No. 9 IU falls short at No. 3 OSU, 42-35

In the immediate aftermath of a 42-35 loss to No. 3 Ohio State, there were conflicting emotions to be had.

No. 9 Indiana could find comfort in the fact that it lit up the Buckeye defense for 28 second-half points, refusing to just lay down after OSU took a 35-7 lead early in the third quarter. Mike Penix Jr. collected a career-high 495 passing yards, including five touchdown throws. Ty Fryfogle became the first receiver in Big Ten history to amass 200-plus yards in consecutive games, reaching a new career-high at 218.

But it was clear from Penix’s sullen expression postgame, these numbers weren’t the least bit satisfying. When he was asked about his pick-6 to OSU corner Shaun Wade, which made the Hoosiers’ hill to climb just a bit steeper in the fourth quarter, Penix was a man of few words.

“Not a good throw,” Penix said. “That’s it.”

It was clear, the Hoosiers (4-1) came into Saturday’s contest with the expectation it could beat the Buckeyes. After four straight wins to start conference play, including historic victories over Penn State and Michigan, there was little reason to think otherwise. That’s growth.

But then the Buckeyes (4-0) slapped the Hoosiers in the mouth, making it clear that the gap hadn’t been quite closed with the Big Ten’s mightiest foe. This was far from last year’s 51-10 drubbing in Bloomington, though. This time, the Hoosiers came on the road to Columbus, took an early beating, and then fought all the way back.

This time, it was close. But that made IU’s own errors that much harder to swallow. In the final result, the Hoosiers saw an opportunity that had just slipped away.

“One thing about it, we’re always going to believe we are going to win. We always believe we got a chance, as long as there’s time on the clock,” IU safety Jamar Johnson said. “We never give up, no matter what. We’re going to come out fighting.

“But we had some plays here and there that costed us a little bit. (If) we had a couple more plays, maybe would have won.”

One sequence at the end of the first half was obviously, painfully crucial to IU’s demise.

Immediately before Justin Fields and the OSU offense embarked on a nine-play, 93-yard drive to make it 28-7 at half, IU was down on the OSU 9, with a chance to cut the lead to 21-14. Sophomore David Ellis had just burned past the Buckeye secondary for a 51-yard reception.

But on the very next play, Ellis took a route over the middle — very nearly running into a ref — and the ball just slipped out of his hands as he waded through the muck. Opportunity lost. Momentum stunted. And the Buckeyes just zoomed past the Hoosiers, scoring to end the half and on the very first possession of the third quarter to build a four-touchdown lead.

“I thought it was huge,” IU coach Tom Allen said. “We had a chance to go in and score. Not only do we not score, they get the ball and drive down the field and get all that momentum going into halftime. That was a pretty tough sequence of events that you hate to have happen.

“That was probably a pretty critical turning point in the game.”

OSU amassed 607 yards offensively Saturday, as Fields proved incredibly difficult for the Hoosiers to wrangle. The Buckeyes’ star quarterback threw for 300 yards and rushed for another 78. IU also had difficulty limiting running back Master Teague, who finished with 169 yards on 26 carries, including a 41-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

At the same time, IU’s opportunistic defense prevented the outcome from being much worse. Johnson had a first-quarter pick, and Reese Taylor had a pass breakup that landed in defensive tackle Jerome Johnson’s hands, which helped keep the score to 7-all early in the second quarter.

IU’s offense just couldn’t take any pressure off of the defense, as Penix completed five of his first 14 passes. IU finished with minus-1 yard rushing Saturday.

The end-of-half sequence occurred, and the first touchdown of the third quarter came, and that would have been a death blow for many teams. While the Hoosiers weren’t looking for silver linings versus the scarlet and gray, the visitors did show another level of resilience with their second-half comeback.

Penix caught fire, finding Fryfogle on deep touchdown throws of 63 and 33 yards. Wade undercut a late throw to the sideline by Penix, returning it 36 yards to pad a 42-21 cushion, but Penix opened the fourth quarter with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Ellis to cut it to 14 points. Another long throw to Fryfogle, this time for 56 yards, brought it to 42-35.

