IU guard Khristian Lander enters transfer portal

Indiana freshman guard Khristian Lander entered the transfer portal on Friday, becoming the sixth Hoosier to do so since the end of the season.

As is the case with all portal entrants, this doesn’t necessarily mean Lander is leaving the program in the wake of Archie Miller’s firing as head coach. Multiple players, including fellow freshman Jordan Geronimo, as well as starters Race Thompson and Armaan Franklin, have indicated they are willing to wait and see who the next IU coach is before making a final decision.

“I wanted to take some time to think about what I wanted to do that would put me in the best position,” Lander said in a statement posted to social media Friday. “Moving forward, I want to make sure that I grow in an atmosphere that suits me best. Not knowing who will be the coach is something that has been on my mind.

“So with that being said, I will be entering my name into the transfer portal. In no way does that mean I’m leaving IU. It just puts me in a better position for the future. I appreciate all Hoosier fans forever, no matter what happens.”

Franklin, Thompson, Geronimo, grad transfer Parker Stewart, and graduating senior Al Durham have all hit the portal following Miller’s departure. Durham, in particular, announced he intends to play elsewhere as a grad transfer in 2021-22.

IU now has just six scholarship players not in the portal, though it’s unclear if Trayce Jackson-Davis intends to return to college next season or opt for the NBA Draft. It’s also unclear if Joey Brunk, following last year’s back injury, will return for another season.

Anthony Leal and Trey Galloway, two other in-state freshman guards, have indicated they intend to stay at IU.

Lander had an up-and-down season in 2020-21 after skipping his senior season at Evansville Reitz and arriving to IU a year early. The 6-foot-2 point guard averaged 2.1 points and 1.2 assists per contest in around 10 minutes per contest. He hit just 25.7% of his shots from the field, though he had back-to-back seven-point outings versus Michigan and Michigan State at the end of the season, connecting on 6-of-13 in those games. He was also making more plays as a distributor as the season went along.

While he wasn’t quite ready to take the reins of the point guard position for IU as a freshman, Lander is still a former five-star recruit who has the potential to be a valuable asset for IU’s program going forward, if he stays.

“If the coaching hire isn’t a good fit for Khristian, he has to have options,” Lander’s father, Keith, told the Evansville Courier & Press. “It’s definitely exploratory to understand what those options are.”


  1. University of Texas Basketball job is now open Coach Smart moving on, more competition for I U on the two Texas based schools Baylor and Texas Tech Coaches, Texas has really deep pockets to pay a new basketball coaches.

    1. Yes sirrreee SOUTH. Oil Money bought new Football Coach and will pay new basketball coach. Dolson cant alk to NBA coaches until end of season (usually per contract) which is April 30 (35 days from today) So Dolson’s plans are blowing up in his face and he will HAVE TO SETTLE for the fragments left behind. I wonder which High School Coach will be available or which retired Coach he can draw out of Retirement because this is turning into ONE BIG Mell of a Hess Uckfay up.

  2. Not only is Texas job open BUT Lon Kruger at Oklahoma announced his retirement.. Keep hatching those eggs Dolson, sooner or later something will POP UP. Lets see how long it takes for Texas and Oklahoma to fill those coaching positions.

    1. Once again, why the rush? There are still plenty of great coaches playing in the NCAA I would like Dolson to talk to. I am in no hurry. If these players don’t want to be at IU, why do you want them here? That means their heart isn’t at IU. I think everyone knows the first year for whatever coach they bring in is going to be difficult. Even if it was Brad Stevens some of these guys were going to leave regardless. My message to Dolson: Keep taking your time and find the right guy, not the right now guy.

  3. Man, I’ve never seen so much fear running through a fan base.

    My heavens. Calm. Calm.

    We’re in position to get the right guy. Dolson has brought more hoops knowledge to the AD position than anyone on these message boards. McRobbie is checked out and I think anyone that Dolson suggests will get the contract without any resistance. I appreciate that he’s not rushing and everything he’s said about how he’s approaching this hire seems spot on.

    None of these coaching possibilities are going to be flawless. But it seems like there’s this element in our fanbase that just loves disaster porn. And it’s like round-the-clock, amateur, swinger-orgy disaster porn.

  4. DD I make mention on the delay of decision because Ive been in Texas a little over 10 years and in that time the football program has had 4 coaches including the current. Money is no object to the OIL Alumni of these schools. Mack Brown, Charlie Strong , then Tom Herman and now Steve Sarkasian. Beard is an Alumna of Texas good chance he goes there. Then there is Oklahoma, Lon Kruger built a respectable program and Oil is big there as well..

    1. Looks like all that oil money has gotten them much lately. Seems like they hire the hot guy that turns out to be a bad hire. Sounds like that might rush into those decisions instead of taking their time and getting the right guy.

  5. TJ, your neurology is on a loop, brother. You’re in fight or flight. Take a step back. None of us can control what’s about to happen. So let’s just settle in and see what happens.

    If Indiana doesn’t get Chris Beard, there’s no reason to commit seppuku.

  6. IU Hoosier–that’s EXACTLY what they have done; in fact Herman was coach of A&M and since Texas couldnt beat him , they bought him away then fired him 3 yrs later. DD im more concerned about the effect of the “money game” has down here in regards to openings and those being filled by “bought” coaches and the domino effect of a coach leaving to fill one of those 2 positions .

  7. Hell no more than 1 HC is gonna be hired at any one place. A lot of sky falling here.

  8. For all the IU players entering the transfer portal I say Happy Trails. Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out. That same door also lets players in.

