Holmes first AP All-American in IU women’s history

In a season that has seen the Indiana women’s basketball team set records for highest ranking and most Big Ten wins, the Hoosiers added a record-breaking individual honor on Wednesday.

Sophomore forward Mackenzie Holmes was named to the Associated Press All-American honorable mention team, becoming the first AP All-American selection in IU women’s basketball history.

The 6-foot-3 Gorham, Maine, native is averaging 18.1 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.9 blocks per game while shooting 60.3% from the floor and 77.4% from the free-throw line on the season. Holmes, a first team All-Big Ten honoree, has scored in double figures in 20 of the Hoosiers’ 23 games with nine games of 20 or more with seven double-doubles.

She ranks seventh nationally in field-goal percentage, 10th in blocked shots, 11th in blocks per game and 30th in field goals made heading into the NCAA Tournament in San Antonio, where fourth-seeded Indiana will begin play against No. 13 VCU on Monday at 2 p.m. in a game televised on ESPNU.

Holmes is the fifth player in IU women’s history to earn any kind of All-American honors and the first since Tyra Buss was earned WBCA All-American honorable mention in 2018, a feat Buss also accomplished in 2017. Other Hoosiers to earn All-American honors were Debbie Oing (1975), Karna Abram (1985 and 1986) and Cindy Bumgarner (1986).


  1. MACKENZIE HOLMES ambitions at Gorham Maine in process coming to fruition when she talked to T. Moren and staff during recruiting about her role in IU Ladies basketball program. That would be considered not a good but a great decision for a high school kid that has followed through to maximize her potential.

  2. For barely watching any women’s hoops, I guess I have a good eye….I made considerable note of her talents in the only half of game I watched this season….Quickness and court vision. Good balance and feet. She’s the Mitch McGary of the women’s BigTen college game. She’ll put the Hoosiers on her back and get them to a Final Four…along with the fiery point guard, Cardaño-Hillary, feeding buckets inside and out.

  3. IU Ladies could lose any game in tournament if opponent is to leverage them out of sink or your right final 4 possibility…Sweet 16 likely…elite 8 is also possibility. T. Moren and staff recruiting was pretty creative finding and getting Mac to sign with IU Ladies. It is a good story. Mac was a high level borderline 4/5 star recruit but I don’t think she was considered top elite at the major programs but a player who had a dream, ability and work ethic to go with it…then at IU a coaching staff to go with that.

  4. Mackenzie is one of many examples of how the star rating system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
    There’s more to good basketball evaluation than watching flashy performances in loosey-goosey AAU games.
    Good for Mackenzie Holmes, and GOIUWBB!

  5. H4H. If you had watched another half of the women’s game you might have noted that Berger didnt get her “3 triple doubles” just by shooting her patented pull up jumper. She has been quite aware of the “Mack” dog inside and knowing its an almost an auto assist gets the ball to her at every opportunity. Credit to Mack for making herself better by losing the 20 + lbs so she can stay on the floor longer and indirectly making her team better. Hillary’s defense on the opponents best pt guard also cannot be denied. Too bad she got in foul trouble against Mich St.

  6. Steve- I’ll try to catch some more games in March Madness. Hope they make a run…

  7. I love watching these gals and am really looking forward to seeing them in action against the field coming up. Hope they go in aways to show what they can do.
    Thanks gals and good luck the rest of the way.

  8. Should be a fun tourney to watch as we watch upsets happen. If they didnt happen why even play just write them in. Most people love to see that, see the underdog pull the upset, unless of course it is their own team.

  9. In football there is term often used “you are what you are” we shall see what IU really is.

    1. March 20 could be a major recruiting day for IU Ladies basketball….what are the odds but it speaks to IU Ladies basketball culture T. Moren and staff. UCLA, Louisville, UCONN, ND, IU (IU offer came in 8th grade) Ayanna Patterson class of 2022 that’s tomorrow.

  10. That’s why it could be another big recruiting day for IU Ladies and when or if the tide will ever turn or stay the same forever and this day will continue to come and go.

  11. Well , we did steal one from right under Geno’s nose, Mack was right there in his backyard.

  12. Agree, for IU. However, he didn’t lose anything from his perspective because he has the best of the whole country as his recruiting base. Rather, as good as Holmes is IU Ladies is her gain as well as IU Ladies.

  13. a player as good as Holmes is often do not get the same opportunity at a a UCONN that she has gotten under T. Moren and IU. It’s a huge credit to Holmes because she continues to improve a bunch and also T. Moren and staff. In other words this quality of player because of Holmes herself the coaching staff makes sure she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle because she is much needed.

  14. This A. Patterson likes to attack the bucket and what does T. Moren like to do? Attack the bucket.

  15. Ive said it many hoping to get that elite player here as in high ranked, one of these days it will happen. Could be IU has to prove the culture change to everyone by getting deeper into the field, past the second round.

  16. GENO says I have coached a 100 of you. I can prepare you for the pros. Look at my resume. Ayanna Patterson to UCONN.
    IU offered in grade 7. Yes Steve, T. Moren is pulling a heavy sled uphill more like a mountain. UCONN offered in June right after they decided to recruit her. Even Purdue gets Indiana recruits. What else can T. Moren and staff do??? Maybe, keep shops open in Canada and Europe and Australia.

  17. Maybe, IU can continue to get transfers when not all these girls get to play or for whatever reason though it seems like UCONN girls have excellent retention rate.

  18. Yes look how many recruits make wrong decisions, Ali first went to ND, then needed a change, there have also been players leave Uconn after a year or so. One of these days,,,,,,.

  19. Its no surprise A. Patterson is going to Uconn, but it does gripe my a__ when IU offered to her in the 8th grade.

  20. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to get mad at a girl because she choses the the number one team in the country over our school? If you had a daughter and U-Conn was after her, would that upset you? I would be incredibly proud of her! No brainer!! Just having a daughter that would be concidered by U-Conn would be a great honor! Go Hoosiers!!

  21. Agree. However, it is recognizing the recruiting challenges at IU for Ladies basketball and T. Moren to develop a healthy competitive improving program and sustain it. It’s not just this recruiting battle but other straight out of high school, especially Indiana recruiting battles as well. Plus it is a credit to T. Moren, staff and players being able to establish a very competent recruiting and player development strategy.
    Note: It’s not surprising that this frequently happens…when a player already knows as soon as a particular school offers says he or she is narrowing choice down already knows which school he or she is going to choose.

  22. Indiana girls senior all-stars headed to Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan, Arizona State and a bunch of other schools that I can’t remember

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