“Mike, we got in the locker room, we came together as a team, we had a talk that we weren’t going to lay down, and we came out fighting in the second half,” Fryfogle said. “We just gotta do better. We gotta play better. We gotta come back better.”

IU just didn’t have another drive after Fryfogle’s last score.

The defense came off the field triumphant after a fourth-down stop with 4:39 left. OSU went for it on fourth-and-1 at the IU 7, but linebacker Micah McFadden shot toward Fields on the pass play, forcing an errant throw to Luke Farrell.

But after one first-down completion to Peyton Hendershot, Penix threw incomplete three straight times. The next time the IU defense returned the ball to its offense, there were just 38 seconds left. IU resorted to a hook-and-ladder play in the final moments, which fell dead at IU’s 34.

In the end, IU’s heroics were enough to earn a tweet of praise from Ohio native LeBron James, who called IU a “great team.” But it wasn’t enough to earn the win.

Penix had that pick-6. Ellis had his fumble. Even Jamar Johnson had a moment he regrets, as the junior safety fumbled his third-quarter interception at OSU’s 16.

“That 51-10 loss, that one really stuck with us,” Johnson said. “We knew this year, we’re better, we’re more mature, we had more upperclassmen, we were going in to fight.

“This team, we’re going to fight. That’s all I know. We play for each other, with each other. That’s all I know, man.”

That’s a step. But the Hoosiers most certainly wanted another step or two, leading to that giant leap.

“To me, it’s always about expectations and belief, and we expected to come here and win the game, and we believed we could,” Allen said. “Made too many mistakes for that to be a reality, but our kids fought to the very end. I think we’re definitely growing as a program. We’re putting ourselves in position to go toe-to-toe with the best in the country. That’s called growth, and progress, and that’s not going to stop.”


  1. Looks like everyone gave up on the 2nd half?

    Pretty amazing fight by this team. Every other Indiana team I’ve ever witnessed would have just rolled over and started looking to next week. This team battled to the very end. Penix is so money.

    I’m not happy that we lost. But there’s been a lot of information in the game. Our guys played physical with a team that normally manhandles us.

    On to Maryland.

    1. The OSU O Line is excellent, but the IU defense is very good and very aggressive. “If”a few plays go the other way, Indiana wins this good game. What a sight to see: OSU “hanging on” at the end for a tough home victory over IU! Great job Coach Allen, staff and players! Womack is the real deal as D Coordinator in his second year! Great hire Coach Allen. Let’s hope that Sheridan can do the same on offense! 35 points against OSU on the road is promising!

      1. I think our D plays well in stretches, and they didn’t get much help from the O, especially in the first half. But we gave up over 600 yards of total offense, 27 first downs, 35 points, and 36:24 in TOP. Yes, they generated three turnovers and numerous pressures and sacks (entirely due to our uber-aggressive blitzing, but we lost the LOS, which is a big reason we lost the game.

      2. I agree. They were aggressive all over the field today. Love the aggressiveness from the staff AND the players.

  2. Too many mistakes early hurt. Also they need to figure out the run game. Look what OSU was able to do once they got their DBs going. Right now IU is too one dimensional.

    1. Not much to “figure out” when their D Line and Linebackers are superior across the board! Recruit like your life depends on it!

  3. If you listened to the Fox Sports commentary after the game, you’d have concluded that IU had won the game. Penix out-performed Fields, and it wasn’t even close. Penix shredded OSU’s vaunted defensive backfield. IU’s defense, while not being able to stop the run, got three picks and sacked Fields five times. I would not be surprised if OSU falls in the polls while IU remains in the top ten. Two huge turnovers cost IU this game. The fumble in the red zone and the pix six.

    My fear going forward is IU’s fatigue. We’ve just played the toughest five-game schedule in college FB and yet our remaining opponents remain very tough.

    Lastly, I think today’s game will enhance IU’s stature and recruiting because they exceeded expectations. As one of the Fox Sports commentators said, “regardless of the outcome, Indiana’s FB program is real.”

