IU ranked No. 11 in CFP, left out of New Year’s Six Bowls

Indiana has been left out of the New Year’s Six bowl slate.

The Hoosiers came in at No. 11 in the final College Football Playoff committee’s final rankings, below three-loss Iowa State (No. 10) and Florida (No. 7) squads.

Iowa State, after falling to Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game, will face No. 25 Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl because of a Pac-12 tie-in. Because both CFP No. 2 Clemson and No. 4 Notre Dame are in the playoff, No. 13 North Carolina was placed in the Orange Bowl with No. 5 Texas A&M because of an ACC tie-in.

IU now awaits its bowl assignment because the CFP — which has drawn ire from Hoosier faithful — no longer factors into where the Hoosiers will be placed. During the season, the Hoosiers couldn’t budge from their initial CFP ranking of No. 12 for consecutive weeks, even after a win over then-No. 16 Wisconsin on the road.

IU did move up one spot, to No. 11, last week because Miami (Fla.), which had been slotted at No. 10, dropped to No. 18.

But that ranking did leave the Hoosiers in a precarious spot, especially because of how the committee viewed the Big 12. Oklahoma was bumped up to No. 6 in the final CFP rankings following its win over Iowa State.

Even if the Cyclones lost games to Louisiana and Oklahoma State prior to this weekend, it didn’t seem to factor heavily into the committee’s analysis. In an interview on ESPN after the selections were announced, CFP spokesman Gary Barta said Iowa State was placed over IU because it had more quality wins.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit did ask on the broadcast why No. 3 Ohio State’s win over IU was being used to prop up OSU’s strength of schedule while IU wasn’t getting credit for its success.

“We had a long discussion about who had earned their way into that top 10,” Barta said. “Iowa State was in that discussion, Indiana was in that discussion. Comparing those two teams, Indiana, it was an historic year, they were 6-1, their only loss was to Ohio State. They didn’t have the quality wins that Iowa State had.

“Iowa State had beaten Oklahoma and had beaten Texas. When it came down to comparing those two in particular, Iowa State was given the nod.”

Oklahoma will play No. 7 Florida in the Cotton Bowl, while Georgia, No. 9 in the CFP, faces No. 8 Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl.

The reactions started to come in via Twitter. Defensive tackle Jovan Swann wrote, “This is comical… I love the lack of respect. Regardless, we will stay in our lane and on our grind.”

IU coach Tom Allen added, “EARMUFFS AND BLINDERS!!!!! I Love this TEAM….you have no idea!!!”


  1. Thanks Big 10 for throwing us under the bus when it didn’t really matter if OSU played in the B1G Championship.

    Thanks Big Ten AD Barta for then doing it again to us at the CFP.

    The tire tracks are deep.

    1. You of course are exactly right hoosieriniowa. If our own conference doesn’t show enough respect to not change the rules why would the CFP surf-n-turf eating elite think different. No kiss and no vaseline. Twice.

      1. If OSU doesn’t play (and win) yesterday, they aren’t in the CFP. They were the best team in the conference and the rule change didn’t impact that at all. Can people please stop with all of the nutty conspiracy theories?

        1. BD: You are missing the point!
          Oregon at 4-2 is going to the Fiesta,..N Carolina ranked even by the committee 13th is going to the Orange etc etc. It’s about being ranked for 3 weeks in a row by the AP at #7 and being relegated to a minor bowl.

          1. There are subjective decisions that have been made that didn’t go IUs way, though not beating any ranked teams hurt us. There was no conspiracy though, which is the point you’re unsuccessfully trying to make. Sucks for us though.

        2. I totally reject your claim of conspiracy. The rule was changed for 1 specific result. If you can’t figure that out then I’ll not waste my time with you.

          1. The result would’ve been the same had they played and lost. Unfathomable that you still have yet to comprehend this fact.

          2. There was a farmer who had a dog,
            and Bingo was his name-o.
            And Bingo was his name-o.

          3. oops..I was two minutes late to the party. My response of “B-I-N-G-O” was intended for Clarion.

      1. Iowa’s AD. If he was going to be biased, it would be in our favor, not against us (conference school, in his financial interest).

        1. Iowa has had 9 losing seasons in the last 42 years (since Hayden Fry got there). Over that same period, we’ve had 30. You really think they’re worried about IU after one abbreviated season of success? Not likely. On the other hand, Barta has a $75M – $90M revenue shortfall due to Covid. They eliminated four sports as a result. His self interest would be to maximize the BiG’s bowl revenue, since every school shares it equally.

          Sorry, when you consider the facts, your argument falls apart.

  2. And now Northwestern to Citrus? Where does that leave IU? Playing some SEC team with a losing record? No way Northwestern beats IU.

    1. The ‘committee’ was loaded with academics, former players and just about everyone from Big 12 and SEC schools. Barta was the ONLY B1G person, the chair…and an incompetent, biased jerk.

      1. Totally untrue. There were three of thirteen members connected to the SEC (Florida AD, interim TA&M AD and former coach) and B12 (Oklahoma AD). There are two former players on the committee, and no “academics”.

