Day applies pressure on B1G, advocates for mid-October start

Ohio State coach Ryan Day wants his team to have a chance to play for a national championship, and he made those feelings known Thursday afternoon.

In a statement posted to social media, Day said the Big Ten’s medical subcommittee “has done an excellent job of creating a safe pathway toward returning to play in mid-October.”

“These young men and their parents have asked so many questions that I do not have the answer to,” Day wrote, “but the one that hurts the most is ‘Why can these other teams and players play and we can’t?'”

“Our players want to know,” Day added, “why can’t they play?”

The Big Ten did release a 10-game, conference-only schedule last month, only to pull back on fall sports six days later. The Pac-12 was the other Power 5 conference to halt sports, but the SEC, Big 12, and ACC have pushed forward.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren explained the postponement by saying there was too much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 to play this fall. He later had to clarify in an open letter why exactly there was too much uncertainty, noting worries about the availability of testing and the ability of programs to consistently contact trace in the event of an outbreak.

The presidents and chancellors of the Big Ten reportedly voted 11-3 to not play sports this fall, though few have spoken publicly about the vote itself.

IU coach Tom Allen hinted previously at a failure by the Big Ten to effectively communicate its position, adding that “negativity often fills that void.” Day made a similar point in his statement.

“While I understand the Big Ten conference’s decision to postpone the football season because of health and safety considerations, the communication of information from the Big Ten following the decision has been disappointing and often unclear,” Day said.

Day’s move to publicly pressure comes ahead of a possible vote by Big Ten presidents and chancellors regarding fall sports. Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune has reported the vote will be this weekend “at the earliest.”


  1. The longer the big ten sets out the longer it will hurt recruiting for all big ten teams not just this year but future years as well.
    An October first week start could equal a full big ten season.

  2. The entire world is playing its respective competition, fans, or empty seats. When local high schools are hosting limited fans and Notre Dame kicking off with about 17,000 in the seats, it makes the Big 10 seem even more woke. Tick, tick…tick…

  3. The Big10 has always been weak…For decades I watched the conference get their ass kicked in the Rose Bowl. The Big10 wins a major championship in football about as often as IU beats OSU.

    This isn’t the strongest football conference taking a season off. This is a weak football conference compared to the SEC. The football that matters will still be played. Let them spread the Covid amongst themselves while you still get great football. It’s a win win.

  4. And did you really want to watch IU Football in a scenario with no cupcakes and a full slate of conference foes? Somebody on this blog mentioned fishing for bluegills with dynamite…..I thought of that perfect metaphor as it applied to IU Football with 9 conference games. We’re the bluegills.

  5. this is why Colleges and Sports are at risk to even finish a season, IF they can get it started. “A group of students knew they had covid-19. They hosted a party over Labor Day anyway. Miami of Ohio students a total of 14 . Ohio State has Suspended 228 kids for off campus parties. GOOD LUCK Controlling the Tail Gates, where EVERY weekend is a reason to party. and the death count is 191,000.

  6. Tailgating has been banned. Parking lots will be closed to entry. Cops will patrol. That’s not going to be an issue with such limited attendance.

  7. Why should anyone listen to Ryan Day? What does he know, nothing! Let’s get some real information: number of students on campus; number of total tests of faculty, staff, students; number of positive tests; what is the protocol for treatment; how many students, faculty and staff are expelled, hospitalized, have serious illnesses; then talk of playing games!

    1. Exactly, BeatPurdue….Why are we listening to a program which didn’t deal with a wife abuser until the story went public and now has an offensive coordinator who had a history at Indiana of berating injured players?
      The OSU program sure sounds like the gold standard for ethical conduct.

      And after the way Wilson has been definitively condemned on these very threads for his alleged mistreatment of players (along with the many defenses for Fred Glass showing him the door), it’s rather ironic a story giving any space to an OSU opinion is found on a Hoosier sports site.

      We are supposed to believe OSU cares about myocarditis or the welfare of players? Shouldn’t we be referencing V13’s old comments on Kevin Wilson to know the motives of programs like OSU are suspect at best?