    1. No fatigue for these young warriors, just for us “senior” fans. IU will be energized for MD. Go IU!

  4. Is it me, or does Hendershot see ghosts when he’s wide open over the middle? He dropped another perfect pass in the fourth quarter today.

    And one more negative comment. How can you fumble after making an INT and returning it to the OSU 16 yard line? We clearly had more than enough opportunities to win this shoot out, but three careless turnovers cost IU between nine and 21 points.

  5. Costly turnovers really did hurt this team today….Does the offensive line miss a player of Coy Cronk nature at the moment??/ they are very good at pass blocking, but are missing something in the run blocking area (truly the only weakness on this team – run blocking).

      1. Coy would be our best offensive lineman, without question. So, yes, he would’ve helped a lot.

          1. I’ll assume you’re joking. He would start anywhere they put him. It’s not a close call.

  6. Valiant effort. Defense, like previous 4 games, primarily responsible for their success. Worst, by far, rushing IU team in at least 65 years. Reminds me of Marino and Dolphins in 80’s. Never won anything. Couldn’t or wouldn’t run the ball. Not sure if it’s Sheridan, Hiller or Hart’s doing,…but until it’s corrected this team will be like a chair with 3 legs. It wasn’t just OSU,..but every oponent this year. Unacceptable. No, embarrassing.

  7. Brad, we’d all like to see IU with a better running game, but you have to remember that we played OSU today. They always have one of the best defensive lines in the country, year in and year out. Last year against OSU, IU rushed 31 times for a total of 42 yards, and lost 51 to 10 in Bloomington. And last year’s IU team had two O-linemen that are now on NFL rosters. When you have a special weapon like Penix and his two best receivers, you use them. And when you get down to a team like OSU on the road, you can’t afford to try to run the ball.

    IMO, IU’s O-line didn’t cost us today’s game, it was the four turnovers; one INT for a pick-six and two fumbles that occurred inside OSU’s 20 hard line. Those mistakes were the game-killers.

    But to answer your question, it’s not Sheridan and it’s not Hart. IMO, if there is a weak link in IU’s coaching staff, it’s Hiller. I think Hiller does a pretty good job developing players, but he needs to improve his recruiting. Then again, kids standing 6′ 5″ and weighing 300 lbs. or more don’t grow on trees.

    1. Po. Since we’re going to use the ‘wayback machine’ which has absolutely nothing to do with this team…let me cite IU’s last success against ’87 and ’88 back to back thrashings of OSU. They had no answer for Anthony Thompson.
      As for this current edition, this team has tallied a total of 380 yards net after 5 games, including today’s MINUS -1. This, against teams that we have realized aren’t very good, including O-Fer Penn State. This running ineptitude isn’t because of OSU, just the latest revelation and verification. If you are satisfied with having the worst rushing offense in the league, and 5th worst in the country, fine. I’m not.

      1. The two observations I have on our run game:
        1 – We have no outside run plays. Everything is between the tackles. No jet sweeps or anything to the outside. We constantly run into our linemen’s backs.
        2 – We are being extremely careful with Penix. I cannot count the times he has had room to tuck it and gain 4-5 yards at least. No read option… so many times he hands the ball off and the entire defense collapses into the middle of the line… if he pulls the ball out he has nothing but green grass.

        1. We can’t execute the simplest of blocking techniques on anything approaching a consistent basis. Why do you think we’d do better f we made things more complicated? (We wouldn’t).

  8. We dropped so many balls it made Times Square on New Year’s eve jealous.

    Penix looked like the Heisman candidate. He would have had 600 yards if not for the drops. Add in the key fumble after a catch not even caused by a hit (Ellis?) when inside the five and primed to score?

  9. Penix showed he’s the best qb in the Big Ten. Fryfolgle, Jamar Johnson, Jerome Johnson, McFadden and Mullen were all huge. This team took on an elite OSU team, in the Shoe, and showed they belonged. This was an exciting game, a great game. Anyone want to bet against IU winning next year’s game? Allan will find a way. He will out-recruit, out-hustle, and out-coach his counterparts until he wins a Big Ten Championship. I would have thought that was a crazy statement just a year ago. Now I believe.

