IU downs No. 4 Iowa, 81-69, on the road

In the post, Indiana appeared to have found itself in one of the more unfavorable matchups possible.

Iowa senior Luka Garza, one of the leading candidates for national player of the year, was one-on-one with freshman Jordan Geronimo. It was 6-foot-11 versus 6-6. Experience versus rawness. IU’s foul trouble versus its inevitable end.

But as Geronimo faced down one of the most talented players in the country, he stood tall. His arms reached as high as they could. With a seven-foot wingspan, Geronimo’s arms can reach pretty high.

Garza’s shot went over Geronimo’s fingertips, but the ball sputtered off the rim. Down the other way, the ball found Geronimo’s hands on that very possession. His arms reached up again, this time slamming the ball through the rim.

In an 81-69 win at No. 4 Iowa, what would seem unfavorable wasn’t. The high-powered offensive attack of the Hawkeyes derailed, hitting just 26.5 percent from the floor in the second half. At one point, Iowa missed 12 straight shots and went 11 minutes without a field goal.

On the other hand, IU had both likely and unlikely heroes. Trayce Jackson-Davis led the way with 23 points, but he found himself on the bench for a sizeable chunk of the second half, tied down by four fouls. Race Thompson was saddled with four, too.

So it was Geronimo who had to guard Garza. It was Anthony Leal, his freshman counterpart, who hit a key 3-pointer to tie the game at 53-all with just over nine minutes remaining. Down the stretch, IU would hit 12 of its last 18 shots.

More importantly, an IU team that has struggled mightily from the free throw line reversed the trend. Senior guard Al Durham, who went 9-of-10 from the line, sank four pairs to maintain the lead.

“I’m proud of our guys. Really proud of them,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “As a coach, you want your guys to be a reflection of what they do every day. In some ways, we have been a reflection of what we’ve been doing every day. We weren’t playing hard. We weren’t playing tough enough. And bottom line is we lost confidence in what we did well for a long part of the season.”

IU (9-6, 4-4 Big Ten) came into Thursday’s game needing one thing: a reset. After falling short so many times to quality teams, especially on the road at Florida State and Wisconsin, both in overtime, the Hoosiers found a win that will put them solidly back into the NCAA tournament conversation. They won handily this time, in regulation.

It came a week after a terrible loss, by the same score, 81-69, to rival Purdue in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. The Hoosiers had a week to find themselves in practice because a game scheduled for this past Sunday versus Michigan State was canceled due to COVID-19 issues with the Spartans. It was time to “draw a line in the sand,” as Miller put it, and rediscover hard work.

IU definitely found itself defensively, holding the Hawkeyes to just 38.1 percent shooting Thursday. But there were other stories of resilience within the game, including Geronimo. He has played sparingly, averaging four minutes per game in five previous Big Ten contests.

Jackson-Davis, who goes up against Geronimo in practice, knew the freshman’s spirits weren’t high. Geronimo was ready for a 10-minute run at Iowa, though.

“This week in practice, we really tried to put an emphasis on getting his confidence back up,” Jackson-Davis said. “He came in after practice these last few days and was really amped up and ready to play, and he did a really, really good job guarding one of the best players in the country.”

Garza finished with 28 points and 12 rebounds, but Jackson-Davis noted Garza’s 10-of-22 success rate from the field, which, for him, isn’t all that great. 

“That’s hard to do,” Jackson-Davis said. “Coming and doing that as a freshman, really proud of him, honestly.”

IU’s foul trouble in the frontcourt was just an added deficit because the Hoosiers were without freshman Trey Galloway due to a back ailment. But the Hoosiers’ other guards stepped up.

Rob Phinisee, who has had an up-and-down season thus far, came through with 18 points. He was 4-of-7 from 3-point range. Miller also thought Phinisee may have had one of the best defensive performances of his career.

Iowa (12-3, 6-2) was just 5-of-23 from 3-point range, all the more impressive given IU’s struggles guarding the perimeter in recent weeks. Joe Wieskamp, one of Iowa’s better shooters, hit his first three 3s in the first half, but he wouldn’t make another all night.

