Hoosiers remain in the top 10 ahead of battle with OSU

Saturday’s Indiana-Ohio State matchup is officially a battle of top-10 teams.

IU (4-0) held its ground in the Amway Coaches poll, coming in at No. 10. The Hoosiers jumped a spot in the Associated Press poll, claiming the No. 9 slot following a 24-0 win over Michigan State.

Ohio State (3-0), which sat idle this week, also remained at No. 3 in the coaches and media polls.

It’s been an historic start to the season for IU, which is 4-0 in conference for the first time since 1987. If the Hoosiers were able to beat Ohio State — a program they haven’t defeated since 1988 — then they could start 5-0 for the first time since 1967.

IU’s No. 9 ranking in the AP poll is the program’s best mark since that 1967 season, when the Hoosiers were ranked as high as No. 4 in the land. In the coaches poll, No. 10 remains the program’s best mark in the modern poll, which goes back to 1992. IU was ranked No. 6 in the UPI coaches poll in 1967.

IU and OSU are the top-ranked teams in the Big Ten. Wisconsin, which missed two games due to a COVID-19 shutdown, sits at No. 12 in the coaches poll after a 49-11 dismantling of Michigan in its return. The Badgers (2-0) are No. 10 in the AP poll.

Northwestern, also at 4-0, jumped to No. 20 in this week’s coaches poll. The Wildcats, led by former IU quarterback Peyton Ramsey, came in at No. 19 in the AP.

The entire top 10 was either idle this week or won, which didn’t give IU much of an opportunity to jump in the poll. But the Hoosiers’ win over MSU was impressive enough not to fall in the coaches’ rankings. In fact, IU, at 983 voting points, was just four behind No. 9 Miami (987).

No. 11 Georgia (879), No. 12 Wisconsin (853), and No. 13 Oregon (849) trail the Hoosiers by signifigant margins in the coaches poll. In the AP rankings, IU was slated above Miami, which comes in at No. 12 for the media voting panel.

IU-OSU is slated to kickoff at noon Saturday, airing on Fox.


  1. We’re all hoping that IU will be able to contain, get turnovers and a few breaks in beating the evil ones. My guess, they have an 18% chance of pulling it off. They will be 19 1/2 dogs (note my time of prediction). Unfortunately, bad habits that have shown themselves in the first four games against far inferior opposition will result in at least 1 kickoff return for a TD. OSU 38 IU 20. At least they’ll cover. Inability to run the ball in running situations will result in at least 2 Penix int’s. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. IU is more athletic at more positions than past IU teams; this week will determine how close IU is to the top of the football world. How much passion IU plays with will go a long way to determine if they can beat OSU, IU needs to have their best game of the year. I think this team is up to the challenge but OSU is a challenge and it will take a very good game to knock them off.

    OSU has some weaknesses to take advantage of but it creates a very thin chance to use them effectively. Can IU’s defense find a way to pressure Fields to push into mistakes? Can the defensive front make OSU one dimensional to take part of their offense. Will coverage be good enough to get several interceptions. The next thing is for coach Sheridan to have a very good game plan to attack OSU’s defense and keep them off balanced.

    It could be a fun game to see how good this Hoosier team is and may be good enough to pull off a win not many think they can.

      1. OSU has been outscored in the second half the past two games. They don’t seem to come out of the half time focused when having a lead. IU may need to play a complete game and pressure OSU to the end to win.

  3. Best opportunity for IUFB in years. Biggest areas of concern to my thinking are TOP, who wins the contest for field position and ST’s mistake. Any of, combination of or all will put the D under stress. No mistakes

  4. Games like this are difference in favored to higher ranked team being able to shift into a higher gear vs the underdog when needed. Or the higher ranked team gets really focused to put underdog team in its place.

  5. 1987 IU vs Michigan State and Lorenzo White ranked around top 5 to 8 in country.
    IU 3-0 during quarter 1
    Final Score Michigan State 27-3.

    1. I was at that game and it was bitter sweet. I believe Anthony Thompson was 1 TD away from breaking the NCAA TD record and they just couldn’t get him in the endzone. I think they were at the 1 or 2 at one point and tried four straight plays handing it off to AT and got nothing or that was the field goal they got. It was sad. The place was ready to erupt for AT to break that record.

  6. Excited to watch game on tv expecting a competitive firecracker game only to see IU light up a dud. I was kinda entering the end of the developmental learning process getting a better understanding of IU football tradition.

  7. OSU will be well rested while IU comes in to Saturday’s game a little beat up. OSU will not take IU for granted; they will be locked in. OSU is absolutely loaded with talent and they are extremely well coached. IMO, in order to win, IU will need to get some lucky breaks and Penix and his receivers will have to have the games of their lives. An IU win is possible, but highly unlikely.

  8. Chicago tribune made statement that went something like Michigan State takes a step to Rose Bowl and IU took a step towards Plum Bowl.

