IU makes Miller Kopp transfer official

Indiana officially announced the addition of transfer Miller Kopp from Northwestern on Monday.

Most of all, the 6-foot-7 forward provides the Hoosiers with shooting to supplement Mike Woodson’s four-out, one-in offensive approach. Kopp is a career 36% 3-point shooter, with his best season being 39.6% from beyond the arc as a sophomore.

He’s also an 85% shooter from the free throw line.

“Miller is a veteran player with three seasons of experience as a starter in the Big Ten,” Woodson said in a statement.  “He is a tremendous shooter from long range who will really help us become more versatile with his ability to stretch the floor.  He also is an outstanding free throw shooter who will come in and have an immediate impact.”

Kopp, a native of Houston, Tex., started all 24 games for the Wildcats last season and averaged 11.3 points and 3 rebounds per game. He occupies the last of IU’s 13 available scholarships.

Last week, the Hoosiers added another 2021 recruit, guard Tamar Bates, to go with center Logan Duncomb. IU is also bringing in a pair of transfers in Kopp and Pittsburgh guard Xavier Johnson.


  1. OSU had one of the best free throw percentages in the BigTen. They lost in the opening round of March Madness.
    Rutgers had the worst free throw percentage, made it to the second round …and, if not for a miracle finish by Houston, would have been in the Elite Eight.

    Free throw percentages are one of the most overrated stats in basketball…There is really not that much separation between best and worst in the conference…and it has little correlation to how guys shoot when the pressure and the moment is biggest.

    Most teams are smart enough to not foul better free throw shooters when games are on the line.

    Generally, a 10% difference in free throw efficiency amounts to around 1.5 to 2 pts. per game over the course of a season.

    Sure, everyone wants to make more…but the margins in differences between teams aren’t that vast nor impact the overall season as some with agendas would like to communicate.

      1. Mike Woodson shot .769 from the line in his sophomore season (.780 career).
        Armaan Franklin shot .741 from the line in his sophomore season.
        Ajami Durham shot .740 from the line in his sophomore season (.773 career @ IU).

        Negligible difference. The initial comment on this thread is an exaggeration and had little impact on our season. Other than true bricklayers, young players shoot better from the line as their college careers progress (as did Woodson). Miller Kopp shot .700 as a freshman @ NW. Less time on the court = Less rhythm and fewer attempts. Oladipo shot .612 in his freshman season and .716 in his IU career. Negligible difference. Was Podunker bitching about his free throw percentages during bozo’s era? If you want more fun, take a look at Oladipo’s 3-pt % during his freshman and sophomore years. And we were complaining about our guards’ percentages?
        How do you spell agenda?

        The major impact on our season was a) a very young team, b) the transfer of Smith, c) the season-long injury to Brunk and d) injuries down the stretch to Franklin and Race.
        Let’s stick to reality, folks. No Joey. Little inside help for Trayce. Injuries to two of our most vital players when our schedule was the the most brutal. Quality freshman barely wet behind the ears (especially the new point guard).

  2. The Hoosiers definitely could have pulled out a few more victories this last year with decent free throw shooting. They had a lot of competitive losses where a few more successes from the charity stripe could’ve made a very real difference. I look forward to them being much better this year. Go Hoosiers!!

    1. That’s speculation…And if Tom Crean teams didn’t turn the ball over so much….or shot higher percentages in pressure-packed games, maybe they don’t fizzle out in March Madness?

      Efficient inbounding of the ball, rebounding, turnovers, proper game-management, communication in the huddle all have the potential to add or takeaway points. Free throw percentages are an easy blemish to note, but all facets of the game add and subtract points.

      Indiana homers get hung up on shooting because we think “pureness” at jumpers and charity stripes is a signature trait of kids from Indiana.

      Ironic how some are so hung up the “signature” …..while now wanting to find more recruits from outside our borders. The history of our top net splashers isn’t big from outside our borders.

  3. I also wonder how much an uptempo style will affect free throw shooting. Will ‘run and gun’ get us to the line less and thus lower our overall attempts? Less attempts increases the potential movement in percentages. Will fatigue (faster pace) play into the percentages? When you take a college roster and attempt to emulate an NBA style, you don’t necessarily have the world class athletes to combat fatigue. Conditioning and physical attributes (e.g. length to cover ground) play into sustaining form on shots and recouping during stoppages.
    Woodson upgraded with some added athleticism….but was it enough to counter the fatigue in an uptempo transformation? I guess we’ll see….Many complained last year (including Dan Dakich) of Trayce’s speed on the court and getting back on defense. Is it simply laziness, lack of conditioning…or is it more preservation of energy mixed into overall athleticism/ability?
    Many want to sell the NBA “style” to recruits.. But the biggest leap to the NBA isn’t shooting ability…It’s the length, size and athleticism. Imagine what it takes in athleticism to play an 80 game season before playoffs even get into full swing…
    If shooting and making free throws was the difference-maker, Jordy Hulls would be in the NBA.

  4. But they make their free throw shots, t. They don’t “freak out” at the charity stripe.

  5. Sounds being made Mike Roberts will be a new AC under old boss Wes Miller now at Cincinnati.

  6. I like this kid. I noticed his game at NW. He’s tough, has a nice stroke and moves well away from the ball. I see a little Brian Evans in him. Evans averaged 12 pts a game after his Soph season. Miller has the tools to grow into a solid Big Ten player.

    1. Yes, I agree DD. And just look at his rating coming out of High School! Effective outside shooter who moves well and who can make Free Throws. Just his ability to make FTs will create all sorts of opportunities for Woody’s offense, especially late in close games.

    2. He looks like he plays with some attitude. That’s a good thing. We needed a solid upgrade in the ‘chip on the shoulder’ department. Leadership has been a big void.

  7. If we could only hang banners based on edited YouTube clips of nets ripping. Banners for everyone!
    I was really hoping to see some bricklaying. Looks like there’s no room for improvement. Nobody misses…Lol. Wow…Woody must have waved a magic wand. Hope the wand works on wins vs. losses.
    To quote t:
    0 wins
    0 losses

    Too bad Stewart wasn’t willing to play last season….It appears he has the most natural and quickest shot release….(if my great eye can tell me anything based on one shot in the flawless performance video).

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