IU’s Thompson, Stewart in transfer portal

Report from the Indianapolis Star’s Zach Osterman:

Redshirt junior forward Race Thompson entered his name into the transfer portal, according to a program source with knowledge of the situation, making him the third IU men’s basketball player in the past two days to do so.

A starter in all 27 games last season for Indiana, Thompson averaged 9.1 points and 6.2 rebounds. He was an effective partner for first-team All-Big Ten center Trayce Jackson-Davis, and one of the Hoosiers’ most-versatile defensive players. His contributions proved pivotal in some of the Hoosiers’ most notable wins, including Providence, Maryland and Iowa at home.

From the Minneapolis area originally, Thompson actually reclassified from 2018 to 2017 and enrolled early. He was the first player to commit to Indiana under Archie Miller who had not been committed to the program previously. After he was redshirted his first season and struggling with injuries the next, Thompson steadily worked his way up the rotation the last two years and was a rotational fixture in 2020-21. Only Jackson-Davis and Al Durham played a greater percentage of their team’s minutes.

Thompson became the second Hoosier to enter the portal Wednesday after grad transfer guard Parker StewartSophomore guard Armaan Franklin also entered the portal Tuesday. Franklin’s mother, India, said her son will still meet with the next IU coach before making any final decision on whether to transfer, or stay at Indiana.

Indiana’s search for Miller’s replacement reached its ninth day Wednesday.


  1. Portalpalooza®!!

    …is now a registered trademark of Harvard for Hillbillies.

  2. Once the new coach is hired, he will start fresh with his own selected team members, or Archie’s players will either stay put if the hire meets their approval or cut and run their own directions for their next school. Looking a Smith’s numbers with Arkansas and improvement in his offense and free throw percentage looks like he received more player development in one season at Arkansas, opposed to the three spent at I U.

  3. Why are you spewing falsities?

    Justin Smith

    Final year @ Indiana: Free throw % .673
    This year @ Arkansas Free throw % .630

    Smith’s free throw percentages were gradually increasing at Indiana. He declined at Arkansas. Look it up…@ http://www.sports-reference.com.

    He’s averaging 4 more ppg. Nothing earth-shattering. He’s still primarily a dunker/slasher with no jump shot. He is what he was when Crean recruited him ….He’s a marvelous athlete with sub-par footwork moves in the paint. He still can’t move quickly and pull-up to bury a jump shot. He defends and rebounds well. He did those things at IU…and would have had nice side-by-side success playing with an improved TJD. A healthy and available Brunk would have been nice as well…

  4. And Smith shot the 3-pt ball at a whopping .263 during his final season at IU.

    It’s dropped even more at Arkansas….He’s 5 of 27….@ .217 His free throw shooting and his 3 pt percentages have dropped since leaving IU.

  5. The transfers while frustrating can be used to the new coaches advantage going after other transfers from other teams. They will be able to come in right away and start and make an immediate impact. Also for those still on the fence, this opens up spots for them. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    1. “For the rest of them”! Only TJD is worth staying around. I doubt he will. I’ve been waiting for Phinisee’s announcement. He won’t have one because no one would be interested. What’s left on this roster is a ‘practice squad’ for whoever the coach will be. My guess at this juncture, Poston or Fife.

      1. The portal is filling fast. Form every P5 conference. IUBB is not an exclusive virgin. No alarm bell ringing when players with loyalty look for options when their is terminated. The 180° side of this is players wanting change and a new start uses the tool that offers that opportunity. It’s also good for the sheriff coming to town as the portal is full of available talented players and skilled players to sell his brand to. I see this developing into a big positive for IUBB. With the exception of AD and a little bit with Stewart I think a better than 50/50 chance Race and Franklin return. A new HC draws favorable interest.

        1. Brad, if it was Fife, they’d have made the announcement by now. There’s no reason to delay since MSU’s season was over a week ago. So I doubt it’s Fife.

          My guess is that they’re going after the Arkansas coach or another coach whose team is still in the Tournament. Either that, or it’s a hell of a negotiation taking place.

        2. HC, I agree with your comments above. The transfer scenario has just as much of a chance of being a net positive for IU BB as it does of being a negative. It goes without saying that IU’s next BB coach must be a excellent recruiter, period.

  6. Aside from this IU situation of transfers…if so many transfers continue in especially college basketball it’s going or could become like the NBA or even NFL. If there gets to be enough transfers what are team identities…Is it the Pacers or who is it as team rosters change so often that in reality there are no true Pacers or Colts rather than a few players who stay the course or on a team for more than a couple years. So teams are conglomerations of other players from other teams. Emotions vs Reality.

  7. Apparently, the IU men’s basketball program and the Indiana University self image or identity has been haunted as well….in that it is no longer identified as a basketball educational institution of higher learning.

  8. Geronimo has now entered the portal . HEY SCOTT DOLSON!!!! I thought when you spent $10 Million Dollars to buy out Archie Miller you had a plan. It is becoming abundantly clear the plan you HAD has blown up in your face OR you NEVER really had a plan.

    1. TJ, sorry man, but you sound as if you’re in panic mode, and I don’t understand why you would be? Did you expect IU to introduce it’s new coach before April 1? Did you not expect that IU’s players would exercise the freedom provided by the transfer portal? I would not be surprised if every IU scholarship BB player enters the transfer portal. In fact, they’d be stupid not to. But that doesn’t mean they’re all going to transfer. It just means they’re giving themselves options in case they don’t like IU’s new coach or a better opportunity arises.

      Welcome to the new world of the NCAA Sports!

  9. What an enormous lack of knowledge about the transfer portal in this year of 2021 is evidenced by this group of posters. To ask to be placed on the portal list does not mean that you want to leave your university. IU, right now, has no head coach. That is critical information for each player to have. Going on the transfer portal just allows the player to speak with other programs. Dolson get going! Timing is critical. I U Basketball needs a coach now!

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