Hoosiers now a top-10 team

Indiana football has reached top-10 status.

The Amway Coaches and Associated Press polls have the Hoosiers ranked at exactly No. 10 this afternoon, elevating them three spots from their matching No. 13 rankings a week ago.

This is IU’s highest ranking in the modern coaches poll, which started in 1992. In the old “UPI” coaches poll, which existed prior to 1990, the Hoosiers reached No. 6 in the nation in 1967.

As far as the AP poll, this is IU’s best ranking since the program was pegged No. 10 in 1969.

The Hoosiers reached new heights by beating No. 23 Michigan on Saturday, their first win over the Wolverines since 1987. In the coaches poll, the Hoosiers were also helped by then-No. 5 Georgia’s second loss, which came to then-No. 8 Florida. Georgia landed at No. 11, and Wisconsin, which didn’t play last week because of COVID-19 cases, fell from No. 10 to No. 14.

In the AP poll, Georgia fell to No. 12 and Wisconsin dropped to No. 13. IU also leapfrogged No. 11 Oregon, which won its opening contest versus Stanford.

It continues an incredible rise in the polls, especially considering the Hoosiers had the nation’s longest streak outside of the polls until last year’s 7-2 start earned them a top-25 ranking. At that point, IU had been outside of the AP poll for 25 years.

IU is currently the second-best team in the Big Ten, according to the rankings, only behind No. 3 Ohio State. Wisconsin and No. 23 Northwestern are the only other ranked squads, because Michigan and PSU have both fallen out of the top 25.

Wins over then-No. 8 Penn State and No. 23 Michigan have drastically altered the Hoosiers’ standing. Before, the Hoosiers felt underestimated, and they had to avoid mental traps associated with that. Now, as they head to Michigan State this weekend, they have to deal with an excess of positive attention.

“People start maybe changing the way they view you,” Allen said. “Are you going to listen to that and let that affect the way you prepare?”


  1. MSU is going to be looking to recover from the terrible showing they made against an 0 – 2 Iowa on Saturday. The Hoosiers must get used to a new phenomenon, which is that every team they play will be “getting up” to beat a top-10 ranked team. If any coach can keep his team focuses in spite of all the hype, it’s TA.

  2. Bleacher Report has IU at #9 and coach Allen said it right about how the players approach this recognition. It is nice to be recognized for your achievements but you have to find a way to keep focused on getting better.

    PO, I don’t worry about this team taking MSU lightly as they seem to have a focus on something bigger than just playing the next game. What I mean is they focus on this game but they seem to want to improve and do even more this game to destroy a team.

    I was reading articles on PSU and OSU which made me think even more how thankful I am for this Hoosier team. PSU openly talks about players not playing together and more as individuals. The way they played Maryland I doubt PSU can defeat Nebraska this week despite playing a team without any wins. OSU has been out scored in the second half the last two games. Rutgers scored 27 on them which leads me to believe IU could be bigger challenge for OSU than people think. OSU says their second half issues are due to poor practice habits. Contrast that to IU’s Wednesday’s practice coach Allen called the most physical he has ever been involved with.

    Having a stout defense and a top QB with very good players around him makes a very good team especially when you have a very good punter and a very good FG kicker. How good this team can be will be determined over the next few weeks.

  3. If placing bets does OSU go undefeated or does one take the rest of the field?
    Same question for IU?
    Or IU only loss is to OSU?
    Last year IU struggled with Maryland speed. Purdue will also be a tough game. Actually, IU could win every game the rest of the season given OSU is a stretch or lose every game the rest of the season.

  4. It’s great but it’s all rather silly. Does anyone think we’d really have a chance against Georgia or most top SEC teams?

    This is much like Crean having top-10 teams which could never match-up with truly stronger/deeper teams like Syracuse, Duke or UNC….and then bowing out at Sweet 16s (of course, horrific coaching didn’t help).

    Rankings aren’t deep tournament wins or winning top-tier bowl games. We tend to get carried away because it’s been so long since any real success in either major program.

    I actually think it gets more difficult from here on…

  5. We may lose all remaining games even with Penix. Without Penix, we would certainly lose them all.

    Keep Penix protected and don’t run him very much. It all hinges on Penix. Without Penix running the show, it could get ugly very fast.

  6. I wonder if Georgia can play with the top tier teams in the SEC as they have issues of their own and let Florida take it to them. Yes I think IU can play with those teams but we will have to wait and see. This Hoosier team isn’t a finished product yet and looks to improve each week.

    I don’t know how good this Hoosier team can get but they do have the key parts to be very good. Our QB is special, the receivers are showing they can be special, our RBs are talented, a couple of the more talented offensive players hasn’t seen the field yet, IU has a B1G level DL, our LBs have speed and experience, our DBs are exceptional, and we have excellent kickers. Besides the talent the team is showing they tackle very well and have learn how to get to the QB along with how to intercept the ball. Our offense has been perfect in the red zone so far this year.

    H4H, No, I don’t know if IU is good enough yet but the signs are there that IU is this good. Yes IU could lose a few games but this group is showing me they won’t falter and will push to keep winning.