  8. Yes, I would like to see an IU full slate football games schedule to realize reality of a more youthful by gone day.

    Let’s get some real information. Count all the colorful leaves in Brown County State Park. That would be a high for all the ages. Any guesses?

  9. A full grown oak tree will drop approx 1 million leaves a year. Too many 0’s for my limited brain – and calculator.

  10. Times (X) number of full grown trees of all kinds minus not or un full grown trees.
    Kinda like research…individual, political, ideologies, norms… …just to many to list.

  11. I am trying to figure out how all of these Indiana high schools are doing it and the Big can’t figure it out. High schools have smaller facilities so closer together, way smaller budgets, way smaller staffs and they have seemed to figured it out going into week 4 of the high school football season. Because if there was some massive outbreak, then it would have been the top news across the country. Also, when you look at the colleges across this country with triple digit positive cases keep in mind that there have been almost zero hospitalizations as a result of those positive tests.

    1. Quiet iuhoosier1992 as you are giving facts to counter the people advocating keeping B1G football shut down. B1G is looking more and more foolish the longer they wait because HS in the area are showing it can be safe playing football. There have just been a couple of cancellations in Indiana due to the virus and teams are having good seasons despite the fear it would lead to more shutdowns.

      The discussion has been changed to be about the future dangers and not the reality on the ground right now. I prefer the reality we are seeing as the real test and if the B1G presidents don’t change their perspectives many more are going to see their decision as being foolish. It has been brought up that we need to worry about the “tail end” of the consequences of COVID19 as if that is the most important thing. Based on that perspective we wouldn’t partake of many activities that could cause problems down the road as most of them do cause problems later in life.

    2. Do high schools cross state lines….along with their fan bases? How many fans actually travel with their high school teams to away games? In bubble/lockdown scenarios, players can be repeatedly tested and the virus can be relatively contained. High school poses a very small fraction of the containment issues found at major colleges which will also travel across state lines.
      When teams travel substantial distances (along with sizable numbers of fan participation/admittance) are you not, potentially, creating one “hot spot” invading an area of the country which could have the virus control?

      Even if you disregard myocarditis and other long term unknowns of this virus (along with many healthy people experiencing shortness of breath many weeks/months after contracting the virus), isn’t the goal to lower the spread rather than stay at this perpetual plateau of 1000-1200 people dying per day?

      The consequences of massive traveling fan bases and crowds (even if only enough to be 1/4 of what stadiums normally hold) is just beginning. MLB wasn’t allowing fans. We may be playing with fire….We’ll soon know just how ready this virus is to increase its spread rate again with football (college and NFL) crossing state lines (along with their traveling fan bases).

      Baseball and the NBA have created very tight systems. Football is going at this with reckless abandon (as are some campuses now facing populations of students being forced to quarantine in their dorm rooms for 2 weeks).

      Two different dynamics …Both need addressed. One is player testing/safety/potential deadly side effect. The other major dynamic is limiting community and interstate spread (clusters/crowds) invading new communities).

      The consequences are difficult to measure but my guess is the high increases in spread rates among younger populations in college communities (and those traveling crowds with sports teams) will begin to invade the more vulnerable sectors once again.
      All of our inroads and mask wearing done during the last months could quickly become meaningless….simply because Ryan Day must have his chance for a championship (translated: $$$/salaries/money machine).

      1. Actually there have been several teams already playing out of state schools both here in Indiana and on the road. So high schools are crossing state lines and playing teams from other sports.

  12. Bear down tail gating may be illegal but as you have read and seen …many people dont give a rat’s butt about legal/Illegal.they will find a way to do one. reason High Schools can do football is they dont require gate receipts to keep their schools open.They have to open to get the State and Federal funds to support.

  13. Lawrence North vs Lawrence Central…Channel 23 My Indy tv if interested in watching IU recruit at QB. McCulley

  14. BINGO! For those who don’t believe the election is influencing the decisions of leftist bureaucrats and democrats about re-opening society, and especially schools, read the following as reported by KCBS-TV, Los Angeles:

    “Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County’s Public Health Director predicted schools won’t reopen until “we are done with the elections” in November. Dr. Ferrer made the comment during a conference call with local educators, school nurses, and other groups while discussing the upcoming flu season.