“For the amount of minutes he played,” Miller said of Phinisee’s 32, “he was unbelievable on the ball.”

As the Hawkeyes sunk offensively, the Hoosiers strung together the winning plays they’ve so often struggled to find. Leal hit his 3 to tie it at 53-all. Geronimo went through Wieskamp in the paint to tie it at 55-all. Durham hit a pull-up jumper, and Armaan Franklin hit a corner 3. Suddenly, IU held a 60-55 lead with six minutes left.

But the lead grew. Thompson fed Jerome Hunter in the paint for a lay-in, and Phinisee nailed a 3-pointer from the corner to make it 67-56.

Suddenly, IU was up by a lot.

IU just had to do something it hasn’t done well to close it out: Hit free throws. And the Hoosiers found their stroke. Phinisee hit a pair. Durham hit another pair, and the Hoosiers led 71-59 with just over 100 seconds left in the contest.

Three more pairs from Durham salted it away, giving the Hoosiers some renewed confidence heading into a home contest with Rutgers on Sunday.

“The week off really, really helped us,” Jackson-Davis said. “In some cases, it hurt some teams, not being able to play, get games in and be able to keep going and get that rhythm. With us, it was a reset. Coming off the loss to Purdue, we were kind of a lost team.

“Just getting our legs back under us, I think our defensive intensity was raised in practice. Coach wasn’t allowing slippage in practice as well. That translated to the game.”

Now it’s just about holding that standard.

“More importantly than the win, which I’m excited about,” Miller said, “I’m just excited our team got to see the benefits of getting back and having a great attitude and working hard at practice and some of the things we are going to need to do going forward.”

(above photo courtesy of IU Athletics)


  1. Huge win! Beautiful basketball tonight (what free throws?).

    Big shout out to Geronimo. Absolutely held fast on the defensive end against who is likely to be the player of the year. Absolutely right as nails tonight.

    So nice to see those threes go down. Those looks were there and they finally started converting.

    Big shout to Archie tonight. They attacked every time they switched to man defense tonight. Either got a bunny, fouled or the short side was wide open. His game plan and adjustments were flawless.

    Lastly, these kids haven’t hung their heads or complained. They stepped up and came out tonight playing hard. Even going down ten they fought. Big win for them!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a blue light special on aisle 5. No one more surprised than moi. Great effort. Sagging aggresive defense on Garza. Aggressive rebounding. Best complete game since Miller arrived. Still America’s worst free throw shooting team.

  3. Defense travels. It’s why we had a puncher’s chance @ Wisc & @ IL.

    Phinisee was THE MAN tonight!
    Durham hit clutch FTs.
    Geronimo was really solid.
    Race really worked his rear off to keep Garza in check.
    & Trayce was Trayce.
    & Armaan was Armaan.

    Almost pulled the hair I have left out when Durham missed TJD on the wide open Hail Mary & Armaan gave the ball away on their end with < 2 min. left. Those were 2 of our 3 TOs in the 2nd half.

    BIG BIG WIN!!! The VERY FIRST win by an unranked IU team over a top 5 opponent on the road in history. I’ll take it & stop bitching about the mishaps.

    1. In case you couldn’t see it Armaan is still playing hurt! His 0/5 on 3’s vs Purdue and late game TO’s vs IA showed it. But he is a warrior! His stat line of 11 points, 2/4 on 3’s, 3/4 on FT, 6 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 assist prove it. But his second half defense holding Wieskamp to zero made 3’s in the second half was awesome! Now if Archie will just play Geronimo and Leal 20 minutes per game, IU can win. Plus get Galloway healthy and work Stewart into the rotation, and IU has good depth. If someone makes too many TO’s, sit them out. If anyone does not give 100% effort, sit them out. All of the tools are there. Use them all and win!

  4. Surprise, surprise, surprise! It’s looks like IU made the best of their time off. They were well rested and played with a lot of energy and stamina tonight. Iowa just could not keep up in the second half. But if not for Durham making his FTs at the end, this would have been another game in which IU played good defense, played very hard, but was left with another bitter defeat. Durham deserves the game ball for simply making 9/10 free throws down the stretch.

