginary boogeymen is both humorous and a little sad, especially when you’re presumably adults. Scary.

        1. He spouted empty Fox News and other ultra right wing talking g points, none of which have any basis in fact. Very easy to establish that there was zero basis for any of it.

  26. One last thing. I highly recommend that any of you what want to learn more about these topics, and why America’s system of government is the best ever enacted in the history of the human race, go to Youtube and watch a few videos of Jordan B. Peterson. He’s a brilliant, highly educated (PhD) and highly articulate professor at The University of Toronto. Listen to one of his talks, debates or lectures for about 30 minutes and then explain to the rest of us why he’s wrong.

  27. H4H,

    I am going to take a chance and revert back to a less formal way of addressing you in the form of the good natured banter we enjoyed before politics entered our happy little forum in such a major way. I know some of the posters will think I am crazy for doing so, but as I said, I am taking a chance. You and Ron both expressed concerns about Trump’s autocratic manner of governing. Why did I not hear similar concerns during the Obama-Biden administration? The rule by executive fiat was unparalleled by any predecessor, the number of Executive Orders and Memorandums was unprecedented, yet no complaints by his supporters. However, now that the shoe is on the other foot and the precedent for such has been set, now there are complaints of autocratic rule.

    Why is there a blind eye to the much more autocratic rule of certain Blue State governors? One in particular even went to the extent of signing what was tantamount to a death sentence for thousands of nursing home patients in his state by forcing COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes. Other Blue State governors briefly joined this effort before realizing the terrible consequences of said actions, yet there was no outcry of autocratic rule against them. We have an autocratic governor in the State of Michigan who rules with a “Do as I say not as I do mentality.” How can anyone criticize Trump as an autocrat while turning a blind eye to these and many more egregious Blue State situations?

    People complain about Trump being very harsh in his language, I can see that. However, when his predecessor spoke of his opposition as “Bitterly clinging to their God and their guns,” do you not realize that was off-the-chart offensive to his opponents? Trump may have said things which are offensive to his opponents, but don’t think for a minute they were any worse than what President Obama said about his opponents. Trump may have done things which you find offensive, but as having to deal with compliance issues from the Obama administration, I can tell you the things he did were quite offensive to his opponents.

    The real problem is when both sides become so entrenched in their perspectives that they refuse to give any credence to their opponents. It is not a matter of who did what first, it is very simply when civil words cease, bitter words begin, when bitter words cease, bullets begin to fly.

  28. Without “state” bankruptcy laws he would have failed miserably at attaining any capital in your idealist world of Trump capitalism. He trampled on hundreds of hard-working Americans and contractors who never received a dime for their labor. He has no “Republic” or “American” values.
    He mocks captives of war while he nursed his own bunions.
    He values only himself and the rigged game he started with a mountain of cash from daddy. Profit? He’s more a not-for-profit tycoon protected by empty valuations of worth and an out-of-control stock market having little to do with manufacturing or productivity which enriches any sort of improved working class. If his balance sheets are ever unveiled, they’d likely show he’s been in bed more with Putin than Stormy.
    He cares more about how he looks in a mask than the health and future of this planet.
    He pushes your stupid buttons and you march in fear behind him. Sort of how you did with that basketball coach….on a much more micro scale.

    1. . . . and you think it would be any better under a Marxist regime????

      When we look at how the current roster of career politicians, including Biden and former presidents, became wealthy, did they so by any less nefarious means????

      Trump may have utilized hard-nosed business practices which a significant number of others have done so throughout history, but did he do so by using the power of his office to gain an unfair advantage at taxpayer expense??? Do we want to talk about how the Kennedys’ gained their wealth?

      Surely H4H, you know that the article you cite for the mocking of war fatalities has been proven to be bogus. As for the bunions, I assume you have never experienced what he really had, bone spurs. Try walking a mile in another man’s shoes with bone spurs, then get back to me. As for the phony Putin farce, I would be far more concerned about how such an obvious scam could be foisted upon this country by a former president and a defeated candidate for president.

      Finally, if you mean he has no “Socialist/Marxist,” “Republic” or “American values,” then you are absolutely correct.

