IU women ranked No. 16 in AP preseason poll

The Indiana women’s basketball team spent all 20 weeks in the Associated Press Top 25 last season and finished at No. 20 in the pandemic-shortened campaign.

The Hoosiers are picking up where they left off, coming in at No. 16 in Tuesday’s AP preseason Top 25.

It is the highest preseason ranking in program history and marks just the third time IU has ever been ranked in the preseason. The Hoosiers were No. 24 in 2019-20 and No. 23 in 2016-17.

The preseason No. 1 is South Carolina, whose only loss a year ago came to Indiana in the Paradise Jam. The Gamecocks were No. 1 in the final poll last spring and received 29 of 30 first-place votes in the preseason poll.

The other first-place vote went to No. 2 Stanford, led by IU alum Tara VanDerveer.

UConn, Baylor and Louisville round out the top five, followed by Mississippi State, Arizona — the new home of former Hoosier Bendu Yeaney, North Carolina State, UCLA and Oregon.

Maryland tops five Big Ten teams in the rankings at No. 12, followed by Indiana at 16th and Northwestern at 17th. Ohio State is No. 20 and Michigan No. 25.

The Hoosiers, who return four starters, are coming off a season with a program-record 24 total wins and a program-record 13 Big Ten wins.

The 2020-21 season is slated to begin on Nov. 25, but details for the final schedule are still being worked out.

Cardano-Hillary on the list

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Indiana redshirt junior guard Nicole Cardaño-Hillary was named as one of 20 shooting guards on the Ann Meyer Drysdale Award preseason watch list on Tuesday.

The George Mason transfer is not currently eligible to play in the 2020-21 season but should the NCAA approve her waiver for immediate eligibility, that could change.

Cardano-Hillary is George Mason’s all-time leading scorer with 1,766 career points, having earned Atlantic-10 Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year.

The Drysdale Award will be narrowed to 10 in early February, then five finalists in early March with the award presented on April 9, 2021, along with the other position awards, including the Nancy Lieberman Award, whose watch list includes IU senior Ali Patberg.


    1. t,
      No idea. This is the NCAA we’re talking about, but Indiana is working on the assumption she won’t be eligible as has been the case all along, and if that changes, it’s just icing on the cake.

  1. A Purdue women’s transfer basketball player received NCAA eligibility for current season and will play this season and NOT having to sit out the one year.

    1. Can’t remember the last time the NCAA ever gave IU a break concerning anything? It just isn’t in the cards, period!!

  2. I don’t understand why Nicole Cardano-Hillary is put on the NCAA watch list if she is not yet eligible to play?? Makes no sense?

  3. I have to agree with Mwcorne how does Hillary make a preseason watch list if she cant play. Does someone know something we dont.

  4. More ‘watch’ lists than a Timex catalog. More individual trophies and blue ribbons for everyone…Maybe throw in a free watch with making a watch list? but are that many people really “watching.” Does Assembly ever get 1/4 full to “watch” a women’s game? Will more watch lists create more watching fans? And this particular ‘watch list’ Hoosier may not be available to watch for the few fans who come to watch women’s basketball this season? Doesn’t that make her a prospective “Won’t Watch Watch List” Hoosier? I guess a fan could claim they’re watching a watch list Hoosier watching the time pass from the bench. This begs the question…Why don’t dedicated fans get put on ‘watch lists?’ Aren’t the fans the only ones truly doing the “watching?” Columnists and sportswriters putting players on lists don’t do near the watching of a dedicated fan. They make keyboard lists based on stat sheets. I bet most rarely watch anything.

    To conclude, the only ‘watch’ that matters is “Watch us hang this banner.”

  5. Ironic that a fabulous shooter makes a “watch” list. The last thing a fabulous shooter should do is watch the ball to the rim. Watching usually equates to missing. A hockey goalie should be on a watch list. Always watching the puck.
    My cat with his feather toy…Now that’s a watch list.

  6. If band members are watching the player on the watch list do they transform into a watchband? I bet some fans come to games to watch the band and watch the cheerleaders…and maybe even watch other fans. Watch lists to infinity and beyond!

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Tom Crean’s pacing just made a “Tired Eyeballs Watch List.” Quite the honor….

  8. Hope MikeC is fine…Always a regular on the women’s threads. Haven’t seen him post on here for some time. Seems like a high ranking would have gotten his attention.

    1. Hey Harvard & Steve, Sorry for the confusion, I came on as Mwcorne, I am MikeC! My Bad!! Very encouraged about our team this year, only hope we will be able to attend games? Haven’t seen anything on line about being able to go to games. Have been a 25-30 year season ticket holder. Haven’t received anything in the mail yet about season tickets? I am assuming it has not been decided yet as to if we will be able to come to Assembly Hall or not? Of all years to not be able to attend games…….it certainly looks like this will be the best year ever for IU women’s basketball!!
      Glad to see the 3 girls that signed letters of intent this morning. Have watched highlights of all 3, they all look to be very strong players. I am very excited to see how much Paige Price at her size at guard will help our program. Chloe Moore-McNeil looks to be a very exciting prospect for next year along with Price. Can’t wait for this year to get started! Go Hoosiers!!

  9. Ten-4. Glad to hear all is well, MikeC. You have just made an ‘Inexplicably Changing Screen Name’ Jeremy Price watch list.

    Carnac the Magnificent (holding sealed envelope to forehead): “The answer is…Weave it to beaver.”
    Ed McMahon (repeating Carnac): “Weave it to beaver.”
    Carnac the Magnificent (opens envelope to unveil answer): “Describe watching Oregon State basketball if they hired Tom Crean.”

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