IU’s losing streak to Purdue stretches to eight in 81-69 loss

Indiana coach Archie Miller could do the math himself, going through a list of stats from an 81-69 loss to Purdue.

“We shot 3-of-18 from 3, they shot 11-for-17 from 3. They went 20-for-31 from the (free throw) line, we went 16-of-29,” Miller said, shrugging his shoulders.

He continued, resigned to a reality he already understood. “Missed 14 free throws, a few pairs, and went 3-for-18 from 3. Didn’t shoot the ball well.”

The math was excruciating. Losing to Purdue for an eighth time in a row, maddening. Six of those losses have come on Miller’s watch.

This one was just as painful. The Boilermakers came out and hit six of their first seven 3-pointers, with little resistance, in the first 11 minutes. Falling behind 29-17, the Hoosiers would fight back, slimming the margin to 40-36 at the half. But then they would crumble.

Behind just 57-53 with under 10:47 to go, IU hit just 4-of-16 from the field the rest of the way. IU finished the night at 43.9 percent shooting to Purdue’s 53.2.

“So your defense is really going to have to be good,” Miller said. “And that’s what happens in this league when you don’t have that side of the ball in check.”

The ledger was not at all balanced, and neither is the rivalry series. Another year, another loss to Purdue.

Now the Hoosiers have to sit on it for a while, because Sunday’s game at Michigan State has been postponed because of COVID-19 issues with the Spartans. That leaves the Hoosiers (8-6, 3-4 Big Ten) to look inward for a week, with the defensive end needing attention.

“They made shots. They made a lot of them, and we didn’t deserve to win this game,” Miller said. “We’re going to have to take this one and eat it. It hurts. Disappointed in the performance. It’s on me.”

Buckets came too easy for the Boilers (9-5, 4-3), particularly from beyond the arc. Trevion Williams, Purdue’s imposing forward, had 22 points and 10 rebounds, but he was surrounded by shooters.

Eric Hunter Jr. hit 3-of-4 from 3-point range on his way to 11 points. Brandon Newman was 2-of-3 from 3 on his way to 12 points. Jaden Ivey was 2-of-2 from deep for 13.

“They made them, and once they got off to a good start, the bottom line is they played with great confidence the rest of the game,” Miller said. “They played easy.”

There were moments where the Hoosiers had some bravado on the offensive end, too. Trayce Jackson-Davis came through with 25 points, finishing through contact, motioning to a sparse crowd for an energetic response. Sophomore Armaan Franklin, back from an ankle injury, was as aggressive as ever on his way to 14 points. Race Thompson had 13 points and 10 rebounds, as well.

But it’s in the small but glaring details where the Hoosiers were lacking. At times, IU couldn’t get out of its own way.

Franklin definitely hustled despite his game-time status, helping pick up IU’s intensity on both ends as a 29-17 first-half deficit was cut to 40-36 by the break. But Franklin was also 6-of-15 from the floor, including 0-of-5 from beyond the arc. And sometimes, he was wildly off.

Jackson-Davis scored, for sure, but he left points at the free throw line. He was 7-of-14 from there. Not to mention, with the Hoosiers down 57-53, Jackson-Davis stepped into the lane too early on a Mason Gillis free throw, a front-end miss in the one-and-one bonus. Gillis then hit his next free throw. And the next one, too.

What should have been a four-point lead went to six, starting a tumble where Purdue built a 69-58 lead. During that stretch, which lasted 5:47 of game time, IU wouldn’t score a field goal. But if shooting droughts happen — and for this team, far too often, they happen — the Hoosiers need to be able to win with their defense.

And they couldn’t.

“Can’t lose the ability to hang in there with our defense,” Miller said. “Offensively, we are going to have to shoot the ball better and we are going to have to make some more free throws.”

As an unexpected break arrives, it’s time for the Hoosiers to take stock but also recover. IU has two of the Big Ten’s leaders in minutes played, Jackson-Davis and senior guard Al Durham, and it’s not ideal for a 6-9 forward to be averaging 34 minutes per game. Plus, two other Hoosiers could stand to get healthier.

Franklin and Rob Phinisee — who sprained a knee at Nebraska — both were able to play Thursday, but they may have not been at their best. Phinisee had four points.

IU also has to shoot the ball better, from 3 and the free throw line. But defense is where Miller is most concerned. How his team has guarded the 3-point line has become a troubling trend, with opponents making an average of nearly 9.5 3s per game over a five-game stretch.

It’s also just a break from the grind. While the Hoosiers are 3-2 in their last five games, losses to Wisconsin and Purdue have each been maddening in their own way. The Badgers just barely escaped in double overtime. Purdue escaped Assembly Hall with yet another win in the series, and the Hoosiers couldn’t argue it was their best effort.

“It’s not a fun thing, losing to a team that many times in a row. Gets kinda old,” Franklin said. “We wanted to be the team to change the culture about it, rewrite the story. We didn’t do that tonight. Unfortunately, we didn’t make enough plays and hit enough shots.

“We’ll see them again and try to pick it up next time.”

Simply put, the numbers they left on the stat sheet will never lead to victory. And in this conference, this year, victories are hard to come by.

“At the end of the day, in this league, one loss feels monumental, just because of the grind you are on. One win feels great, but, like, there’s a lot more coming,” Miller said. “We have to be better, and we have to be ready.”


  1. Ok, I tried. I tried to listen to the positive. I tried to have hope.

    I’m done.

    This team stinks. This is the worst team Purdue has had in 5 years and they came in a played like they wanted it more. They look like they actually cared. There’s more talent on the IU roster, but there’s no heart in their chests.

    Mark it. Today is the day for me. Jan 14, 2021. Sorry Archie, but you aren’t the guy. Not defending you anymore. Not being able to beat Purdue in 4 years is about as bad as it gets. Your teams don’t look prepared, they don’t do anything well and I don’t even know what to think. You replaced Bruiser Flint with Mike Roberts and now even Tim Priller would take a 2nd look elsewhere.

    Just look at these stats: 16.7% from 3 and 55% FT shooting.

    Rob Phinisee and Al Durham 3-10 and 8 pts total.

    I called this team the Indiana Mediocrities earlier. Who knew that I was being generous?

  2. Frankly, it’s not just bad,..rather after 0-7, embarrassing. Ryan Joseph ‘Archie’ Miller’s time at IU needs to expire at the end of the schedule. There is no legitimate reason to do otherwise. The ‘good news’,…the rough part of the schedule is coming up if anyone thinks I’m wrong. At least fans won’t have to go far to watch the tournament this year.

  3. Coach Miller needs a shot coach, Tom Crean had one, the shooting coach could start at the free throw line as a basic starting point for learning to make shots.

    1. If you grew up in a Pennsylvania coaching family, are actually about 5’7″, played point guard in the ACC and still need a ‘shooting coach’..you have no business coaching at this level. Period. How he has managed to con people this long reminds me of the 17 year old kid that became a United Airlines pilot, a surgeon, a counterfeiter, and 10 other fake identies. He ended up working for the FBI. IU should feel lucky he hasn’t gotten them in trouble with the NCAA like his brother. Dolson, cut bait!