    “The transfer portal is going to be busier than ever this spring, with upward of 1,500 players expected to enter their names. And with the NCAA either passing a long-awaited one-time transfer rule or simply granting another blanket waiver, extreme roster turnover could be on its way”.
    ESPN March 12, 2021

    Whoever becomes the next head coach will be able to upgrade the roster and turn things around in quick fashion. Change is good.

  9. Gee, how come nobody mentions Houston’s coach as a candidate? While tongue in cheek, the coaching acumen of Sampson is better than any of his successors. It’s too bad he committed such a petty crime that isn’t even a crime today. Oh well….. There’s a lot of good candidates out there, and I’m confident that IU will land one.

    1. Sampson is and was a very good coach! The suits in the athletic department totally botched monitoring his compliance behavior. He is not a bad guy.

      1. Didn’t he break the same rule he had broken at another school?

        I could understand if he broke a rule he had never broken before that the compliance monitoring would, at the minimum, share the blame.

        But if he’s breaking a rule he had already been caught and penalized for, I’m not sure he gets a pass on that.

        Does it make him a bad guy? No. It was a stupid rule. But it does make him suspect. When he as hired, a friend of mine was very angry “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

        1. How soon we forget.

          Not saying Sampson was a bad buy, but he was either a cheater or a man who failed to prevent his staff from cheating. At the very least his values were not in line with the values of IU and the majority of its fans. The violations he and his staff committed were not the main issue to me; it was the behavior of many of his players and the fact that they obviously did not care about being student-athletes. Whether you like Dan D. or not, you can’t ignore the things that he has revealed about many of those players. Sampson was responsible and he deserved to be fired. I just regret that IU decided to pay him an $800,000 severance to go away quietly. He clearly deserved to be fired for cause.

  10. Yes kinda enjoying the way it6 playing out. New HC can have as clean a slate as he desires or manages as his options will be numerous.

    1. You stole my line from last night, t…., but Price never posted it. So, in essence, you didn’t steal it.

  11. And I don’t blame Landers…he is doing well…going to college and playing basketball…but I do blame the adults.

  12. And half the IU fan base wants the Loyola coach the next coach. Going to get beat by the team picked to finish last in the Pac 12 amd.probably won’t score 60 points.

  13. And Loyola defeated an Illinois team many believed most likely to challenge Gonzaga. And today they faced the team that was arguably one the hottest in the nation and won the Pac 12 tournament. Actually, all three teams Loyola faced won their conference tournaments. That’s called playing teams who have momentum. They stopped two of them.

    Moser is a fantastic coach. He won’t take the IU job no matter how badly “half the fan base” (sounds like a massive exaggeration) wants him.

    1. Apparently you aren’t on Twitter. That was.pretty much all the tweets were wanting right after the Illinois win and it didn’t slow down. Assembly Call was the worst one about wanting him. If Oregon St didn’t win the conference tourney they wouldn’t have gotten in.

  14. Moser is only a candidate in the heads of our fan base (or your twitterverse) . Everything and every candidate is pure conjecture. Personally, I don’t think he would be interested. Secondly, I think he would be totally nuts to be interested.
    Lastly, Oregon State beat many of those highly bragged about Pac 12 teams to win that tournament…..I do think they’ll fall to Sampson’s Houston or Boeheim’s Syracuse. Loyola simply had a lid on the basket today…Also, they played the perfect game against Illinois and that’s a difficult thing to repeat (mentally). The Illinois game probably felt like the title game they could have won four years ago…It’s hard to come off that high gently.

    1. If it’s Woodson, why hasn’t it been announced? I’d be O.K. with Woodson; he certainly checks a lot of the boxes. But I don’t think he’s the pick. My guess still leans toward another college BB head coach, and maybe that’s a man whose team is still in the tournament.

      We have to believe that in spite of the recent past, our history, the BB facilities, the fan base, the Big Ten Conference, not to mention the money IU is willing to pay, still makes the IU job extremely attractive to a lot of ambitious college coaches. I just hope Dolson is not being myopic right now and that he’s taking a longer-term, values-based perspective to evaluate candidates.

  15. Whoever gets the job, there’s a strong possibility Knight may not live out their first contract. Might be why they’re looking for an Indiana guy. They’re already thinking of event planning, speeches and pallbearers. I’m visualizing thousands lining up Walnut Street while lying face down….during the procession. “When my time on earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass!”

    Indiana guy makes sense right now. Crean laid us to rest in March Madness. Now we need an Indiana guy to be around for the final rest of ‘The General.’

  16. Did A. M. really want to coach IU and care that much. I suppose what was he suppose to say? However, just never got much emotion one way or another. I am sure he wanted to win and be successful. However, he always struck me if things didn’t work out…players/team was not enjoying what was going on…A.M. just kind of faded and walked away.$$$$
    Men’s college game with NBA influence…so why not Woodson…Like him as well as anyone else…bring on some recruits….some current players stay….hire a good staff (maybe Lewis and or Fife)…Woodson gets players/team respect…defense and offense …Let’s go, fight, win.

  17. Did A. M. really want to coach IU and care that much. I suppose what was he suppose to say? However, just never got much emotion one way or another. I am sure he wanted to win and be successful. However, he always struck me if things didn’t work out…players/team was not enjoying what was going on…A.M. just kind of faded and walked away.$$$$
    Men’s college game with NBA influence…so why not Woodson…Like him as well as anyone else…bring on some recruits….some current players stay….hire a good staff (maybe Lewis and or Fife)…Woodson gets players/team respect…defense and offense …Let’s go, fight, win.

    Now take care of IU Ladies basketball program, T. Moren and staff because it continues to be one of the very best things going for IU at any level.

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