IU women enter top-10 for the first time

The Indiana women’s basketball team hit another historic milestone on Monday afternoon with the release of the Associated Press Top-25 poll, climbing from No. 11 to No. 10.

It is the first top-10 appearance in program history and highest-ever ranking. IU has now been ranked for 35 consecutive weeks, spanning all of last season and all of this season, also a record for a program that had only been ranked for six weeks all-time prior to the 2019-20 season.

The Hoosiers have two regular-season games remaining, both at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall — Wednesday against Iowa at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday against Purdue at 1 p.m.


  1. Congratulations IU Ladies. March On.
    Interesting to see assistant with clipboard…which is sometimes the case.

  2. Since 9th ranked Ariz. lost may be the only reason they cracked the top 10 but they are deserving in my book. We’ve seen the assisstant draw up plays thruout the season.

    As a side note my brother told me Brad Stevens has been cited on the IU campus wearing an IU shirt??

    1. Damn…Did the campus police cite Stevens? I knew our men’s program was under fire, but I didn’t think wearing an IU shirt now included a citation.

  3. I noted that Nikki was limping as she went off the court the last time on saturday, hope its nothing serious.

  4. Tonight: Small facebook sampling…71 positive comments and 904 hearts and likes.
    Is there a market for a local tv channel to air some IU ladies basketball games. Especially, when not televised on espn or big ten networks?

  5. I’ll bet the BigTen wouldn’t like it, because even though only a few folks subscribe to BigTen+, your idea would take away that market. I like your idea, because the BigTen+ picture is really bad. Forget which game it was I tried to watch where they didn’t bother to have any audio!
    Greed kills!

  6. How about the few games that aren’t on the major networks? A local central or Indiana network

  7. Regarding TV coverage … As a Roku streamer with Hulu at a level that includes all the ESPN’s and BTN and Foxes, if you add BTN+ at its one-school Indiana level at $80 a year, you are able to see every IU WBB game.
    The full all-schools BTN+ version at $120 per year gets you ALL the BTN+ games from-among ALL the B1G schools.

    For me, BTN+ has been a must for IU WBB but also for IU BASEBALL. However it does cover ALL the other sports, soccer-swimming-volleyball-wrestling-hockey and you name it… Also, BTN+ games can be seen on replay, with fast forward, if you miss the live broadcast-stream.

    When I first subscribed, before I began streaming everything with Roku+HULU (which was before Smithville began retreating from TV), I streamed IU WBB and IU Baseball into a Mac powerbook, and connected the Mac into a TV which served as a big-bigger full-sized monitor.

    Recently, the technical-digital transmissions on BTN+ have gotten sharper/improved. As far as audio and commentary, you must remember that BTN+ WBB games are called by media STUDENTS. (Not Lisa Byington with talky Christy Winter-Scott. I think the broadcasters when NOT on site but watching at home-studios feel like they are doing radio – where there’s never supposed to be any dead space-silence. Which reminds me, our broadcaster Greg Murray has announced he has added a fulltime job and will no longer be doing IU baseball which begins March 5. On BTN+ games I usually listen to Greg above the BTN+ audio, and for the pre and post-game. Here is a radio URL for IU WBB when the radio broadcast is ONLINE ONLY, streamed: https://whcc105.com – then click on the big brown LISTEN LIVE button.

    The T Moren RADIO interview show THIS WEEK will play on THURSDAY, 5:55 pm.

    The IU WBB games relegated only to BTN+ this year have generally been the games against our bottom 1/3 of the league opponents. This week for example, while our Iowa WBB game Wednesday is on BTN, our March 6 PU game is slated (relegated) for BTN+

  8. J Bee, I use ROKU and a plasma set for the games, and while BTN+ may be getting better in regards to picture quality, I still think it’s pretty poor and certainly not much of a value. Seems to me that if you subscribe to the BigTen Network, BTN+ should be free. How much money is enough for the Big10?
    I wish the BigTen Network itself would broadcast more live stuff. Watched the bigten indoor track meet last night, and it was great.
    GO IU!
    ps. Will Greg continue to do IU women’s basketball next year? He is an EXCELLENT announcer, be it baseball or basketball. I thought he might get Fish’s job when he retires.

  9. On BTN + on my desktop best I can get is 720 quality and my monitor is 22″ so its not too bad of a watch except in a few games get no banner or running clock which can be frustrating.

    Even though I dont have a smart tv this year I did invest in an Amazon fire stick and with the BTN+ app watch those games on the tv. Its a much clearer and larger view 1080 I think.

  10. Gregg Murray does not a good job but a GREAT JOB with IU Ladies basketball from games to pre and post games and coaches show and putting it all together with those that work with him. I think he would be great on a local tv channel airing IU LADIES BASKETBALL. Just thinking about the future trying to get in front of (though a seeming hopeless situation) before major networking throws another wrinkle into watching games meaning another subscription like a big ten A+ or big ten++ or espn 3,4 or 5. Just tired of all the network and tech price gouging….and it never ends.