      1. I guess he conned his way to an Elite 8 in 2014….Our con artists had managed one Elite 8 in 25 years before Archie took the Indiana job.

      2. And how did I not include Dayton in ‘Conference Midwest Elite?’ Sorry about that, Archie.

        Revised Totals (2010-19) Elite Eight Appearances:
        Conference Midwest Elite (12 teams*) : 29
        Indiana: 0

        UK 7
        MSU 4
        LOUISVILLE 3
        MICHIGAN 3
        BUTLER 2
        NOTRE DAME 2
        OSU 2
        WISCONSIN 2
        DAYTON 1
        PURDUE 1
        XAVIER 1

        1. Also…Should be 13 teams (after now adding Marquette) and Total of 30 Elite Eights

          Revised Totals (2010-19) Elite Eight Appearances:
          Conference Midwest Elite (13 teams*) : 30
          Indiana: 0

  4. Disappointing to say the least. The reality was, we were never in this game. Give credit where its due, Purdue outplayed us in all facets of the game. They played better at both ends all night. They took us out of any rhythm we could muster on offense. Purdue plays just as good, if not better, perimeter defense that we do.

    But the results really come down to who scores the most points and Purdue outscored us from 3 by 24 points. I don’t care if you are playing IUPUI, if you allow that you are going to lose. Couple that with 13 missed FTs, which are the great equalizer if you are scoring on the inside, and that’s the dealio here.

    Certainly doesn’t look good for Archie right now. It’s the great dilemma of throwing things up in the air and starting over. There are no quick fixes. Turning around the IQ and results of a program that lost its way 20+ years ago isn’t easy.

    Very very difficult stretch coming up. We knew it was coming. Here it is.

  5. As they say ‘nothing here to see folks, just move on’. Thank you IU for the women’s team who whooped Purdue for the 4th straight time. Turned the men’s game off at the first time out.

  6. In 2020, you just cannot win if you can’t hit 3 ptrs. Hate it or not, it’s the way the game has played now.

    Here’s a team, in the state of Indiana, that can’t shoot the basketball. CAN’T make an open shot. Not a single guy on this roster that can hit open shots. Maybe Leal can some day, but he was nowhere to be found tonight. Lander was in the game for 2 min and was minus-9. Purdue hit their open shots. Nope.

    This is bad basketball. Defensive breakdowns. Not enough intensity. Zero transition. And can’t hit an open shot. Today and this year is totally on the coaching staff.

  7. I agree with ALL the assessments here… and I would like to add the fact that without recruiting A BIG man things will get worse. You cant stretch a kid that is 6’8 to be 7’0. It was frustrating and heartbreaking watching Race try and guard the 7’4″ ,and Purdue would, just pass over the top like kids playing “Keep away” in a school yard. Poor Shooting isnt just on Archie..we complained about lost shooting skills when Crean was coach as well. Heres a tip Archie, if you are lucky enough to get thru this year, FORGET THE DAMN DEFENSE AT BEGINNING OF YEAR!!! Shooting and passing for 4 hours a day thru the Summer. Shooting practice till their “feet are attached to their knees” Shooting practice until they have nightmares of the basketball NOT going thru the net.

  8. The A.M.coaching concept. IU Men’s basketball probably is not all that fun for players and coaches. They don’t feel all that good about themselves. A.M. and staff want to win but are not committed to winning. Nor do they have the ability to win beyond mediocrity at IU. A.M. goes thru the coaching methods and IU basketball gets the same game after game and year after year. Teaser games are far and few between. It’s the same with lack of recruiting. It’s the same in lack of player development. It’s the same in game preparation. It’s the same in X’sand 0’s and game coaching. And it’s the same in post game interviews game after game and year after year. A.M. can’t even beat Painter and Purdue one time by one point? A.M. I am sure is thankful for the opportunity and the many millions of financial wealth. Once his time is over at IU A.M. as those in his type of positions usually do can move onto another program or another endeavor of his choosing and do financially very well. It’s kinda like it would be nice to win but this financial wealth lifestyle for the future is great.

  9. IU Men at IU gym loss vs Purdue. Post game A.M. says give Purdue credit blah and blah and blah in his somewhat low key way.
    IU Ladies and T.Moren at Purdue beats Purdue Ladies by 21. Post game…usually assistants but also when T. Moren talks…they talk with enthusiasm. They critique players, call out players, challenge players, call out team …whether it’s giving a lot of positive credit or not being afraid to state what is not good and has to be done better. T. Moren and staff seems to constantly challenge players and team with never say die attitude. It carries over onto competitive play on the floor (Usually). It seems to play for T.Moren and IU staff seems to have a requirement that players, team and coaches have to be in rhythm/in tune with one another if a player is going to play for T. Moren (a demanding/challenging coach)…that if players And are committed seem to have a lot of fun and dividends to show for it.

  10. Talking about shooting. IU Ladies throw up a lot of clanks also. Playing against a ranked team shot 2 for 27 from 3 ball. Though IU Ladies lost game they still had a chance to win game because IU Ladies usually play really good defense their team staple.

  11. Indiana University is no longer a great (or even good) basketball school. A long string of miserable coaching hires has put Indiana squarely in the universe of average basketball schools. Of course the current season falls squarely on Archie. During Archie’s tenure we have seen glimpses of what could be but those only occurred during stretches of a single game, rarely over the course of a couple games and never over the course of a season. This season falls on Archie, the miserable state of Indiana University basketball falls squarely on the shoulders of the administration. Don’t see that changing unless the big donors demand a change in administration and then a change in coaching. Good luck with that. Until then, will spend my time doing some a bit more productive and much less frustrating.

  12. I felt Archie could turn things around by having a strong recruiting class next year. Unfortunately, he swung and missed on every top prospect except one. That tells me IU is not the place to be for the top players. It puts IU in the same category of every team in the country below the top 25 category. We have seen Archie in action for 4 years. At this point, how can anyone be excited by IU’s basketball future. The consistent lack of quality big men recruits along with play making guards is killing this program. I believe Archie should be fired after this season. Enough is enough!

  13. I agree with Hoosier Hopeful; the totality of my sentiments have been expressed above by others. I just don’t see any real promise on the horizon with the current state of IU basketball and the A.M. coaching regime. Four years is enough time IMO to have the team and program really competitive. It seems our current, low standard is “we might make the NCAA tournament!” IU should be expected to make the tournament and go well beyond that level, not to field a mediocre team year in and year out. Does anyone have very solid reasons or insights as to why A.M. should be retained?