    This was a big win for this IU team, but let’s be honest; Iowa’s best three point shooter could not hit water from a boat tonight. I think he had an 0-fer, and just could not get his three-point shots to fall. Some of the reason was due to IU’s excellent defense. Regardless, it’s good that we finally had a break go our way.

    Geronimo made significant contributions tonight. He showed that he’s got great potential. it was as if he suddenly realized that he belongs in this conference. I hope his performance tonight springboards him to much more significant contributions the rest of the season.

    Tough for me to evaluate TJD’s game tonight. He had his hands full on defense, scored above his ppg average, but he still missed too many FTs and too many shots at the rim.

  5. Most of you have such frail egos that you can’t even admit how you were throwing this team under the bus and predicting them to get annihilated at Iowa. Shame on you. Shame on you for being such negative fans.

    The big boost was the bench points. And what a wonderfully managed game by Archie to somehow keep Race and Trayce from fouling out.

    If we can manage .500 (of course, I’d prefer better) the rest of the conference season, this win gets a March Madness ticket punched. It was that big. So sorry to those who were negatively predicting NIT at best. Move to Georgia already. Take Dakich with you.

    Dear Dan Dakich,

  6. And kudos to Rich Beckman…One of the few on Scoop, along with AWinAZ, who said this team had 3-pt potential and refused to throw the team under the bus.

  7. Not surprised by this W. Wis. and FSU were games IU played well but fell short. For the most part in season the offense has created opportunities to take good shots. For whatever reason many times they did not fall. At Iowa they did. The D was stout. Yes Iowa was short 1 player. IU was short 2 players. Scary to think how good IU can be when they shoot FT at 72%. 8 turnovers last night with 15 assists. That’s IUBB. Miller knows how to coach.

  8. Where did that team come from? It’s good to win but for this game it’s how they played the game except for free throw shooting. IU defense and excellent aggressive play caused Iowa poor shooting and play plus IU shots were falling. Team looked like they were feeling good about themselves, confident, and having fun.

  9. “I’m proud of our guys. Really proud of them,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “As a coach, you want your guys to be a reflection of what they do every day. In some ways, we have been a reflection of what we’ve been doing every day. We weren’t playing hard. We weren’t playing tough enough. And bottom line is we lost confidence in what we did well for a long part of the season.”

    Say what you will about Coach Archie. But this guy tells it EXACTLY like it is. He’s growing on me, and his candor is one of the reasons.
    Must admit, beating Iowa boosted my opinion of him. 🙂

  10. I’ve always been a big fan of Archie personally. Since Day 1, he’s never thrown anyone under the bus, has taken responsibility when things go wrong and without a doubt has strong basketball IQ. I’ve had a difficult time understanding why this hasn’t translated to better results in the W-L column. Anyone who has easy answers here is being solipsistic.

    This year has been frustrating, but there’s room for optimism after last night. Is this a trend? Anomalous?

    I lightly hold this, but one area that I think has been impacted by Covid, has been the preseason. With the shortened season, freshmen didn’t get any minutes, so their development has been slowed. Geronimo last night was an obvious one. BUT, one thing I notice last night was Lander. He only played 4 min and no point, assists or rebounds, but he was out there playing as part of the system. He looked like a B1G player last night and on the defensive end, he had a nice steal. And, Leal. Man, does he look like he might be a long-term answer to our 3 point shooting issues.

    I’ll let you binary thinkers just back into your proxy wars with each other. I haven’t stopped and won’t stop routing for these guys to pull out a solid season, and for Archie Miller to succeed at Indiana. I also won’t hesitate to call out issues as I see them.

    1. ^^^ 100% agree.

      All of the unsupportive naysayers on this site get all to caught up in inconsistent poor shooting. The reality is, poor shooting makes it look like any team has no clue. We just D’d up the best 3 shooting team in the country. They just didn’t hit shots last night and we did. We out-executed them and certainly out-toughed them outside of Garza, who is just a load inside. When shots fall, the game is beautiful. Sometimes, like vs. Purdue, they didn’t go in and the roles were reversed last night. We hit 8 3’s and they hit 5 & only 1 in the 2nd half late when Garza drilled one.