    1. PO. Realistic perspective. Isn’t it kinda funny how games like this produce upsets and it would be an upset of a from playoff caliber team to national champs.
      And has this season had its upset of a playoff caliber team yet? Would it be the biggest win in IU football history? How many times has this been a talking point throughout IU football history? Not sure because it could be arguably. However, it would rate in top 5. And why wouldn’t it be all alone as top win in IU football history? Because an analysis of season to season football history would have to be taken into account.

  9. It would certainly be the biggest win since IU beat BYU in the Holiday Bowl. Or maybe the biggest win since IU beat Purdue in 1967 and earned the right to go to the Rose Bowl. Regardless, it would be HUGE.

  10. The problem after the Holiday Bowl victory was that Corso could not capitalize on that win by improved recruiting. IU’s Administration was happy being a “basketball school” and would not provide the support Corso needed to build a solid FB program. I pray that the current IU Administration don’t make the same mistake. TA deserves all the support IU and the Hoosier Nation can provide. The investment will pay huge dividends for years to come.

    1. LC wasn’t the recruiter many believed him to be. His gregarious nature, which was often part comedy routine and partly like an audition for a movie, could be very off putting. Without naming names, he often came across poorly to parents. I know one guy who ended up at another Big 10 school who, when LC came to their house, was almost thrown out by the recruit’s father. Several others said they were excited about the prospect of attending IU and had made a decision not to almost as LC was pulling out of the driveway. And these were guys who played elsewhere n the conference. Plenty of players on the team loved him, but saying he ran a loose ship was an understatement, and parents of recruits sometimes had big issues with him.

      1. BD sadly that is exactly how I’ve felt about him forever. In the handful of times I was around him he came off as a clown. His representation of IUFB was as a clown and he got his Gameday gig for being a clown. I cannot fathom a visualization of Coach Mallory wearing a mascots head.

        1. I don’t think things could have worked out much better for Corso. Jokester personality is what he enjoyed. And college game day let him develop that self image. Not sure how good of a coach or serious person he was. However, he just wasn’t a big time coach like most coaches but he did have some success.

  11. Winning the OSU game would be big but even bigger if the Hoosiers would go undefeated to finish this season winning the B1G Championship especially if it leads to the national play-offs.

    It is hard to believe IU will be the only top ten team OSU will play at least until the final week end match ups of the season. I hope IU plays their best game of the year and make OSU try to match up with IU.

  12. I think Corso has admitted publicly that Mallory was IU’s best FB Coach ever. So there’s no debate about that. But given what little Corso had to work with, and that Bob Knight sucked all the oxygen out of the air across the Midwest, I think Corso did the best he could, which was better than most of his predecessors. It’s easy for people to forget just how far behind the curve IU FB was when Corso took the job. And even when his teams started to to show improvement, IU’s Administration simply refused to invest in IU FB.

    The one thing I always criticized Corso for doing was scheduling top ten teams in his non-conference schedule. Nebraska when they were the best team in the country, LSU, Washington when they were a top ten team, USC when they were a national powerhouse. Our players were so beat-up by the time the Big Ten season started, they struggled to compete. Strategically, Corso would have been much better off had he schedule weaker teams in the pre-season.

    1. But much of Lee’s issues were self-inflicted. I already mentioned his recruiting challenges. For a guy brimming with personality, he wasn’t very good as a recruiter.

      Here’s another: Before home games, he didn’t take the team away to stay together for nearly all of his tenure. There was dinner in the Union, a group meeting, position breakouts, then everyone went away until they arrived at the stadium the next morning. Trust me when I say not everyone went back to their dorms, houses, apartments, and fraternities for an early tuck in and a solid 8 hours. More than a few strategized for the next day’s opponent at Nick’s, the Hop, the Reg, and several other well known Bloomington watering holes, or at places like Park Doral, where parties in the parking lot between the buildings were well known. Jokes among teammates about especially tight fitting helmets during the next days warm ups weren’t unusual or, often, inaccurate.

      Before away games, the team met at the stadium late morning or early afternoon to either bus to the opponent (PU and IL) or to the airport for the charter. This made Thursday night the last chance to stretch legs and pay a visit to all of the aforementioned hot spots, often arriving at the buses in less than optimal condition. In both cases, LC was pretty much oblivious.

      He was the ultimate permissive parent.

  13. PO, you’re right here about Corso. But one of the best games I saw IU play in person was IUFB scoring two fourth quarter TDs to beat LSU. Yeah, I was at the nat’l. televised shellacking we got from Nebraska, too, but I don’t think scheduling four non-league patsies is the answer, either. Get on an airplane in September and see the country instead of three hours on the interstate to, oops, I almost wrote East Podunk.

  14. But to make my point, after IU upset LSU, they lost to Miami of Ohio. Like a lot of IU FB teams, their starters were pretty good FB players, but they didn’t have the depth. So when a few starters got beat up playing teams like LSU, the team’s performance experienced a significant drop off.

  15. This is IU Football. The glory days are discussions for the geriatric ward. Where’s my apple sauce! Did we pull the troops out of Vietnam yet?

  16. The one thing we don’t see with coach Allen at the helm is playing poorly against lesser teams as he has them focusing on the current game. It will be very good to see IU playing at OSU’s level and beating them. If IU doesn’t beat OSU it will still be good to see them play at that level.

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