  10. As long as the OL takes snaps in a 2 point stance run blocking will never be optimum. Made worse by the 2 lead RB’s not having a good 1st step, lateral speed or any twitch whatsoever. Pretty poor combination to hope from. Go Penix!

    1. But the run game can and should be much better than it is. There are plenty of spread principle schemes that get far more in the run game than we do. It was a huge difference today, because it put the D on the field way too much, particularly in the first half.

    2. Thank you. Was saying this all day. Run blocking is about leverage and getting under the DL. Can’t do that from a two point stance. Hiller has to recognize that if not then Allen has to inform him. I can’t believe he doesn’t see that on film. I would bet that drives Hart crazy being a former running back himself.

      1. Watch Oregon. Plenty of spread teams have run successfully even though their linemen play “up”. We don’t coach it well enough, nor do we have the talent or experience.

        1. Until better talent is in hand then the OL/run game coordinator needs to adjust to what he has since the status quo isn’t getting it. No doubt the offense cannot be built around the 2 present lead RB’s but something can be done to garner an average rushing yardage more + than is presently being produced. Just doesn’t need many buttons pushed to affect a change. Hiller has been around enough to know what buttons to push and it’ll only help the passing attack too. Coach Allen has instilled a “fight” in this squad. Now some tweaks would sharpen the offense.

    3. Let me add,..when the play calls for bashing into the DL with a straight handoff, no pulling of guards….and never any variation…..what does Sheridan expect. Any Friday night HS game has more variety. I think this goes back to Sheridan being a former 3rd string QB under the Deboar and DeBord, while Hiller was at Houston, where they never run the ball. This is a fixable, unnecessary, basic football problem that shouldn’t be. Unless this is corrected..whomever is responsible needs to be replaced and upgraded. Keep in mind that IU is 18th from the bottom in 3rd down conversions %. Why? For one thing, Sheridan thinks throwing two straight 30 yard incompletions with a 2nd and 5 is a good idea. It’s play calling as much as an inability to reliably run the ball. IU is at a 2.4 yard run per attempt clip.

  11. If IU was a head 37 to 34 and IU had the ball first and ten on their own 25 yard line with 6 minutes to go in game OSU still wins the game. Why? Because OSU shifts into a higher gear or elevates play and forces overtime with fg or wins in regulation with td.

  12. This game showed what we all should know by now; OSU is a elite talented team that IU can’t match up with 11 across the field. IU does have athletes that can hurt OSU and defensive players that can create problems for teams like OSU.

    IU showed today the talent difference isn’t that great between IU and OSU other than talent in the 3rd team. This game likely hurt Field’s draft ranking as he showed what I stated a couple of weeks ago, Penix is better than Fields as a QB because he delivers the ball even when being hit. Fields operates behind an excellent OL but gets frustrated when he is pressured. Fields is good but based on what I have seen I would take Penix every time over Fields and every other QB in the conference.
    Fryfogle is lighting the B1G up the past 3 weeks and showing he is one of the best in the conference.

    Our defense can create problems for the best teams but not shut them down. We seem to not put our best defenders on their best receivers IE Fitzgerald on one of their two best WRs on the first TD pass. IU had chances to get in the game earlier but fumbled the ball away or dropped the pass. Penix’s one INT really hurt since it widen the score just when IU was getting it closer. To his credit, he came back firing getting the Hoosiers back in the end zone a couple more times.

    The Hoosiers fought well and too the Buckeyes all they could handle today. Either IU is a top 6 team or OSU has some major work to do to play for a national title. Coach Allen has a team that doesn’t quit and believes they can win any game at any point in the game. We don’t know how good this team can be but we know they will go against the best and fight to win the game. IU just needs to eliminate unforced errors like dropped pass, fumbles not due to contact, etc get better on the defensive edge to become a B1G champion.