      Archie keeps referring to needing to get players more minutes. If foul trouble is what it takes, so be it, let’s get in foul trouble. This team looked well-oiled last night when both Trayce and Race were out of the game from like the under 9 min. to just more than 4 min. Clearly, our Fr. need more time and last night they just didn’t make many mistakes at all.

      Lastly, this win means more than a home win vs. Purdue at season’s end. As much as I emotionally want to beat Purdue, I’ll take this one of the two.

      1. Well said.

        Another note on the defense. They didn’t just have an off shooting night. There was a defender in the face of everyone when a shot went up. Iowa just could clear the ball to anyone who was open. The way they collapsed on Garza, too, was great.

        This win put Indiana back up at #22 in KenPom. As you said, a much better resume builder than the Purdue game if one had to choose.

      2. AwinAZ: Poor shooting hasn’t been the only problem with this team. Most of the year they played as if they didn’t want to be there. Poor defense. Turnovers…..and yes the unforgiveable foul shooting which wasn’t any better last night. What was different was cohesiveness, purpose, determination, execution and better, more aggressive rebounding. It was a one night turnaround. Let’s see ifbthey keep it up.

    2. As to3 point shooting (B1G only): Durham .324; Franklin .40; Phinisee .323; Leal .417; Lander.40; Hunter .348; Geronimo .333; Galloway .143. So Leal, Franklin, Lander (2 freshmen and 1 sophomore) shoot away. Hunter and Geronimo, if you are open, shoot. Phinisee and Durham, we need your scoring, so if you are open, shoot. Galloway only shoot if the shot clock is under 5! Lol.

  11. Obviously I was wrong, not a 20 point loss. To me, the most impressive part of this win was the team approach, each person was critical to get the win. Kind of strange on the foul shots. First one made and the second one missed. If you recorded game watch the sidelines. Teammates were the cheer leaders on every play. TJD coaching on the sidelines and during the game. Check out the IU website the photos, captured the enthusiasm

  12. Great game! Really nice to see Geronimo play like he belonged. He’s going to be a terrific player. With the ability to play larger than his size, he will help ease the time burden on Trayce and Race.

    Still offensive potential to be tapped!

    Progress is not linear, but this was a great step.

    1. Speaking of which, last night the announcers were saying that Geronimo is listed at 6’4″. Doesn’t he seem bigger? I mean, I get that my eyes may have been deceiving me after seeing him banging on Garza last night. But he didn’t look like a 6’4″ guard last night. Might we be seeing an 18 yr who hasn’t stopped growing yet.

      1. ESPN lists Geronimo as 6’6″. Somewhere I read/heard that he has a 7′ wing span. I believe the recruiting sites emphasized his athleticism.

  13. Congratulations to IU. They deserved this win. They played hard and Durham made his free throws down the stretch. I don’t think Iowa plays this poorly for the rest of the season. I would like to think this is the start of a trend, but I don’t think so. Players don’t change overnight and neither do coaches. At best, IU is an average team, desperately in need of strong recruiting. But at least for one night, and looking through rose colored glasses, all is right with IU basketball.

  14. About 5 years ago I began noticing how teams on offense, at all levels, began incorporating sending their post player out about 22-25′ to set picks on guards.
    I thought, and still do, it’s a poor, unneccessary, needless strategy. For the most part vs Iowa TJD or whomever was in the ‘post’ didn’t. I think it forced the Iowa big men to stay down on the blocks and help IU’s flow. I don’t recall Walton, Benson, Wilt, Russell, Bellamy, Rule, Lanier, Gilmore or Mel Daniels ever running to the top of the key to set picks..why it’s done now as a ‘common’ offensive set is beyond me. Whether it was CAM directing it, or TJD & co. staying on the blocks,…..keep doing it.

  15. 1 game vs Iowa in Iowa gym. Is it an excellent teaser win or a win in a successful process? Unsure.

