IU moves up to No. 13 in the AP, coaches polls

Indiana is officially a top-15 football team.

The Hoosiers (2-0, 2-0 Big Ten) came in at No. 13 in both the media and coaches polls on Sunday.

IU’s ranking in the Amway Coaches poll ties the program’s best mark ever, which was last reached Nov. 1, 1993. The Associated Press ranking is IU’s best since 1987, when the Hoosiers were ranked No. 11 in the country for one week.

IU improved to 2-0 in conference for the first time since 1991 with a 37-21 road win over Rutgers. Next week’s matchup with Michigan will be a battle of ranked teams, though the Wolverines fell to No. 25 in the coaches poll following a loss to Michigan State.

Michigan is ranked No. 23 in the AP poll. IU has the third-best ranking among Big Ten teams, behind only No. 3 Ohio State and No. 10 Wisconsin in the media poll.

The Hoosiers find themselves ahead of such prestigeous programs as No. 19 Oklahoma, No. 20 USC, No. 22 Texas, and No. 24 Auburn.

Now that the Hoosiers have vaulted into the top 15, they have to handle it well. IU coach Tom Allen spoke Saturday about having some maturity as the Hoosiers prepare to play a Michigan program they haven’t beaten since that 1987 campaign.

“Not surprised but what’s going on here, but in the moment, when it does happen, you have to live it out how you respond,” Allen said. “There are a whole bunch of things we have to get better at. That helps, becuase the film doesn’t lie. But I want to see us be a mature football team and handle success.”


  1. It’s fun to see that ranking, but TA is right on the target when he tells his team to “be a mature football team and handle success.” If the players focus on that ranking, they will get crushed by Michigan on Saturday.

    I watched the second half of the MI – MSU game. Michigan’s O-line is a bigger and more athletic line than PSU’s O-line. But their QB, while an excellent athlete, doesn’t do progressions well. He’s a good runner, but he’s a one-look thrower and locks on to his predetermined receiver. That could be the key to IU beating MI on Saturday, but not if Sheridan wastes a half trying to run the ball up the middle for zero yards or negative plays. If Penix is Sheridan’s best offensive player, then he should let him carry the offense. Sheridan needs to let the passing game open up the run game.

  2. Great news for the program which will help recruiting if they can continue to beat teams in the conference. Clean up mistakes and improve again and IU will beat Michigan and Harbaugh will be on the hot seat to get a new coach there.

    I hope Ellis is back as he adds a lot to the offense and IU needs more running plays than they have now. I hope coach Sheridan has good plans for Ellis and opens up the offense more. James needs more plays and putting in a hurry up scheme would help the offense even if it is only used now and then.

    1. I think the run game is just fine….Scott is a steamroller. With the way LASER Pen-IX is playing, we simply need enough beef in the backfield to keep a defense honest.
      Penix’s current accuracy and zing on the LASER strikes, along with his deep ball capability, is the reason the field has already opened up.

      This offense finally has some balance capability. It’s the “capability” that is key.

    2. v as I stated on another thread Meatchicken will have to add scheme and resources to support pass coverage. Sheridan and staff need to gameplan the rush offense accordingly. IU D only gets stouter.

  3. Would love nothing more than the Hoosiers to put Harbaugh on the hot seat. Always remember his smug face at select Hoosier basketball games vs. Michigan when his brother-in-law, ‘The Gifted One,’ was the cue card coach.

    We have a qb playing at a very confident top level. If LASER Pen-IX plays like he’s performed in the last two games, I think we have our best shot in many years to take down Michigan. LET’S STAY ATOP THE EAST! #13? Have I wondered into the Twilight Zone? Have I entered another dimension? We’ve gone from decades of having cleat marks on our back to having a top rating on our back? WHAAAAAAAAT!?

      1. H4H, I think we have entered the twilight zone because who would have predicted IU tied for the lead in the B1G with PSU 0-2 and Michigan 1-1 and Minnesota 0-2 after last year’s success and returning starters. I hope to be deeper in the Twilight Zone after Saturday with IU 3-0 and Michigan at 1-2. Go into OSU after beating MSU and being 5-0 and finding a way to beat the Buckeyes despite how good they are and it will really be the twilight zone, I can dream can’t I.

        1. Minnesota lost their record setting running back, their record setting receiver, and their top six tacklers on D. It was widely expected they might take a step back, V. Those sorts of players are very important to a team’s success.

  4. I noticed that after two Big Ten games (only 12 Big Ten teams have played two games), IU is 10th out of 12 in yards per game (averaging 277 yards per game). By comparison, MI has averaged 465 yards per game. And IU is 12th out of 12 in rushing yards per game, averaging 73. So that tells you all you need to know about the fantastic job IU’s defense has done through two games. Yesterday, IU committed 11 penalties for 119 yards. That has to stop, or IU won’t be ranked very much longer.

    I would love to see MI change coaches. How long is MI going to justify paying top dollar for a coach who can’t compete for Big Ten Championships or beat OSU? I think it’s likely Iowa will make a change after this season, but if MI does too, that could benefit IU’s recruiting.

