Fyfogle added to Biletnikoff Award Watch List

Indiana now has two pass-catchers under consideration for the sport’s top pass-catching award.

Ty Fryfogle has joined fellow senior Whop Philyor on Biletnikoff Award Watch List after a standout two weeks. Fryfogle, the 6-foot-2, 214-pound receiver from Lucedale, Miss., hauled in a career-high 11 catches for 200 yards at Michigan State last week. 

The week before that, he set what was a career-high 142 yards on seven catches versus Michigan.

That 200-yard performance made Fryfogle the Big Ten offensive player of the week. Now he adds another award to his list this week.

Fryfogle leads the Hoosiers with 24 receptions for 424 yards and four touchdowns. His 106 yards per game are tied for 20th nationally, while his receiving yards are tops in the Big Ten.


  1. Fryfogle can really put himself in play Saturday.
    Kirk Herbstreit says OSU will score on Indiana and doesn’t think defense can hold OSU offense but OSU defense has been vulnerable to big plays at times and other times has played well. If IU is to win I think the opposite. IU secondary will ultimately be the difference.

    1. We all know that Herbstreit puts sugar and milk on his buckeyes every morning.
      He has buckeye soup for lunch and puts buckeyes on his pizza at night. He chases it with buckeye beer. Apparently ‘Mr. Chalk’ didn’t watch OSU’s 3 games so far,..or any of Indiana’s.

    2. Kirk had no clue on the IU v MI game! He is terrible at predicting college football games! He seems like a nice guy.

  2. I think Herbstreit is remarkably unbiased when the subject is OSU. When he hosted a radio show in Columbus, he got so much grief on the job and in the community that he and his wife decided to move out of central Ohio (they’ve lived in Nashville for over a decade), so I think the “pro OSU” is countered with OSU people who can’t stand him for not being a homer for them.

  3. Biletnikoff sure caught a ton of balls courtesy his Hall of Fame partner at qb. A lot of craziness and partying between the duo back in those free-spirited early days of the NFL.
    Biletnikoff was nearly as much a party animal as his phenomenal quarterback ….though probably the ‘stabler’ of the two. LEO? Oh, hell no! PWEO! PARTY WITH EACH OTHER!

    “We were the only pro team who traveled with its own bail bondsman” Ken Stabler

  4. I’m gonna have to side with BD on this one. Ole Herbie has always seemed pretty unbiased to me. He did nearly lose his cool in the National semi-final game against Clemson last year on that terrible call. Besides that, I’ve always thought he was about as unbiased as a former player/current commentator there is.

    1. Have always viewed as extremely knowledgable as well as unbiased in his broadcasting. The Clemson-OSU game was a classic case of playing it down the middle in spite of allegiances on both sides. Again, this guy got chased out of Columbus by OSU fans who thought he was against the Bucks! He literally moved his family out of state rather than continue to subject his wife and kids to the abuse.

  5. I Hope Nick Sheridan has added some new wrinkles for the O. I’d like to see Tim Baldwin used more.
    IU needs a credible running threat besides Penix. The receivers are going to have to keep making contested catches as the officials are not going to call a lot of pass interference calls against OSU. Everyone seems to think Justin Fields is unstoppable. But IU has forced QB’s to make mistakes in every game this year. If IU can force an early interception, this could be a heck of a game…

  6. IU’s defense can put pressure on Fields and our secondary will come up with an interception or two. I think our front and LBs slow their run way down like they have the last two games. I hope our defense plays with no mistakes are really create frustration with OSU. Keep giving IU’s offense short fields against OSU like they have in other games.

    Coach Sheridan does need to open the offense up and give Penix a chance to help beat OSU. Use screens to WRs and then let Penix fake the screen and hit a receiver downfield off the fake. If coach Sheridan makes the DL run down the screens and flares to RBs along with passing downfield then they will get as tired as Michigan’s front did.

    1. I think this is one of the big “ifs” for Saturday. I don’t think we can pressure Fields with 4, and I’m concerned we may not be able to do it with 5. Blitzing can be high risk / high reward, and this is one of the areas that is concerning because Fields is so talented and smart, and teams have hit some big plays on us, particularly through the middle of the back.

      WR screens can work if OSU corners and safeties fail to tackle in space, something they’ve typically been very good at doing. We’re not a big strike, big play offense, so maintaining possession, moving the chains and owning the clock will be key. Running the ball will be difficult, but we need to try so our D is protected. Need to limit their Os big plays and keep their D on the field so that we can be within striking distance late.

      Winnable game but everything needs to go right for us.

      1. We were talking about that at work yesterday. Ideally if IU could get pressure with just 4 or 5 it would help the DBs and LBs to drop back in coverage and in tighter coverage, but I am not holding my breath. I will say Womack has done a good job at disguising blitzes at times and has blitzed a lot of different ways. Because if you watch how we blitzed vs Michigan is a little different than how we did it vs MSU. Hopefully that will have Fields at least worried a little about where that pressure is going to come from and maybe make a mistake or two trying to anticipate where it is coming from.

  7. I didn’t mean anything towards Herbstreit being biased or non biased. I simply meant that if IU is going to win it will be IU defensive secondary that will ultimately be the reason IU wins. OSU including qb to me seems to like to patiently take time when executing plays. This may create some opportunities for secondary to react and jump routes along with rest of defense to aggressively make plays.

  8. Every time I’ve heard Herbstreit discuss IU this season, he’s been enormously positive and complimentary of the job our Hoosiers have done. So while their may be some alumni bias in him, it would have been difficult for anyone to say something other than what he said.

    In order for IU to beat OSU on Saturday, it’s going to take a “career” performance from Penix and his receivers and IU’s entire defense. It’s just a fact that OSU has better talent. It’s also a fact that OSU is very well coached. On top of that, OSU is rested and playing at home. So for anyone with any objectivity, it’s hard to argue with Herbstreit’s prognostications. Doesn’t mean that’s the way it’s going to turn out, but it’s hard not to favor OSU.

    And oh by the way, IMO Herbstreit and every other college FB fan outside of Clemson had every right to be outraged by the two terrible calls that gift-wrapped the victory for Clemson in last year’s playoff game. I’ve never seen a worse call in such a huge game. OSU was the better team that night and they got screwed.

  9. Herbstreit has been complimentary to coach Allen and IU this year. His prediction is just based on talent at OSU and the way they have played not his allegiance to the school. I do think he is under rating IU but we will see on Saturday.

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