IU women pick up 1st 2022 commit

The Indiana women’s basketball team picked up its first commitment in the class of 2022 on Monday from Lilly Meister, a 6-foot-2 forward from Rochester, Minnesota.

Meister is ranked as the fifth- or sixth-best player in the state of Minnesota, depending on the site, and is listed as No. 55 nationally by prepgirlshoops.com. She averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds as a sophomore for Rochester John Marshall, shooting 39 percent from 3 in the process, and has scored over 1,000 career points after starting her varsity career as an eighth-grader.

The Hoosiers were one of several Big Ten teams to offer Meister, who chose Indiana over Wisconsin, Illinois and Kansas State. She also had a Minnesota offer, but the Gophers recently picked up several commitments at her position.

Meister comes from an athletic family, as her parents both played basketball at South Dakota State, while her older brother is a freshman on the men’s team at Minnesota-Duluth.

Here are some highlights:


  1. T. Moren and staff like to recruit coaches kids, athletic kids in other sports, and and ex player kids. Weight room + learn to play defense + conditioning T. Moren is at it again as her kind of player work ethic to develop.

    1. Louisville and Oregon a little bit tricky in that what were their goals for this player. Minnesota seemed to back off and took other players. However, this player is tailor made for T. Moren and IU Ladies program that will allow her to develop maximum potential.

  2. Meister reminds me of Amanda CaHill, same size at 6’2″with great range from the 3 line. She has a better inside game that Cahill. Runs the floor exceptionally well beating her opponent down the floor and looks to be a terrific defensive player. She will fit perfectly into our program. Another great recruit for Moren. Looks like a winning player for our team. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Better inside game than Cahill?
    I’ll believe that when I see it.
    I hope I do!
    Good get for the Hoosiers regardless.

    1. Nat, CaHill was a great player to say the least but, despite her 6′ 2″ size she was not a back to the basket type player. That was the one thing I was always a bit critical of her. With her size I would have thought that she would be a GREAT inside scorer, she was not. She was a true wing who had a very strong perimeter game but not a post up type game. Most of her points inside came from offensive rebounds or drives to the basket. All through her career she very rarely posted up with her back to the basket. Amanda and Tyra are my all-time favorite players but, Amanda simply did not had a true post-up game in her tool box? That certainly is not meant to diminish her game at all. but, it is what it is. Nat, I don’t know who you were watching but, I was at every home game she played and watched every away game I could get and very rarely did you see her post up with her back to the basket? It was simply not in her game! She was an ideal 4 who had an incredible perimeter shot and the toughness to fight inside for offensive rebounds. That was her game in a nutshell. I think in that area you are giving her more credit than she is do? Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Inside game doesn’t always mean putting your back to the basket, does it? I agree Amanda didn’t post up a lot. We had tall centers for that job. When Amanda did get the ball inside, she was practically impossible to stop. Great spin move, always managed to find a way to score inside.
    I went to ALMOST every home game 🙂 and several road games.
    How many girls in the big ten at 6’2″ play with their back to the basket? Serious question.
    I guess it doesn’t really matter, because if Meister turns out to be half the player Cahill was, we’ll both be happy!
    Go Hoosiers!

  5. After watching the clip Meister appears to have a lot in her bag of tricks. Too bad shes still 2 yrs away, but on the other side of things her parents both appear tall so she will have time to grow a little.

    In the game with E. Ky. it was pretty obvious that the transition game has been practiced a lot. It was quite evident on the fast break when the lead passes were right on the money whether the receiver was Holmes or Patberg. Cant wait for the next outing with Samford.

  6. Nat, there are more 6’2″ centers playing in the women’s game than you might imagine. And you are right, we both will be very happy! Meister looks to be very skilled and exactly what we need. Go Hoosiers!

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