    With the poor running game the past two years it is time for coach to figure out why this is so – find better OL players, change blocking schemes, or find a OL coach that can create an OL that creates a push. I don’t know the reason for the issue but it needs to change and coach Allen needs to figure it out by next year.

    Now on to the rest of the season and getting IU to 8-1 this B1G season.

    1. A lot to unpack in your post. Surprised you don’t realize what a big weapon Fields is with his feet. He rushed for nearly 80 yards today, and his running ability is something that drives defenders and coaches crazy. It’s an element of his game that Penis doesn’t have, which is why pro scouts view him much differently than you do.

      Offensively, we aren’t going to beat good teams if we can’t have even a serviceable running game. The notion that we tried to use the pass to set up the run was never accurate, and today proved that coaches don’t think or game plan that way. We pass because that’s all we can reliably do. That’s great if you have a kid like MP who has a very strong and accurate arm, but it’s not so good when you can’t do it consistently (we punted 5 times in the first half because we couldn’t move the ball through the air). It exposes your D to long stretches n the field, and we game up too much as a result. It’s also a D built on high risk / high reward, so it sometimes gets torched. That’s how you get your rover isolated like that, not because they put the wrong guy on their best guy. It’s about scheme, and our scheme involves pressure from multiple spots.

      The good news is our effort is off the charts high, and Penix, even with his fundamental flaws, can wing it. Oh, and we have an extremely good receiver in Fryfogle.

  13. Watched WI play NW today. WI’s offense was terrible. Inexperienced QB threw a bunch of picks and several receivers/TEs were injured. NW’s offense not much better, but Ramsey managed the game well. Both teams have good defenses, and it will be tough to run the ball against Wisconsin. But the one conclusion I took from the game is that the Big Ten’s Western Division is very weak. NW, which is 5 – 0, has a relatively easy path to the Big Ten Championship. Hardly seems fair, but then again, if they make it that far, NW will get demolished by OSU.

    If we win the remaining three games, it will be the equivalent of going 11 – 1 and will be IU’s best FB season since 1967, if not better.

    1. How can you say the Big Ten Western Division is very weak — they have a overall winning record against the Big Ten Eastern Division…..At the present time you might consider the Big Ten Western Division stronger….at the present time all the East has is Ohio State and maybe Indian…the West has Wisconsin, Northwestern and Iowa…..At the present time the Western Division has the better record against the Eastern division. NW is 5-0 with a easy path to the conference game….Ohio State is 4-0 with a cupcake schedule to the conference game. The Western division is not that weak.

    2. Run against Wisconsin? So far IU has shown that they probably couldn’t run against a good Division II defense.

  14. Today, IU proved that they are not too highly ranked (they may have also proved that Ohio St is.)

    It was interesting that Fields (clearly an NFL QB) had a look of relief on his face as the game ended. Not smiling, relieved (or possibly unhappy with his own performance?) At any rate, IU may have lost, but they prevented Fields from enjoying the victory without injuring him. I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a thing.

    Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement, and I look forward to seeing it over the rest of the season and the next several years.

  15. I’m still annoyed at the INT – fumble play. That just drives me crazy. Catch the ball, run for what you can get, then get down or run out of bounds. But don’t give the ball right back, costing your team another score! When our big D-linemen got his INT, he just fell down to make sure he kept possession. That was very smart.

    IMO, the West is weak. Another way of saying it; IU is the 2nd best team in the Big Ten this season.

  16. What a wacky Big Ten season this has been. PSU hasn’t won a game. Rutgers may be putting the final nail in Harbaugh’s coffin, and Illinois stomped Nebraska today. I’m wondering if MI, PSU and NE will be getting new coaches soon?

    1. Hugh Freeze (Allen’s old mentor) may not be Bo’s idea of a “Michigan Man”, or Luke Fickel..but I expect one of them to be the next coach at Ann Arbor.

