IU’s Jackson-Davis named preseason All-Big Ten

Report from the Indy Star’s Zach Osterman:

Trayce Jackson-Davis’ list of preseason accolades stretched again Monday, when IU’s sophomore forward was named to the Big Ten’s preseason all-conference team.

The only Hoosier to make the list, Jackson-Davis joined a group that also included unanimous selections Ayo Dosunmu (Illinois) and Luka Garza (Iowa). Purdue forward Trevion Williams also made the list, which was voted on by a panel of conference media members.

Monday’s announcement is the latest preseason recognition for Jackson-Davis, a one-time IndyStar Mr. Basketball from Center Grove who led IU in scoring, rebounding and numerous other relevant categories last season as a freshman.

CBSSports.com and Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook have both named the sophomore a preseason All-American. Jackson-Davis also made the 20-player preseason watch list for the Karl Malone Award, given annually to the country’s best power forward by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Expectations will be high for Jackson-Davis — and IU in part because of him — heading into this season. The Hoosiers will not be among the favorites to win the Big Ten, but Jackson-Davis’ decision to return for his sophomore season without even testing his NBA draft stock bolsters a roster that figures to be Archie Miller’s best, and deepest, in four years in Bloomington.

Jackson-Davis looks like one of the Big Ten’s best big men heading into 2020-21. Indiana will need him to be an anchor at both ends of the floor, as the Hoosiers seek Miller’s first NCAA tournament berth since trading Dayton for IU, a distinction the Hoosiers likely would have earned last spring but for the COVID-forced cancellation of the NCAA tournament.

IU’s season begins Nov. 25, with a home game against Tennessee Tech, according to Tennessee Tech’s schedule.

Jon Blau contributed to this story.


  1. Seven Big Ten teams ranked in the pre-season AP top 25, but not IU. Ouch! I guess the college BB experts are not impressed with IU’s incoming freshman or the roster in general.

    I’ll repeat my question that appears to have been edited out of another string: Will IU FB or BB achieve the highest national rankings before the end of their respective seasons?

    Is IU now a “Football School?”

  2. My question: Will Allen get to cue cards faster than Tom Crean?

    Conference Midwest Elite is the “ouch” left by the Tom Crean era of rankings adding up to zilch.

  3. Is IU now a Football School? That transition began with a Joey Glass letter to an editor-in-chief at the Marquette Wire. Coaching cue cards disgracing McCracken completed the transition (Basketball School transitioned to Football School).
    Tom Allen and Archie Miller are merely the end results of the decade of transitional momentum started long before their arrival.

  4. IU comes in at #30. behind the other 7 ranked B1G’s. Good starting point, give them something to prove. And think about it (where us he ?), IU Men @ #30, IU Women @ #13 and IU Football #10… Been awhile ……

    1. But the virus may impact these sports. #’s in Indiana keep hitting highs. High Schools around here going back to remote and Monroe county #’s has tripled.

  5. I hate “ands, ifs and buts”…..but I’ll go there anyway. But if Justin Smith and an airplane wouldn’t have taken his b-u-t-t to Arkansas, we’d be a Top-10. He was a veteran who’s athleticism only makes TJD all the more dangerous.
    Now there are simply too many unknowns for the forecasters and ranking websites to assume the incoming freshman can make up for the loss of a top rebounding inside guy who would have been a seasoned senior member of our roster.

    I don’t think we’ll lose too much in scoring….But Justin leaving takes away some veteran stability and work ethic imperative to chemistry. So there’s your “ands, ifs and buts). Sh** happens.

  6. Four seasons in and Archie’s team is not ranked. Four seasons in and the “experts” see IU as one of the also-rans in the conference. Archie got the recruits he wanted for this incoming class, but the collective BB experts are clearly not impressed. And unless I’m missing something, next year’s BB recruiting class is not looking too impressive, either. We’re all so excited about TA’s success, and rightfully so, but do we have reason to be concerned about Archie’s program?

    1. This is Archie’s 4th year. All kids on the roster, excluding Al, and he is a tireless worker and our best 3 point shooter, are Archie’s recruits. This is the year for Archie to prove that he is the coach for Indiana for the long term. I don’t care about pre-season rankings. But at the end of this season IU must be top 5 in the Big and Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tourney. Do it!

  7. Comparing IU BB and IU FB over the last three-plus years really makes one appreciate the job TA has done. Whether it’s legacy, tradition, fan support, attendance at games, etc., TA had none of the advantages that Archie had when both coaches got their current jobs. I don’t mean to knock Archie, but in relative terms, TA’s success makes it appear that Archie is under-achieving.

    So when people raise the issue of keeping TA and his key assistant coaches at IU, I hope the brain trust who run the university will recognize the risk and opportunity involved with IU FB. Assuming IU FB’s trajectory remains inclined, I hope they will be proactive and do everything possible to prevent TA from being poached by “wealthier” FB schools. And that starts with a determination to pay TA’s top assistants above-average compensation packages. I don’t believe TA ever wants to leave IU, but IU’s administration should never take that for granted or assume he’ll work for a lot less than other Big Ten coaches. Specifically, IU needs to make sure TA’s compensation package is in the top half, if not the top third of all Big Ten coaches. And that will be made easier to justify if the Hoosier Nation fills Memorial Stadium once fans are allowed to attend games again.

  8. Are you back at this again? Tsao was right about you. There you were just a few years ago pushing for Archie Miller. Now, here you are planting the seeds of doubt and suggesting Archie may not be up to the task.

    It’s a great strategy for a louse of a fan. Fire him and your doubt is confirmed. Keep him (let’s say Archie and the Hoosiers get deep into an NCAA tournament this season) and you’ll claim he was your first choice.

    Keep Archie after he proves the ranking “experts” wrong and I’m right. Fire Archie after my slimy seeds of doubt and I’ve washed myself of my original position and I’m still right.

    Maybe just become a Georgia basketball fan? I here it’s quite “peachy” down there. And, unlike the wonderful tradition of a cross-state rivalry game dodged by Freddy Flintstone and CharlaTom, you’ll get some games against Kentucky. I hear UK is very upset about their ranking. They are primed to take it out on some SEC lowlifes. lol.

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