  14. Against MSU PUke couldn’t buy a 3. Something like 3-24. Go figure. As a PG at NCST. Archie was a good scorer/shooter. Never the leading scorer but then again the offense wasn’t wrapped around him. Gotta believe he and the staff know how to teach shooting. Can’t figure out Davis and his FT shooting. His body language while shooting a miss is much different than 1’s he makes. Is that mental/concentration? Can’t be much else. But as the leader in getting to the line I’d start there at reinventing the shooting frame of mind. As the scoring leader of the team others will pay attention. A blind man could see the rust on Franklin. Wish Galloway could hit a 3 and start growing a little confidence like Hunter is doing. This team many times plays damn physical but not much last night. If there were magic words Miller would be using them but there just aren’t. No doubt over the long layoff D and shooting will be tore down and reinforced. I like Archie. We’ll see.

  15. What I find stunning is that we are still primarily relying on a backcourt recruited by Tom Crean.

    We wanted Archie to go after Indiana kids…He did. Three Mr. Basketballs in succession…and what is to show for it? Christian Lander touted as a game-changing type point guard…..? Really? This isn’t just on Archie ….There is something deeply wrong with talent evaluation and how recruits are being competitively tested in our Indiana high school basketball system.
    I’m beginning to thoroughly believe the multiple class system has gradually taken the toughness and heart out of our storied statewide history in the game.

    Maybe it’s not just Archie Miller….Maybe all in this state (fans, administrators, coaches, etc) are living in a fantasy world still believing there is something extraordinarily special about an Indiana high school basketball players. And then we bought into this idea that coach who will put most his effort into convincing top players from our defunct h.s. “class” basketball system will still make for an extraordinary college basketball team.

    What worked in the Bob Knight heyday for IU doesn’t translate to today. What college program from this state has really made much of any noise in the NCAA tournament over the last 25 years? Only Butler has made a Final Four….Maybe that was the last vestiges of Indiana kids built of the grit , shooting ability, tenacity and talent once so synonymous with a program primarily relying on home grown (or very close to home and Indiana borders) talent.

    Purdue isn’t that good, folks….We’ve been without Brunk for all of the season. That’s hurting us immensely on defending the paint. We had no ‘plan B’ other than Brunk.

    I advocated bringing Brad Underwood to Indiana…..I also liked the little known guy named Bill Coen (just loved his style and his demeanor with his young men). Of course, Chris Beard would have been interesting as well. We hired safe, soft and local. We brought in the little brother of the bigger name in Arizona (you know, the one who got a pass from a thorough NCAA/FBI .investigation?). Did any of us truly believe it was an earth shattering hire? It was simply the best we could do after the disaster of cue cards. We told him we want Indiana kids …and he obliged.

  16. I’m still routing for these guys and hope they turn it around. I just don’t see it though. I don’t feel hopeful and I’m finished trying to find a sliver of positive things to say about this program when, over and over, they don’t translate to wins.

    Also, Archie isn’t getting fired this year. He’s in year 4 of an 8yr contract. There’s no revenue this year. His buyout is 100% of his salary for another 4 years. After next season, that goes to 50%.

    Buckle in. Indiana basketball might be going into the dark ages. No one wants to play here. Purdue just set a record for the longest winning streak in the history of Assembly Hall. The rest of Big Ten is ascending. We are mediocre on a good day.

    Too bad we can play Michigan State this weekend. Seems like the only team we’ve been able to beat in the last 4 years.

  17. The “dark ages” began with a witch hunt. We were wrong to be so righteous and condemn a man for so much when his crimes were so small. We advertised and promoted ourselves after the enjoyment found in defaming and tearing down of a decent man. “Hoosier Rising” and 10 years of false advertising of something in our Hoosier soul reclaimed…came walking through the door in the form of a snake oil salesman.
    Meanwhile, life goes on for the ‘villains’ and those we labeled as ‘cancers’…..Meanwhile, Tom Crean doesn’t have a conference win at Georgia in four games of 2020-21. Witch hunt fun is over. The Fred & Tom Show is over. Getting 30 million for vilifying a predecessor and holding up a “new generation’ Hoosier as saintly as a Joyce Meyer tweet is over.
    Georgia Basketball is not “rising.” Only wealth rises for those with thick tongues and the gift in telling gullible ears what they want to hear.

    You are all spineless. You have no one to blame …but yourselves. You bought hatred over decency. You put us in the ‘dark ages’ by giving into such weak men’s methods to elevate their own standing. Archie Miller has none of that in his blood. He doesn’t throw people under a bus to distract from his own shortcomings or failures.
    You should be thankful to have an honest man…but you still can’t look into an honest mirror of what was delighted upon ….when we had truly lost our way.

  18. And I’m tired of hearing about Teri Moren…..When she does something in the NCAA tournament, then let me know. It is nothing different than the Crean era; storming of courts, cutting down nets after losses and all the claims rankings and regular season success translates to competitiveness in March Madness. It’s merely hype and pipe dreams without any noise in March. Maybe trying walking quietly and carrying a big stick…rather than walking loudly without really proving squat?
    Keep the “sales job” on the women’s threads….We’ve already “been there, done that” with the previous men’s basketball coach. BigTen women’s hoops doesn’t match the world of UConn or ND….BigTen Women’s basketball is not the same animal as BigTen Men’s hoops.
    Conclusion: Please stop making the unfair comparisons between Archie Miller and Teri-rific Moren.

  19. For most of the people who posted comments above, my question is, “what took you so long?” HC, God love your stubborn loyalty, but you’re a “bitter ender.” There is absolutely no sign that Archie has the ability to turn his program around. The only question now is, how much longer does IU’s Administration allow the BB program to decline?

    My thought last night was that Archie was lucky the stadium was empty, otherwise he would have been booed off the court. It would have been an ugly scene.

    For college BB, recruiting is the “canary in the coal mine” or the early warning radar system. So when Archie fails to sign top-25 recruiting classes or whiffs on every one of his priority recruiting targets in a given class, it’s a clear sign that something is terribly wrong. Most fans don’t want to believe that the person they’re emotionally invested in simply isn’t getting the job done, so they grasp for any evidence, real or imagined, that things will get fixed or that a savior is on the way. Well, there are no saviors on the way and Archie doesn’t have the ability to fix what’s broken. Archie simply hasn’t recruiting enough quality players to make IU BB successful! And he and his assistants have not demonstrated the ability to help his players improve their offensive skills. None of Archie’s four IU teams have been good at shooting the basketball, from 3-point range or at the rim. None of them have been good at making free throws. Sorry, but those facts can not be ignored or excused just because we like the style of play Archie coaches or his demeanor.

    Will IU fire Archie after this season? I doubt it. COVID has had a severe affect on IU Athletics revenue and I’m not sure IU has the money to pay Archie a pile in severance and then hire a better coach.

    1. Po: You’re right. The recruiting ineptitude IS the ‘canary’. Compensation problems or not, he MUST go. A couple of more years of his ‘leadership’ will scare away any viable replacement. As intuitive a hire as was CTA was, this was a big blunder by Glass. I tried watching for about 5 minutes, early in the game and I still had to flip the station. It’s unwatchable.