  17. It has been a wacky year in the B1G this year and next season will show if the fates are changing for teams in the B1G. Nebraska is being Nebraska since Frost has been there but what is going on at PSU many transfers and playing terrible since IU beat them. Michigan is playing like they do against OSU but doing it every game. Just think, Nebraska beat PSU last week and get rolled by Illinois this week.

    At this rate, Fryfogle will have one of the best seasons an IU receiver has ever had. Penix had a 5 TD game against OSU. Our defense had 3 INTs against a QB that hadn’t thrown one this season, Johnson’s INT was a thing of beauty because he hustled after the pass to get it. Fields had more incompletions this game than all 3 games before IU.

    BD, I think Fields is an NFL QB but I think they will be concerned about his performance this game and how he performs in the play-offs against teams with defenses that can put pressure on him. He showed today how he handled defensive pressure and NFL defense are more complicated than IU’s. IU scored as many points, should have scored more except for the drops and fumbles, as Fields and OSU did with his running and the running game his backs provided. Now tell me who the better QB is, evaluators seem to really like Penix with his accuracy and reading of the defense. He isn’t ready for the NFL this season but next year he is likely to be one of the top NFL draft picks.

    1. NFL scouts would be 100% in the Fields column, V. He’s bigger, stronger, extremely athletic, mechanically far more sound, smart, much more mobile, and durable. He had nearly 400 yards of total offense against us and threw at a 60% completion rate (MP was barely 50%). He certainly threw a couple of bad balls yesterday, and credit our defense for gambling on pressures and getting to him a few times. But he led them to over 600 yards of offense, enabling them to win in spite of 3 turnovers (statistically, that’s extremely hard to do).

      Love Penix, but if you know any football people, they’d tell you the same thing. MP is throwing to a decent group of receivers (except for TF, who has great hands) and doing what he does without a running game (tried to tell you this was going to be an issue). He needs lots of attempts to get yards, in part because there’s no running game, in part because his mechanics need work, in part because he doesn’t have a good enough group of receivers. What he has is a cannon, but even that can betray him if he’s not careful. His poor read and out throw to the boundary side was the difference in yesterday’s game, and it was his error.

      The truth is each program asks their quarterbacks to do different things, so statistical comparisons really don’t tell the whole story. MP will be wise to get an NFL evaluation after the season, and I think they’ll tell him he needs at least another year. None of those same evaluators would say the same thing about JF.

      1. The pick-six was a mistake, but Penix rarely throws an inaccurate ball. Very quick release and very poised under pressure(praised and repeated by the commentators yesterday and postgame analysts frequently).
        I think he’s a bit more than just a cannon. He has some extremely good touch on many shorter balls. His placement on the back-of-the-end zone pass to Fryfogle was perfection. He out-shined Fields all day long.

        Let’s also keep in mind that he’s barely wet behind the ears on the college stage and this season is, essentially, his first to face upper competition of the league.

        He’s been nothing short of phenomenal. Take out the numerous drops and his pass completion rate would be considerably higher (and that’s not just yesterday). Hendershot drops a ball if it’s covered in Gorilla glue.
        Two? Three? How many drives cut short yesterday due to drops?
        We win going away without the drops and a fumble after catch (even with Penix’s one costly sideline throw/error).

        1. I’m a big MP fan, but he’s not Fields (at least not yet). Shorter, lighter, not as strong, not nearly as good of a runner, not as durable. As for touch, the short ball is an area where MP needs to take a bit off his fastball and help his receivers out a bit.

      2. Without the drops, Penix threw for 600 yards. That’s complete dominance in the passing game against the premier team in the conference. OSU controlled the line of scrimmage when they needed to….but teams perform differently under the stresses of being stunned and giving up a huge lead.
        Many times we had a shot to punch them in the throat and create some choke pressure only to have things stymied by the dropsies.

        OSU escaped…and we likely wait another 26 years to have this close of a shot.