    “We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving either to Tier 2 [of California’s reopening plan] or to reopening K through 12 schools at least … until after the election, after, you know, in early November,” Ferrer said during Thursday’s call.

    “I interpret it as they’re holding off until the election because sending the kids back into school would put everybody in a good mood,” one host reacted. “They’ll feel that the whole nightmare is over, and that gives good will to [President Donald] Trump and more votes.”

    1. DD, you don’t look at the entire picture and just cherry pick info that supports your view. Just as H4H is anticipating many college fans going on the road when there is no evidence they will due to schools limiting attendance. B1G football teams test twice a week and soon to be every day with quicker results and cheap enough to use them. Having two safe teams play football do not increase virus risk. You act as if people have no choice about getting the virus even though there are several ways to avoid getting the virus. It is time to let the B1G teams to play with the rules in place about the virus and keep fans out if necessary.

      1. The nearly 200,000 Americans who have died from Covid all had a choice to not get the virus? This isn’t hide and seek, V. And I certainly don’t think our country is in any sort of position to brag about our choices.

        It’s just a tremendous amount of death….We have three of four regulars on this site who sit at home in bubbles while having no inkling of the reality where “choice” puts many in harms way via necessity because they have no economic choice or much “voice.”
        Personally, I believe we have become tone deaf. We live in 30 second cycles of tragedy and information overload. We have forgotten how to feel empathy or how to honor the truly heroic who have fought this pandemic on the front lines via volunteering or as part of massive hourly commitments in hospitals.
        You don’t have to play a “panic” game to care. We never honestly acknowledged the dangers and now we refuse to acknowledge the lives taken. And students or rally attendees spitting in the face of simple measures to ensure a baseline of sincere attempts for the more vulnerable in are world, are rather despicable people who are spitting on the graves of losses some are even deeming to be “fake.”
        The rabid spread of heartlessness and soullessness is the the true “killer” amongst us. 30 second news cycles…Numbers are merely numbers. If it’s not your loved one, who cares? Does Ryan Day care? Does his chance to play for a national championship matter so much as to contribute to the ongoing flippancy and lack of respect for the dead? When do we role up our sleeves to honor those who have died. When is it bigger than four quarters of football …or winning an election?

        1. And [partying] students or rally attendees spitting in the face of simple measures to ensure a baseline of sincere attempts for the more vulnerable in are [our] world are, rather, despicable people who are spitting on the graves of losses some are even deeming to be “fake” [losses].

        2. I travel at least 3 days a week. What I see is people living their lives. Working, playing, generally going about their business as safely as they can. Now granted there are people holed up in their place of residence to scared to face the light of day that I can’t see. There probably also afraid to fly. But we’ve had those types leading sheltered lives forever. So what you incessantly pontificate is nothing but foolish bravado.

          1. Business travel, especially via air, is very rare, even now. Most companies have forbidden their employees from flying for all but the most critical of needs, and approval to do so in most companies is through a chain of command that reaches senior management. Statistics bear this out.

            People aren’t scared to face the light of day. They are being prudent and wise. Those who venture out as if nothing is going on or, worse, who believe the risk is minimal, are unfortunately those who rarely practice personal or community responsibility, and their selfish actions reveal their lack of character.

          2. I’m my company. The traveling I do is into 6 nearby states by car. The reference to flying was a general fact of folks who are genuinely afraid to fly anytime. You don’t see the people holed up because they’re holed up. Like 1 of my daughters-in-law, her Mom who has only ventured out of her residence a couple of dozen times since April. Scared stiff. Fine if that’s your decision. Mine is different. But my observation from much traveling since June is as I stated. People are mostly learning to live their life through this. Just as they should.

  15. H4H your comment about NEARLY 200,000 dead had a choice: tell those family members who lost loved ones that were nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and first responders. The senior citizens in nursing homes didn’t have a “choice” People raving about OPEN THE SPORTS are drinking the Kool-Aid of a lying President THAT IF had been honest we could be playing football with very minimal restrictions

    1. I wasn’t talking about the ones before but now that we know what needs to be done individually to avoid the virus like I have so far. You and H4H just jumped to a conclusion instead of understand with the football part I was talking about now. The talk about opening sports isn’t about having stands full of fans but once again you jump to conclusions. It will take testing every day and getting results in 15 minutes along with taking all the precautions now needed to get football going. Fans won’t travel to games due to very limited tickets so that isn’t a problem.

