IU women add game with Tennessee on Thursday

In a year of unconventional scheduling, the Indiana women’s basketball team pulled off a coup on Monday.

The No. 15 Hoosiers will host eight-time national champion Tennessee on Thursday at 4 p.m. in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The Volunteers have 18 total Final Four appearances, as longtime head coach Pat Summit made the program a national power. One of her former players, Kellie (Jolly) Harper, is now in her second year as head coach at Tennessee, which is the only team to have appeared in every NCAA Tournament since it formally began in 1982.

IU’s scheduled game against Butler on Saturday was canceled due to COVID-19 issues within the Bulldogs’ program, sending the program scrambling for another game ahead of Sunday’s Big Ten opener with Nebraska, including a tweet from assistant coach Rhet Wierzba looking for an opponent.

“We had a couple other institutions, other schools out there we thought were in good shape with to bring to Bloomington, but one had constant tracing and 10 of their guys were out,” IU coach Teri Moren said on the Inside Indiana Women’s Basketball radio show Monday night. “When we thought we had a hook, something would happen within 24 or 48 hours.”

When the Volunteers had their game Sunday at Texas canceled, discussions intensified.

“Tennessee knew we needed a game,” Moren said. “They wanted us to come to Knoxville but we wanted a home game. Give credit to Rhet, he negotiated that, and we’ll go back down to them next year. This will be a tremendous challenge but we need a game before we open Big Ten play.

“It’s been so disruptive to the kids, and they’ve been great, but there’s been no flow to our nonconference schedule playing a week apart.”

Indiana and Tennessee have only played once before, a 91-57 win for the Volunteers on Nov. 27, 1987, in Cincinnati.

This will be the first game for the Hoosiers since a 72-68 loss at Kentucky on Dec. 6.


  1. This will be very interesting, looking forward to it! Would be very cool if the 2 schools would continue the series beyond next year. This could possibly become a very cool rivalry for the future. And it’s really not that far for fans to travel? This is a series that the 2 athletic directors need to get together and work on for the future? Go Hoosiers!!

  2. MikeC
    Absolutely agree. Would be fun to travel to Knoxville to see the lady Hoosiers win. They have a wonderful tradition, and a victory over them would be SWEET!
    GO IU!

  3. I agree with comments above. You may have noted that the only loss for Tenn. is an OT loss to west virginia. Our girls have to be chomping at the bit to get on the floor again to play somebody, anybody to releave some of their pent up frustrations from the Ky loss.

  4. The disturbing thing that is sometimes seen since T. Moren era of coaching is that (which was case in KY game) is that IU Ladies get leveraged out of games = Loss. It’s happened time and time again. Last year the same thing happened against Ohio State. Ohio State started making shots and plays successfully and put IU Ladies on their heels. IN BOTH, KY GAME AND OHIO STATE GAME IU LADIES HAD MUCH DIFFICULTY EXECUTING TO PUT THE BALLIN BUCKET. These are two examples that IU Ladies really just didn’t match opponents shooting 3 ball, making non 3 ball shots, and free throws.

  5. Seems to me we need to see Nicole Cardano-Hillary. I can find no one that knows what is happening with her (e-mailed Jeremy Price). Might she still be eligible this year and next? If she has to sit this year (do not know why with the likes of Taylor Mikesell getting immediate eligibility), will she have 2 more years or just the one she would have had without the NCAA covid exception eligibility ruling. Also any more word on Paige Price arrival (and I assume immediate eligibility)?

    1. The NCAA approved a blanket transfer waiver yesterday for all sports. Nicole is now able to play immediately.

  6. IU Ladies need to be confident and execute putting the ball in bucket with Ladies they have now period….as T. Moren seems to claim that they have that ability. (this includes 3 ball, non 3 ball, and free throws). T. Moren seems to season after season claim that IU Ladies can score and put ball in basket but this seems to be inconsistent at important times against good teams.

  7. Moren has mentioned more than once about her girls knocking down shots in practice , but there is not real pressure even against practice players. In the game pressure mounts to hit those shots and it doesnt happen. You can expect it to be very difficult inside for Holmes so can she really hit from the outside , would be helpfull if she can , or she doesnt have to shoot, they collapse on her kick it back out to an open player.

  8. Some of these Ladies ought to be really good scorers and shooters in flow of game with a high level team. KY had laser confidence like other players/teams that play IU Ladies from high level teams. IU Ladies defense almost becomes non factor. In turn… unless they prove differently IU Ladies, get a tiny bit fatigued, tight, scared a little, indecisive about playing not to lose rather than continue to play to win. It affects confidence on shooting when opponents leverage game away from IU by playing physical throwing IU Ladies off just enough. IU Ladies are still a really good team but I am talking about the difference of eliteness (top 10 team) vs really good a top 15 to 20 team.

  9. Agree. And it can open up things for teammates (shooting) game. However, the Ladies that are already playing have to put ball in the basket including the 3 ball as T. Moren claims they can do.

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