Northwestern transfer Miller Kopp picks IU, fills out roster

Report via Indy Star’s Zach Osterman:

Northwestern transfer forward Miller Kopp announced his decision to commit to Indiana on Tuesday morning, rounding out coach Mike Woodson’s first roster. 

A career 35.7% 3-point shooter, Kopp averaged 9.6 points per game over three seasons with the Wildcats. In the last two seasons, that number ticked up to 12.3 points per. 

Stretching to 6-7 with the ability to play on the perimeter, Kopp fits the sort of 3-4 hybrid Woodson described as on his wish list in a recent roundtable with reporters.

Kopp’s commitment fills the Hoosiers last remaining open scholarship, giving Woodson the full complement of 13. He is the second transfer addition for Indiana this spring, joining Pitt guard Xavier Johnson. Kopp is the first player to transfer to IU from within the Big Ten since Max Bielfeldt, who won conference sixth man of the year honors in 2016.

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  1. I really like what’s going on with Woodson and how he is filling out the roster! Things are certainly looking up! This is going to be a very interesting team to watch this year. Maybe I will start to watch the IU men again. I have been an IU women’s season ticket holder for over 20 years and the last several years have had very little confidence in the men’s program. Now I am starting to get encouraged by what Woodson is doing. BTW, how great is it to have an X-Hoosier coaching the team? Woodson is a class act, now, on to the games!! Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Different day, more good news! As I mentioned yesterday I would like to see a forward that can score be the final addition to the roster. Kopp fills that need. I may have wanted to see a more athletic forward, but perhaps he can develop a well rounded game. Woodson has formed a team that can score and as of now, can compete for the Big 10 title. It is amazing what Woodson has done in a short time. Go Hoosiers!

  3. It took 5 years but it’s finally Miller time in Bloomington! Welcome aboard Miller Koop. The hits just keep on coming.

  4. In his last 10 games of the 2020-21 season, he went 10 for 50 on triples.

    1. So you cherry pick his worst stretch of games. Harvard you are no longer a truth teller. You misrepresent the facts to make your point. But what is your point? Koop is a good shooter from the arc!

  5. Just got done watching Kopp’s high lights, Wow!! This looks like a great addition!! Hoosier Hopeful, don’t care about his lack of athleticism. just look at this kid shoot. My biggest criticism about our team over the last couple of years has been, “They can’t shoot the friggin ball!” Well, this kid can shoot it! We finally have at least one shooter! Good job coach, adding a strength to a weakness! We simply haven’t been able to shoot the ball lately, we now have at least one shooter, Hallelujah!! I like it! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. Franklin shot .424 on 3-pointers….Durham shot just under 40% on threes. The rest of the backcourt was very young. The problem last year was little inside help (transfer of Smith and season-long absence of Brunk) and injuries down the stretch (specifically, Franklin and Race).

      Having no fans in Assembly probably had a bigger effect on a very young team than what you’d see with a more mature roster.

      I get the “selling”…especially for those who had the vendetta against the guy who replaced the coach who walked on water, but don’t distort the truth. Leal will end up being a fine shooter. Galloway has nice shooting form as well. Lander will also improve. Freshmen rarely shoot the ball lights out.
      Archie Miller wasn’t recruiting bricklayers or A-Hope projects. We had a brutal back half of a conference schedule combined with injuries….combined with an extremely young roster which had finally transitioned away from the many Crean holdovers.

      The pace to building a winning program from the ground up is never at lightning speed…unless you’re recruiting for a school which requires little classroom dedication or you’re paying recruits.
      It takes a lot less time to build a guillotine.

    2. Mike, me too. I just watched highlights of Kopp and was impressed. He runs the floor well, makes mid-range shots and 3-pointers. But he also plays defense well (steals and blocks). And while not in his highlight video, the fact that he has made 87% of his free throws is HUGE! If IU had three players who made 80% of their free throws last season, IU would have won 20 games or more.

      Kopp is solid and obviously another good get for Woody and Staff.

  6. I know some will continue to poop on any good news coming out of Bloomington, but dang, if you would have said that we would have a roster and coaching staff that looked like this back on Mar 15th, I would have said you were dreaming.

    Indiana isn’t going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel with Nebraska and Penn State next year. This team will compete. It has the potential to get back to the NCAA tournament. There is a blend of experience and youth. Let’s see how they develop.

    I’m hopeful. Haven’t felt this way about Indiana basketball since our NC run. I’m not saying we’re in position for a NC, I’m just saying I’m very hopeful for the future.

    And I just find it odd that some folks continue to be so negative. What does that serve?

