Bounce-back win puts Hoosiers back in the Associated Press top 10

Once again, Indiana is a top-10 team.

After falling out of the Associated Press top 10 following a loss at Ohio State, this past weekend’s win over Maryland boosted the Hoosiers back into the upper echelon of the rankings.

IU (5-1) jumped to No. 10 in the AP poll, a two-spot improvement. This is IU’s third week in the top 10 this season, the most since the Hoosiers were ranked inside the top 10 for five weeks in 1967.

The Hoosiers partially have Michigan State to thank for their rise back into the top 10. MSU dropped No. 11 Northwestern, and No. 9 Oregon also lost, helping IU leapfrog two teams.

IU was just outside the top 10 in the coaches poll, jumping just one spot from No. 12 to No. 11. But in that poll, Northwestern was already behind the Hoosiers, formerly No. 13, now at No. 17. Oregon fell from No. 11 in the coaches poll to No. 20.

The Hoosiers’ next opponent, Wisconsin, came in at No. 19 in this week’s coaches poll. The Badgers (2-1) moved up one spot despite sitting idle due to a COVID-19 shutdown at Minnesota. Wisconsin was ranked No. 18 in the AP poll.

Regardless of the result at Wisconsin this weekend, IU has a chance to reach new heights. This week’s ranking has the Hoosiers inside the AP top 25 for six consecutive weeks, the longest streak for IU in the AP poll since a six-week run in 1987.

The longest stretch in program history is seven weeks, which happened in 1945.

If the Hoosiers win in Madison, they stay on pace for other firsts. Their 5-1 start to conference play is the program’s best since the 1967 team also began 5-1.

The program record for conference wins is six (’67 and ’87), and the Hoosiers have three games remaining: at Wisconsin, home with Purdue, and a to-be-determined crossover matchup.

IU is also guaranteed a winning conference record in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 1987-88. The program has only posted back-to-back plus-.500 conference records six times, including 1967-68, 1945-46, 1944-45, and 1936-37.


  1. IUFB is winning that many IU teams have done it a long time. I hope this last many years unlike the other times that only lasted two years. This year is the second year IU has a winning record against B1G teams and I hope the team can win the next three games along with winning a bowl game.

  2. Of course it is best that M.P. gets back on track at good condition. However, I stated before season began that J.T. would be needed and play. Let’s see what J.T. has got if Penix is not able to go at adequate capacity. Again, IU has to be able to run the football as season continues… at least enough that run game and pass game can harmonize.

  3. I have already made the transition to JT being IU’s QB, until further notice, and I hope the team makes a seamless transition. JT has a ton of talent, it needs to show up on the field now and he needs continue to take the team on its winning ways. The defense can keep the opponents under control and the offense needs to keep stressing defenses to try and stop our skilled players.

    This could be a boost for the team as they have to readjust with a new QB which can reenergize an offense. We know Tuttle has mega talent and need to find out how he can lead and offense.

    1. I too have made the transition. MP needs at least another year for his body to mature for P5 CFB. It’s 3 seasons of proof. Just the way it is.

      1. I’m not sure when or if IU will make an announcement about MP but they knew Saturday evening there was very likely something big. Tough break for that kid. Hate it for him.

    2. JT is a much different player than MP. Not sure where your “ton of talent” comments come from, but the skill sets are definitely not the same, and I think you’ll see NS game plan for those differences. IU’s early advantage may be that UW doesn’t have much tape on JT, but to say this could be a boost to us isn’t really accurate.

      1. It comes from looking at his HS tapes and the evaluation from the eleven camps he participated in. I am not saying he is an improvement over Penix just that it will refocus the offense and could get the players to be more focused.

        1. That stuff s four and five years old, V. He’s a kid with talent, but he couldn’t get on the field at Utah and was #3 last year at IU for a reason. And no, he wasn’t pushing Ramsey. He practiced more during bowl prep because that’s how the staff used a portion of those extra practices.

  4. Run game was just in time with Baldwin and change up with wildcat. Tuttle can throw a long ball. Though M.P. could run it was limited due what just happened again. Tuttle might be able to run enough if a time or two in game to improvise if needed. However, IU CANNOT AFFORD INJURY TO J.T. so running backs only.