    The hard questions I have about IU are about IU’s O-line coach. Is he getting the job done? Is he recruiting enough players who can become quality Big Ten linemen? Is he developing the talent he gets? Does a change need to be made in order for IU FB to continue its trajectory? I really don’t know the answers, but it appears to me that IU’s O-line is the weakest part of the team. They do O.K. in pass protection, but they don’t appear to be effective in allowing the run game to thrive. And it’s the second year in a row where that has appeared to be the case. I mean, if you watched NW yesterday, they beat Iowa by running the ball. And NW’s running backs are not as good as IU’s backs.

  5. “IU won’t be ranked very much longer”….? Is that a threat? lol.

    Some people don’t know how to enjoy the moment….One high ranking in eternity and it’s more about “Debbie Downer” than appreciating the moment.

    Hey, Milan basketball…You better watch out. Quit thinking your the cat’s pajamas. You won’t win state titles much longer. There will be movies…There will be eternal memories for you. There will be stories of every notorious underdog forever compared to your day you proved them all wrong. But enjoy that ranking while it lasts….Hate to burst your bubble, but this is it.

    My God…Some of you just don’t get the beauty of once-in-a-lifetime. You think everyone gets 30 million and a blue ribbon for just showing up (e.g. Tom Crean).

  6. Yes H4H people do need to enjoy today in their lives because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. Enjoy IUFB status right now and don’t worry about what might happen after all there was enough worry that IU would lose to Rutgers after their game against MSU.

    IU is ranked 13th with Michigan ranked 25th and PSU unranked add in Iowa 0-2, Minnesota 0-2 enjoy this while we can. I hope the good times continue to roll for IUFB as it is fun to cheer on a ranked team.

  7. Right on, V. Live on Twilight Zone!
    We’re suddenly not a footnote in the appendix. We’re now a football chapter with a Stupendix!

  8. Ranking versus reality. IU is an opening 3.5 Vegas dog. History is a tough perception to erase. Remember that IU has taken Michigan to the wire in recent meetings with worse talent and coaching. IU should win by 10+. If that’s not bad enough, how about, in my opinion, the current 2nd best team in the conference,…only honorable mention, as an 8 point dog to a team with no coach, quarterback and 2 dozen other players on the covid sequester list. Purdue wil annihilate Bucky Badger by 20.

  9. Purdue vs IU with only one loss between the two of them has the possibility to be one of the biggest games of the year nationally this year. However, still to early to tell. IU season could still go four ways. bad, ok, excellent, great. Purdue because of schedule should be excellent.

  10. I watched the MSU-UM game on Saturday. The MSU QB wasn’t anything special. He hit several deep balls but I would credit the receivers with making the catches more than I would the QB for making the throws. MSU picked on one CB specifically (I believe his name was Gray). If he wasn’t being flagged for PI or holding he was getting beat or out-positioned by the MSU WR’s.

    Offensively UM wasn’t that all impressive. Their QB Milton throws the intermediate and short stuff well enough but he overthrows on the long ball. MSU’s defensive front did a decent job of pressuring Milton. Their receivers didn’t get much separation from the MSU DB’s.

    The UM front 4 didn’t get much pressure on the MSU QB, and they got caught up twice in well executed screen plays. The first was called back because of a blindside block by one of the MSU receivers, but the second went for the gaming winning TD.

    UM has not faced a QB with the talent and accuracy of Penix. If UM is unable to correct their coverage issue with their DB’s I could see Penix throwing for 400 yards on Saturday, weather permitting. The one thing I noticed was that MSU rarely if ever threw to their TE. If UM’s plan is to shut down Wop and Ty, Hendershot could play a huge factor in the offense.

    Nothing I saw Saturday from UM’s offense concerned me. I think PSU has a better OL. UM has a few speed backs in Haskins, Corum, and Charbonnet that I believe IU can keep from making huge yardage plays. If they can hold UM to somewhere around 150 yards rushing they have a great opportunity to come out with a 3-0 record.

  11. It always takes total team effort, but IU doesn’t win anymore games without Penix. Powerhouse teams rich in tradition and two rosters deep in top talent will have backup quarterbacks they can ride because their overall dominance and talent can still make up for some drop-off when losing the starter under center. IU cannot ride out the drop-off if they lose Penix.
    Everything this season hinges on the health and sustained play of LASER Pen-IX.
    If Tuttle was starting Saturday we’d be four touchdown underdogs.

  12. I agree about Penix. Neither does IU win without their secondary who as a group is currently playing as well as Penix.

  13. Did I reach my character limit…or are you moderating my last comment because of the limits of my character? lol.

  14. SOSD, I agree with most of your comments above, but it would be a mistake to think that Harbaugh won’t fix UM’s weaknesses. He’s not one of the highest paid coaches in College Football for nothing. He may not be worth what he’s getting paid, but he’s still a good coach overseeing a quality staff of assistants. And UM’s players are going to be highly motivated to make up for losing to their in-state rivals.

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