    1. To hear some folks tell it, we’re going to be a final four team now that we have a true Hoosier coaching and every move Woodson has made so far has been perfect.
      I think Double Down’s analysis of the “potential to get back to the NCAA tournament” is very fair and balanced. I like it.
      Be reasonable folks, give Woodson a fair chance. It will take time.

  7. Solid addition…more so than just him…because if defense has to attend at least honestly to this guy…then another player or two become much more comfortable becoming better shooters…and has possibly of spreading to teammates player strengths team wide. Team Chemistry.

  8. I think we can all now conclude, beyond any doubt, that Woody and staff are quite effective in their ability to evaluate BB talent. Furthermore, we can conclude that they are very effective recruiters. Now we have to see how good they are at getting this collection of talent to play together as a unit. If Woody and staff are as good at doing that as they are at recruiting, IU will go well beyond producing a winning season in 21/22.

    Brad Stevens who?

    1. Further Video Explanation: At the 2:07 mark of the above ‘Saved by Izzo’ video ( courtesy: ‘The Fixx’ ), you can watch Dane applying the official candy stripes paint.

  9. 0 wins 0 Losses….Saved by Zero!

    Does the lead singer of ‘The Fixx’ look a bit like a young Dane Fife…? Dane will soon ‘fix’ things to get the head coaching job. He’ll be the next Dakich as Woody goes down for making illegal 4-way recruiting calls. Lol.

  10. could someone answer this question– will Mike Roberts still have the opportunity to coach ini practices or will he be anchored to the administration offices?? He is a good big man’s coach.

  11. Interesting that some on this site would be happy if Archie Miller was still the coach and Durham and Phinisee were the starting backcourt. That type of thinking would keep IU in the Big 10 bottom. IU needed a complete rebuild and they are getting it. Woodson has done a fantastic job in putting together a competitive team. He has also laid the groundwork for long term success. Go Mike and go IU!

    1. And how is it a complete rebuild when Race, Trayce, Leal, Lander, Geronimo, Galloway and Hunter are all still on the team? You don’t believe any of those guys will be major contributors? TJD is a potential All-American…. Most programs would love to be in “rebuild” if it came with TJD.
      Woodson is simply filling in due to the transfers of Franklin, Durham and Brunk.

      It could be argued that three different transfers would have put us in a better position… .but the rebuild has nothing to do with being stuck with a roster of toe-trippers or bricklayers. Better talent (or those who can serve a specialized need) are always going to have more freedom to move (specifically with the new transfer rules). It’s now a rebuild because the top guard and the back-up center left. But the majority of the remaining roster left by Archie all have promise.

    2. Hopeful, some people get so invested that they’d rather die than admit they were wrong.

      But if anyone is unable to recognize how Woody has already upgraded IU BB’s level of talent, they’re just not being honest. Of course, we have no idea how the 21/22 season will turn out, but based on what he has accomplished so far, I’d say there is ample evidence that Woody is a major upgrade.

  12. The complete rebuild comment was referring to the coaching staff, direction of the program and improving the talent level of the team. Harv, you know guard play for the past number of years has been a disaster. I like the moves Woodson has made. IU will attack the paint much more this coming season. Johnson will lead the way and perhaps Lander has matured to the point where he can also. You will see an up tempo offense. Of course, I was not belittling an All American candidate like Jackson Davis. I also think Thompson could have a break out season. Bates is an important get for Woodson and could have a more complete game than Franklin. Not sure how Hunter, Phinisee and Galloway get their minutes. If Leal improves, he could see playing time. Geronimo has the athletic ability but can he turn that into solid, consistent play. Not sure how he gets minutes. With Parker Stewart and Kopp, you have outside scoring which should help Jackson Davis be even more effective. I’m guessing the starting five will be Jackson Davis, Thompson, Kopp, Johnson and Parker Stewart. Bottom line, this team’s talent level has increased significantly and that’s on The AD and Woodson. Exciting time to be an IU fan.

  13. Attitude and team Chemistry will be getting everything and everyone on the same page for player roles to accomplish mission. Team Attitude will determine the level of maximizing ability level for players and Team.

  14. There have been a few holdouts on the Island of Club Crean. It’s a small, but noisy club.

    In case you still have the delusion that Crean got screwed and wasn’t a bizarre weirdo who overstayed his welcome, check this piece out. He’s doubled down on being a giant weirdo and not only hasn’t he recruited a lick, his team is jumping ship. And they are all over Twitter talking about it.

    Tom was able to stay for 10 years at IU because the beginning of his tenure didn’t have the social media fishbowl it has today. You have no idea the stories I heard from my friends who worked within the department of odd behavior and never turning your back on the guy. He’d throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if he thought it would help him. Tom made everything about him. Not about the program.