    2. Nothing close to stubborn loyalty. Just evaluating improvement each season over the preceding. Also remember Knight’s remarks after AM hiring. IU fans will like what he produces. If they’ll stay with him. Never knew Bobby to be to wrong about evaluating folks in BB.

  20. I see the situation Archie inherited as far worse than Crean…What’s amazing is how many stuck behind Crean for 9 years but won’t give Archie enough time to build his own roster. The “mature” backcourt is still, basically, a Crean backcourt (Durham & Phinisee).

    Additionally, the impact of Justin Smith transferring and Brunk’s injury is being conveniently ignored. We lost 50% of our ability to put size and athleticism around the glass. Inside force complements outside force. Easy buckets inside takes pressure off of shooters. Balanced attacks makes everyone better …and more confident. Everything on the inside is being asked of two players…

    I don’t see this as a time to abandon this team…..It’s hard to plan for an unexpected transfer(Smith) or an unforeseen injury (Brunk). Losing those guys hurt the maturity and balance of our team. Many of the young Archie recruits have exceptional promise.

    And we need to get Parker Stewart on the court ….What’s taking so long. Why no news on this kid? That’s only a partial fix for losing Smith and Brunk, but it sure couldn’t hurt to add some potential outside scoring to help counter the loss on the inside.

    I’m behind Archie Miller 100%. Season is young. Team is young.

    I’m willing to bet we’ll finish higher in the conference standings than Purdon’t. Any takers?

  21. Seems such a short time ago when it was “Miller Time.” How could we not understand that Archie was basically running a micro brewery in Dayton? That type of ‘Arch’-niche doesn’t work in Bloomington. In Bloomington, the beer gushes out fast in the form of hype. No sooner does it get tapped out by guzzlers who think banners are as easy a 12-pack of mass produced cheap beer.

    Miller Time turned micro brew…turned “Hops to Nowhere.” Brew it and can it…Brew the hype and can the hype. But where are the next buyers of our brew?…..And now it’s too late to even toast all this recent success with a frosty “Glass!’

  22. Finally took a hit on KenPom. #21 to #36. Gets any worse even #51 Ky. will be ranked higher than IU. WTH, now Duke #26 is ranked higher than IU.

    1. The difference is that KY and Puke’s seasons are covid blips. IU’s is past-present-future with Miller.

  23. Lol. H4h. I agree Ladies and Men’s basketball are different species. However, T. Moren can coach and is creative in developing IU Ladies basketball program for the better…and several players couldn’t play for her though transfer of players have settled into a more stable environment.

  24. I think IU has a unique opportunity to upgrade its Men’s head BB coach. And I’m not kidding when I suggest that IU fire AM and hire Becky Hammon to be the next IU Men’s BB coach. She’s certainly got the experience and pedigree to be a head coach in either the NBA or men’s college BB. She was a star player in both college and the WNBA, known for her prolific scoring ability, averaging 21.9 points per game through her college career. She was a great shooter and is still probably a better outside shooter than anyone on IU’s current roster. As a means of motivating her players, she could challenge each of them to 3-point shooting contests throughout the season. And having been mentored by Gregg Popovich for six years, you can be sure she knows how to coach a basketball team. Hammon even coached an NBA game recently, not to mention an NBA Summer League team.

    Could she recruit young male athletes? Well, she’d certainly be in the spot lite and command all the college BB news for a year. And I’ll bet all the former and current Spurs players would vouch for her, which would provide her instant credibility. Assuming today’s male HS BB players don’t have the same gender bias as previous generations did, why couldn’t she be a highly effective recruiter? Given her experience with the Spurs, Hammon might actually have strong credibility with young men seeking a direct route to the NBA!

    Sooner or later, Hammon is going to be a head coach of a men’s BB team. Why not at IU?

  25. As to how this IU team will finish the season, unless our UT-Martin transfer starts lighting it up from his first game on, I question whether IU will produce a winning record this season. And does anyone believe IU’s roster next season will be better than this season’s roster? Unless Archies signs a few top transfers, next year’s roster will be weaker than this year’s roster, especially if we lose TJD to the NBA. And if Brunk finally decides to leave college, our only big man will be a true freshman.

    I hope Archie’s working that transfer portal real hard right now.

    1. Of course it will be better next year. Just as it’s been every year over the last 3. 4 Frosh will be Sophomores. I doubt Davis changes zip codes soon.

  26. “What took you so long.”

    I hate this line of thinking. I really hate it. What’s wrong with watching your favorite basketball program/team and giving the people at the top the ability to implement their vision? To look on with hope and curiosity instead of being a sniping, negative whiner. To rebuild a program, it takes a replanting effort of ripping out some of the old growth, nurturing the soil, replanting, watering and seeing what blossoms. There’s a lot of time where things can go badly, and do go badly, but in the end, it’s little more than faith that ends up seeing a coach reach a sustainable winner.

    I wasn’t very thrilled with the hiring of Crean. But I gave him a chance in the beginning. Why? Because the gig is hard enough without a coach having to consistently battle their own fanbase. Early on. After they have the chance to establish their culture, recruit and then develop their own players, you get a sense of the trajectory of the program.

    I am still going to support this team and the program. I’m still pulling for Archie to get this program blooming again (pun intended). But, I think I’m at a point where I just don’t see it happening. I would love more than anything for this team to find it’s shooting stroke and some kind of identity and I’ll be rooting hard for it to happen. All I see is Purdue owning us like were are a cupcake/respite in the middle of a brutal Big Ten schedule.

    Some of you continue to use your support or lament of the head basketball coach or coaches past to continue your personal battles in these comments section. The coaches are just proxies and channels for these personal squabbles. Most of you don’t, though. I learn a lot from your posts and perspectives. Thanks for letting me learn and grow with you all.

    Go Hoosiers.

    1. DD: Funny (or tragic post). “I’m still rooting for Archie, I just don’t see it happening”. Reminds me of someone watching a tornado heading directly for their home but won’t go to the storm cellar because they’re mesmorized at what they’re watching,..and ‘hoping’ the twister will change course.

  27. Archie’s timing is much like what was handed to Mike Davis….He follows a a sort of “done wrong” deity.

    Indiana Basketball is dysfunctional…Pure and simple. It’s its worst enemy. Big head. Righteous. Deserving solely based on name. Entitled. Infected with delusions of being better by mere donning of the jersey or walking in ‘the Hall.’ Forever searching for blame instead of just grinding forward. It’s not hard to figure out why we’re losing to Purdue…And it’s nothing new. Take out the few years of Zeller and a big shot by Remy…and the last coach was ‘Zero for Purdue.

    I really miss the fans. I’m growing very tired of watching those not in the game (benchwarmers and minute hoarders resting) act as cheerleaders on speed…I’m tired of watching mass celebrations and cocky cartwheeling up and down the sideline over one knee burn or open shot drained. Sometimes I think these obnoxious explosions of chest-thumping serves to portray the live participants as more the cardboard cutouts than the cardboard cutouts….

