Lawrence North’s CJ Gunn commits to IU for 2022 class

Report from the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep:

C.J. Gunn did not necessarily have his mind made up on his college destination when Indiana coach Archie Miller offered him a scholarship in August.

“Cincinnati was at the top for a minute,” said Gunn, a 6-5 Lawrence North junior.

Gunn, rated as a four-star prospect and the No. 107 recruit in the nation on the 247sports composite in his class, picked the Hoosiers over Cincinnati on Sunday. He also had high-major offers from Kansas State, Missouri, Wake Forest and Xavier.

“It was the environment and the coaches treating me like family,” Gunn said of the reasons for his decision to pick the in-state Hoosiers. “Obviously I know a couple of the players down there and the location is a factor. All of that combined, and I think it will give me the best opportunity in college.”

Gunn, who was averaging 14.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists through 15 games for now 17-2 Lawrence North, made his decision public during halftime of the Super Bowl. 

As a sophomore, Gunn made a splash for the Wildcats, averaging 7.1 points and 2.5 rebounds, while shooting 35.1% from the 3-point line. A thumb injury suffered in January limited Gunn to 15 games, but he picked up his first offer from Kansas State in June and Alabama A&M, Ball State and Miami of Ohio soon followed.

But it was his next two high-major offers — from Indiana and Cincinnati — that intrigued Gunn most. He felt most at home in Bloomington, where he is familiar with Armaan Franklin, Trayce Jackson-Davis and Trey Galloway, among others.

“When I went there over fall break, I was talking to Armaan and he was telling me how the coaches are always going to have your back and want the best for you,” Gunn said. “They are going to put you on the court and give you an opportunity. They put them on the court their freshman year so that’s what I’m looking for my freshman year, too.”

Gunn said he sees some similarities in his game to Franklin, who averaging 12.7 points in his sophomore season out of Cathedral.

“I think we play quite a bit alike,” Gunn said. “I’m a little taller. I think the coaches know my goal is to play at the next level in the NBA. They are going to try to get me there. They see me as a two-way player who can score on all three levels. They think I’m a guy who can go get a bucket.”

Gunn said the pandemic had an impact on his recruitment as he was unable to take visits other than Indiana and Cincinnati.

“I’m committing early so that took away Kansas State and Wake Forest because I didn’t get to visit those,” he said. “I didn’t get to see the campus because it’s father away. I didn’t really get to build a relationship with them.”

Gunn said he has taken more time to watch Indiana in recent weeks to see how he might fit into the program.

“I think I’ll fit in perfectly,” he said. “I’m looking forward to (next season at Lawrence North) to having the ball in my hands a little more and leading the team. I’ll get that experience to be a leader and help me get prepared for college.”


  1. Caught a short game clip on Gunn. He’s long for 6’5″, pretty smooth, likes to play D and competitive against tough opposition. Read his game grew significantly between his Soph. and Jr. season.

  2. More of the same
    1. What was purpose making announcement on super bowl night? Does he think he is that relevant?
    2. H.S. coach talks again about so much upside. Translation: Good but not that good.
    3. Ok stats…middle of the pack program continues in big ten beating out the likes of Cindy, Xavier, and K State for this one. Need a lot to go with this one.

    1. t- why do you feel positioned to grade talent? Gunn is about #107, slightly taller (6’5 vs 6’4) than Armaan, and good! That is about 40 spots better than Armaan, who has been awesome! I like Gunn.

      1. Didn’t say I didn’t like him. However, depends what recruits will make up another class along with him. IU needs some big physical talent as in 6’9, 6’10”, 7’0”….more than just one but two or three. Every team needs them . A.M. teams almost always really play hard. However, IU men’s basketball gets physically leveraged a lot that leads to many bad and or off balanced missed shots. Another observation: Because of coach J.W. Villanova seems to be physical and very/extremely focused watching them play Georgetown.

  3. t- I don’t mean this to be snidely (and this could also be directed at Podunker and brownbomber …and other rather harsh critics of late), but what is your solution? Should we begin another coaching search? Do you feel Archie can’t get this program playing deep into March Madness? Do you give him any mulligans for his first couple seasons due to the roster he inherited? Is it fair to say he’s missed every March Madness when last year’s was cancelled?
    Do you feel the empty arenas and the pandemic has brought many challenges which have left even some traditional bluebloods struggling for relevancy this year? Or, do you just see this as another failed hire for IU Basketball?
    I hear many criticisms of Archie and his roster formations (which has included 3 Indiana Mr. Basketballs not inclusively listed in Podunker’s 3 friends)…but I don’t hear much in the way of suggested solutions or the way forward. Who did you want to see IU hire after the discharge of Tom Crean? Don’t think I ever recall your opinion on who could set the world on fire….post cue cards.

    1. Regardless, of everything going on…My perspective. No coaching search because when coaches are hired let them coach their contract out to the point of no financial loss to university regardless due to University financial reasons…with exception if there is some kind of criminal or character issue that would warrant firing.
      Solutions: Immediate. 1. More uniform shorter haircuts to show team unity 2. Focused mental toughness 3. IU men’s basketball seems to play hard. So IU men’s basketball needs to rally around a self image/identity. Butler/Brad Stevens and Villanova/J.W. are two examples of disciplined focused mental and physical toughness. So often IU players shoot low percentage shots because they get crowded, leveraged, meaningless passing without slashing, cutting, screens…then end up taking off balance Hope shot of even a challenging off balance close shot or layup.
      If A.M. and staff (how good are IU assistants?) and IU cannot recruit examples of big men I mentioned in previous post and more than one meaning players that can drill outside shots including 3 ball IU will be challenged to do more than remain in middle of the pack in big ten maybe or maybe not making March Madness tournament. Not before A.M. hiring but Yes, I have mentioned Texas Tech coach Beard as BK went to TT and Chris Beard would come to IU.

  4. I do agree with the need for more quality inside size/help. But those sort of top guys are some of the most difficult to land…They are very intermittent and opportunities are sparse (whether within the borders or beyond).
    We had our best shot in decades with Zeller. Sadly, we didn’t have the all complementary piece, the tenacious defensive mindset and the X’s and O’s coach to make it happen. I recall somebody once saying Jordy Hulls was the “worst defender in all of college basketball.” So what good is a shooter…if he can’t guard?

    It’s rare to get such a premier center and never see a team get past a Sweet Sixteen. We had a shot and it was bumbled….Was it bumbled because there was also pressure on Crean to land all of Cody’s Indiana buddies (Etherington, Hanner, Hollowell)…instead of going after talent outside the state?

    Are Indiana coaches failing because they are too appeasing of the local fan base/homies who always want Indiana kids on an Indiana Hoosier basketball team?

    Don’t get me wrong…I love Indiana kids on a Hoosier basketball team. But does such a desire inherently sort of tie our own hands and create limitations? Does it pose a hindrance today that wasn’t present in the glory days of Knight because the game was different then?

  5. I have an idea…

    Let’s start calling them ‘cost throws’…..Why should missing something that can cost you a game be considered free?
    Be inventive with this instead of simply complaining more than having three hemorrhoids you’ve named your friends.

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