    Check out the story. He has Victor Oladipo on a mural, but former Georgia NBA players as cardboard cutouts. If you think the separate banners for HIS championships/sweet 16 in AH were honest errors, think again.

    Ok, let’s go back to celebrating that we have the foundations for a real program again.

  15. Woodson and Co. are such a breath of fresh air following the Miller and Crean years. I sincerely believe Miller is a good man who simply wasn’t ready for the rigors of being the IU coach and center of a rabid fan base’s attention. Crean started off on the right foot, building a team from scratch, but then he peaked and left the program in disarray.

    With Woodson we have a bridge to the glorious past with an eye to the future. Time to put on the rally caps and back IU basketball all the way. The Woodson regime will undoubtedly have its share of hiccups along the way, but what a great starting point/foundation it is beginning with. It has been YEARS since I’ve personally been as excited about the prospects of IU hoops as I am now. GO HOOSIERS!!

    1. “Success has many fathers, but failure only one.” Looks like Tom Crean will be a TV analyst again about a year from now.

      Why did IU not hire Woody five years ago? Was Woody a head coach in the NBA at the time Glass hired Archie?

      1. Why did IU not hire Woody five years ago? Was Woody a head coach in the NBA at the time Glass hired Archie?

        Because you recommended Archie. We thank you for your influence. Archie was your first choice. Would you like to review the transcript? Do you have any other good ideas?

  16. So what’s the problem. I always come back to a specific point. Crean , Miller and all across the board from coaches, college presidents, CEOS, politicians, investors, professional whatever…those who walk away with a lot more MILLIONS than what they had before…It is most relevant that very most people want to ignore…though job doesn’t get done….they have done a great personal job of making money…isn’t that the number one priority of why anyone works is to put food on the table by necessity for survival….they have been GREATLY SUCCESSFUL.

    1. t, you seem obsessed with what these coaches are getting paid! What’s your point?

      College FB and BB is big business in a market worth tens of billions of dollars each year. In free market economies, the market determines what these FB and BB coaches get paid. And like any company or corporation in a capitalistic society, some times the investment a corporation makes in a CEO pays handsome returns and some times it does not. But the money the coaches get paid is the cost of doing business and pursuing success (i.e., big financial returns). I guarantee you that no one in Alabama’s administration believes Nick Sabin is overpaid! I doubt any Alabama FB fans complain about Sabin’s salary as long as he keeps winning National Championships. And I assure you, the money Alabama is paying Sabin is a small percentage of the “profits” the schools gets in return.

  17. I’m encouraged but tempering my enthusiasm. We are 7 mos. away from tip off. We’ll know the real impact in 1 yr.

    1. Of course. There is some distance between the cup and the lip. There’s the actual basketball to be played.

      I’m won’t throttle-down my enthusiasm, though. I’m going to enjoy this. So far it looks about as good as it things could be and there are some great foundations being built right now. I’m fine with riding this wave through the off-season.

  18. t- If Elite Eights and Final Fours would define “food on the table,” then March Madness for Indiana Basketball is akin to the Great Famine.

    Crean/Glass + Miller/Glass/Dolson + Woodson/Fife/Matta/Dolson will cost over 70 million in combined salaries without one trip beyond a Sweet 16. It could easily reach 90 million before one trip to a second weekend of March Madness.

    How can that sort of famine exist in the backdrop of a state so fertile its basketball earth? Answer: We hired people full of crap ….instead of crops.

    1. Yes lol if it weren’t so sad….how great a networking program is that…the large amounts of money paid up front vs production other than betting on a past resume. Added bonuses and incentives are for job performance that one was hired to do in the first place. Maybe, it all should be performance and incentives based job that you were hired to do with living expenses not just at IU but everywhere. … Another way to measure love of a given profession by an individual….thinking of professional athletes how often how much they love his or her sport, community/town/city where they perform until they move to the next true love community/town/city…

  19. PO. Thanks for making the point that many like yourself think you live in a free market economy…/pure capitalism/laissez faire.
    Reality, we live in a mixed economy system with government intervention debatable on positives and negatives… and a system of government, non government, politically connected system…not a free market pure capitalistic…that system does not exist…this country is somewhat close but not pure and free economy. Key term is mixed as some get propped up, favoritisms, government funding from tax dollars, corporate welfare, subsidies. In a free economy there would be none of this. Each entity would pay for itself to exist based on losses and profits.