  29. I believe I said he mocked a “captives of war”….specifically McCain (” I like people who weren’t captured”). By adding “people” to his comment, I suppose he was meaning any captive.

    I don’t now the specifics concerning the Normandy accusations. Trump’s tongue is always drunk with vile secretions so nothing would surprise me.

    From misogynistic comments to complete insensitivity to national tragedies, he has numbed ears to all forms of vulgarity. He’d probably have a lovely prison chat with Jerry Sandusky. Out one side of the mouth would be something about a love for the Lord…Out the other side would be a comment that would be so creepy it would make the skin crawl while planting terror into the deepest and darkest pit of your stomach.

    I find him unable to ever know his own limits…. He is a soulless caricature of something forever in distortion. His festering boils are on the inside and we merely get glimpses of the acids and the eroding pus of a very damaged and internally alienated thing that only feeds its own need. For all the towers and all the powers, he is a grand tragedy and he can’t escape it. Rallies? They are nothing other than food for the predator who’s only diet is attention. His daily quest is havoc and to be heard.
    It’s his only means to quiet the backside of his skin. He has reached the most powerful position to be heard….and he pulls all the energy. Do you not feel drained? He’s the Christmas tree bigger than Mount Everest. CNN, MSNBC, FOX and every enemy or every idol are only here to light him up.
    I just want to break free of it…I don’t want to be wired to Trump Commonwealth Edison any longer. I see it in everyone’s eyes. His need to feed has drained all into knotted up Romex.

    Sigourney Weaver as Ripley (quote from Alien 3): “You’ve been in my life so long, I can’t remember anything else.”

    1. You know H4H,

      I am tinkering with a theory regarding the extreme animus towards Trump from his opponents. You probably won’t be able to see this as your side has never had this level of abuse hurled back at them. You opponents side has been living with what you would call a Trumpian level of abuse for nearly 40 nearly 40 years coming from your side. I don’t think it is the so-called abuse you object to as much as it is your side now becoming the target of the same tactics you have been using against your opponents all these years.

      You know, Trump was thought to be a Democrat before he became a Republican, just as did Reagan. Maybe they learned their lessons from their former allies a little too well? Trump is in a different era than Reagan and the discourse has become much coarser, but I do remember well the animus thrown at Reagan during his presidency.

      1. Nothing to do with “party”…..

        We don’t have the same fears. As I said, my first concern is to see someone who sincerely cares about the planet and the inhabitants not of Homo sapien variety we care so little about.

        I would also place my vote with someone who appears to have compassion and empathy. It’s not just politics attracting those void of equity and a character truly desiring to uplift those hurting (financially, emotionally, etc).

        Kindness is an honor system….much like the Constitution. Desiring “freedom” doesn’t mean you have to possess it all. It doesn’t mean you have to trample on the few protected lands and species we could still leave to our children’s children and beyond. We live in the “now” of stoking fears. The world has shrunk and there are no more frontiers. It’s easy to sell the fear. Without clean air and water….it simply won’t matter.
        Did you hear India is on the brink of a historic water crisis? I suppose defecating on this planet and the small slice of creatures who don’t look “us” is also akin to living life the way we choose.
        We should be against mail-in ballots for the horrible paper waste to merely vote for more of the same. Long live the king. Long ago died a planet which could survive in harmony with a species whose only mission is to extract and never save or replenish.

        1. HfH, Newsflash. The territorial mass of the United States makes up a miniscule part of the world. If every bit of trash was recycled, all cars were electric, all landfills were eliminated, if the air were made as clean as an operating room from coast to coast……it wouldn’t affect the ‘world’ enough to make a measureable difference. The real concern is, if the Biden’s of the ‘world’ take command, the Chinese will be an occupying force making all the decisions, like in Hong Kong. Then you’ll be able to really worry about an autocratic dictatorship,…pollution and much worse.

          1. Our examples in gross consumerism lead the world….Citizens of Chine emulate American lifestyle and culture. Per capita, we still blow away China in our carbon footprint.

            But, no doubt, the world needs to collectively address the killing of an inhabitable planet. Let’s leave something worth living on and looking at for our children’s children.

            I love Fox ….on the Run (essence of Harvard @ 1:00 mark). Thanks, Jeremy Price & Jon Blau.