        Lastly, the East is far more difficult than the West simply due to OSU. There is close to zero chance of winning the division with a team so much stronger/deeper than all of the conference on our side of the bracket. There should be conference realignment/shuffling every so many years (maybe every seven years…seems like a good number) . Some semblance of fairness needs instilled so other teams must look forward to Buckeyes on their schedule year after year to feel the heart ripped out in repeated ass-kickings and a permanent roadblock to divisional titles.

      3. I don’t doubt what you say about Fields and Penix. I think Fields is highly valued by NFL teams but if I were them I would have to do a deep dive on how he handles pressures. Without a doubt Penix needs another year to work on his footwork and show his durability. If, I don’t think he will, Penix would leave this year he would probably be down the list with the QBs coming out this year. Waiting another year will let him work on his fundamentals and receivers going into next season to have a great year. I also think IU’s receivers, other than Fryfogle, next season are more sure handed and talented but we will have to wait and see if they live up to that evaluation.

        H4H is right as Penix has already started taking some heat of his passes even if he flips back to throwing heat now. Penix does throw some beautiful passes and this year is much better on the deep balls. He is very accurate and puts the ball not just on the receiver but on the spot needed.

  18. Were we actually 100 years and 8 points away from having a shot at a national championship?
    This is like marrying Scarlett Johansson and a wicked witch turns you back into a frog before you enter the honeymoon suite.

  19. IU football team represented themselves well and should be competitive with rest of schedule.
    OSU (and such teams) can play in their comfort zone and have flexibility to adjust. IU (and such teams) have to really put in extreme effort to be competitive with a little less ability to adjust. (pass to run game). A couple examples of IU trying so hard in all the excitement and operating outside comfort zone: 1. Ellis fumble near g oak line to give OSU the ball 2. Which is a better example is IU pass interception returning deep in OSU territory and fighting for extra yards rather than getting on the ground once contact was made or about to be made. Just trying to hard vs OSU for most of game just playing more comfortable even though IU defense got to the qb and threw him off his game. For much of game OSU could maintain some stability with their run game.

  20. Perspective.
    We are 4-1 this year and scored 35 points on OSU, with lots of room for improvement.
    We didn’t come close to playing our best game.
    We lost because of 3 mistakes that OSU took advantage of. OSU made 3 mistakes and we didn’t take advantage.
    Lets cut Sheridan some slack. It’s his first year calling plays. I’m sure it’s a little more challenging in the booth than on a couch with a beer in your hand. Look at the improvement in Womack from year 1 to 2. Not all of that is player development, it is coaching development as well.
    Our only way to a great season is a healthy MP. No way should he be running the ball and taking hits. I’m sure his coaches have told him that. I give him tremendous credit for being so disciplined and listening to his coaches.
    This was the first meaningful action for Ellis. OSU is probably not the first game you want to take a hit in. He will be better.
    The national media is singing the praises of IU FOOTBALL.
    There is talk about other schools wanting our head coach. When was the last time that happened?
    Our team is a great story.
    A special season is still in sight, lets enjoy the ride.
    Go Hoosiers!!!!

  21. Perspective: OSU wanted last head coach for offensive coordinator. Just sayin.
    If Maryland plays IU should win since Maryland lacks coaching and hasn’t played. I think IU is better equipped to handle Maryland speed this year. IU should beat Wisconsin. Purdue is going to be a tough game. Conclusion for irregular season IU 7-1, 6-2, 5-3, or 4-4. I am thinking 7-1. The problem is IU didn’t look very good falling behind 35-7 vs OSU. Falling behind even 14 to 17 to the remaining teams probably equals a loss.

    1. I loved what Kevin Wilson did to get IU on the rise. He should be credited with helping to build this program. I believe Ryan Day calls the plays for OSU.

  22. My goodness….Those linebackers on OSU. Do they not look the quintessential part? Where do they find those linebackers? They are leaders of the pack. Their eyes are intense. Their focus is unmatched. Their physiques appear to be manufactured ideals of DNA for force meets speed meets reaction. They survey across the line of scrimmage like hungry wolves smelling fresh meat.
    Where, oh, where, do you find linebackers of that quality? Has anyone had a run game against those dreamy bio engineered linebackers of OSU?

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