Allen named Dodd Trophy coach of the week

Indiana’s Tom Allen has been named the Dodd Trophy Coach of the Week by the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation.

Of course, IU upset then-No. 8 Penn State on Saturday, 36-35, in overtime. The Hoosiers’ went for two after making it 35-34 on a touchdown throw from Mike Penix Jr. to Whop Philyor, and Penix just barely reached the pylon on a QB run on the conversion try.

The win was IU’s first over a top-10 opponent since 1987, and the Hoosiers’ first such victory at home since 1967.

“Coach Allen’s call to go for two in overtime snapped a 42 game losing streak against top-10 teams for the Indiana football program,” said Jim Terry, chairman of the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation, in a statement. “Coach Dodd would have admired Coach Allen’s bold decision put the game on the line in overtime and go for two and the win.”


  1. I like that coach Allen is recognized for the way IU finished the game against PSU. He will really earn his reputation the next two weeks. Beat Rutgers and come up big against Michigan and we can believe in a special season for IUFB.

    For all the COVID19 talk, I choose to talk IU football while we have it and focus on the upcoming games.

    1. One play did not win or lose this game. Penn State and IU both made mistakes. Both, made bad plays, decisions and good plays, decisions. IU was there within reach at the end. Noticeable, IU defense catching the ball making interceptions with returns, defense speed especially secondary, plus IU PHYSICALLY playing with Penn State. Overall, defense looked pretty good with promise. R.T. Showed speed on return game and defense along with those who made other plays in the game. IU offense will need to get pass game going and run game going in balance to beat Rutgers. I expect Penn State to give Ohio State a tussle.

      1. t, very good post as IU did more than just one more good play to win the game. IU was more efficient than PSU in the red zone scoring 5 of 5 times. Defense played a very good half following the first PSU drive in the first half.

        IU needs to improve to have the season they talk about having but they showed enough talent to have that type of season. I hope to see an improved Hoosier team against Rutgers this Saturday getting to 2-0 heading into Michigan.

        1. All true…But unlike other top Big10 teams, we’re one injury or concussion to our qb away from having a devastatingly bad season.

          Hope Penix stays healthy for his sake…and Allen’s….and IU Football’s. Tuttle ain’t gonna get it done. A lot of factors and PSU mistakes played into our momentous upset.
          But the one imperative is to have Michael Penix under center. Penn State is probably a lot less overrated than our backup qb.

    2. Coach Allen is now our Captain Kirk……

      Pigskin: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Breakthrough. Its fifty five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds known as victory. To seek out fourth quarter life and celestial seasons of deeper meaning beyond one “end zone” in time. To boldly go where no IU Football has gone before!

  2. I think OSU will crush PSU this weekend. OSU is a juggernaut once again.

    If they improve their offensive performance, I believe IU will have a good season. But I doubt we’re big enough/good enough in the trenches to win against MI. Six wins and two losses will be a great abbreviated season for IU, and would translate into a nine-win season under normal circumstances. I’d take upsetting a Top-10 ranked team and a nine-win regular season every year.

    T.A. has been getting a lot of positive press and recognition this season, even before Saturday’s upset over PSU. This honor is just more of the same, and it’s going to help improve recruiting, if not for this signing class, for the class of 2021. TA is building his program, and it’s fun to witness it.

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  4. Introductory price could also be 19.67 Or 19.68.
    IU overall will have to play better (especially offense) against Rutgers to win. I don’t expect IU to get the same gifts from Rutgers as they got from Penn State.
    Many times through the years Ohio State vs Michigan the lesser team wins. I have seen that same thing to a lesser extent in the Ohio State vs Penn State game for a lesser number of years. Ohio State looked unbeatable only to lose game. This year 2020 questions 1. Delay of season threw Penn State play off along with IU play? 2. Is Penn State that good or was overrated?
    3. Did Penn State somewhat look past IU pointing towards Ohio State? I agree Ohio State is a lot better than Penn State.
    Of course only losing 2 games would be a great season for IU. However, IU is capable of winning only 1, 2, or 3 games for 2020 as well. The first game told only 1/8 of 2020 football season. IU received some Penn State gifts including coaching (Franklin and staff). Penn State received a couple IU gifts as well. I think Penn State plays differently vs Ohio State.

  5. You simply can’t make too much out of the first game of the season. In addition to having no fans and potential for teams to have Covid disruptions/infections, I’m not sure any real barometers of improvements or digressions could be concluded for all of 2020.

    It’s a good time to be a coach. You’re getting the best safety protocols to test and protect from Covid. You realize nobody is going to hold you to this year’s results. You can make lofty claims or excuses because of the complete diversion from normalcy. You’re getting your massive salary while thousands upon thousands are out of work …or have severely reduced work options.

    We’ll see how it all pans out. I’d like to hear much more from coaches about feeling lucky to be doing what they love when so much of the world is in a health and economic crisis. I understand you want to promote your football program and convey breakthroughs, etc….Personally, I’d rather hear other messages. Selling normalcy seems so tone deaf and disingenuous….but that’s just my opinion. These rewards seem rather trivial right now.

  6. I agree. And the bottom line for those still getting those massive salaries regardless life is as good as it can be for the next roughly 25 to 50 years (so temporary compared to all of time) during a life crisis.

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