  16. Beating Iowa on the road was a big win and I was thrilled last night. But to compliment Hoosier Hopeful’s comments above, let’s not forget that last night’s upset win was nothing new for Archie-coached IU teams. Over each of the last three seasons, IU has produced similar upsets. Two seasons ago, IU beat highly ranked MSU twice. So while I’m thrilled with the win, I don’t believe it signals any major turning point, either for this IU team or for Archie’s program. Last night’s win should not have been an upset because beating Iowa is what IU BB is supposed to do, every season! I’ll start to get excited when Archie’s teams start beating Purdue on a regular basis.

    In spite of a few big upset wins over the last three and a half seasons, Archie’s IU teams have consistently had the same flaws. First, his IU teams have not had any consistently good shooters, from 3-point range, the FT line, mid-range or at the rim. Secondly, none of his IU teams have had a dominant big (i.e., Center). We got to see what a dominant big looks like last night. Brunk’s O.K., and I wish he was playing now, but he’s not a dominant big. Lastly, and maybe this is just bad luck, but it seems like IU’s roster has, over the last four seasons, always been depleted by injuries. Is that just a coincidence? I have no idea, but it begs the questions “why.”

    In the middle of his fourth season at IU, from my perspective, Archie has not proven he can recruit the right combination of talent or enough of it. Yes, he has signed some star talent, but it doesn’t appear that he signs the right supporting cast. TJD is a star, but he needs a really good outside shooter to compliment him and a center who can take the pressure off him in the paint. And on top of that, and it’s quite obvious, Archie has not demonstrated the ability to improve individual player’s shooting skills. Yes, his players improve in their defensive skills and are good at rebounding for their lack of size, but season after season they are deficient on offense (i.e., they suck at shooting the ball).

    Whether Archie deserves another year at IU will continue to be up for debate, but regardless he’s going to get one. Whether he is retained after the 2021/2022 season will depend on his team’s ability to produce more performances like last night’s and figure out a way to beat Purdue.

      1. If you label the truth as “negativity,” that’s your problem. But please, feel free to refute my statements and convince me that I am wrong.

          1. Since when did you accept mediocrity from IU Men’s BB? Since when did your expectations of IU men’s BB drop so low? But hey, if 19-win seasons satisfy you, I’m happy for you.

          2. You have been a revolving video crying wolf and the sky is falling for years around here. Perpetually declaring something has gone to hell, is going to hell or will be going to hell.

        1. Po: A lot of folks aren’t comfortable with the obvious. Every point you made is on the money. Like one of our posters mentioned recently; ‘Recruiting is the canary in the mine’..
          IU’s still having to don gas masks.

          1. The only thing obvious is how much you blew a prediction out your cakehole. That’s the only thing you’re currently having a difficult comfort level.

            A sidelined Brunk and a rather abrupt transfer of another athletic big in Smith are more obvious factors that make the win even more glorious against a team many argue to have the best inside-outside scoring offense in the country…Well, actually, it’s not even arguable. Iowa is near the top in offensive efficiency and scoring.

            Recruiting…? Just fine. Three Mr. Basketballs in succession. Galloway has a great b-ball IQ. Kids that appear to embrace the candy stripes and are building chemistry. A lot of heart displayed. Trayce Jackson-Davis an emerging superstar. And Geronimo…? That young man may be the true diamond in the rough.

            Get behind this bunch…They are deep, sharing the ball and fun to watch.

          2. Brad, I’ve always believed people will continue to get what they tolerate. The apathy of so many IU fans mystifies me, especially when it comes to BB. HC chooses to exaggerate and take my comments out of context (“crying wolf and the sky is falling”, etc.) rather than try to refute my arguments. It’s easier to try to silence dissenters than it is to debate them. I’m simply not satisfied with IU BB under Archie’s leadership. I’m not seeing enough progress in his fourth season. I don’t find 18 or 19 win seasons acceptable for IU BB. IU finishing 6th or 7th in the Big Ten and not making the NCAA should be embarrassing to every IU BB fan. And how can IU BB fans tolerate losing eight straight games to Purdue? If others are O.K. with that level of mediocrity, they’ll continue to get it.

            I’m looking for signs that Archie is poised to transform IU BB from a mediocre program to the elite program it once was. I mean, that’s why he was hired. But I’m not seeing the signs. I’m not seeing them from his recruiting or in the development of his players. Archie’s 2021 recruiting class was a “disaster.” That’s not my word, that’s the word used by numerous college BB experts in the media. And that is, as I stated in a previous post, the canary in the coal mine.