        1. Bear Down: As usual, your over’bearance’ is only exceeded by your inaccuracy. Paola (ideal name) Boivin, a professor at Arizona State University and Ray Odierno, listed as a ‘former chief of the Army’..whatever that is. Tell you what BD,..why don’t you go back to the opinion page from whence you came. Opinions are one thing but outright bias and hatred are another.
          By the way,..I have the feeling that your ‘coaching experience’ comes from an 11 year old sitting under your folks Christmas tree with the ELECTRIC Football set your dad bought you!

          1. The lady from ASU is a long time sports journalist, Brad. You really have no idea what you’re talking about, and every post sinks you a little deeper. You completed misstated the composition of the committee. I’ll assume you were too lazy to do basic research on the members rather than suggest you were being intentionally dishonest. Regardless. You’re making accusations for which you have zero proof, and that’s never a good look.

      1. That’s cute…but as I said on another recent thread:

        Harvard for Hillbillies says:
        December 20, 2020 at 2:37 pm

        Tuttle could end up being great…but I do believe much of our lost ‘sex appeal’ in the CFP committee rankings is due to the loss of Penix.
        Penix was the “it factor” in our offense.
        When he was injured, I knew much of our future limelight went to the locker room with him.

        Carry on….Fa-la-la-la-la

  3. As of this writing, the diminishing bowl possibilities leave the Outback as the best possibility. If I were Tom Allen and Scott Dolson I’d call a news conference and announce that because of the criminal bias of the selection committee that IU is ekecting to attend the “MIDDLE FINGER BOWL”. Decline any offer and file a malfeasance lawsuit. IU does have a lot of lawyers.

      1. Actually it would. The facebook and twitter comments are everywhere and from all over the country. It would shine a light on the corruptness and unmitigated, unprecedented bias while garnering IU a lot of respect. There will be no fans wherever they go any way..and travelling to Boise or whatever to play Directional State does nothing to help the program or revenue for that matter.

        1. There’s zero evidence of corruption or bias, Brad. Zero. I realize you’re disappointed in the outcome, but there isn’t any evidence at all that anything was done in a corrupt or biased way.

          Outback Bowl in Tampa is a great result for a deserving team against Coach Allen’s former school. Let’s get that win and use it to build toward next season.

          1. The evidence, BD, is that NEVER in the history of the playoff system has a number #7 AP ranked team been left out of a New Years bowl. If you think a female professor from a PAC 12 institution and a former Army chief of whatever isn’t academia, the I guess Albert Einstein was a noted linebackers coach when Vince Lombardi was one of the ‘7 blocks of granite.’ By the way, your comments are disgustingly condescending on top of everything else.

          2. You mean a long time college football journalist and a retired 4-star general and former West Point football player? Yeah, they sound like academics to me. Both sound like people who would be prone to corrupt practices! lol. You’re not making any sense, Brad.

  4. Notre Dame loses 34-10 and still makes it in to the Top 4. I absolutely hate the politics of college football. They protect the historic programs and dump on the little ones.

    Indiana is in the Big Ten East because the B1G wants OSU, PSU, Michigan to rack up wins. They never expected Tom Allen and Indiana to rise up and start beating them. When Indiana does, they said, “But those teams are bad now.” When they used to beat Indiana and get #7 rankings, they ended up in big time bowls.

    But who knew that they’d go so far as to drop them into obscurity in a unicorn season. The sport is so corrupt.

  5. Take Florida Bowl the state is a major recuriting area for I U Football. Work for the future and prove that I U isn’t a one year wonder, and hope the Big Ten next year, isn’t preceived as a one team league to the polling and selection people. I guess that Ohio State’s significant win was the win over IU, to the selection people.

    1. Exactly. This is great for recruiting, we have a legitimate chance for a win, some fans can attend, and it’s another trip to sunny Florida. It’s a sunshiny day!

  6. Going to the Outback Bowl but there is no denying how the CFB rankings screwed IU over no matter what the reason was. Going to the Outback Bowl will be good for recruiting and to get extra practices in that will help enormously for next year.

    1. How were we “screwed over”, V? There’s nothing to suggest that, other than another school got something we thought we deserved. How is that us being “screwed over”?

      1. BD, if you ignore the two polls and IU’s season then yes they weren’t screwed. But I don’t ignore those issues and it sure looks like IU got screwed by the committee that couldn’t rank like the polls did. At this point I don’t care because IU has a chance to win a bowl and emphasize their name in Florida once again. Even if IU was knocked down because of the history of IUFB still this IU team got crewed over by that.

        It isn’t all bad because it can fire up the Hoosiers and maybe some that are thinking about leaving may decide to stay and show people how good IUFB can be in a normal [if it is] season.

        1. I’m surprised you would take the word of the writers (who vote in one poll) and the coaches (who aren’t able to watch other games and delegate their voting to support staff). I still haven’t seen anything to support the charges of corruption, though I realize people were upset and just blowing off steam, like all fans do. Lol.