    1. t, I agree. There is no such thing as pure capitalism or a purely free market. But here in the U.S., at least for a few more years, our system is about as close as it gets. I don’t want to live in a society where government bureaucrats determine what everybody is to be paid. That’s the definition of a dystopian society.

      But you didn’t answer my question! Why your obsession with what these coaches get paid? You express contempt, and honestly it just comes off as a serious case of envy, which is one of the seven deadly sins.

      A college coach and a corporate CEO are “worth” what someone, or a group of people is willing to pay them. Period. Full stop. And it’s the mostly free market that determines that.

      1. Let God worry about the seven deadly sins….I’m sure you’re without sin. There should be sin in not paying your taxes and the way so many grotesquely wealthy gluttonous robber baron sinners hide their profits outside of the United States and find every loophole in the book to avoid paying their fair share. Their sins are put on the backs of the poor and the working class who can never get ahead. There ain’t nothin’ free about it. They can all go to hell. Hopefully, guys like Bezos will find eternal hell ….in an Amazon warehouse he can never leave.

        Hmmm? Pretty sure greed is one of the seven deadly sins….but who’s counting?

      2. PO. Ok I will answer your question. I am not obsessed with what coaches get paid. That’s your judgement and perception about me. Not mine. Rather, stating opinion about perspective on not only coaches but others as I have given some examples in a non all inclusive list. Envy by your definition and judgement. Not mine. My last paragraph answers your erroneously last paragraph. H4H expands accurately further exclamation in response to your last paragraph…I wonder if they even give 10% and if they do…is it simply counterfeited from the backs of the poor and working class?

        1. Taxes ? Are you talking about a previous President who paid more taxes to China than he paid here ? Talk about a tax structure needing change.

          Than there was me, many years ago. Boss told me I was doing a good job and my raise would be something like $26.00 That was a wow in 1971. First check and second check nothing. Showed the boss and found the $26.00 was for the year, not a pay check. And my new pay put me in a new bracket, making $0.03 per check. Pretty devastating at the time.

          1. Beware of good deals…it’s better for you or that will be good, you will love it, everyone loves it, we know what is best for you, look at all we do, see how great this is, we will take care of you, Beware.

  20. The “haves” is a vault on Grand Cayman. The “have-nots” is the USA. A half-day island excursion off your cheap cruise ship vacation is as close as you’ll ever get to working capitalism, America in Decay.

  21. The so called nonexistent ‘free market’ absolutely dictates the the $ paid coaches.

    1. If nearly everyone was rich …and very few poor, just think how high the prices of goods and services….thus making nobody rich. Thank goodness there are very few of the grotesquely wealthy and we’re all poor enough to afford things.

      1. I didn’t come from wealth. I was born on a dairy farm. Coming from that origin American capitalism has never impeded me from making money. No college degree, no inheritance and no windfalls of any kind. Nothing about my makeup is exceptional. The task of making good in America just isn’t that daunting.

  22. A bit off-topic…but CHESTERTON representin’ on Jeopardy! Mike Nelson of Chesterton, IN is taking the quiz show by storm!

  23. Did you guys see the videos of Woody’s return to the NY Knicks yesterday? The genuine emotion displayed by the Knicks’ players should be a part of every IU BB recruiting video for years to come. These multi-millionaire players welcomed Woody back with enormous and genuine affection. It was obvious that they hold him in very high regard. It was very touching!

    1. Po it was the ultimate images of genuine and authentic. What a positive video.

  24. Knicks…(much like all NBA teams) change rosters so frequently that a coach is likely the only memorable stable attachment/component of a team which can anchor to the heart. Only the coaches don’t look like strangers.

    Such a different product than the days of my youth when NBA rosters primarily stuck together (maybe even more so than college rosters). Now, jumping ship is the norm. Buying a championship is the norm.

    And some may see the transfer portal and revolving doors of talent moving to different teams at every whim as a positive…..I do not. It’s simply more detachment and more focus on individuals in the moment of their “ship jumps” rather than in the time it can honestly take to develop a cohesive group who truly thrive off each others skills/assets/chemistry.

    We see basketball as set of ingredients while never understanding just how difficult it is to build a rare team from those ingredients. We watch all the jumping around and transferring and it gives the perception that success in merely assembling parts…over fostering and developing maturity in teams. It’s no wonder we’ve all lost our patience.

  25. As a professional sports hater, disliker or whatever it is called ….most people don’t even know what or who they are cheering for….professional players and coaches jumping around like jumping beans from one town to the next like an old west wagon medicine show… and they all love the town where they land…I wonder why?