            It is my sincere hope that starting tomorrow, his team’s performance provides a sign that Archie has the program turned in the right direction, toward re-establishing IU BB amongst the elite. Nothing would please me more.

          3. And you know how some coaches get to 25 – 27 win seasons? It’s called adding in way too many cupcakes and the revolving benefit of intermittent super-soft conference scheduling.

            I believe most college basketball aficionados will explain just how much more balanced and “premier” the BigTen conference has become the last few seasons. If you’re paying attention to any BigTen broadcast on any network, the “theme” of this year’s BigTen is one of the toughest ever.

            Do you even remember the last regime..? Do you recall the slew of cupcakes to “exaggerate” success while padding numbers of wins atop average teams? Do you recall the very fortunate conference line-up where many of our double match-ups were against the bottom feeders?

            The conference is currently so much deeper right now.. Projection is up to 10 teams for this year’s NCAA tournament. You are not comparing apples and apples.

            Mediocrity is when your non-conference scheduling is frosted with many cupcakes and you have much fewer dual meetings than with the upgraded conference opponents now in the BigTen mix.

            Lastly, I don’t believe Archie to be anywhere near as deficient in recruiting ability than the last guy was deficient in coaching ability. Talk about accepting mediocrity. Twenty turnovers a game? Can’t even inbound a ball or draw anything up in a timeout? Weaves to nowhere…? …compared to how our guys were snapping the ball around against Iowa?
            And how did you accept such mediocrity on the defensive side of the ball? So little communication …that cue cards were used to teach 8th grade defensive fundamentals?
            And you still dare to even use the word “mediocre” against the backdrop of what Archie inherited? We had become the Basketball School for the X’s & O’s Disadvantaged.
            If the basketball IQ under the last regime was on an SAT equivalency, a score of 300 in X’s and 300 in O’s gets you accepted. Mediocrity? Give me a break!

          4. Mediocrity truly sucks. It wasn’t that long ago we were on track and flying high! We have, oh, so lost our way….Lol.

          5. I’m plowing down the street in my bus with the sole purpose of mowing down a guy…I then slip her into reverse and roll over him again. Then, forward again. Then I get out of my bus and say to the guy, “No sweat. Those are just mediocre tire tracks on your back. Nothing would please me more if you got up right now …because I’m a great fan of yours.”

          6. Since you can’t recognize apathy I’m astonished you can spell it. As far as context your only position is the glass is empty.

    1. What is your source for the statement “but regardless”Archie will get another year as the IU basketball head coach?

      1. No source, just my belief. I don’t believe IU wants or can afford to pay Archie a lot of severance money in these times of reduced revenue. And I’m not sure IU’s Administration could hire a coach who they are confident would be any better. IMO, the decision to give Archie a fifth season will be a business decision.

  17. Nope…No backpedaling allowed. We’re simply holding you to the following:

    Podunker says:
    January 19, 2021 at 2:33 pm

    I’m sure it would help the team to have Brunk back healthy, but it’ll be too late to salvage this season. If we’re fortunate, our post season will be limited to playing in the NIT.

    No Galloway last night…but many timely buckets and great contributions from Geronimo and Leal. Geronimo demonstrated unbelievable maturity for such little minutes under his belt. Did all he could to muscle Garza like a savvy veteran (burned Iowa on the inside on some backdoor cuts , too).
    Additionally, we still have Stewart waiting in the wings. Leal proving he has a very nice stroke and the guts to make a big dagger delivering shot.

    The ball movement and sharing of the ball among the guards was also phenomenal. 8 turnovers for the entire game. It was a clinic. It was a complete team effort. If you are undermining that effort or can’t enjoy what was witnessed last night, you are a lost cause to Crean Melancholy Syndrome forever.