  16. No one is advocating for lockdowns.

    If rapid testing, like they finally implementing in airports, for 100% of all who had through can be implemented, then we can do this. B1G can’t do it yet. So gathering in mass is harmful.

    Maybe in a month or two?

    Super spreader events are what’s keeping this virus from going the way of the dodo, not a single businessman driving to do business cross states. HC, good you’re working and getting out there. You’re doing just fine.

    We’re close to getting this if we can get more testing and contact tracing. And then we can have football and life pretty much back to normal.

    Although, as a personal choice, I don’t think you’ll find me at any indoor concerts for quite a while.

    My cousin just got deployed by the Navy to Germany. The rapid testing, contact tracing and overall management of things is so good. If we had what they had in place, we’d be arguing about that 3rd down play Penix chose to throw vs run against Wisconsin, instead of this crap.

    1. …and the many I see traveling are doing well also, living their lives…Indiana HS FB just completed the 4th week with minimal # of glitches…if you don’t try to find a way, you won’t…Americans achieve, accomplish and succeed in any challenge…

      1. America is failing to manage Covid because our institutions are rotten to the core. Gov’t Fed, State, local, education, all of it. I’m locked inside in CA not because of covid, but because of 50 years of mismanaged fire policy. Rs & Ds, it doesn’t matter.

        I’m NOT advocating for lockdowns. We have to manage superspreader events. That’s it. It’s really simple. I’m tired and wary, you are too. I don’t want to be talking about this stuff anymore. I want to be watching Indiana find new inventive ways to lose football games as much as all of you.

        I hear ya man. We’ll get through this. I’m not so hopeful about our institutions that have failed us, however.

        1. You are wrong about college football because fan are limited in getting into the stadiums with COVID19 protocols. You are concerned with rotten gov’t institutions join my club and is why we need term limits in Congress instead of having them stay and getting wealthy despite limited money from our taxes. The mismanagement of the forest is due to the eco groups that use the courts to stop doing things ahead of the time to avoid so many forest fires. They need to stop and let utility companies to upgrade. I feel for you being trapped into California right now so please lay off the high school football coaches which I know who it is directed at.

          I am with you wanting B1G to start up so we can talk about IU football again as this group could change the tide for IU.

  17. Memphis Tigers football team just had a Covid -19 outbreak after playing a football game against Arkansas State — let see how this plays out???

  18. I don’t want to get into a food fight with statistics, but the data suggests the following:
    1. Over 41% of COVID-19 deaths (~82,000 people to this date) in the U.S. are related to nursing homes and Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. And a big chunk of those deaths occurred in NY state and were a result of the Governor’s disastrous and incompetent decisions made back in the spring.
    2. 81% of all deaths in the U.S. involve people over the age of 60, and the vast majority of those people had serious pre-existing conditions. So, if you do the math, ~162,000 of the nearly 200,000 deaths involved very elderly people with serious existing health conditions.
    3. I wonder how many people have been infected and/or spread the corona virus due to the thousands of protests and riots taking place across the country, involving thousands of young people not waring masks, crowding together in the streets, screaming into other people’s faces? I wonder why our elected officials have not done more to stop these mass gatherings? It’s easy for elected officials to appear they’re trying to slow the spread of the virus by closing down churches, elementary schools and sporting events, but then turn a blind eye to some of the most dangerous mass gatherings taking place across the country. If you can’t see the hypocrisy in that behavior, you’re deaf, dumb and blind.
    4. If I’m at high risk of death due to corona virus, I’m going to do everything I can to avoid getting it. I’m going to self-isolate, which means staying away from people who may not be as careful as they should. It means not going places where I can’t keep my distance from others. It means doing everything I can to buy time until a vaccine is available or until therapeutics are greatly improved. But that does not mean I’m going to deny other people their right to live their lives according to how they see fit. If college kids want to go to a party and risk getting the virus because they don’t fear death or serious illness and they know their risk of death is virtually zero, that’s their choice. But I control weather I’m going to expose myself to such people or anybody else.