    Doubt if it means much to say “It’s Indiana” anymore….That one went out with the trash of the last charlatan parade….But can’t we just act as if we’ve been there before without saying it or referencing it? The banners are very, very dusty and the memories do fade of “greats”(RIP Wayne) who didn’t have to expend more energy on acting great over popping a pimple than actually doing great things.

  28. Let’s examine the guards next season & see if the shooting will improve;
    Franklin, Leal, Stewart

    That alone looks appetizing to me. At least the 1st 2 can play both sides of the ball. Stewart TBD.

    Phinisee can play D & take pretty good care of the ball. Lander is a 3+ yr project.

    Galloway bound to be much better after another summer in the gym. Kid has smarts & heart.

    Thompson underneath. Kid from Cincy Meoller supposed to be a tough kid too at 6-11

    Question marks; Brunk? & TJD.

    As for TJD, he’s a stud but he can’t shoot a lick beyond 5 ft. Supposedly he spent all summer using his right hand & extending his shooting range. Where is that??? Love the kid’s talent & his 20 & 10 every night but he’s got a long, long way to go to be truly dominant. Treveon is better than TJD. He’s got more tools. 2 yrs matter. Ask Luka Garza.

    Last night I felt we just lost the game plan. Everything fell on TJD & we had nothing else in the tool shed.

    When shots go down, basketball is the Mona Lisa. When they don’t, it looks like a train wreck.

  29. But where is the dynamite point guard? If Lander is a 3 year project, then we’ve got bigger problems than shooting. That was not the time frame assumed. You need a creator…You need an orchestrator… You need a floor general. And it helps if he can be the center hub and shoot the ball. It’s not Durham now…and I don’t see Phinisee making the leap. They are adequate to run an offense where most are afraid to launch a shot….but are they truly game-changers at the position?

    Yogi’s importance to IU was thoroughly underrated….His motor was unparalleled. Nothing happens in terms of major progress or NCAA tournament success without a dynamite point guard. By the time Yogi really matured into the role, the rest of the supporting cast wasn’t as strong…Timing is everything….unless you can recruit 5 McDonald’s All-Americans season after season. If Cody stays a couple more years while Yogi matures = Banner Six and Banner Seven.

    Jackson-Davis might as well be the fruit that rotted on the vine without a complementary stellar point guard.

    It’s not so much the coach…as the timing. Standout big with standout point guard. Otherwise, enjoy moderate success and long shots at going deep into tournaments.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly on all of your points H4H. I don’t think Lander will be a ‘special’ point guard for 2 more years. He’s clearly going to improve but he plays way faster than his skills at this point. He’s also a defensive liability & is too frail to rebound and take bumps from Big Ten players.

  30. The constant references to Miles Brand, BK, MD, TC as some kind of justification for AM’s product after 4 years are irrelevant. His teams, recruiting, shooting and record is abysmal, many times not even competitive. At least a dozen really productive high level coaching hires have consumated since AM was hired,..and ‘he ain’t one of ’em’. If IU doesn’t want it’s 5 national championships to fall completely into the forgotten file, then SD and the trusteeship needs to decide to go after someone that would be an odds on choice to change the multi-decade slide.
    If these teams were fundamentally ‘sound’ as was expected and trending in the right direction it would be different. They aren’t. It’s going sideways. His coaching isn’t effective. Top assistants are leaving, kids aren’t interested in playing for him. Ultimately, if you’re losing the recruiting wars,..you’re dead.

    1. Illinois loses to OSU at home…

      Michigan looking mediocre against Minnesota….I thought they were for “realz”…They were for realz when McGary put the team on his back and to a Final Four. The only thing real is proving it in March Madness. Fighting for seeding is even somewhat overrated. BigTen tournament is redundant and overrated as well. Simply a money machine. They have zero concern for how any of it wears down the athlete because of such redundancies …promoting fatigue and injuries ..along with hurting teams without the depth of the so-called money machine “elite’ programs the NCAA is always afraid to throw the book at (e.g. What FBI investigation?).

      Maybe the sky isn’t falling? Life in the BigTen. Season is young. Buckle up.

    2. You act as if ‘4 years’ happens in a bubble….Archie didn’t arrive with a clean slate. Was he to cut every holdover, original TC recruit (many who were toe-trippers and also struggled with shots), from the team? I would have been all for it…but we have this thing called the “scholarship” and the Athletes’ “Bill of Rights” put in place by Fred. A kid can transfer when and wherever he wants…but a coach can’t tell him to leave if he can’t make shots.
      An incoming coach is stuck with the recruits he inherits…Archie is not in his fourth year of a team assembled with his own evaluations/hand. He landed 3 Indiana Mr. Basketballs in succession…It’s not his fault that title/designation doesn’t mean automatic greatness…or that the kid will stick around for more than a season or two (e.g. Langford).

  31. Reason TC’s name come up in discussions ; fans and School gave him 9 years of Mediocrity; after following that Patience is already worn thin (thanks to Crean’s matador defense and inability to get the ball inbounds facing pressure. I dont see any Matador defense and i dont see any INEPTNESS getting ball inbounds facing pressure. Inability to shoot really falls on the players and the “latest” Idol for kids to look up to was Romeo and his shooting is atrocious 18% 3pt and 35 % from 2 ( his pro stats sound like current players at IU. Its gone from the backyard with rim attached to the barn to waiting for AAU tournaments to SHOWCASE your abilities which translates to the college floor game to……………ZILCH.

  32. ^^^BINGO!, TJ We have a winner.
    The luster and lore of Indiana h.s. hoops was stolen by “classing it up.” Blue ribbons for everyone…Everything hinges on everyone getting a trophy….and that’s the mentality and entitlement most from our state now bring when they arrive at IU.
    Archie did what we asked. He brought us the great heart and the great natural shooters from ‘the nation’s top basketball state’ (see Hollywood, Hoosiers, Gene Hackman, Larry Bird, Milan, Skiles, Plymouth Miracle, Blue Chips, etc) …But guess what? It’s all muddied up now thanks to AAU and class basketball. Recruits don’t work on their shots like the old legends…They don’t put in the hours. They know cute individual ‘star’ rankings, ball skills and athleticism will get a look by some dumb-nuts “next level” evaluation taking place at-a-peek NBA camp to play in G-League (or whatever it’s now called)…or in Europe.

    Banners? Shooting? Who cares? Go pro…Make the millions and then make the shots…(e.g. Oladipo). Guess the Indy/Hoosier love affair ended with Victor, too.

    Crean was an inept X’s and O’s coach…but he doesn’t shoulder all the blame for the luster gone from Indiana h.s. hoops . Talent evaluations are not the same in this state anymore.