  11. Notable: Even though win at Ohio State (a really good win) on two different interviews both T. Moren and an assistant coach stated it wasn’t the best IU Ladies basketball (true) (always expecting more/not satisfied)…however T. Moren was happy that IU Ladies grind to win. Assistant coach stated IU Ladies were tough. The key thing is putting Ohio State win into perspective and that IU Ladies are better than what they played in Ohio State game.

  12. Either way it was an important win against Ohio State, ladies played good enough to get the win. There were lapses, one where Patberg was fouled on a 3 and missed all 3 opportunities. The fact that beating the buckeyes has been rare either home or on the road made this an important win. Would IU have won if they had their Pt guard Greene on the floor , compare to the fact when Patberg was out 4 games with separated shoulder, memory serves IU lost all 4 games.

  13. t,
    Agree 100% on Greg and also the greed of the broadcast industry and their beneficiaries, the athletic conferences. They must stay up nights trying to figure out new and imaginative ways to squeeze just a little more money out of all of us.
    The IHSAA now has a streaming service where they charge for certain high school games, but somehow that doesn’t bother me as much if schools get part of the money.
    IU athletic department gets well over 100 million a year in income, so I’m glad high schools get some meager help along the way.

    1. Nat…Yes and agree, it is beyond out of control and when will it ever end? Answer…It won’t (it could be simple but beware of all so called good deals).
      Steve…Yes, OSU win was excellent win. The point being that IU Ladies won the game and played well but not great and a ways from there potential and still won game. A OSU road win with things to work on to improve is a good thing.

  14. What stands out about the OSU win – and to a lesser extent the Michigan win this year –
    is that this group fully met or IMO – exceeded – expectations in a hi-pressure “big” game.
    I can think only of the no-low pressure South Carolina vacation-in-the-Bahamas game where we surprised to the upside.
    Iowa … Northwestern…. along with OSU and Maryland seemingly forever, have punked us.
    OSU became our get-over-that-hump game.
    ALSO, re TV $, quality, value… IU absolutely needs all of that $20 mill or so of annual BTN funding in order to help level the till toward the tremendous revenue advantages that football brings into OSU and Michigan and most of the rest of the BTN. Without BTN $$$, which are shared evenly among all BTN schools, the athletic budgets at IU and Northwestern would be severe headwinds to us competing.

    WHICH REMINDS, re TV money and quality … Everything is”monetized.” Nothing is “free” anymore. Not rights to broadcast games. From social media to tax software, “free,” means at best that buried in your account agreement is the likely reveal in legalese that they own the right to use-share-trade-sell every bit of your persaonal and watch data. “Free” means you are payng with your privacy. Poof – it’s gone.

    IN TV Value-Quality-Usability, “one more thing.” When we started streaming with ROKU plus Hulu, a ccuple years ago, we switched our main TV of 5, an older big Sony, with a suspiciously inexpensive 65” Sharp with built-in Roku. After it “proved itself,” we switched another one to a TCL brand, a 55” with Roku built-in. Both have performed “like the expensive kind” to our eyes. Sound is OK for news & sports, but if someone’s big into movies and music videos, consider adding a sound bar.

    Today’s Iowa win was a lesson in, don’t get too pleased with yourself, aka overconfident. Iowa was energized and Clark-ready. Our taking control deep in 2nd half took renewed grit and concentraion.
    It was another growth spurt in this team’s maturity. And another game where we seem to outlast teams, being in better phys shape as opponents tire. Mac mentioned it in the post-game.

  15. A lot of “home cooking” in Assembly going on when Caitlin Clark was tagged with a beyond ticky-tack fourth foul. That girl buried one of the deepest and most impressive step-back 3-pointers I’ve ever seen in the women’s game….It was late in the fourth quarter. She was ready to put her team on her shoulders and then we slap her with a fourth ticky-tack call on an inbounds play. Claim she slapped but there was nothing in the replay. Come on, refs..Let the Hoosier ladies win the right way unaided by the fix of a game-changing whistle.
    Sort of disgraceful..

  16. Kaitlyn is always Clark-ready. She has had several 30 pt games I mean she avg. 27 so a 30 pt game is nothing to her so if you hold her around that youve done your job. She is the best long range shooter Ive seen , its also no effort for her to shoot the long ball and to look at her you wouldnt think it would be that way. And to top it all off shes as cool as a cucumber. BTW H4H Clark did a little acting of her own on a couple plays. So dont blame the refs for IU winning .

  17. Or the other argument could be made rather than Clark putting her team on her shoulders that IU Ladies would play good defense not allowing that…or Clark picking up another foul on the next play. And of course I am sure IU Ladies felt they were called for a couple of what one may define as “ticky-tack“ fouls as well. It’s fun to watch a well coached T. Moren and STAFF and PLAYERS led IU Ladies basketball team.

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