  7. I keep bringing up IU defensive secondary and IU is matching up physically. Yes, there is Penix and receivers are making confident progress. It’s not just Penix but defense and IU secondary as well. Sampson James needs to increase a few more opportunities with Scott. OL is improving. The standard for IU football or goal is to get into a sweet sixteen as compared to basketball. This means somewhere around a 16th season ranking. Anything else better than a top 16 ranking is icing on the cake. This is giving the fact of playing in big ten east. Getting soundly beat by OSU or other top nationally rated 5 or 7 teams…basically means what other teams can beat them? Not very many. Plus the Central Florida’s, Brigham Young’s, Liberty’s, Costal Carolina’s, Cincinnati’s and others of the world…where would they be ranked if they played in the SEC, BIG TEN or other major football conference? Case Study:
    1979 Holiday Bowl. IU @ 7 wins 4 losses defeats 9th ranked Brigham Young @ 11 wins 0 losses. Score 38 to 37.

    Final Ranking 1979.
    Brigham Young somewhere around 13 and Indiana somewhere around 19 who lost 4 regular season games including 3 losses in big ten.

  8. t, you are right about the other schools and where IU is at the present time. I know no one that is saying IU is up to the Alabama level of play but IU is closer to being on the field with them than ever before. Schools that don’t play the murders row of a schedule IU does get the benefit of the doubt from polls and media despite their light schedule. I remember back when Boise State was first getting national notice and the concern about if they really at the level of the best. It took several years before they could compete successfully with top teams. Hawaii popped up for a few years and got invited to big bowl games but couldn’t beat their opponents.

  9. Enjoy it while it lasts….There are countless teams (college and NFL) easily beatable without their top qb behind center. Kansas City Chiefs without Mahomes?
    Clemson without Lawrence? ND had a great celebration over the weekend after beating a Lawrence(less) Clemson. Clemson gave their all, but that’s Clemson. They are 2-plus rosters deeper in top talent than IU. ND fans charged the field as if they defeated Clemson at full strength. Fake News.

    I think the drop-off is just a tad bit more if IU loses Penix. It takes an entire team, but Penix is the imperative.

    And there are plenty of arguments claiming our brief elevation to fame under the Mallory years was due to some extremely down seasons for the two top teams from the Big10. Water found its level.

    The biggest tests of the 2020 season are yet to come. It’s called the road against better teams than Rutgers. It’s called OSU. It’s called the in-state rival.
    We are three games into the “Miracle at Memorial”….Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our team would likely be better off if they’d never see rankings. What did rankings do for our basketball program before it ended up with Zeller gone and
    a clueless coach holding up cue cards? Is Penix essentially the massive boost or equivalent/shot-in-the-arm as are basketball coach/program briefly hyped under Cody Zeller?
    How much can one extreme talent elevate an entire team? Me thinks a ton.

    It’s a fun ride but it may get a little bumpy very soon.

    1. H4H, I too hope IU can find a way to defeat OSU in two weeks create another dark day for them. I also hope IU sustains their success much longer than we did back in the 80s. I love your space comparisons to IU football’s sleep from being football relevant. It has been a long time since IU has been in the national stage spotlight due to IU’s success.

  10. Sleepy Hoosier Football beat Georgia Bulldogs at the “POLES!”(a.k.a. polls)…? Recount the VOTES! This has to be fake news.
    STOP THE COUNT! Wait, I mean keep counting (as long as it’s Georgia coaches/sportswriters counting for Bulldogs). The only count with any bite is COUNT DRACULA!

  11. I believe that SEC schools began their FB season weeks earlier than the Big Ten did, so we also have to take that into account. How much better would IU be if we were heading into our sixth game of the season?

  12. Hopes for a standout season in 1987 suffered a serious setback when All-American wide receiver Cris Carter was dropped from the team for signing with an agent. Indiana defeated Ohio State for the first time since 1951, 31–10, in a game that came to be known as the “darkest day”, and Ohio State lost three conference games in a row going into the Michigan game. On the Monday of Michigan week, after a weekend of rumors and speculation, Ohio State President Edward Jennings fired Bruce but tried to keep the dismissal secret until after the end of the season. Bay, who had been instrumental in keeping Bruce at Ohio State, disregarded Jennings’ orders and announced the firing and his own resignation in protest. Jennings made his own situation worse by refusing to give a reason for the firing and the circumstances have been the subject of controversy since.[23] The Buckeyes enjoyed an emotional come-from-behind victory over Michigan in Ann Arbor after the entire team wore headbands bearing the word “EARLE”, then declined an invitation to play in the Sun Bowl (courtesy: Wikipedia).

    May we make OSU’s second “darkest day” November 21, 2020! …And then, after rising from deep under the roots of college football’s ground level, we can kick back on the Memorial BarcaLounger for another 35 years! We are the Indiana Cicadas!
    Would a giant cicada function well as a new Indiana Hoosier football mascot?
    I realize the periodical cicada stays underground for just 17 years compared to Indiana’s 34…but it’s the closest comparison I can find. Maybe we just forgot to set the alarm and overslept another 17 year cycle? But we’re sure the buzz now….
    Do you hear that loud buzzing, Clemson? Hoosier Cicadas are BACK!

    1. Interesting fact: A spaceship could make three round trip journeys to Uranus in less time than it takes Hoosier Football to return to a Top-10 ranking. Brad Pitt found Tommy Lee Jones sooner (add asterisk) .
      The 1977 Voyager 1 mission has long ago entered the outskirts of our solar system in less time than the Hoosiers found the Top-10 again… Voyager is now about 139 AU away from earth. 1AU = 93,000,000 miles (approx distance of earth from sun).

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