IU women ink guard trio on signing day

Over the past seven months, the world of college basketball recruiting has changed dramatically.

No official visits, no in-home visits. Just a wave of Zoom calls, texts and virtual visits, which the Indiana women’s basketball team navigated on the way to receiving letters of intent on Wednesday from the guard trio of Keyarah Berry, Kaitlin Peterson and Paige Price.

“If you would’ve told me that at the beginning of the pandemic we would be able to sign our entire ’21 class on Zoom calls, I would’ve said you’re out of your mind, it’s just not going to happen,” IU coach Teri Moren said during Virtual Media Day last month. “Being able to sit down with parents, having kids on campus, having them be able to see campus, see our players, meet our players, watch them work out, all of that is really important, because it always is in the recruiting process. But again, uncontrollable things, so we decided to control what we could control. We got on zoom calls probably every other day. Every week we had a different person on our calls, whether it was Lo (Price) from academics, (strength coach) Kevin (Konopasek) or even (athletic director) Fred Glass got on a call a couple times when he was still here just to share everything about what makes Indiana so great.”

The Hoosiers also signed 2021 recruit Kiandra Browne over the summer when she opted to reclassify and join IU this season. The 6-foot-2 Browne intends to redshirt and will play her first year with her three classmates next season.

Berry is a 5-11 guard from Rockmart, Georgia, who averaged 32.1 points and 9.3 rebounds per game as a junior. She is the program’s all-time leading scorer and with 2.437 career points could make a run at becoming the all-time leading scorer in the state of Georgia as a senior. Berry is ranked as the No. 79 player in 2021 by All Star Girls’ Report and No. 142 by Prospects Nation.

“Keyarah is a player that has a lot of upside,” Moren said in a release Wednesday. “She has scored a lot during her high school career. She has the ability to score at all three levels with deep 3-point range, good elevation on her mid-range, and an explosion to the rim. With her athleticism, we believe that Keyarah will develop into a very good defender for us as well.”

Peterson is a 5-9 point guard from Euafala, Alabama, where she is a three-time Alabama Sports Writers Association all-state selection, including back to back first team honors. As a junior, Peterson averaged 23.7 points, 7.1 rebounds, 6.0 assists and 5.0 steals per game. She is rated No. 41 overall by ASGR and No. 54 by Prospects Nation.

“The first thing you notice when watching Kaitlin is her speed,” Moren said. “She is as fast with the basketball as any player in the country. As we continued to get to know Kaitlin, her competitiveness and desire to win really stuck out. Kaitlin really loves to play basketball. We are looking forward to being able to coach her and help take her game to another level.”

Price is a 6-2 guard from Dromana, Victoria, Australia, who is listed as the No. 1 player in Australia by Aussie Basketball USA Pathways, the No. 3 international player and a four-star recruit by Premier Basketball Report and is No. 55 according to ASGR.

“Paige is a player who we have been recruiting for a couple of years,” Moren said. “She is a big guard who plays with a unique toughness. Paige has the ability to score the basketball. She can really shoot the ball, but she also knows how to get to the rim to score. She plays really hard. Paige’s ability to play multiple positions is going to be very valuable for us.”


  1. I know you don’t replace an Ali Patberg but thinking IU needs a recruit as in coming out of high school at her level as in solid
    5 star recruit. Like a top 20 player in country.

    1. t,
      That’s where getting a transfer like Cardano-Hillary that can fill those shoes a bit next year is crucial for a program like Indiana, because it’s really hard to get a top-20 kid, even in-state. That’s probably the next barrier for IU to knock down, but likely not until 2022 or 2023.

  2. Even in this Pandemic year in which we wont know what is coming next or from what direction, Moren says I dont care and will continue to build this program into what I think it can be. Got cut short last season , but hopefully that wont happen this year. I see players on this team getting all kinds of awards, polls, watches etc., but I have the feeling the drive that is being transferred from coach to the players is the only thing that matters. Mack has transformed herself by losing weight getting stronger , working on the 3. The same can be said for Berger who looks like she has been working out with schwarzenegger and also committed to improving her game. I for one fully expect this team to bust into the top ten in the polls. There are lofty goals that this team has their sights set on but there is one team in particular standing in their way, a team they have never beaten and they must finally break the Terp barrier or they could fall short of their goal.

  3. I agree or in a couple years IU Ladies may come to a crossroads.
    Currently and since T. Moren has been at IU…
    T. Moren and staff have done a distinguished job to create ways to get what I consider their share of 4 star and 5 star players. And yes, IU Ladies do have several 4 and 5 star players. This is a credit to T. Moren and staff because unlike some programs IU is one of those major programs where they really had be creative, work hard, and work smart to put together this version of the IU Ladies basketball team.

  4. Somebody a while ago mentioned something about Holmes losing weight. I saw a video yesterday of a team workout and I agree that Holmes looks really good along with her weight lose. Bound to be more agile and mobile in and around the basket. The result of her conditioning will certainly enhance her ability to dominate on the court! Things are certainly looking up in Hoosier land! Go Hoosiers!!

  5. Love the accent of Paige Price, so I just had to look up just exactly where Dromana Victoria Au. is. Its in the extreme southern part of au. and appears to be only about 10,000 mi from Bloomington. Looking forward to seeing Paige and Kaitlyn and Kyarah in candy stripes next year.

  6. Just a heads up. there is a GREAT article on IUhoosiers.com about McKenzie Holmes and her brother Cam. If you are a women basketball fan, it is a MUST read. Her brother is an IU women’s practice player. Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Yes Mike, sounds like an All American in the making. Lot of good people and good things going on in IU Ladies basketball program. Hope it gets to be on full display.

  8. Mike , yes I read that earlier today and it is a nice read. I was also glad to hear Mack confirm her weight loss at 25 lbs, I had guesstimated her loss at 20 lb from her short clip on twitter when she did the body bump with Jaelynn. She will be so much better and active this season because of it and with Moren’s comment that Berger has the most impressive improvement in practice this season should be a great one for IU women basketball. Getting antsy to see what a schedule might look like.

  9. I think I remember T. Moren stated Berger made the most season to season improvement last year. That’s 2 years in a row.

  10. Yes, Berger’s improvement along with Mack’s ability to step out and hit the 3 on occasion will help improve this team and should make it much harder to defend IU. It will also be interesting to see if any of the new players can make an addition.

  11. Well, crap, I first thought the womens hoosier hysteria was going to be separate from the mens and we would see a womens scrimmage, but now it sounds like the same ole thing with a only a mens scrimmage.

  12. I just saw a partial mens schedule up showing a mens and womens apparently double header on wed 25th texas tech and another mens/women against north alabama .

  13. How hard can it be to stream IU women’s games?
    Our Church has figured it out.
    Doesn’t have to rival ESPN, the feed on BigTen Network Plus is plenty good enough.
    This lack of a schedule and any information is really frustrating, but I guess with this virus we all have to be patient.

  14. I wouldnt be surprised if they put the mens game on tv but not the women , hopefully the women will be on facebook live or btn plus.

  15. Listening to Greg on radio is good, although seeing the action is better. I have checked a couple times on btn plus but they have nothing scheduled for the 25th. Keep a close watch maybe something will happen before the 25th.

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