Hunter sits out Illinois contest due to coach’s decision

Indiana forward Jerome Hunter missed Tuesday night’s overtime loss to No. 12 Illinois due to a “coach’s decision.”

IU coach Archie Miller indicated the 6-foot-7 sophomore could be out for more games, as well.

“There’s nothing to really talk about with Jerome. It was a coach’s decision, and it will continue to be a coach’s decision as we continue to go through the next 33 days we have left in the regular season,” Miller said. “But he’s not going to take the floor again until the coach feels that he’s in the right frame of mind to, No. 1, lead himself the right way, and, No. 2, has the bigger picture in mind in terms of protecting our team at all times.”

Hunter was the only IU regular to miss Tuesday’s contest, because Armaan Franklin (ankle) and Trey Galloway (back) were both in uniform despite recent injuries. Hunter was a healthy scratch.

Without Hunter, Miller distributed more minutes between his nine available scholarship players, including his four freshmen. All nine finished with double-digit minutes.

IU had 10 bench points on the Illini, including six from freshman Khristian Lander. Galloway and fellow freshman Jordan Geronimo had two points apiece.

Hunter was averaging 7.6 points per game in his last five contests, including a nine-point effort in 11 minutes versus Rutgers last time out.

“Jerome’s a good kid, he’s a good player, we could have used him tonight,” Miller said. “But the bottom line for him is, when he’s right, and he’s concentrating and he’s doing what he’s supposed to do, he can help us. I don’t feel like right now he can help us until he shows me that.”

Miller did not elaborate on what specifically triggered his decision, but he clearly drew a line in the sand.

“That’s my decision,” Hunter said. “It will be to be determined when he plays again.”


  1. Miller shows no fear. As tough as that decision was for last nights game I remember Bobby doing the same numerous times. Players have to understand the coach has to be the owner of the program. I agree.

  2. “On January 23, Miller posted on Twitter that Hunter had won Indiana’s gold jersey, indicating that he was the team’s top performer in practice.” On February 2nd it was that same coach’s decision that he not be available to play in a game. Wow, things must have gone south in a hurry.

    Would anyone be surprised if Hunter enters the transfer portal after this season is over?

    1. He was great in practice and then broke Covid protocols a couple weeks later. There are no mixed messages being sent by Archie. Jerome was rewarded for great team behavior..He was punished for reckless team behavior. It may have hurt the team in the immediacy of the punishment. We can only hope it will help in the longer term.

      Unless you think breaking a Covid protocol should be overlooked, what other option could Archie take?

    2. If that’s Hunter’s attitude about rules then he should be told ‘here’s your hat, what’s your hurry ‘.

  3. I remember when this board was filled with complaints of players not being held to account.

  4. Time for Archie Miller to go they’re mediocre again he’s just an average coach for an average program they will be forever stuck in neutral from now on i hope I’m wrong

  5. Unless a coach is found who has IU ties, who in the world would want the job? Well, except for the money. (and please, not Alford)

    1. Money…just like A.M.
      And so would I. Pretty much worst that happens like in all these kinds of jobs…one puts in time and effort, gets pride/ego hurt, gets head messed up, things don’t work out, takes money/financial benefits, receives counseling (optional)…and moves on to new opportunities and or challenges while enjoying GREAT MONEY AND FINANCIAL BENEFITS. So what is the problem with that. GREAT gigs if you can get one of them.

      1. The fact we now call it Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall is all you really need to know. We’ve been bought and paid for…..Archie has been bought and paid for.. Our presence in stands has little to do with any salary….nor do win/loss records. It’s merely a revolving door of next opportunist someone or some evaluating body/committee of experts has determined worthy of the money.

        As soon as a new coach walks through the doors of Simon Skjodt, it’s already success. You’ve made it. Your contract is long enough to never work another day in your life once a short gig is over. Winning is merely a little bit more boost to the ego. Losing is a bit of a mild hit. Simply look at your recent bank deposits and you get over it fast. Talk a bit with Don Fischer. Say the things we want to hear….If we want witch hunts, give us witch hunts. If we want more Indiana kids wearing the jersey, give us some Indiana kids. Play the role on the sideline. Look the part. Cash the checks.
        Prediction: Most of us won’t see another championship banner ceremony. “It’s Indiana” means very little to anyone anymore. It didn’t mean anything when Crean said it…and it means little now.