  33. Brad, an excellent post above because it soberly speaks the truth.

    TJ, right now I’d love IU Men’s BB to be performing at the level of “mediocrity” that Tom Crean produced during his fourth season at IU. After this season is completed let’s compare Crean’s fourth season at IU to Archie’s fourth season. Let’s see which coach took IU the furthest after getting a few years to rebuild their respective rosters. And let’s do the comparison again after Archie’s fifth season is complete. Will that be a fair comparison? Remember the Hall-of-Fame coach who said, “you are what your record says you are.” Some day, sooner than we’d like to believe, Hoosier fans may long for the days when IU BB produced the level of “mediocrity” that Crean’s IU teams produced. You know the “mediocrity” of winning two Outright Big Ten Championships in three seasons, of beating three top ten teams in the same season, of making it to the Sweet 16 three times. Compared to what we’re seeing now, those will be halcyon days in deed. This IU team is nowhere close to being able to match that level of “mediocrity.”

    And anyone who suggests that Archie’s rebuilding project was more difficult that what Crean inherited upon his arrival at IU is either suffering from amnesia, wasn’t around at the time, or suffers from a chronic case of Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome. It’s just lunacy. I won’t waste my time providing all the facts again because you can’t debate people suffering from derangement syndromes. So let’s just compare the records of the two IU coaches after their fourth and fifth seasons, respectively. Let’s see which of the two coaches’ teams produced the most success. If Archie leads IU to the Outright Big Ten Championship next season and makes it to the Sweet 16, then he will have matched Tom Crean’s success and we can agree that Archie deserves to be given more time at IU. But anyone paying attention to Archie’s recruiting knows that’s not going to happen. The canary died a while back.

  34. I’d take post Sampson over cue cards any day of the week. And Crean is the worst coach in Indiana history without one recruit.
    Anyone not admitting that little inconvenient fact has a severe case of Tom Crean Melancholy Syndrome.

    Change of subject…If you’re looking for a kid who hearkens back to the type of Hoosier difficult to find these days, look no further than Mac McClung. Hate to say I told you so…I was talking about this kid two years ago. Chris Beard (Knight deciple) knew exactly the sort of kid who loves to lead and make big shots. Winner’s mentality. Cut from the same mold of A.J. Moye. McClung hits game-winner against Texas…Now Texas Tech is giving Baylor all they can handle….

    What I’d give to have a Moye or a McClung on our current roster….Other than Trayce Jackson-Davis, McClung (or a seriously hard-nosed kid like Moye) would be in the face of every entitled soft Hoosier on our roster. But you can’t have a “Snuggles” soft coach either….I’m just not sure if Archie has the motivational skills of an Underwood or Beard to get some of the entitled home grown Hoosiers to take him seriously. That’s why you need the McClungs and Moyes of the college basketball world…No, they likely won’t be successful pros…They’re built for NCAA tournament runs and college greatness..

  35. A look at the BIG stats (conference games) tell the story of these Hoosiers. You can talk all you want about the past , cue cards, injuries, The General, he said/she said, could’of, should’of, would’of and recruiting The Jolly Green Giant but it will not change reality. The reality is that as of today Indiana is 12th in the conference in FG% (.314) and dead last in FG% defense (.404). Can’t score and can’t defend. This ship is way off course and it’s not The Skipper and Gilligan guiding it.

  36. Crean was not a good X’s and O’s Coach. He couldn’t make needed adjustments during the game, was inept at out-of-bounds plays, etc. Archie just looks lost. It’s a shame we are even comparing these two. Crean did have some success, but no one on this post, truly thinks that either of them are or were the answer to IU’s basketball woes. As I’ve stated before, the only coach I have seen at IU that would have built a consistent top 15 program was Kelvin Sampson. He is superior to either Crean or Miller. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. We need another Sampson type to return this program to glory. Crean wasn’t the answer and Miller is a prototype for mediocrity at best.

  37. It wasn’t that long ago, guys. Don’t you remember?
    Didn’t you buy the “Hoosier Rising” DVD?
    Don’t you remember “Zellerpalooza” and “Everything hinges on Zeller?”
    “The Movement?” No, not the one after your 3 morning cups of coffee. I’m talking the greatest influx of top Indiana recruits ever descending upon Bloomington?
    How can you forget OLA-DeeeeeeePO! chants stirring in your brain for an additional week after a weekend game in Bloomington?
    Hakeem the Dream Hanner? You forgot Hanner? Tijan Forever? Please bring Dustin back for a group ScoopTalk one more glorious Tijan Forver to close the best decade of our Hoosier lives.
    Did you forget the wonderful reunion parties for the ’76, ’81 and ’87 teams? Gosh, how great was it seeing those fine men joining our boys?
    What am I missing…Oh, ya…How many “We’re Back!” t-shirts do you own?
    The Watford shot heard around the world? Wasn’t that the first college basketball game winner that ever made CNN’s ‘Breaking News’ …?

    There was so much to be grateful…We were drowning in the mirage of it all. It’s really not difficult to understand how ‘Fake News’ can grow a pair of legs and soon make a ‘Fake Army’ of more fake news. I’m still not sure….Are you guys positive we didn’t win a couple banners? How can so much promotion live with so little results in March Madness? It sure felt like we cut down some championship nets…
    I’m good. I don’t need Archie to win a damn thing. Those guys are not even worthy a second act. They follow the ‘Greatest Show on Earth.’ They shower in locker rooms anchored in the history of Cody and Vic. And how could it get any better than the taking a program from the ashes of ‘Kelvin the Destroyer’ into a Zellerpalooza sheep farm amid a Garden of Eden Jordy floor burns? And who doesn’t still have a love crush on Danny Moore? I long to see him spit on his hand and give those tennis shoes just one more coating of his own saliva. One night, I actually believe I saw the ghost of Branch McCracken joyfully running with the FLAGGGGGGGGGS and a bright shiny apple in his hand!

    Who needs banners? Didn’t we almost have it all? They were the Best of Times. Didn’t we truly, really, almost have it all?
    Archie to follow that act?. Nobody can follow that act. It will take 100 years and five more banners to get that resurrection stain out of your candy stripe undershorts.
    Tom Crean saved Indiana Basketball….A lot of cheats win banners. But who saves an entire basketball program and takes it from the seventh basement of hell to chasing down Jeff Meyer with Satan’s own pitchfork? Yeah, follow that act, Archie. Barnum and Bailey would stand in envy.

    Didn’t we almost have it all?

    1. And yet I recently read some know-nothing doofus claim that, had Cody stayed in school for his junior and senior years, we would’ve hung banners 7 and 8! It’s like that poster hasn’t been paying attention to anything, preferring to ignore basketball as much as she / he ignores brevity.

      1. I’m building an altar and sacrificing a goat in honor of this response. Likely the best post on this site. Ever.

  38. Awwwww…How sweet. You’ve got the Tommy love bug as bad as Po. And speaking of “sweet,”
    you have many banners to share with Po. You have 3 Sweet Sixteen banners to take the place of 6, 7 and 8.
    You’re all wet. But don’t fret…You bought the set of 6 “We’re Back!” bath towels..Bigger than a banner and they’re softer than Cronk meets a Sweet 16 basketball game against Syracuse! Lol.

