IU-Purdue to give rival game second try during crossover week

The Big Ten has granted Indiana and Purdue another week to try and get its annual rivalry contest in the books.

Following last week’s cancelation due to increased COVID-19 cases in both programs, the conference matched IU and Purdue in their Week 9 “champions week” slate of games. Kickoff for the Hoosiers and Boilermakers is slated for 7:30 p.m. Friday at Memorial Stadium.

There is still no guarantee the game will be played, though. As of this past Thursday, IU athletic director Scott Dolson said the Hoosiers were “day by day” and that a recent spike in positive test results could hold them out of a Week 9 matchup.

“It could,” Dolson said on IU coach Tom Allen’s weekly radio show. “We are hopeful we can get it contained quickly.”

According to a team spokesperson, IU’s football activities remained on pause as of Sunday.

If the Hoosiers and Boilermakers can’t meet in 2020, it will mark the first time since the 1918-19 seasons that the two in-state rivals didn’t play. IU currently possesses the Old Oaken Bucket after a double-overtime win in West Lafayette last season.

Whether IU and Purdue play or not, pairing them in the crossover week makes an abundance of sense. If COVID-19 cases continue to hold out either school, then a program that’s ready to play won’t be stripped of a game on IU or Purdue’s account.

IU lost the possibility of playing in the Big Ten title game last week when the conference’s ADs and presidents voted to renege on a six-game minimum for eligibility in the contest. That allowed 5-0 Ohio State to play for the championship instead of 6-1 IU.

OSU will kick with Northwestern in a noon Saturday title game.

Along with IU-Purdue, the other Friday contest is a 4 p.m. kickoff for Nebraska at Rutgers. There are also multiple intra-divisional matchups, with Minnesota traveling to Wisconsin and Michigan State heading to Maryland. Michigan plays at Iowa, and Illinois travels to Penn State.

The opportunity to play Purdue would offer IU more than just a chance at bragging rights. The Hoosiers, with six Big Ten wins, are one conference victory short of setting a new season record. IU is currently off to its best conference start since the 1967 team.

That success has brought national recognition. IU moved up to No. 7 in both the Amway and Associated Press polls this week, making gains while idle. Those leaps — two spots in the coaches poll, one in the media rankings — came thanks to losses by Florida and Miami (Fla.) this week.

Florida lost to unranked LSU, sliding five places, to No. 11, in the coaches poll. Miami was battered by No. 15 North Carolina, 62-26, falling to No. 19 in the same poll.

The real question is where the Hoosiers rank in the College Football Playoff selection committee’s mind. Last week, IU remained at No. 12 in the CFP rankings despite a win at then-No. 16 Wisconsin.

That slight was one reason IU coach Tom Allen believed the Hoosiers would be motivated the next time they took the field. Depending on how this week plays out, it could be versus rival Purdue.

“When we play again,” Allen said Thursday, “our guys are going to be so stinkin’ ready to play.”


  1. The Big Ten’s 2020 Football schedule, should be called flip-flop deal, what a joke, I guess the Big Ten is trying to limit travel, so they try to raise some interest in their meaningless ninth game deal, with the I U- Purdue game.

  2. I am lost? Who was IU supposed to have played in crossover game? And when? I remember reading something about crossover game but didn’t pay much attention because of the current week’s game at the time. Anyone want to explain what is going on??

  3. The original schedule was the teams would play teams based on the final league standings, that would match I U with Iowa, most of these games are games being make ups of regular schedule games, and having Nebraska travel to the east coast to play Rutgers in New Jersey. The whole deal looks like a way for the BIG TEN to add TV revenue(nickels and dimes games).

    1. I absolutely hope it has something to do with BTN. That’s where the revenue comes from to write the million(s) $ checks to the AD’s.

  4. A Northwestern vs IU matchup would be intriguing in a bowl game.
    A major tv station could telecast bucket game like fox, abc, nbc, cbs since IU losing tv exposure in big ten championship game.

  5. And so it begins….Womack coming up as So. Alabama next head coach. Makes sense he was DC there. TA’s name is now being brought up on Auburn’s short list.

    1. Very doubtful TA will be a candidate at Auburn. That’s no knock on him but they’ll aim much higher. They’ve been down the DC path before and, even with a national championship, he flamed out. They’ll break the bank to hire Freeze.

  6. TA has a pretty big contract buyout, so I’m not too worried. Plus, why would you want to be second fiddle in the State of Alabama? That program is not likely to overtake Alabama, LSU and TX A&M any time soon, not to mention Georgia and Florida. I think TA is happy to be living “back home in Indiana.” He can build something very special here, or he can make more money for a few years and then get fired by Auburn.

    1. Auburn, over a 5 year period, is higher than LSU, TX AM, and FL. But no one can better Nick and AL!

  7. My guess is that Fickel will be the top candidate for Auburn. But wow, just think of the money those SEC FB programs burn through! Auburn is paying GM $21 million in severance. And to hire a quality replacement, they’re going to spend millions more just on the new guy’s contract buyout.

    But this situation makes one stop and think; is Tom Allen suddenly worth $7 million per year? Maybe it’s time for IU to sweeten his contract by another half million per year and get him up to $4.4 million or so. Good gracious, it has become insane how much these men get paid to coach college FB.

    And with all the other coaching changes being made, maybe Womack accept South Alabama a little too soon!