      2. Why do you admire someone who is a acknowledged by everyone, including you and his most ardent supporters, as a habitual liar? Why do you consider his lying to be admirable and virtuous? No one considers liars to be leaders, except you and his supporters. Why do you enjoy being lied to, and why do you believe lying is a foundation of the leadership you embrace? It why so many don’t care for him, but I’m curious as to why you find such behavior laudable.

        1. LYING at the highest.
          Like your Doctor keep your Doctor. Like your plan keep your plan. PERIOD!!!

          1. So, in your way of thinking, Obama lying makes it okay for Trump to lie? That’s why you support a liar?

          2. To my way of thinking 1 produces positive results for blue collar folks the other spoke with grandiose words over their heads. They’re all liars but I tolerate a producer. MAGA!!!!!

          3. At least you were willing to say you endorse and support a liar. Even as dumb as he is, Trump despises his supporters, even though they aren’t capable of realizing that.

          4. He gets results I absolutely endorse. I don’t give a damn who he despises nor who he worships. He’s not my spouse. He is the mover and shaker I’ve wanted in the WH for decades.

        1. Hell I have no problem with that. Not much choice if that’s the criteria. Not having the guts to recognize it is also a lie. But I restate the results produced are light years ahead of the little boy who couldn’t be a President and the gal with the fat ankles who lost a guaranteed election. I’m happy as hell. Enjoy your suffering.

          1. I have no doubt you’re happy. When your standards are so low, there’s almost no way to be disappointed. Good luck, and try to keep up.

          2. Didn’t much care for my previous post or the tone of several of them, and do not wish to make this personal. I’m a right of center guy who thinks DT is a scam artist and a horrible leader, and that he has genuine contempt for anything and anybody if it doesn’t further his own interests. Not a fan of those kinds of people because things never turn out well with them, but to each his own. I’m afraid, however, that whoever wins in November, there won’t be any unity in our country. In my opinion, the divisions and enmity will only increase, and I find that sad.

            Hope the football season gets played.

          3. Very healthy thread…I hate all of you. But how can I hate all of you when I’ve never met any of you?
            I think all of us are far more similar than we think. We are also products of those who have shaped us. We have only so many days in a lifetime. I think most of us here aren’t exactly spring chickens….Our squeaking wheels don’t get much oil. We enter the “disregarded” class of senior years. In high school, there was nothing more prestigious than to strut yourself as a “senior.”
            Now I hate the word…I hate the clerks who call me “honey” and have that look of pity because they see me as one foot in the grave. I want to build a bonfire for all the junk mail labeled AARP.
            Why does the guy taking my pizza order on the phone call me “bud?” I had an uncle who used to call his son “bud.” It was customarily used as the finishing touch of “my little buddy”…or my chip off the old block. These are the condescension years.
            If you have gray in the hair, American society really doesn’t care one iota what you think….(unless you’re a tired old Senator or a tycoon who clings to youth by poking around with women of the night).

            I do not accept the categorizations. My mark on the world is no tower, bud. My significant other of over years has never called me honey…You insult her honor by cozying up to me with your condescension and your cute empty admiration.

            But amid all of the lumping in with other gray heads, I must hear the young voices. This is not my world simply based on being here longer…..Why do we want such old men leading our country? I think they make my gray less respected. I am receiving the disregard because they give far too highly regard themselves and forever anchor themselves to our cherished institutions.

  30. oops…

    Rallies? They are nothing other than food for the predator [whose] only diet is attention.

  31. Marxism — give me a break!!! America will never be a marxism country. Why? Americans are afraid of minorities being “EQUAL” to them in anyway (financially, socially, power, etc). Americans itch and moan when minorities started taking manufacturing jobs. Next don’t let “THEM” move in our neighborhoods, they are not suppose to be able to afford our standard of living. My questions to most Americans: If a President of the United States acted like this was a minority would he still be in the office of the President. I don’t think so, most American would not put up with someone this ignorant and illiterate in the President office….America got what we deserved by putting someone in office without the proper education (a president that was education by con-artist business man).

    1. Well 79,

      Without realizing it you answered my question, and as I expected, you equivocated, deflected, and obfuscated.