    1. H4H: You mentioned the recent Illinois-OSU outcome. These 2 coaches took over at the EXACT SAME TIME ‘Arch’ was handed the reins for the same reasons.
      Go look at the conference standings. While you’re at it, Howard went back to his Alma Mater to right the ship, after Beilein jumped. This is his first year! How’s he doing so far? Quit making excuses.

  39. Brad, Tom Crean broke Harv’s brain. He is incapable of having any discussions about the current state of the Indiana Basketball program without going off on 5 paragraph unibomber screeds about him. I don’t think I’ve seen another human being take up as much real-estate in another man’s brain in my life.

    Howard seems to be doing very well at Michigan. But let’s put a hold on crowning him a successs. Beilein left the cupboard full and stacked. Let’s see how he does in the next few years with a few recruiting cycles and establishing his own culture in Ann Arbor. Mike Davis was looking pretty good 2 years after taking over for Knight. I don’t doubt Howard and felt a lot of the criticism against him was unfairly dismissive. So far, team is looking solid.

    1. Also, your posts are always full of altar-ior motives….Lol.

      We sure did have our share of altar boys under Crean. The names always end in a ‘y’ with the long e sound…Cody, Jonny, Danny, Jordy….mommy…daddy….where’s my snugly comfy blankie? It’s on the shelf next to your Class 2A trophy, sweetie. Tommy called again tonight.

  40. I would not be opposed to Indiana making a serious move for Beilein. Not sure if he’d want the job, but I’d sure give him a call. He’s 67. He still has a few solid coaching years left in him.
    He’s about the only coach out there who could likely get this ship turned around.

  41. I think it is clear that this team needs to present a consistent three point threat. If they had had one all season a 12-2 (6-1) record is not all that much of a stretch.

    There are three players with the potential to be consistent three point threats: Franklin, Leal, and Parker Stewart. If all three are playing and hitting in February, this team becomes extremely dangerous. Maybe only two are needed.

    It could happen.

  42. What he ^^^ said. And somehow stop the 1st half defense/offense lapse. If 2 or3 more 3’s went in instead of the 3/18, couple of the close to basket shots were made and just a couple of free throws hit, at least a potential chance of a win. I finally watched the game expecting a train wreck after reading the comments. This team is not far from putting everything together, Hope Hope Hope. Leaf played just a couple of minutes, injury? Doghouse? Galloway has game. Franklin is so important to this team. Season to date, IU has won games with current (KenPom) #45 OT. #46, #47, #64, #91, #127, #261 and #327. Loss games to #8, #9, #19, #23 OT, #27 and #61. On the schedule yet, #3 twice, #5 twice, #10, #16, #24, #27, #39 twice and #40 twice. (#’s from day after Purdue game and does not include games cancelled/rescheduled) In other words it’s time for them to ‘get it together’ or another forgettable season. One thing CTC did with CWat that seemed to work – attempted to get CWat a lay up or a close shot. When his first shot went in it usually led to a productive game. Confidence — which the current team needs.

  43. I find it ironic and humorous that Dan Dakich thinks as little of the job Archie has done at IU (thus far) as some of you think of the job Crean did. Now, no doubt some of you will attack Dakich in an attempt to discredit him and neutralize his criticism of Archie, but regardless, Dakich knows infinitely more about college BB, about IU BB and the situation Crean inherited upon his arrival in Bloomington than any person posting comments on this site. Dakich has a unique perspective that provides superior insight and he’s not afraid to speak his mind even though it angers some of his fellow alumni. Did anyone listen to his comments last week after IU’s loss to Purdue? I think it’s fair to say Dakich is not optimistic that IU BB will get turned around under Archie’s leadership. I suggest everyone take a few minutes and listen to Dakich’s comments from last week and see if that moves your needle.

    1. Dakich regularly and particularly discredits himself. He’s good to listen to during a game but during his own show he freelances and blows and goes from the hip creating questionable credibility. Put me down for a NO.

  44. I could also go to Disneyland but they would have to pay my a lot more than the ticket price. DD gets paid to talk and I choose not to listen – to any talking head. DD also made negative noise about Crean. One of his comments about Crean, ‘I have no idea what in the hell is going on at IU’. He could be right, but I have no idea since he is not a person I listen too. Always felt he considered himself to be the best choice as IU’s coach. He did go 55/75 when he filled in.

  45. ESPN: Where rejected coaches live…until they get another gig…and get rejected again. ESPN…A place to make a buck while hating on IU. The only thing Dan will ever have in common with ‘The General.’

  46. An IU men’s basketball Coach in his first 8 meetings does not lose 8 straight games in a row (with the last one and others in IU gym) and Purdue and coach Painter overall solidly dominated and out coached before and during each game (even the close ones) is not going to turn IU men’s basketball program around.

    1. I’m not sure where you’re getting 8.
      It was five losses in a row to the West Layayette-to-have-a-banner team for Archie before the last meeting….Now it’s a total of six.
      One of Archie’s first three seasons only had one match-up with Purdue. After the upcoming game @ Purdue, it will be a total of 7 over four years.

  47. 6 of those of the 8 losses belong to A.M. and if A.M. and his staff are around it will be 8 of 10 straight losses will belong to A.M. It is the way coach Painter coaches and prepares his team vs IU and A.M.

  48. Played for Bob Knight for four seasons. Was a grad assistant and assistant coach for Knight for 12 years. Was a head coach for ten years where he went 156 – 140. Assistant coach and Interim head coach at IU for one season, where as Interim head coach the team went 3 – 4. TV BB Analyst for 12 years, including 10 at ESPN and host of the The Dan Dakich (radio) Show. I’m just guessing he knows a little more about college basketball and IU Basketball than anyone who posts comments on this site. For that reason alone, in spite of the fact that I often disagree with him, I find his comments and opinions about IU BB to be relevant.

    1. And Bob Knight couldn’t stand him…in much the same fashion he couldn’t stand the coach preceding Archie.

  49. I always got the feeling from Dakich that he thought he should be the head coach at IU. He sounds like his objectivity may be infused with bitterness.

    But maybe that’s just me.

    It has been quite awhile since I’ve seen or heard Dan, so maybe he’s gotten over it.

    1. Rich, I agree with you, Dakich does sound bitter. But the question is why is he bitter? If you spent that much time playing for and being mentored by one of the greatest college BB coaches in history, and then watched as your alma mater’s administration did enormous damage to the program, I think you’d be bitter too. If you were asked to do the dirty work and clean up Sampson’s mess, and then you were summarily dismissed, ending your coaching career, you might be bitter too. Heck, I didn’t experience any of what Dakich went through, but I was very bitter about how IU’s Administrators diminished our beloved BB program. We had some real bad administrators at IU over the last 20 years.