    I’m more worried about Americans’ losing their freedom than I am about dying from COVID-19. And in the end, trying to strip Americans of their rights and freedom is going to cost a lot more lives than the corona virus.

    1. PO, notice the critics to your post don’t give counter info just negative comments about you and your post. People are so emotionally involved with this issue they can’t really have a conversation about the virus and the decisions we should make.

      I don’t have all the answers and look for a variety of ideas to form my decisions but that requires a base of information about the reality of what this virus does and who it impacts. When you look at the average age of death for “COVID19” it is the same as the average of death in this country and CDC put out that less than 4,000 died from just the virus and every other death were people with morbid conditions making them more succeptible to the virus killing them.

      I understand people have different levels of accepting risk but we have to come up with a base of information that is accurate and giving a complete story for sound decisions not political biases.

  19. So, what did I say? If they can test daily, they should be able to play.

    Big Ten is going to revote this week because….drum role…they have easy daily testing measures they can implement.

    Looks like healthy, covid spread free, Big Ten football is coming our way.

    And podunker takes the cake for the dumbest thing I’ve read in all the CV takes since the outbreak. Understanding multiplication vs addition is fundamental, kiddies. Could get ya killed.

  20. But I control weather I’m going to expose myself to such people or anybody else.

    I don’t know, Double Down. Don’t argue with someone who can control the weather. Partly Covid with a 30% chance of my sneeze shower in your area.

  21. DANGEROUS MASS GATHERINGS….are protests, looters, riots, with no masks, or pulled down under noses, a few walking up and shooting citizens and law enforcement (police), yelling plus spitting in each other and other peoples faces, cussing, cursing, drinking and taking peoples food while they try to dine at a restaurant, and physically harming individuals including killing them and damaging property.

    1. You and V13 need to gather facts and present them sensibly. “BRAINWASHING AND INDOCTRINATION”? You’re being nonsensical.

  22. Then, the garbage professional sports, high profile entertainment are and have been garbage long before 2020 or 2019. Then, politicians, and high level executives and CEOS more garbage.

  23. so “t” you are basically upset at everything in the World….An what brainwashing and indoctrination are you talking about?? I think everybody on this blog has the ability to think separate and individually about any subject……the only fact on this board is that we all interpret information differently.

  24. DD, looks like I struck a nerve! What’s so dumb about my post? The stats I included come directly from the CDC. Are you calling the medical scientists at the CDC dumb, or do you just refuse to accept the facts? You revert to the pathetic tactic of trying to silence the people you disagree with by insulting and denigrating them, but never provide facts to counter their points. You probably believe that if you keep shouting insults loud and long enough, you’ll eventually win the debate.

    IU79, you must be watching those leftist news programs that serve as the propaganda arm of the Democratic/Socialist party. The majority of people attending Trump’s recent political rallies were waring masks, but certain media outlets chose to show one photo of a group did not have masks on. As v13 suggests, maybe you should rely on more than one source of news in order get more balance. As for demonstrations involving hundreds, some times thousands of frenzied people shouting and screaming, many of whom not waring masks, almost all of those protests turn into riots. But too many elected officials do nothing to try to stop these demonstrations/riots while acting concerned about public safety by closing down church services and other totally peaceful gatherings.

    1. Why do you believe the President doesn’t trust the CDC, since it’s been shown that his administration altered information provided to them? If he doesn’t trust them, and if their readiness for this pandemic was universally judged to be inadequate, why do you believe they should be trusted?

      As for terms like “leftist news programs” and “Democrat/Socialist Party”, thoughtful political observers of any stripe or party can’t take you seriously. But, please explain why you’re okay with the President violating Nevada Covid-19 social distancing guidelines this evening? Who would consider such conduct to be an example of leadership, other than you and V13?

        1. Why do you consider breaking the law, a law conceived and implemented in the name of public safety, to be an example of leadership? Which other violators of the law do you admire?