  32. you know what kind of society we live in — A black president was suppose to nominate a person for the position of Supreme court, which he did, but a white Senate disallow (refuse to accept or vote) on the nomination, because his majority party was in office and a election was coming up within 8 months. Now we have a white president with a Supreme court nomination, which this same Senator said it is okay for this president to name a Supreme court nominate with an election within 3 months. An this Senator explains this by saying his party is in “POWER”……All this is is “RACISM” at it highest level. As the old standard goes when minorities play by the game, the white people in power elect to change the game to benefit their cause. Almost like South Africa!!!

  33. If anyone wants evidence as to why sports are crucial to the health of this country, look nt further than this giant, smeared, dirty diaper of a thread. Humans have this need for conflict, and sports is such a wonderful, innocuous conduit to channel the inner rage.

    You guys need to get hobbies and outlets. This is unhealthy.

  34. If Biden were to be elected and democrats took control of senate they could pack Supreme Court with as many judges as they chose.

  35. think, I disagree with only one point you made above. You missed the mark when you wrote, “The real problem is when both sides become so entrenched in their perspectives that they refuse to give any credence to their opponents.” Americans, since the founding of this country, have been “entrenched” in their political positions. But, with the exception of the five-year period beginning in 1860, we’ve valued the Union and the Constitution more than we did winning an election. So, the real problem is that leftists hate this country, want to “fundamentally transform” it and they have no reverence or respect for the Constitution. In addition, about 90% of the national and regional “news” media is corrupt to the core, biased and are made up of leftists. The people running news media companies and the talking heads they employ to be in front of the cameras, as well as most of those in print media and big tech, are leftist progressives, socialists or Marxists. Most of them are so decadent that they’ve grown to hate this country and the American people! Remember how openly shocked the talking heads were the night Trump defeated Mrs. Clinton? Trump’s victory blew their minds, and they went crazy! These elite media people live and work in coastal echo chambers that have not resembled the rest of America for decades. As you’ve heard them confess, none of them knew anyone who voted for Trump. They were brainwashed in their journalism schools by professors who were throwing rocks and burning American flags back in the 60’s and early 70’s. These media elites don’t even attempt to appear objective anymore. They slobbered and gushed when Obama got elected and, for the next eight years, ignored the disastrous policies and executive orders he implemented. They openly rooted for Obamacare, knowing full well that it was the Trojan horse of socialized medicine in America. They ignored his disastrous foreign policy and his disdain for Israel (I could go on and on and on).

    So when Trump won the election, the leftist media decided they had to do their part in fixing the problem. They had to do everything possible to destroy Trump’s presidency, or at least prevent him from getting a second term. They were certain that it was their duty because they have long since been convinced that the people who elected Trump were/are ignorant, un-washed, racist, and homophobic, and therefor can’t be trusted with selecting the leader of this country. The media elites, supported by Obama-administration insiders, big government swamp creatures, and corrupt FBI and National Intelligence officers all had a lot to lose. So they formed an unholy alliance and collaborated to develop cold-war like strategies intended to remove Trump from office. And the more they and their stooges in the media failed, the more desperate they became. Now, they’re pulling out all the stops (mail-in election ballots) in the desperate attempt to rig the election in favor of a man who obviously suffers from dimentia and can not possibly survive his first term in office. None of this could have happened had the corrupt leftist media not encouraged and allowed it to happen.

    What most of the useful idiots in this country don’t understand is that “It’s the media, stupid!”

    1. Was going to proclaim your post “laughingly ignorant”, bit there’s nothing funny about such a distorted and unintelligent view (and I’m no lefty). Sad that you’d willingly choose to be so awash in stereotypical ignorance. Not only do you fail to understand what socialized medicine is, but your characterization of the media is a million miles from reality. Trump laughs at how easily he fooled people like you.

    2. Yikes….I think you just had the all-you-can-eat buffet of Fox News at the Brain Sizzler.

      Tom Crean for Supreme Court Justice, too!


      1. I saw Mike Pence at a restaurant down in the Florida panhandle….I heard he demanded a waiter because he wasn’t with “the bride” (shout-out to Clarion) and he gets uncomfortable looking at a waitress when not with the honey snuggles. Sinful thoughts….Cue upside down bible and fan me with some Stormy perfume. Stop thinking of big tips.