    1. Yeah, we’ll be looking to protect JT, which means his designed running will be very limited. We will have a tough time running against the UW defense, which will easily be the best we play against this year. They’ll try to get the ball out of JT’s hands quickly to both protect him and play field position. Tough game to make your debut as a starter.

    2. On the plus side, UW just had a part time starting corner leave the team and declare for the draft, so they’ll be down a bit there. This will be a field position game, with punting and ball security paramount. Scoring will be difficult unless we can turn them over, so we’ll need to possess the ball and keep the TOP in our favor. We do not want to leave our D out like we did early against OSU or it will be extremely tough to win.

  5. WI defense is not nearly as good as OSU! Penix was terrific in that game! The receivers are the same. IU has a much more complex and dynamic run game now. We are all hopeful that Jack Tuttle plays great! GO IU!

    1. They’re better than OSU, and much better in the back. We would’ve had our hands full with MP, but it will be even tougher now.

  6. Sorry BD, but I agree with BeatPurdue. Wisconsin’s defense is good, but not nearly as good as OSU. Just watch how many OSU defenders get drafted over the next two NFL drafts, then compare that to the number of Wisconsin defenders that get drafted. It won’t be close.

    I believe Tuttle has significant talent, but he has virtually no experience. And that’s why, IMO, it was a huge mistake not to give him playing time earlier this season. He should have played a series or two at the end of the Rutgers and Michigan games, and he should have played the entire fourth quarter of the MSU game! IU was up 24 – 0 at the start of the 4th quarter! And Tuttle should have been allowed to throw meaningful passes in those games. I know the shortened season limited Tuttle’s opportunities to get playing time, but all the more reason why he should have played in those games. Now IU’s dream season is in the hands of a young man who has thrown five passes this season.

    1. How many players get drafted versus how they play on the field can be two different things. We won’t see a better D this year than Wisconsin’s. As for Tuttle, getting him mop up time against back up defenses wouldn’t have mattered in terms of his development. Have never understood that logic, since it makes no sense f you’re talking about development.

  7. I noticed T.A. coaching he tends to go with his number 1 qb and requires the rest of qbs to practice, learn system, be ready and is very stubborn that way. It looks like that is purposefully his system and the qb room understands it. Even a shorter season is a long season to go injury free especially for a guy like M.P.
    Several thought there was all this depth at qb. I always said though there is depth there is not a great amount. A couple things happen and seen it time and time again a team (not just IU) just hope there is a decent replacement. I myself, have a great deal of confidence in J.T.

  8. BD, you make a valid point about a team playing as a unit. As for the other topic, IMO there is no substitute for game experience, and quarterbacks need it more than any other position player on the team. Besides, playing against Michigan’s defensive backups is like playing against most other team’s starters.

    I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, but not giving Tuttle any in-game experience for an entire year increases the risk that IU’s dream season will now go down in flames. I hope Tuttle has a great game and puts this discussion behind us. Who knows, maybe he’ll demonstrate why he was one of the “Elite 11” coming out of High School and had offers from Alabama, LSU, USC, etc.

    1. I’m not saying Tuttle didn’t need it – every back up needs it. It’s just that the starter needs it so much more, which is why every coach does what Allen did and played Penix throughout. It’s repetition that builds skill, and you only have so much time to develop your best player. If you knew MP would go down with a serious injury, you get Tuttle time, but you can’t think that way. Plus, time against back ups, while playing without your own starters, doesn’t really do much for anyone’s development.

  9. Gotta presume that the coaches know what they’re doing. Green Bay was stomping the Bears last week and Rogers played until the end.

  10. That’s because they love to embarrass the Bears (which hasn’t been difficult with the Bears terrible qb situation, front office and current spineless coach who holds a Chili’s menu the entire game).

    I would have loved nothing more than to see the Bears get to Rodgers in that blowout and seeing a severely twisted ankle end his season. Not that I would advocate purposefully doing such a thing…I mean, I’m not Sean Payton giving bonuses to seriously injure quarterbacks.

    There will one day be payback for this current Packers streak against the Bears. It will feel like the Hoosiers pent up frustrations finally seeing the win column after decades of embarrassments against the class act Badgers.

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