          1. Amen BD…what a leader….A President that wants the governor to set the law and standards and he (President) comes to the state and breaks the law.

    2. weather vs. whether
      wear vs. ware

      Whether the weather is rain or sunshine, I’ll be wearing my mask wherever such a ware is required.

      We are really only 7 months into the pandemic …if you consider the two plus months of delayed response from our leadership in taking Covid-19 seriously. And, for all intents and purposes, still not taking it seriously.
      I don’t see wearing a mask during a pandemic as an affront to freedom ….I see it as taking some extra care the vulnerable population rather than despite the vulnerable. Some vulnerable people aren’t too smart in their choices ….Some may be stubbornly old or just uneducated. Some are simply misinformed. Some may have mental challenges…and still not be in long term care. This country doesn’t do a heck of a lot for mental health and for the elderly.
      Some may have many underlying conditions which they are simply unaware. That doesn’t mean I have to be reckless to spite their mental condition, health …or, even, their bad choices. I feel some protection by wearing a mask….but it’s not out of my own fear. I fear we’ve become a society that defines “freedom” as an abandonment of civic responsibility.
      I also don’t recklessly run over jaywalkers with my car because they simply made a choice to jaywalk. Nor do I believe it makes good sense for a jaywalker to encourage his/her children, parents, grandparents to ignore designated crosswalks as an expression of “freedom” to cross busy streets by choice.

      Sometimes “freedom” is just a reckless abandonment of commonsense. And sometimes that reckless abandonment kills so unnecessarily….even in circumstances no one is really breaking any laws. I have a cousin who is living with lifelong horror and guilt for a “freedom” of choice in not seat-belting in two children many years ago. A terrible crash took both their lives.

      When you go into busy environments without a mask, I sort of see it as thinking 999/1000 times those kids not wearing the seat belt will be just fine. Many of the “vulnerable” in our world (whether “essential” job holders, old, young, uneducated or mentally handicapped) need our civic-minded hearts and understanding. The only thing “stupid” is to not care about them because you assume they are as cognitive and aware about their choices as you are your own.

  25. Podunker, I listen to all news outlets….And there is a lot of propaganda coming out on both side….Maybe you should take your own advise and listen to other outlets of news with a open mind….not just the brainwashing rhetoric put out by the President and Fox news…..An i truly do not understand why anybody would believe such a lying Presidents (yes, you can give me all the rhetoric that every president lies)…an yes they do, but no President lies on a constant bases like the current President…(Mexico will pay for the wall, my taxes are being audit, the Covid is a hoax, just stupid minor lies — so why would you believe him on something major). Yes, there are always some people/individuals that want to do wrong doing a protest, that has always been a part of American history. An to my knowledge Democratic/Socialist is what America is…..every American benefits from socialist (social security, medicare, government benefit checks, etc) programs.

  26. here is the BIGGEST threat to football (and all collegiate sports) resuming; expecting 18 y/os to behave like 30-40 yo’s. and proof is this : Partying seen at Florida State, University of Kansas as college football resumes.

  27. What has America become? Where is the daring adventure and exploring? The Mayflower, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, The Pioneers going West, The The California and Alaska Klondike gold rushEd, The Oregon Trail…Except for the Lewis and Clark Expedition With loss of one man all had death and hardships and some crime. And the death ratio of NASA space program and all the Wars…Nothing ventured nothing gained. Waste away vs exploration and adventure? What is the The American way?
    If Trump is available after November 3 as a Commissioner of big ten there could be a kickoff November 4.

    1. Would his bone spurs inhibit his ability to be commissioner? Do you believe his serial prevarications would be a benefit to the conference? If so, why? Could he name every university in the conference if asked today? Could he name all 50 states?

    2. We should contact trace people not wearing masks at large gatherings. Sure, it’s their “right” and “freedom” to do as they please….Take their names. Tag them like cattle…Put the names in a data base. If they enter a hospital with signs of Covid or declining health after a positive test, don’t treat them. It was their choice to deny the dangers. Now it should be our beyond taxed healthcare system to deny them treatment ….They essentially signed a wavier for getting treatment by spitting in face of preventative measures and breaking local laws regarding distancing and PPD. It should be the rest of society exerting their “freedom” to not offer these Covid deniers (and their family members) any needed treatment resulting from contracting Covid.
      We’ve got this all wrong…Trace those not wearing masks. Do everything possible to acquire their identity. If they enter a hospital with Covid? Simply feed them back their same flippant regard. “You said you weren’t worried…You said you were not afraid to die. Well, maybe you’ll live …Maybe you’ll die. But you already made your choice. Go home and pray because we aren’t treating you.”