  6. Like Phillip Rivers. Sure I will sell myself to the Colts and Indianapolis/Central Indiana/Indiana for a year talking about the Indianapolis dream @ $25,000,000 per year. (can’t right twenty five million large enough) before retiring to high school coaching job because it’s not about the money.

  7. I was at IU vs NC State football game when IU jumped out to a lead only to watch freshman QB Rivers and NC State to come back and win at memorial stadium 41-38 9/9/2000.
    Then, the Cameron experiment to let Randel El play receiver and Ditto at qb in 2001 was a disaster at NC State.

  8. AM was quoted “these guys aren’t tough enough”. That may be true. Ultimately, the head coach is responsible for who is asked to join the program. I might add, “these guys” are collectively the worst shooters I can recall playing college basketball.

    1. Exactly right, Brad. Those “guys” are Archie’s guys. If they’re not tough enough, that’s his fault. Either recruit “tougher” guys or coach them to be tougher. As for shooting, neither Archie or any of his assistant coaches have shone themselves to be capable of improving a player’s shooting skills. Either recruit players who can shoot or hire an assistant who has proven his ability to improve players’ shooting ability.

    2. Do you recall Jeremiah Rivers? Do you recall Josh Newkirk? Do you recall Stan Robinson? Do you recall Tim Pritchard? Do you recall every A-Hope project? Romeo Langford? And is Romeo Langford’s terrible shooting all on Archie? How does a kid earn Mr. Basketball when he can’t shoot the ball? Evidently, it wasn’t because he was triple teamed in h.s.
      We need to stop handing out blue ribbons and state honors to kids who are bricklayers compared to the greats from our storied past…(e.g. Skiles, The Big O, Bird, Van Arsdales, Alford, etc, etc).

      We asked Archie to bring us the voted best. He did. Problem is….They aren’t/weren’t as advertised. Shoe deals are more important than getting out on the court after a game to shoot 100 more jumpers and 200 more free throws when everyone else has gone home. We pleaded to give us Indiana kids….Maybe Indiana kids ain’t as hot stuff anymore as we’d like to fantasize and mirror them with the past? My gosh…I remember how they came in the thousands to New Albany High School for the day Romeo was going to announce his college choice. You’d think we were getting the Big O, Skiles and Bird in one package.

  9. H4H I agree with your entire posting; in fact ill add a few more names : Kyle Macy , Jimmy Rayl, Tom Kron. Langford was SOOO hyped in HS and coming out of HS ; you would have thought he was the 2nd coming. Yet, right after he was drafted by Boston, what did they do with him?? An assistant coach strapped a ping pong paddle to his left hand to correct his “shooting mechanics”. For someone So hyped ,shooting mechanics should have been addressed LONG before he came to IU. As far as “Toughness” -Max Brand saddled this institution with his “Zero Tolerance” I donrtt think ANY institution would hire Knight today OR would fire him after 2 seasons. I think the kids are treated with “kit gloves”or a version there of..Seems from what I have seen on the IU Court that they are pretty much left to work out mechanics or whatever they want to do AND that may be the reasons the “work ethic” or “mental toughness” is lacking in the college game.

  10. Lol. Langford @ age 19 IU latest example among many others at IU and other schools.
    Main reason for college or post secondary education? (other than good time)
    Answer: Career/Job financial better life I suppose.
    Langford is a $10,893,960 in 3 years genius base salary. (smarter than Albert Einstein)….how many college students, graduates can claim that? And besides Indiana class basketball that I never agree with and one asks what’s wrong with college basketball and the Indiana Hoosiers.

  11. Illinoi looked really good in their game today. Seems some games IU makes teams look and play bad. Just not enough to win the game.

  12. I don’t know how good big ten is? In March Madness big ten teams seem to fall by wayside as other teams. However, Illinois at home seems like a final 4 team. Wisconsin looked overmatched. Both, teams seem in tune with coaching. Illinois is more talented plus in tune with coaching.

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