    1. Harv,
      The transfer portal was an incredibly disruptive, idiotic idea. I wonder if the NCAA has any idea what it is doing. Sports is getting as crazy as the times we live in. My head is spinning from our society tearing itself apart. I’m glad we can at least debate the comings and going’s of IU basketball. Go IU!

      1. Hopeful- It’s the age of instant gratification. It’s the age of instant social unrest. It’s the age of gotcha moments and instant outrage. It’s the age of instant “friends” and instant “followers” in every instance of a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter log of instant drool after just placing an instant text back to the job you’ll keep for an instant. It’s the age of instant pleasure and instant retribution. It’s instant happiness. It’s instant fear. It’s an instant change of preference to the next craft beer. It’s instant narcissism and instant debt. It’s instant losing of your monthly salary on an online instant sports bet.
        Nothing is nurtured or shall ever be nurtured again. We are more instant than the chips in the i-Phones (those same i-Phones we instantly replace as soon as the new model comes out in the next instant).
        I’m sure we’ll soon fix the planet in an instant of all the pollution created via our instant world. Gates is promoting a fart machine which sucks out fart gas put into the atmosphere. I think the earth is done with instant humans who were allowed their sliver of billions of years. The earth likes nurturing….It won’t rotate the sun much longer for the selfish inhabitants who can’t slow down and take in the surrounding beauty because every “instant” became more important than a clean breath of air and an endless night sky.

  26. Only you grumps could find a way to gripe at Woody returning to the Knicks and being embraced by his former players.

    1. I just thought we were done with reunions when we put the charlatan on the bus. We had Harbaugh family reunions in Assembly Hall…We had a form of Izzo reunions with MSU (while MSU was plucking the better talent from the state of Indiana) instead of having fire in our eyes for what should have been a hated border rival…We had all the banner team reunions…to replace the sour feeling in the gut of our failings in March Madness. We had non-banner team reunions and locker room dedications for Cody & Oladipo to quell the lack of March Madness relevance…We had Doc Rivers’ reunions via allowing the lest talented of his sons to wear candy stripes…We had the tear-jerking Bob Knight reunion.
      We’ve done more for advertising the NBA than UK….Our coaches don’t need to win at Indiana, their “associations” are always a means to justify a gig. Crean milked D-Wade for 20 years…And then Oladipo chants and “lottery pick” became more of our party lingo to serve as needed distraction in our continued irrelevance.
      Then we went aboard the plane destined for ‘Fantasy Island’ in believing we could lure Brad away from the NBA. Nope. He’s more interested in clam chowder and traffic jams. We’re back to warm and fuzzy over reunions, associations, giving Bob Knight a few more hugs and talking about the NBA. Can’t wait until we start getting a ‘Woody’ over wing spans and upsides again….

      Reunions live in “their” past and “our” past. They are the products of “what I’ve done” and “what we’ve done.” They are not the products of now or future. They are no better fillers than what what Taco Bell calls beef in a taco. It’s the “old grumps” who live for reunions and prop up old men (and overrated coaches) for their yesteryear accomplishments or their very inconsequential influences upon the vast and old NBA. Woody is a footnote in the NBA. Woody is no Dr. J. I don’t need him to be.

      I want Mike Woodson to be a great college basketball coach and someone who doesn’t need to parade around things or people having little to do with the task at hand. That’s his “Woody” and not mine. And “parading” is basically all we’ve done the last 15 years.
      We’ve revisited everything under the sun other than returning to a deep March Madness run.
      We’ve simply used Assembly Hall as if it’s some sort of high school reunion or Elks Lodge to make people bigger than their actual britches. Give the game back to the young men playing the game.
      Give the game back to lower ticket prices and students who aren’t basketball experts. Give it back to those young men who still don the candy stripes with great heart and skills who may never be a tiny blip on an NBA mock draft or a footnote in its history. It’s the old folks who need all the excessive exaggerations, propping up, John Cougar next to Harbaugh in the stands, reunions and the other needless garbage in their medicine cabinet next to the ‘Ageless Male.’

      t and a few others want to live in the now. 0 wins 0 losses. Did we run Archie out of town for more “feel good” and reunions…and Bobby hugs…and “Because it’s Indiana?” When will the meeting at the Elks lodge be over at McCracken? When we’ve become the history of Indiana Football?

      1. This isn’t about parades or charlatans. It’s about you negative Nancys who post after post just poop on everything. It’s an observation about how you choose to live your life. Sorry you can’t do anything other than come in here on a daily basis and talk about how everything really sucks when anyone else has a shred of enthusiasm.

        It’s annoying.

  27. Agree. Reminds me of some of IU FB – Coach Allen celebrations last season. Maybe a little toned down from Coach Allen.

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