  28. HC, you were right; TDS is a serious condition.

    Some of you are funny in the points you make. Is POTUS “breaking the law” or ignoring a guideline when he speaks at a political rally without waring a mask on. Are you worried about POTUS or the people in the audience? I can’t wait until the new round of impeachment hearings begin.

    “Who would consider such conduct to be an example of leadership, other than you and V13? Answer: About half the U.S. population and those who care about preserving the Republic.

    “thoughtful political observers of any stripe or party can’t take you seriously.” Gosh, I guess I won’t get invited to all those fancy cocktail parties. I’m crushed! I don’t know any “thoughtful political observers” and I could care less if they take me seriously or not. If you don’t recognize that the Democratic Party is already on the slippery slope to socialism, or if you’re not aware that the majority of news organizations are extremely liberal and highly biased against conservatives, you’re already beyond the point of no return.

    1. Pray at halftime of a Covid game…(around Easter) instead of solid coaching and halftime adjustments. Do nothing in the category of defense…Simply be offensive and constantly talk of the “upside” (whether it be an overly hyped recruit who will only benefit the NBA or an overly hyped economy only benefiting stockholders) .

      It’s not a surprise that some on here would have kept a certain basketball coach forever….when listening to their current defense of Trump. Over-hype successes not successes. Deny real problems…Make the press the enemy. Dodge. Pray. Tweet. Dodge. Pray. Tweet. “It’s Indiana.” “Make America Great Again.” Say what they want to hear. Hear what they want you to say. Hold a bible upside down. Sell more Wonder Bread ….
      But where is the Wonder Bread for Billy Bush? His career died long before Covid….What virus spit in his face?

  29. t—-if you are/ were as adventurous as you WRITE…you would be OUT “adventuring”. Its Very easy to SIT at home and make comments about “where’s the Adventurous Spirit”…sitting in front of your computer. Wanna experience “adventure”? go work in a ICU taking care of Covid-19 patients. Its one thing to INSPIRE …its another thing to get behind people pushing them out the door all the while in the process of shutting the door behind them.

    1. Pretty much out and do what I want though not going to pan for gold in California. I have visited ICU’s a few times over my lifetime though not working in one or not as a patient myself. However, a relative went through COVID 19 in ICU and continues to be tough though no longer in ICU not only COVID but financially as well.

  30. Off-topic…but I had to share. Was picking up a to-go pizza last night. There are two gentlemen in line in front of me. First man in line is an older gentleman …maybe approaching 70 years old. Gives the checkout gal his name …Says he’s picking up an order for Harding. Guy behind him, a much younger, preppy sort of looking guy, quickly says, “My name is also Harding.” They continue to converse…and find out they live on the same street only a few doors down from each other. They don’t know each other and are not related….both named Harding….both picking up a to-go pizza order at exactly the same time on a Sunday night.
    Turns out there was a mess up on the older Harding’s order. They couldn’t find it…He said he ordered Alfredo pasta and a meatball sandwich. Checkout gal says we don’t have a meatball sandwich ….and the confusion continues. While the older Harding is trying to figure out what happened to his order, I have a chance to chat with the younger Harding. I suggest (in quiet voice) to the younger Harding that the older man is the ghost of his future. I tell him, “In 2030 they’ll have a meatball sandwich available here.”
    The older man Harding continues with the checkout gal….”The connection was very fuzzy when I placed my order. I was having a hard time hearing you.”
    Finally, the frustrated older Harding with no order to be found leaves with no Alfredo and no meatball sandwich. Almost forgets to get his refund…I guess he had paid for the younger Hardings’ order.

    Same last names…Same street….Same pizza joint….Same night….Same time.
    I stood in witness knowing that in 1000 years this could never happen again. I think there was something operating in another dimension.