  8. Its a crazy sports world, I noticed some Bowl games teams that were posted today, these are for also ran bowls, however in my area U of K and Louisville were listed as possible teams, both had losing records, I think both lost six games this year, so I guess six losses is the new criteria. opposed to six wins. With PITT and Boston College not accepting a bowl invitations the bowl sponsors need to drop their expectations.

  9. Illinois: Hey Lovi. Why don’t you come over and coach the Illini? We think you can make a winner.
    Lovi: Well, ok. I will give it a try. Let’s talk money.
    Illinois: ok
    Lovi: I think I would like that. I am an Illini.
    Illinois: Um.
    Lovi: Um.
    Illinois: Lovi. We don’t love you and you are a loser
    LOVI: Thanks for the memories and all that cash.

  10. LOVI took over a dumpster fire at Illinois. His successor will be in a much better situation than he was when he arrived in Champaign.

    How fast the high and mighty of college FB coaches fall from grace these days. No wonder these coaches demand ever more compensation and guaranteed contracts; they certainly don’t have job security. Auburn fires a coach with a winning record two years after they gave him a new contract with a huge raise. South Carolina fires a guy who was supposed to be a FB genius six years ago. Arizona fired a man who was supposed to take TX A&M to the top of the mountain six years ago. Michigan is either going to fire Harbaugh or force him to take a big salary cut. LOVI coached an NFL team to a Super Bowl! I think the strategy for today’s college FB coaches is to advance one’s career until they’re in position to get one huge, guaranteed contract. Then, if they get fired, no problem; they’re already set for life. And no wonder some of them will cheat like hell in order to win; the amount of money on the table has to create enormous temptation. And no wonder the athletes who these coaches lead want a peace of the pie!

    Considering what he has accomplished in such short amount of time, and the type of man he is, Tom Allen deserves every penny IU can afford to pay him. And if IU’s top administrators have any brains at all, they’ll go to the wall to do everything they can to keep him at IU.

    1. If Whitman is smart (he is), he’ll call Illinois native Jeff Monken at West Point. He’d run a modern offense, a tough D, and he’d recruit extremely well. He’s TA without the religious faith on his sleeve part. Not the guy we want there.

    2. Illinois had their coach. He was beginning to upgrade recruiting. They were improving each year,..abdbthe canned him. Had they not, they wouldn’t have put themselves in this position. Ron Zook. Great coach. Remember, Illinois in going thru basketball coaches didn’t think Bill Self was good enough. Illinois deserves it’s dumpster fire….they’ll just add Lovie’s buy out to the billions of debt already in the system. Ha ha.

  11. I would prefer IU played Iowa. There is no upside to playing Purdue. Beating Purdue does not raise IU’s ranking, but losing to Purdue would lower it. Losing to Iowa might lower it as well, but not as much. Beating Iowa raises ranking and if not, it raises IU profile for a bowl game.

  12. Had the governing powers of college football (NCAA and others) addressed the compensation escalation years ago, like the NFL has and the NBA has not,..there wouldn’t have been such a big problem with outrageous ‘hired gun’ salaries + perks.
    ‘Student athletes’ have been watched closer for impropriety than a KGB spy for years, while clearly given guidelines what can and cannot be done, given, compensated etal (I know some of that recently changed, spurred by the PAC 12). It’s not restraint of trade if the levels of compensation are pre set. So much for head coaches, coordinators and so on based on conference level and other factors. For one thing, state tax payers wouldn’t be stuck with $21 million buyouts. Positions would be based on merit and WHERE a particular coach wanted to be. And yes, these rules and guidelines would apply to private schools as well. Among other things, it would provide for a much more level competition level. Considering Pop Warner, Knute Rockne and others over the years were responsible for teaching actual academics at school in addition to
    football…I doubt ‘money’ had much to do with it. Jim Boeheim for instance, coached the golf team for years pro bono at Syracuse. Closer to home, legendary golfing Hoosier (LSU) from Martinsville, Dale Morey, coached the basketball and golf teams at LSU. He used a football scholarship to get PGA HOF inductee Don Essig (Indianapolis) to play golf for the Tigers. Then there’s the best example,..when the Butler Bowl had 36,000 seats with expansion possibilities to 70,000 (like Rice and Yale),…Tony Hinkle taught in the classroom, track & field, basketball, baseball and football teams…plus swept the floors and laundered the towels. All for less than 10-grand a year. Coaching jobs for non revenue sports around the country are base salaried jobs. Period. Football coaching positions need to be the same. In the case of Wommack, which might not be the norm, he still may have taken the S. Alabama job….but $ would not have been a determining factor. Actually, under my guideline,..it likely would have been for about what he’s making now, or less.

  13. Money in all areas of college life inflates salaries for coaches but also most professors. The income for professors isn’t just their salary but also income from research they are doing at the university. Looking at coaches pay only is too narrow of a focus. College cost have been rising much faster than inflation.

    Coaches today many more responsibilities that the coaches of the past that taught classes and coaches other sports too. Coaches today have to deal with gov’t regulations, NCAA rules, B1G issues, and the schools rules and regulations. Now deal with the recruiting demands, social media, the press, and many other issues come up dealing with assistant coaches and players.

    I am not against limiting pay for employees of universities but picking out one group that is in the media lights isn’t right.

    1. I also wanted to add to the rise in college is due to federal regulations for equality, schools like Michigan with more than 100 people in diversity, along with XI and much more regulations. Our gov’t bureaucrats are too many due to too many departments and living in DC areas. Most departments should be moved into the country nearer where they rule on things. FDR even said we shouldn’t have public unions, the reason is those unions they are going against tax payers.

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