  7. BD, once I heard the news about the committee leaving IU out, I couldn’t wait to read your posts. And you didn’t disappoint. “There’s no proof, there’s no proof, there’s no proof.” I’ll say one thing for you, you are consistent.

    I won’t re-litigate our debate because I know no information presented to you would change your opinion. In fact, I want to congratulate you for being one of the only Hoosier fans alive who believes IU FB has been treated fairly by the committee. I’ll bet it’s usually the case that your unique ability to always be objective makes you the one person who understands things that no one else ever does.

    1. So, what proof do you have, Po? Barca’s self interest was to push for us, not against us, but you’ve ignored that. I get the collective disappointment at not getting a higher ranked bowl, and I get the simple but obvious comparison of our 1 loss in a shortened season to Iowa States 3 in a longer one. I also get that we didn’t beat a ranked team, and they beat two. Those are all facts that were bound to be argued on behalf of both schools to support their positions as deserving of the higher ranking. I just haven’t seen you provide any evidence that there was corruption, as you and several others have alleged. I’ve asked for facts, you’ve provided none, other than to say the outcome is proof of cheating. It’s a nothingbirger argument that gets tossed on its merits (or lack thereof).

  8. As for why Barta would favor the 3-loss ISU over another Big Ten team, I’ll present two hypotheses. Maybe, just maybe, it’s in Iowa’s best interest if IU FB does not rise too far, too fast! I know, I know, there is no proof, but if you want your school to stay as one of the top FB teams in the conference, and all that comes with that reputation (recruiting advantages, sonar support, etc.) why would you ever do anything to help another conference school surpass your school? If IU FB is recognized as the second best team in the Big Ten, that diminishes Iowa FB! A second motivation (hypothesis) could simply involve politics in the state of Iowa. Is it possible that someone in Iowa whispered in Barta’s ear? You know, wink – wink, nod – nod, “hey Barta, you gotta do what’s good for the state that employs you. Your reputation will suffer if ISU is not selected to be in the New Years Six Bowls.”

    Can it be proven? Of course not. But it stinks to high heaven, and no reasonably objective person can defend it. Herbstreit gets it and he exposed it on national TV.

  9. One thing about this season and how the committee ranked IU made more people [based on comments on TV and twitter] see how IU beat the top teams in the B1G and how they pushed OSU more than anyone else.

    IU has two very good seasons with some people finding ways to knock IUFB. IU has to play the teams that are on the schedule no matter how other teams are doing. IU has had seasons with injuries or other issues that kept them from winning more but people didn’t give IU a reason not to win. If the reason MSU. Michigan, Wisconsin, and PSU were down was due to COVID19 then how did OSU, IU, NW, and Iowa have good season. If the reason was no attending the games I would say this season not only showed talent/coaching but also mental toughness by the good teams. This has been a very good run for IUFB the past two years which I hope continues to include three seasons and more in the future.

    1. I think you’d find the teams with the highest level of success were those who were able to maintain continuity during the season. IU, OSU, NU and Iowa fit that bill. Several of the others didn’t, particularly Wisconsin, who was never able to build a practice or game rhythm, and it was obvious that it impacted their play greatly.

      Always had to laugh when people talked about teams not being able to play as some advantage to them. They also couldn’t prepare, with multiple days where they couldn’t even get into their facilities. When OSU played Saturday, they were down 23 players. That has a huge impact.

  10. BD, you wrote “and it was obvious that it impacted their (Wisconsin’s) play greatly.” You have no of that! You have no proof that the inability to maintain continuity greatly affected Wisconsin’s (or any other team) ability to play. What about OSU? Some how they maintained continuity even though their schedule was significantly disrupted by COVID. And didn’t IU lose the opportunity to play Purdue because of COVID? Wouldn’t IU beating Purdue have made IU more likely to get invited to one of the New Years Day bowls and helped prepare them for a bowl game? I think the main reason Wisconsin’s play was “impacted greatly” was that they had a sub-par QB and a bad offense. IU beat WI with an inexperienced back-up QB on their home field.

    You’re not the only one who can play this game, BD.

    1. You don’t think a team is negatively impacted because they’re prevented from practicing and playing and gaining experience? Sorry, if you don’t grasp that, probably no need to discuss further.

  11. Then again, everyone understood the rules. Bad luck is part of sports and part of life. Injuries also break a lot of teams continuity (as they did with Arcchie’s team two seasons ago…Including Langford injuring his hand down the stretch). Nobody gives you a break if you can’t practice your full team because of injuries. You live with the bad luck. You live with the rules in an unfair world.

    Anyone catch Dan Dakich today….? Wow…He let IU have it. Basically said Glass and Dolson are spineless and our president has been nothing but a disaster for IU Sports. Said it’s time for IU to “get down and dirty.” Time to stop being politically correct …along with shedding the elitism indifference that has turned IU to jello pudding.
    He believes IU Football was totally screwed and it’s a disgrace that those in the power structure of IU are not being vocal.

    Honest Dan…or Entertainment Value Dan?

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