      But bitter or not bitter is really irrelevant to Dakich’s comments on January 15. He points out the mistakes being made now and connects the dots as to how those mistakes are costing Iu wins and damaging the program. And it’s hard to argue with his points.

      1. I glanced over at The Daily Hoosier. I couldn’t find anything “Dakich.” Just as well. I avoid video’s and podcasts. It’s much faster to read. I only have so much time. This is the only web site I go to for IU info.

        I’m glad you find him so helpful. I’m sure he makes many wonderful points. Maybe even correct ones.

        To my mind, everyone on this board understood that last years team was a slightly above average team that might have snuck into the NCAA if there had been one, but probably wasn’t going far because they couldn’t shoot. Success this year would require that lack being filled by incoming recruits.

        So far, the incoming recruits have not filled that lack. Franklin has made a stab at it and might get it back with the time off. But one shooter is insufficient. Time will tell. Hopefully TJD hasn’t collapsed from exhaustion in the interim.

        Dakich can connect all the dots he wants. But I think the whole thing rises or falls on whether there is a legit three point threat. It could rise or fall at the free throw line, but I’m less optimistic on that front.

        It may well end up that Miller is not the right coach, but I am willing to give him at least the rest of this season. At least this team plays defense and can inbound the ball.

        Also, there’s no point in calling for the coach to be fired if there isn’t the money to buy out the contract AND there is a coach out there that is available and better.

        1. ^^^ Ditto.

          & We have shooters; Franklin, Hunter, Leal & Stewart

          We just need an offense that features them vs. Al Durham & Phinisee shooting with 2 sec left on the shot clock.

        2. BRAVO, RichB! Damn near anything in non reading form is a waste of my time. Also the 4 Frosh hold way more promising futures than the 3 gone from last years team. Although Smith moving on hurts much more considering Brunk’s injury situation.

        3. Rich, IU doesn’t have any “legit 3-point threat” on this roster (yet). One may be arriving soon, and I hope he is as good as advertised, but Archie hasn’t recruited a legit 3-point shooter and he hasn’t developed on in over three seasons.

          Too bad you didn’t find the recording of Dakich’s broadcast. I don’t agree with a lot of what Dakich says, and I don’t listen to him very often, but some times he makes a lot of sense. And if you had listened to his comments from 1/15/21, you’d have a better perspective of what’s wrong with this IU BB team. The problems with this team go well beyond not having any legit 3-point shooters.

          1. I think it is too soon to say that Leal is not a legit 3 point shooter. Franklin looked like he was developing into one before he hurt his ankle. Maybe the week off will help. Whether Stewart fits the bill or not (or even plays this year) we’ll find out.

          2. Beckman may be right….Leal, Franklin and, potentially, Stewart have plenty of capabilities to splash from the perimeter.
            And though there are some inconsistencies, Hunter can also be a deep threat.

            I think our main issue is front court help for Davis and Thompson. Brunk’s surgery and Smith’s rather surprising transfer are more difficult holes in the arsenal to fill.

            Get to March Madness…Anything can happen once in the tournament (especially under the current state of basketball during a pandemic). Our roster is still pretty deep…It’s a plus to have depth in the backcourt. It’s a plus to have an emerging superstar in Tracye Jackson-Davis.

            Get behind the team…and embrace the fun in the unknown and the underdog status.

  50. When you are given the keys to be a head basketball coach at Indiana University, the last thing in the world you should experience is bitterness. And those who are still searching and looking for a lynch mob 13 years after Kelvin Sampson left town are merely weak and incompetent men who are ungrateful of opportunity. It’s easy to be an opportunist. It’s easy to make villains as camouflage for your own shortcomings.
    Much more difficult to seize an opportunity and have the class to not throw predecessors under a bus no matter the popular perception of their ghastly deeds.

    If there is a trait to admire in Archie Miller, it’s in his character and refusal to blame any current circumstance on a predecessor. That’s the sort of stuff you know you’ll hear from shock jocks and fans. But if you hear it …or see it in the actions of a coach, you know you have a weak man with little expertise in his profession. Nobody has “wrecked” IU. It’s a great school..and it’s opportunity that should only come with gratefulness.

  51. I often wonder how much different IU basketball would look now if we would have hired someone like Archie, someone who would have no use for whooping up hatred or chasing villains, after the parting with Sampson.

    We needed a class act more than a clown act. Archie may not be the best coach in the world, but I’m glad he has the qualities of living and breathing human being. He is totally void of fake promotion or turning every setback into a blame game. Mature vs. Immature. I hope he sticks around a bit longer….I’ve had enough of self-promoters. He’s pretty down to earth as far as basketball coaches go. There is nothing he does to disgrace the candy stripes.

  52. Dan, The HORROR! Didn’t your boy go to OSU…? PurDunkirk just took down the Buckeyes in Columbus…FIRE HOLTMANN NOW! Unacceptable.


  53. I guess I was wrong yet again….you can win a ballgame by getting out scored by 24 pts from the 3 Pt line! PU just did it last night, having a 27 Pt differential there. This PU team can beat you in many, many ways. Very versatile & all of the pieces inside & out. I still hate them with all of my being & can’t get the puke out of my mouth from last week. Btw, that’s how Al & Rob should feel. Neither has beaten PU either.

    1. Maybe true AWinAZ …(Austin Wright…in Arizona? Allen Wainwright…in Arizona? Art Wildebeest in Arizona? …Arnold Whipple in Arizona?), but Stefanovic hit a very big three late (curling to the top of the key on a set play) after a timeout….and Ivey (as noted) hit the big one to win the game in the final seconds. Purdue hit the threes when the game was on the line.
      It’s not always how many you make…It’s hitting the shots when it’s clutch and they are daggers.

      Painter has really put on some weight…Thought I was watching Huggins and West Virginia.

  54. Ron was right…The kid from South Bend, Jaden Ivey, is very, very special.
    Forgotten Northern/Northwest Indiana does it again.
    There can be real talent up in the corner of the state…Not just slow toe-trippers like Dan Danke Shoen ( I think it sounds sort of like Dakich ).

  55. If only “Downer Dan” was as ‘merry’ as his Merry-ville roots. Get on board, Dan. This is the first chapter of a healing time. It’s the first chapter of a new beginning for IU and our nation as we part with clown show catastrophes who found opportunity by seizing on our weaknesses (in macro and in microcosm). We may have not yet developed legit 3-pt shooters…but the bigger picture is more “legit” than ever. We have a coach who takes ownership and won’t blame any predecessor for a current state of affairs.
    The candy stripes are anew because they will now build upon their old genuine roots again. The foundations of our history are in the humble teachings of the game and the pursuit of greatness without overkill and individual narcissism. We march with purpose while never claiming something is “back,” “resurrected”…or “rising” while it exists only in our own perceptions. We return to a genuine and honest look in the mirror. We begin again, never daunted, we cannot falter
    In the battle, we’re tried and true
    Indiana, our Indiana,
    Indiana we’re all for you! I-U!

    God Bless America.

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