  18. Suddenly feel the need to review my 50 year old textbooks ….. passive-aggressive communication.

  19. Great win, I agree with others who commented that this will be huge in the NCAA tourney picks. BUT – am I the only one who cringes every time that TJD goes to the the free throw line? For a player with so many skills he has the most nonchalant approach to shooting ft’s as any player I can remember. As he gets to the line often, he has to cost us 3-4 points a game. Where are the coaches? I have to believe that they are aware of this – and just as frustrated.

  20. Let’s keep things in perspective. IU made 60% of its FT attempts last night, and that includes Durham making nine of ten. Making only 60% is bad enough, but if you remove Durham’s ten FT attempts, Durham’s teammates made only 11 of 25, or 44%. That’s embarrassing! Iowa made 76% of its FT attempts.

    IU had 32 rebounds last night and Iowa had 46.

    IU committed 8 turnovers (excellent) and Iowa had 12.

    IU made 47% of its 3-point shots. That’s really good. Iowa, normally a very good 3-point shooting team, was 5 – 23, for 21.7%. Obviously, that’s terrible.

    So it’s pretty clear IU won last night because Iowa had a terrible night shooting threes. IU needed to play well and they did. We deserved a break and we finally got one. Let’s see if last night’s performance can be duplicated.

  21. You’re assessing all of Iowa’s struggles from the 3-pt line as if it had nothing to do with the defense being played…? Sad. Sad to have such a dismal understanding of the game.

    And I highly doubt many teams will out-rebound Garza and the Hawkeyes. But to do as well as we did (plus no Brunk) while having early ticky-tack fouls called on Race and Trayce? It was a clinic of how a team takes adversity and overcomes….Degrading the Hoosiers after such a mighty team effort is beyond a shameful representation of a fan. Absolutely nothing to do with accepting mediocrity. It’s treasuring the sort of team play that took a Mike Davis coached Hoosier team to our last Final Four….when they upset #1 Duke. A total team effort. It epitomizes what college basketball is all about.

    If you merely enjoy shooting performances of undefended marksmen, I would suggest the NBA or a dartboard.

  22. So Iowa lost last night because they had a terrible night shooting threes?

    I’m confused.

    Lemme just clear this up. Is this what happened? Indiana won because they scored more points than Iowa? Is that what you are saying?

  23. It may be Carver-Hawkeye, but it was the Hoosiers who sliced up a Hawkeye team appearing the Wüsthof.

  24. Wüsthof….(worst off)….Brand of high quality knives…Made in Germany. Tough crowd.

  25. Don’t mean to nitpick…but I’m going to. I really think the headline on this thread could have contained just a bit more impact than “IU downs #4 Iowa”…..It was on the road against a top-ranked team…Hawkeyes have an unbelievable win-loss record at home over the last two seasons. I believe Iowa has won 9 straight at home. They were undefeated. They have the premier center in the country. We were somewhere around a 10 point underdog…and many were predicting far worse. The headline makes it sound like we were playing Chicago State.

    IU stuns #4 Iowa…..was plenty justified for a headline especially considering just how much the Hoosiers manhandled and outplayed Iowa in the second half.

  26. So…the January 30th IU – Michigan game is postponed?

    Looks like another nine days off between Rutgers and Illinois.

  27. And by today’s performance, it looks like we’re going to need it.

    How many layups and bunnies at the rim did IU miss today?

  28. The highs…The lows…The whys …The woes.

    Let’s just focus on a ‘why.’ Why not extend the game down 3 with 40 seconds to go? You allow Rutgers to completely run the shot clock down? That”s basically leaving yourself one outside opportunity/possession to tie the game (assuming you make the stop and/or get a board). Rutgers has had some struggles from the line….I foul early in the shot clock and extend the game and extend possessions. Baffled by that decision….Completely baffled. .

    Costly. The conference is just too deep this season to have letdowns. Tell me where the weak team is? And we still haven’t played MSU or Michigan…and still have OSU and Purdue on the road. Yikes. Costly and disappointing afternoon. I guess that was the woes…and the lows.

    My “high” from Thursday is planning a vacation…yet again.

    Variant strains of Covid shutting down all Michigan sports for 14 days….? Not looking real promising for March. I don’t know how you get through a conference tournament or March Madness tournament if anything happens similar in six to eight weeks from now.

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