        Anyway, here’s the punchline… While deciding on what to order for dinner, the waiter got Pence a cola.

  36. Back to college football….number 3, number 6 and number 8 go down in college football…this is really going to be a strange season in college football.

  37. I used to think if Trump wins all the states which consistently have the top college football teams, he’d win the election.
    I found some slight flaws and have narrowed my research into a more reliable formula.
    The road to the White House goes directly through states with the shortest average distances between Cracker Barrels and Hooters. This affirms my belief: You get the double stacked election and boob you deserve.

  38. Nice try, BD. But you are in deed a “lefty.” Either that, or you suffer from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which has seriously affected your ability to think objectively. Since you seem to be thinking clearly, I can only conclude that you’re a “lefty.” But for the sake of argument, if you’re not a lefty, as HC’s above posts imply, why would you vote for a man who will empower the most radical leftists (and socialists and marxists) in the history of this country? Why would you vote to “cut your nose to spite your face?”

    I’ve said for years that Trump is his own worst enemy, but I laugh at the people who base their opposition to him because “he is a liar.” Ever read the history about JFK and all the women he used while President, some provided by a powerful mobster and some planted by the Soviet Union (historical facts)? Ever read about the racist LBJ’s cynical motivation to pass landmark welfare legislation? How about Clinton’s lies spoken under oath, his lies about having sex with Monica Lewinsky (it depends on what the meaning of “is” is) and the vicious attacks his wife and her operatives in the press made against the numerous women who accused Clinton of rape (they used the media to savage those women and damage their lives)? How about Obama’s massive lies about Obamacare? What about the lies Hillary made to the face of the parents of Americans who died trying to defend the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya? What about the countless lies spoken every day for years by almost every Democratic member of congress and their toadies in the media who tried (and failed) to perpetrate a coup against Trump based on the massive lie that he or members of his campaign were Russian agents (proven false)? What about Biden’s lies about sexually assaulting a female staffer and his son’s corrupt involvement with a corrupt Ukrainian and Chinese companies? The difference between all those lies and Trump’s lies is that the leftist media diminishes or ignores the lies made by leftists while amplifying any questionable thing Trump says.

    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” …….. Joseph Goebbels
    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” ……… Vladimir Lenin
    “If you tell a lie loud enough and long enough, eventually people will believe it.” ………… Adolf Hitler

    1. If it took you 10 years to realize we were only going to get ‘weaves to nowhere’ from a self-promoting opportunist basketball preacher, you’ve sort of lost the honor of throwing around “derangement syndrome.”

      You have this thing for upside down bible holders…You’ll stick with them until they get to cue cards (or cognitive tests where bragging is done for identifying a giraffe or a pencil drawing of a superb athlete) after millions of dollars wasted on lowered bars of teaching and achievement….and witch hunting.

      Now you want the same singular “mission” out of your next bible holder in the oval office. How many proven untruths (dare I say “lies”) are in that book? Can you fact check it? It certainly can’t function as a playbook on a basketball court, but it’s the gold standard for the brainless you worship to land or keep a job.

      Trump is merely appealing to those who take every page from the upside down playbook. Fact Check: (a) Only man who follows Jesus matters…meaning all of those personal pronouns on earth in the image of the big cheese in the clouds (b) the earth, air, water, preservation of resources and wildlife do not matter …(c) appoint Supreme Court justices and all other leaders who promote the upside down playbook (d) Trample on a peaceful crowd and use the full might of the U.S. military on a DC street for a photo op to show the playbook of choice…..This is known as the “Right side Upside Down” move. Call out your screens. Stand in front of a church.

      Everyone else who doesn’t adhere or promote charlatans / lying frauds to sell the “Big B” playbook is deranged. Non-followers of your ‘Big B’ playbook “facts” of fictional writing have some sort of syndrome.