    This concludes my ‘Adventures in Alternative Dimensions.’ …..Goodnight.

  31. I suppose one might argue the most important thing…first, was everyone wearing a mask and pulled up over their nose?and secondly, were the masks clean?

  32. Speaking of masks…..

    I have allergies, fall and spring are the worse. More problems here in Indiana than Florida,

    A couple of coughs and a sneeze or two and I can clear a path through Walmart, My super-power?

  33. Human being is a strange species. Ignore uncivil crime. Observations of human behavior Sneezing and coughing into masks, Reuse dirty masks, And the longer mask implemented rules the more mask violations making masks ineffective and actually, harmful. Human nature power and human beings are a strange species.

    1. In the spirit of “Weird Al” Yankovic…

      Dirty masks done dirt cheap….? (AC/DC)

      The mask lifts up where it belongs….? (Joe Cocker/Up Where We Belong/Officer and a Gentleman)

      I would do anything to stop Covid, but I won’t do mask wearing …? (Meatloaf)

      I’ll never be your mask of burden….? (Rolling Stones)

      ‘ll never be your mask of burden
      Face strap is broad but it’s a-hurting
      All I want for you to keep Covid from me
      I’ll never be your mask of burden
      I’ve walked for miles, my breathing’s hurting
      All I want for you to keep Covid from me
      Is my mask thick enough?
      Is it wide enough?
      Is it filtering enough?
      I’m not too blinded by Fauci to see

      * More suggestions welcome.

  34. Capitalism is a great thing….Designer masks now outselling iPhones.

    Bloomingdales selling masks…Hanes masks (Do I really want to buy a mask made of underwear scraps?) ….Copper Fit mask… Favorite Football team masks.

    Personally, I was tired of motormouths in grocery stores who could never buy a bag of carrots without having a phone plastered to their face. Mask wearing has brought some real positives. I felt these public space motormouths were invading my “rights” via obnoxious habitual phone-use behavior; flooding my ears with their smalltalk addictions and need to constantly chat. Until the iMask comes out in 2021, they’ve been slowed down.
    We are doing more talking with our eyes….It’s a strategy women have used for thousands of years. I think it’s a good thing.

  35. A veer to the left or right is often implemented as another walking approaches with eyes on his or her cell phone. Even more dangerous veering to the left or right to keep from getting run over as a pedestrian or having auto accident as drivers have their eyes on cell phone. Oh, did the new law take care of that. Maybe, a little bit of reduction but my eyes say not completely and far from it.

  36. I propose cell phone lanes on sidewalks…..This could include merge lanes to enter or exit the cell phone sidewalk lane from the “normal” pedestrian concrete walkways. Once you leave the cell phone lane, those babies stay in the purse or pocket with the keys and lipstick. Violators will be fined and face 2 week removal from their cell phone plans.
    Masks over the nose is the least of their worries…They are essentially moving about with “masks” over their eyes ….(some far more recklessly than on a sidewalk but in cars while violating texting restrictions during driving) .

  37. The phone has become the rare bird of an avid birdwatcher? The text message from the friend or unexpected admirer is what the eyes through the binoculars seek in the forest. Eyes must never leave the mission to constantly bird watch. All other surroundings suddenly matter little. An approaching Grizzly Bear is given little concern…..Masks over the eyes to all other avenues of the world to take in and absorb. Blinded by obsession. Blinded by a need to be noticed. Blinded by desire to spot a rare speck (or woodpecker) of meaningful extinct information in a world of BS overload.

    How silly that we think mask-wearing has invaded any freedoms…..What is freedom when we are so brainwashed to tie ourselves to the information overload and all of the technology gadgets which have removed our complete sight of the world we once engaged. What is their to deny with climate change? We rarely even look for the stars at night or engage an ounce of our surroundings.

    1. oops…(couple corrections))

      What is freedom when we are so brainwashed to tie ourselves to the information overload and all of the technology gadgets which have removed our complete sight of the world we once engaged[?] What is [there] to deny with climate change? We rarely even look for the stars at night or engage an ounce of our surroundings.

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