IU formalizes plan for Election Day as a day off

Indiana’s athletes will not practice or compete on Nov. 3 this year.

That’s because Nov. 3 is Election Day, and IU athletics is making it a mandatory day off from athletic-related activities. This move was previously outlined in an email from former athletic director Fred Glass and incoming AD Scott Dolson in June, outlining ways the department intended to advance the conversation on racial justice following George Floyd’s murder.

IU’s press release Thursday just reiterated the department’s intentions.

“This measure is part of our efforts to support our students and make sure that their voices are heard,” Dolson said in a release. “There is no more important civic responsibility than participating in the electoral process, and this will aid not only our students’ opportunity to vote but our staff as well.”

IU has about three-quarters of its student-athletes registered to vote, according to a spokesperson.

Along with Election Day off, IU Athletics has been offering programming through its Excellence Academy to student-athletes to “encourage a better understanding of the importance of voting and to be well-informed about the issues.”

Of course, Election Day also falls on a Tuesday, which given the Hoosiers’ forthcoming football schedule, will mean there will have to be an off-day built into that week’s preparations. The Big Ten announced Wednesday it intends to kick off its football season starting the weekend of Oct. 24.

The basketball season is slated to begin Nov. 25, which was announced Wednesday evening by the NCAA’s D-I Council. Practice for men’s and women’s teams can begin on Oct. 14, which leaves 42 days to have 30 practices.

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  1. I always felt that there should be no Washington, Lincoln, King, Columbus or any other day recognizing or setting aside a day of recognition. Rather, it should be a day or 2 to recognize a day of America. This would replace those individual days and each individual could recognize all or those individuals as he or she wanted. The date would include election day/s in one’s recognition…Theoretically, if America was in existence long enough recognition days coul take up every single day on a yearly calendar. In the last century the growth of such days takes up more and more of a yearly calendar. Just thinking ahead.

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