      Hold the “Big B” upside down and suddenly you can Sharpie out hurricane directional probabilities provided by the NHC…You can “trump” the lead scientists from around the globe and demote/discredit heads of the CDC …Your natural ability in all things (dripping out of the pages of the Big B playbook) now entitlles you to undermine the FDA and vaccine testing protocols to ensure safety….You can all of California in fires are not serious drought and effects of climate change…but poor raking. You can now defend the “right” of a 17-year-old to blow away a couple protestors with an assault weapon on unfamiliar streets not of his own backyard …and be rewarded with a cold bottle of water. You can discredit the sanctity of a vote in our election process. You’ll can mock the mentally ill and handicapped because god has entrusted you to mock god’s children.

      These so-called leaders of your choice hold up the ‘Big B’ upside down (or above a basketball or football huddle) and you’ll walk with them straight into the fires of division…and straight to the cliff of no return. They actually command no expertise in business or politics..Their expertise is in puppet strings hanging from the upside down playbook and they aren’t going off the cliff with you. You have no “syndrome.” You never had any mental capacity to ever turn into “derangement.” You are merely a sucker.

    2. “Radical leftists”? You lose your tiny amount of credibility right there. Trump must laugh at how easy it is to fool his most loyal supporters.

  39. The number of posts on this IU football blog before the IU football season kickoff must be record setting. Is this the start of a new IU football tradition? Are things a changin?
    Crooks, cheats, lies, game players etc have always represented American and abroad politics and all things related. They are just people and people are sinners. Trump is no different. Since Trump being president he has battled obstructionists from opposition including democrats and media and whoever. Several things are probably true because he is no different than his accusers. They, on every side are wrongdoers and sinners and it definitely includes democrats. Trump has faced obstruction and impeachment from the very beginning of him holding office. He is probably guilty of different accusations just like his accusers being guilty of the same or worse things. So the obstructionists including democrats spent so much time, money, effort leaving this country vulnerable and actually promoting what is going on currently.

  40. V13, HC, Po, t, Brand, and a few others who have been fighting the good fight,

    At one time I enjoyed the visits into our quaint little community of IU sports loving posters. However, with the increasing political vitriol my visits are becoming fewer and will continue to be much lest frequent, if at all.

    I owe you all an apology for not catching this sooner. I should have seen this in earlier times when we were talking mainly about IU sports before this year began. This is a teaching moment for us all as to the tactics being used by your detractors, whether it be in sports or politics. When you see the tactics of ridicule and scorn, an elitist mentality, an absolute refusal to accept any truth which conflicts with their established narrative, hysteria, continual deflections, denials, and obfuscation, then we must realize a specific set of rules are being adhered to by your detractors.

    I have given you only a few of their most pronounced tactics which have been on display. Here’s another ploy by which they will try to entrap you. Some will demand you cite sources for the truths you are advancing, not in order to enlighten themselves, but for the sole purpose of attacking and denigrating the sources you cite. They will accuse you of ignorance while it is they themselves who wallow in what they accuse you of. Make no mistake, there is a very specific book of rules which your detractors are playing from in order to advance their agenda.

    Whether they do so knowledgably or merely mindlessly follow those they happen to agree with, the tactics are obvious. I think that is all the hints I need to give.

    I wish you all the best.

    1. V13, HC, Po, t, Brand, and a few others


      Myles Brand….He’s fighting the good fight? Didn’t he allow the inept and clueless Mike Davis to take us to a Final Four? That wasn’t zero tolerance of anything..That was short-term affirmative action and allowing a whining buffoon to inherit a decent roster. Davis wasn’t even smart enough to know how to complete a 3-way call.

      See a pattern? Brand…lol. Nice Freudian slip.

  41. I find it interesting how it all finally filters down to “they are all liars” and “they are just people and people are sinners. Trump is no different”…..I suppose that’s the “good fight” now.

    But our standards are different regarding who is allowed to be the common liar and the common sinner. Who did we drag to the gallows for “lying” about 3-way recruiting calls? Who did we obsessively accuse of “lying” about origins of a birth certificate during a presidential race? Who do we now label as a potential threat in pushing America toward Marxism while also attempting to spawn another birther movement? What sports figures do we constantly make example of being anti-American for merely promoting movements or symbols for equal treatment under our justice system and at the hands of law enforcement? What was our most memorable draft dodger of the Vietnam War (Clue: It ain’t the ‘Bunion in Chief’…or Biden…or Bush for his local National Guard gig. Think ‘Rope-a-dope’).

    Do you see a pattern? I certainly see one. It doesn’t require any sources. Ironic how so much of this recent thrust and division(including pushing the next Supreme Court justice through on the eve of an election) relies so heavily on the upside down thick book with the black cover. It’s the only thing “black” they’ll hold up rather than drag to the gallows.
    The Black Man: He wrecks college basketball with a 3-way call the size of a national wrecking ball. He wrecks the NFL by taking a knee for hopes we can someday acknowledge skewed justice based on skin color. He wrecks America and healthcare system and hides his dangerous Muslim roots. His middle name must certainly mean he wasn’t born in this country.

    See a pattern? See a pattern in those Republican geriatric senators clinging to power in black suits and white skin? What threatens them more than anything is an America with pages representing all the colors of diversity. They fear an America where we can “all” be sinners. Because, at the end of the day, a very long day in American history, we aren’t all allowed to be liars and sinners. The upside down book held up for example in such forgiveness, much like the insults to an American flag, is full of hypocrisy.

  42. We love our football. We love our sports. We marvel at the athleticism. We pay a select few millions upon millions of dollars. We sure seem to strip away prejudice with the facade known as sports. But, at the end of the day, it’s a system of marionettes. It’s a puppet show of examples we sell and use to act as if there is true equality and pathways out of poverty for all of America. We must have our ESPN. We must faithfully appreciate our few black analysts and our superstar QB’s. We must have our gambling and our big dollars fueling college athletics run by white presidents and white administrators.
    But must we ever have true equality…or is it just a black cover on a book full of white leadership and white supremacy? Where are those defenders of America with their assault weapons on the rotting economic streets on the south side of Chicago? Kenosha, Wisconsin? That’s where you say “no more,” fair-skinned child with your English roots name and killer weaponry?
    Cities have been rotting for decades…They have been traps of poverty and crime for generations upon generations. It’s far worse than flames and used car lot now an insurance claim. They span blocks upon blocks and square miles upon square miles of ashes in hopelessness across our most populous cities as manufacturing has left to provide the slimmest shots at sustenance and escape routes from the cycles predominantly entrapping one race in one forgotten America.
    And now the grand threat is Portland or Kenosha? Wow…I think you should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. You bring it, boy. Put your hand on that famous upside down book in the courtroom. Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Put your other hand on your beating heart at the same instance. Yes, your heart is still beating…and you saved America.

  43. IMO, and using the Constitution as a compass, you’re a radical leftist if you support those who call for:
    1. Eliminating the electoral college
    2. Dismantling the Republic in favor of a true democracy
    3. Eliminating the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution
    4. Advocate for partial birth abortion
    5. Advocate that abortions be paid for by tax-payers
    6. Call for the elimination or defunding of police forces across the country
    7. Advocate for open borders, unlimited immigration and eliminating ICE
    8. Advocate that illegal aliens get free healthcare, free education, welfare and the right to vote
    9. Advocate for packing the Supreme Court
    10. Support Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico becoming States
    11. Advocate for Socialized Medicine and outlawing private health insurance
    12. Advocate for reparations
    13. Support those who infringe on freedom of religion
    14. Support those who want to limit or control speech

    And so, if you don’t support those who advocate for any of those policies, why would you vote for a man who will empower those who do?

  44. After gagging my way through the previous one hundred or so messages, I respectfully suggest that if anyone posting here loves the USA as much as he or she loves bickering about politics and insulting each other, he or she should sign up to work as an election judge on Nov. 3. It’s a long day, underpaid, and essential to making a republican form of govt. work (however imperfectly). Record numbers of requests for absentee and mail-in ballots and the logistics of in-person voting under pandemic conditions make YOUR service even more important than ever. If I had any graphic arts or computer skills, I would riff on the WW I Uncle Sam recruiting poster thus: “I want YOU for an election judge,” and put it right here: X. Well, I don’t have those skills. But when I crawl into bed after a sixteen hour election day, I will sleep the sleep of someone who did what small bit he could.

  45. Davis thanks for your service for out elections as it is important to have people as judges at the election sites. It isn’t an easy job but a necessary job in election days. I would also say I have a friend that volunteer in the county election board to validate votes to make sure they are valid.

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